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oh, yes that is inspired by capacitors for sure

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i bet supercaps unfurl far
maybe that makes them more slippery and able to unwrap longer with more energy!
like those propellers with strings?

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yeah but that makes you responsible when the battery fucks up
some of those are like, space launch spec
actually, i bets thats true on a few of them
shortest panasonic cap datasheet ever

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this is a device to hurt a person through space while sitting in between 30MJ boxes
but the typo makes sense too
yeah the flux is always more conductive than its supposed to be so that prob works awesome
o2 free!
because its all in the flux.
did you just call rubberbands non metallic springs?
thats like calling paperclips extraction devices
no one like how the heavy contacts feel
like, that shit doesnt have to be a problem

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most of the system is already going to be a relay and switch daisy
so having modules per segment that just slide into that chain is pretty straight forward, i cant use solidstate for that
rab: thats like, almost escher
for what
so i track temps and battery voltages, and then use the microcontroller to stepper motor a cam to actuate switches in the shutdown chain?
i dont see why it wouldnt work
they want to do 18650s in printed packs
the motor people, so its not really up to them
but right, FDM + heat and expansion + shock and vibtation
yes and thats fine for LEDs

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i could do optos to a main pcb w/ AND logic and a single relay
but i kind of like the idea of a relay chain, and using plug in PCB to PCB cables with like 2-4 wires in parallel to mitigate bad crimp connections
thats the only thing i can think of if i cant solder direct for whatever reason
i mean, maybe fellow kids have some good ideas, but half of them are stuck on LETS 3D PRINT TEH CAR
high g loads and FDM prints seems like a lot of fail
because id like to avoid centralized logic if possible

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maybe a lot of little relays for an average relay for a big relay
tho the average one can be a transistor, dont need the isolation there
theres a limit on battery segment energy, so pack gets split up, battery manager per segment seems to make most sense, so thats why lots, and theres voltage offset issues because series segments, so relays

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rab: neat, and yeah was having problems finding shock specs in a lot of relays
10g is probably okay
like, there are higher g loads for structural stuff, but at those loads all the electronics allowed to be mostly fucked
switching coils of 500A relays

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this okay i guess
nice, not for new applications
i guess there is no money in low current automotive relays
is micropower car a thing yet?
eck0: i take what i cant get
for the car things, 10A is like microshit
pretty small too
macegr_: i mean, i dont see why that couldnt be done with isolation
id almost call that a normal relay

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rab: i want a PCB relay that isnt going to flip from high G inpulse
because typical PCB relays do, btw
sculptor: was hoping for something smaller
no like a normal relay
that isnt huge
thats car rated
if you take a PCB with a typical relay on it, like inrush limit and auto voltage selection relays, and you drop the PCB on the floor...
the relays flip
can see it on a scope, some relays, some impact angles, pretty good bounce
so i want like a 1A-2A relay that doesnt do that, im assuming automotive relays are better about this

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do signal power automotive relays exist?
i dont want 15A i want 1A and even 1A is overkill

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greymoon: so like, conceptually that seems pretty rad
but i think adding another map or two for mr typical ecu to work will will prob make the throttle another 100ms latent

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