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did i get 32mpg? sure, once
but realistically it was a 24mpg car
the mazda 3 just failed on me was 2.3L, about 27 mpg

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macgyver0: 86 crx hf
and at best mileage was about the same
it was a 1.3L, i had one, fun to drive because no power
acceleration and top speed was likely worse than a prius, handling was prob better, but car wasnt safe
yeah no
those were like 30mpg, maybe bit more
the crx that got prius mpg was 1650 lbs from factory with a CVCC motor
wasnt magic, was just light and low displacement
lots of legroom
no back seats
yeah prob not both of those things at once
thats like saying my toyota TC 2.4L was a 32mpg car

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net|: 2kW isnt even 3hp
hybrid turbo makes a lot of sense, because the turbo itself increases efficiency, and adding a motor to the spindle solves turbo lag issues while allowing regen
in a building, you dont have to use energy to move the weight of the regen system so if its huge who cares

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