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wtf is that blade for?
im like, wtf kinda plane or boat does that go onto
its huuuuge
it was prob like 20ft tall

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omg i can download my radiohead

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A scroll compressor operating in reverse is known as a scroll expander, and can be used to generate mechanical work from the expansion of a fluid.
oh you just said that
yeah thatd seem like a ridiculous thing to try and manufacture

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kevtris: weird its like a continuous rotary engine thing

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hey anyone know how to make a copy of a symbol in eagle?
that way i dont have to recreate it from scratch when i just need to make a varient
they couldnt turn it off?
see i would think someone would say 'lets make these out of giant permanent magnets'
and someone else in the room would go 'no you fool all sorts of shit will get stuck to them'

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thats almost enough for an led

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if anyone would, its a programming teacher
fact: one day lordpil will be teaching programming
ha, my teacher today: "did you even change it since the draft last week?" me: "nooop"
oh shit i have to finish my eop app
that compsci dep teacher
danielsan: i know that teacher

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he corrupted an existibng file
so notepad would open it
youd just change a byte or a pair at a time
bet you just do it in a couple places and it fucks the file
there are regular characters in data when you openm it in notepad
theres everything else, but the reg chars are up in there
(she was right)

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man i have mad english course shit to due
and im out of town with gf till monday
tuesday is gonna be so fucked up
tues is prob gonna last until like wed 10a

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i almost went, hey i could play SL
i have to pack for going out of town =\

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PCB are easier
yeah, desolder stuff
good practice
its an art, basically
every part is diff, takes diff amount of heat/time
solder acts predictably tho, so its not so hard to learn
yeah fureal
hehe ima try and hand solder tqfn soonish
kawfee: small tips can help, but also make things more difficult
parts will sink the heat of them
so all of a sudden your solder isnt wet as soon as it is
flux = happy parts
tig is like coldheat soldering iron
and those are gay
so tig for soldering == gay

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why couldnt you just reuse the butane?
wick effect
like paper towels
if its good, itll pull it right up
some shit wick doesnt have enough flux or something
you gotta mad heat shit up, it sucks, barely works
SlinkyT: yeah cuz the heatsink effect
you kinda got to
yeah its weird
i bought two little bobbins of it recently that sucked
BlackMoon: whaaa?
like for a carpet vac?
.25" diameter Al tube?
yeah i guess thatd work with no cloigging issues
oh haha
kawfee: yes
you can fuckup the solder mask, or peel the copper of the board

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i think i made it out of a thin cotton cloth and a plastic bottle or something
id just sprayed it into a bowl
the butane avaped and left the oil
er, evaped
heater based vaporizer #1
same kinda clean buzz, less drama

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butane is awesome for making hash oil
dunno, can is only a few dollars
or do you mean like for on a truck?

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make them battle
okay look
clean you tip
tin it with solder
make sure it stays tinned
heat up the part with the thin layer of solder on the tinned tip
also heat up the pad
when you see the solder on the tinned tip sticking to both, feed solder into it
the solder wire
if you soldering iron is on the part for more then 2 or 3 sec, pull it off, wait for it to cool, try again
flex helps
er, flux
k google for more
like i said, it helps

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like 5 boards in one night, just fucking around
and i could do all the same shit it took me forever to figure out in orcad
ha 4pcb has one now too, no?
pcb artist or some shit
yeah i think when i used it the schema thing was just implimented
i dont think i even used it
kawfee: $10
i thought you meant a real one you could do work with
macegr: heh i have one of my expresspcb boards left
theyre like all raw lookin
like i never seen a fabhouse boards without a mask before
except old hand drafted single side shit

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the linux version graphic output sucks compared to windows
you just had to update them with ratsnest command
they move
planes dont always show up either
also, if you select a plane polygon, then zoom, the plane will disapear
while it seems like a bug or glitch at first, its actually designed to do that
oh that sucks
omg legacy win3.11 feeling gui
orcad was fucked up
i spent like a month trying to really learn how it wanted you to do shit
then i installed ultiboard

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well, but it seams comparable to the eagle gimp
jes for many many applications
jes, but to be 250pins in that limit, youd have to be going for mad density
or you used it up with like 2 12opin IC
well yeah,. thats when i just use the one from juarez
lizard-x: eheheh, but its cross platform consistent ridiculous bullshit gui

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macegr: i got that shit working
man, fucked up
2 or 3 more years, at least
and they wont have a real spice sim solution
one of their suggestions for feeding netlists = LTSpice in wine
it doesnt run native tho, does it?
and yeah, ltspice is awesome
tho i kinda wish they had more generic stuff, like the virtual stuff in ewb
i guess 250pin would be enough for stuff i wanna do
even the biggy tqfn avr stuff

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every rave i been to involved alot more than just a single line of text
etards best watch out for the he-shes showin up at 2a
yeh, i snort my herbs now
straight to the dome
stu decided to be op again?
lizard-x: what does it do?
i use juarez diptrace if theres a free ver
expresspcb or pcbexpress ha sa proprietary app

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