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we dont care about lordpils blog timecop, were already here
you need to post it other places
im sure

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sparr: it barely qualifies as engrish, i seen that typo in english enough
it isnt, really..there in lies the deeper, more hidden humor
our topic sucks

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heheh aceess
took me a bit to actually see that

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you didnt even say hi when you joined =[

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uhohz did you pop it?
maybe its backwards?
heh, k careful
you dont have a dmm or scope?
Krylar2: go learn if thats the case, if it is, do it, if you fail, try again, repeat till decent, then come back and show us how

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because you like isreal?
man im confused

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its international here =D
yeah its so much work selling a bunch of stuff at once
like, daily trips to post office and shit
occassional retards

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just his arms
actually mostly just his forearms
haha yeah thats code
its some ebay money laundering thing
same auction?
those games are like crack
dude this one guy sells candles and soap and stuff, i bought from him once, kinda creepy
so the girl i usually buys stuff sees me, and says that guys tells people hes her father, and its okay to buy from him because theyre a team
like, damn swap meet drama

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its for a 25V psu has to feed a 1.5V 1A supply and a 5V supply (which will be split into VCC and analog VCC)
for vfd 7seg tubes
can i use one of those transorbs instead of the schottkey?
i guess depends on their forward vdrop and how paranoid
heh no pic, weird
decent feedback

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forward overvoltage or rev protection?
oh thats neat
it doesnt need to be very high power tho
it just needs to be kinda stable
why im not using it as a direct power shunt
its not
its on a darlington, i said that at the begining
its gonna be in series with a diode and prob a 10K, i already have a schottky for reverse
yeah thats neat tho, for overvoltage stuff

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theyre cheap and they work
if vrefs are way more ill use a zener for first stage, i was prob gonna use a vref of just a vreg IC for the digital stuff
they only come up to V?
er, 10V

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kevtris: do zeners drift with age?
kevtris: hahaha, i didnt know
yeah i know that
im using darlingtons so it shouldnt matter much
im just wondering if i should put a trim pot or just trust the zener at a given current
itll be DC thru it
cheap voltage ref for a vreg?
dude who cares if it leaks under its rev breakdown voltage im gonna be running it over that
dude, ive done zeners
i know, i asked if they drift with age
kevtris: ty

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button on t fliplfop to darlington pair of digital input fet to power input or relay, whatever
make sure button is filtered
i explained the whole schematic =(
i dunno
belts have slack
thats why harleys have them
so it absorbs the bouncing rough idling motors vibration and doesnt kill all those old guys backs

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they have a zener at my unregulated voltage
i dont get visuals on lsd or shrooms
once on lsd, but i woke up, so i dont think it counts, because it was kinda just a dream
people on K says that happens to them

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haha hax0r
but yeah i know i seen that before cuz i remember the wires onto pci dealie
i wish ltspice had more generic parts
like i want a 25V zener
they have nothing within 5v
it sounds like an no2+lsd trip
ill pass

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that nut will wear out
underneath a taig
thats with the stepper mount removed, and the table and free leadscrew pulled way out so you can see
the brass part is the leadscrew nut, on a taig its adjustable
it fits into the table free to rotate on the Z axis
yeah in taigs its thru a coupler with nylon tubes
so it kinda eats the individual steps

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shaft and linear
depends on how heavy, what load youre gonna put on it, etc etc
thats cheap
youd need a shaft or track assembly to drive it
those are only 20mm thick, too
thats like for the tiniest CNC
ha my travel on the Y isnt much more =(

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naw its decent
you couple in the middle, you have long flat ways
yeh =(
multiple feedback is prob the best way

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prob gantry setup
put the long axis bars or ways under the table
i been thinking that what i could do for a welding prokect at school
but out a steel frame for something like that
something like that
sceadwian: for the frame, sure
the mating surface gotta be done with plates
its for a DIY large area gantry mill
i wouldnt be going for alot more than .01" accuracy
im not gonna be doin pcb on it
yeah that would work
no lego mass aseembly!!
ha if we had a quote bot, thatd be in it
yeah shit that big gets loose =(
or it gets expensive

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musicians dont care about testing
they dont care about distortion specs
they dont care about anything objective
ha damn
sherline sucks more
if you have the space (i dont, sadly) you can use a tag to make something bigger
it can do steel parts, it takes it forever, but itll do it
oh, you have a garage
fuckin bastard
cnc is in my bedroom =\

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its the toolholder itself
it usually fits into a tapered shaft
and then you tighten a nut over it to secure it into the taper
yeah that the shitty part of the taig
The techniques do not appear very complicated: the AP produced an almost recognizable image of the man from the blurred photo that Interpol also distributed, in just a few minutes using commercially available computer software for editing photographs. The AP image was not as clear as Interpol's but still showed the outlines of a face rather than a mere blur.
not really, taigs and sherlines are cheap

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Seravitae: theyre okay, twingy had a heatsink fall off an hbridge
but the guy fixed it
you can put a sherline rotary table on it tho
no i dont use the 4th
but its there if i ever wanna drop money on a rotary table
also keep in mind youll need tooling
maybe $100 in endmills to get you going, collets for the spindle, inspection stuff, a center/edge finder of some sort
youll need fixtures
stuff like this is where CNC/machining school came in handy
123 blocks are awesome

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visual feedback on toolplan and path line tracing
oh, yeah then you know the drama
once its running its fine
haha yeah like really hard to reverse a swirl blur
ya know
matching the parameters would be a bitch
but cmon if thats your job, it maybe takes a couple days if youre unlucky
yeah i got mine turnkey and shipped for like $1800
with steppers, a xylotex 4ch, extra steppers, built into an old printer switch box

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yeh my base mill is $1100 retail
very last one
after that, theres a stepper driver board, actual axis steppers, spindle motor, power supply for the driver board, chassis to build it all into
also you need a computer
1GHz+ if you wanna run realtime ubuntu/emc2
yeah that sucks
Seravitae: its a realtime kernel, with gui control capability
its the sexiest of the three major setups

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so like, wood, im thinking if it can do it, it wont be able to in 3 months
aluminum is better than wood, but id imagine itd need tuning if suff warped slightly or something
yeah also, doing thru hole plating isnt simple homebrew shit
kits are like $2k, require chems and laser printer masks, etc
so you have to design with this in mind
also another reason to consider just finding a good fab house if all you want it for is pcb
yeah but i think my cnc can do better
and toner transfer doesnt fix the thru hole issue, which is pretty much the only issue
toner transfer isnt gonna magically drill your holes dead center and totally perpendicular, like a dnd
er, cnc
it steps at .00025 and its in eighth step mode
tho it backlash is prob like .001-.003
you can adjust it on mine, tho
its basically a accuracy vs friction/speed issue
you are like level 12 fabrication mage?

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pcb is towards .001 precision, you want at least like .005
damn phones
kevtris: you could get away with .005 for like DIP size stuff
itd just be ugly =(
but yeh
like, steel machine with really good bearings/ways and a really good spindle/collet assembly, youre looking at around .001 precision

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they dont have enough companies, so they make exceptions for canadia
is it a wood based kit?
go for the aluminum

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davis, fieldy, and munky are the important ones

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you cant replace johnathan davis
its like DK without jello
its just fuckin lame
lordpil: wtf are you talking about?
Korn has recently experienced some "falling away" from each other and only three of the band's original members are currently performing/touring - Jonathan Davis (vocals), Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (bass/co-founder), and James "Munky" Shaffer (guitar/co-founder).
they got a new singer in the last 4 days?

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trent/nin are independent now
i paid $6 for radiohead on wed =\

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avg is good
free, updates often

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