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yeah and
gov pays for cnc machine for cnc student
i think it works out well
getting fucked up or stressed out

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yeah ive done that
that app is cute, my first pcb was a bridged power opamp from them
um, how is it homebrew?
shit is welded iron and ground steel
i bought the shit that would be useful in 10 years
yeah their bare board deal aint great
$60 for 3 unmasked boards
dude its not like operating a cnc is hard
dude your argument is odd considering i had $2k to pay for a cnc
i could have many $60 pcbs =)

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no i pimped the haas and bridgeports at school
then woke up on the weekends to do manual machining class, alot
every pcb has turned out functional
prob more than a dozen
i gotta do a double sided setup tho, itd be too much drama with my current fixture
lack of thru hole plating and tin plating is the big turn-off, i give fuck all about masks and silk
yeah stu, because having boards that work is so useless

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its great for quick proto stuff
wake up, decide you want a board, throw it together and have it milled by night time
but itd be a pain to do production runs
pay a guy to stand next to it and flip boards and change tools
timecop: define 'do' and 'board'
yeah but i can mill the fuck outta aluminum and steel
engrave shit, do pcb
yeah because machine shops love doing short runs
also i have a degree in cnc, and i can hax0r the gcode to get that shit to do anything i want if i feel like it
like, itd be hard to justify the purchase without the training first

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yeah but thats like mostly because the courts stole my license for a couple years =(
drive mofo
id suggest a boardhouse
naw theyre fine, theyre just bare
no masks or silk
like, taig is awesome for prototype or short run boards, but for big batches, save time and money and get better boards from a pcbhouse
i still need to make a two sided setup
so you just tin the boards

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its a big $$$ investment
and yeah for that much i got my mill with steppers and a stepper driver
well, its alot of $$$ for tooling
i actually should be spending more
setup stuff, fixtures, endmills, drills, etc
its hella cool, for the $$$, considering other options for cheap CNC, and its tiny, itll fit anywhere (its in the corner of my bedroom)
it has a total shit Y

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it steps at .00025
i have it in 1/8 step microstepping, tho
backlash is prob between .001 and .003, depending if i adjusted it
i got metal parts within .001"
yeah probably
soic is easy
soic is .05 pitch, not so bad

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maybe it has a retard pinout
and like you shorted the inputs with the monoplug, dunno
most input circuits love low impedance sources
once you figure the pinout, try the pot thing, if you just dont hear shit, try pot on a rail to rail in/out opamp voltage follower
how do you know its stero?

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mic inputs are fuckin weird
fuck the emcee
can you wire up a pot?
yeah thats mostly the issue
why opamps are <3, infinit z input, no z out (idealy)
see you maybe just need a dual pot to cut your rca signal
but the input circuit might not be happy with this

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dude youre prob afraid of transformers
wow silicon carbide schottky
line to mic input?
damn is this thing you were going on about like a year ago
what kind of mic input?
like, an attenuator (pair of resistors) into a buffer prob work
so you want to mix down the stereo stream into mono for a mic input?

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it prob bit someone

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see when you thank people, most people are happy about it, regardless of language, at least here
is not the case in most of montreal
whats chinchin?
chimchims badass revenge
wiki has it

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you get fined if your business speaks english downtown
i went off, saying its oppression of culture
my and my friend got into a pretty big argument over it, her biggest argument was 'well its not like its really enforced'
also, if i said thank you in english, i got weird looks from retail people
and my friend said i was being rude
im like wtf?
cuz srs, people speak whatever the fuck they want here
say thank you in any language, thick comm barriers
no one gives a fuck, everyone understands $$
i dont have to, i can say it in english after paying something
they know im saying thank you
it could be mongolian or italian or thai or spanish or whatever

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quebec is weird
montreal is kinda like LA but in french and english ionstead of spanish and english
its legislated
naw, french
they are quebecois
they speak french
call them canadian and they will stab
our english is different than english english
i know a hardcore quebecer, theyre okay woth 'french-speaking'
dont call them french or canadian or french-canadian tho
they will fuck you up
yeah but they kidnapped their own labor politician or something, and he died, oops

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lordpil: did they break at the earplugs or at the connector?
thats ass if they broke at the plug, you need to make them give you new ones
where where?
fucked up
those are a total bitch to solder or crimp or strip or do anything with

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if you can get the motors off, you can get an idea of its axis range and how its built by cranking the screws
also look on it for bolt heads or screws that dont have obvious purposes
these could be adjustors for gibs or leadscrew nuts or etc etc
yeah steel and iron machine tools are nuts
its good tho, it translates directly into machine stability
like my mill is accurate but its like maybe 80lb total
so get nuts and itll start shaking, flexing, bad stuff

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omg swedes
omg enough rounds?
tho in america, wed catch it, and just kill it with a syringe
15 rounds, damn
he like used the whole clip
fuckin cop guns
no idea

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Zodiac_Re: its a linear encoder
i would get a xylotex/gecko driver unit and run it closed loop with emc, if the encoders still work

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that sucks
the motor shafts or the shafts on the table?
okay, thats good
you pulled the motors off?
no shit?
if you pull them off and the screws spin freely, thats a good score
might be an issue getting grip on the screws, dunno how they have them coupled
yeah probably
if the coupling assembly isnt damaged, you can maybe just throw new motors on it
motor or controller?

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Zodiac_Re: wha
BlackMoon: are you using a drill press?
are they standard nema mount motors?

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oh shit
i bet\
FCAW looks neat

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well, maybe not a full ton, but prob close
naw dude like a solid cylinder
like wtf how do they put it on a bandsaw type thing
its prob more than that moon
BlackMoon: i figured, its gotta be a weird lookin machine
BlackMoon: did your stick welder die?
oh your MIG thing i guess
the one with the nylon bolts
hehe, cool

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best cuts are when you match up the preheater flames so they dont change when you hit the oxy jet valve
heh, i was cutting through 1" with barely slag after a few hours practice
yeah, thats important
feed rate is huge factor, when you got it perfect tho, it like flys thru steel tho
BlackMoon: it falls into the little rbox on the bottom of the cutting tables =D
i was cutting bent arrows into 1" plate
it was making like clean 1/8" cuts, i was like =O =O =O
takes hours with a machine tool, and really, you just wouldnt even try to cut plate like that with a 1/8" cutter
BlackMoon: clean right angles!
ha fun
bandsaws take long =(
12" cylinders are $500/ft?
that doesnt seem that fucked up, thats a ton of metal

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this HSS with coatings are better than just straight HSS i guess
BlackMoon: you have baby oil?
baby/mineral oil or machine oil are decent cutting lube
you have machine oil?
motor oil could have all sorts of shit in it
but yeah, better than nothing if you need lube
yeah 3in1 works
i think its just a term for low alloyed non tempered steel
like, regular fuckin steel
omg i was fillet welding today
i finally got the mix on my torch right i think
secret = mad acetylene before you mix in the oxy
shit is so much fun
well were instructed how to mix the oxy in for diff types of flames
and we spent alot of time cutting
but the base acetylene kinda controls how much heat power youre putting down
heheh, theres like 3 or 4 diff modes of blue flame in the middle
yeah its totally an experience/artistic thing

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i doubt they consider vandalism the same category as theft
yeah but theft is prob way more money
on average
cobalt is shit
glorified HSS
BlackMoon: TiN an TAlIn coatings just keep them sharper longer
itll wear off on HSS faster than on a carbide stuff

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man, sucks coming home from vacation and my rooms all messy like i left it
even i cant hax0r electronics in this
pfft shed just hurt herself
man thats getting ghey
it wasnt that funny when you used it twice like 4 hours ago
the no troll zone thing
this is efnet, its like calling an airport a nofly zone
what sign

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that thing looked dangerous
haha the pile of socket pins pic is great

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yeah the wired up pick without the LEDs is awesome
omg its schizo
damn, my friend stop being dissapeared after 2 months

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that way you just have bandwidth and refresh issues when you change alot at once

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macegr: it needs a grill
like fences between the leeds
colors all bleedin all over the place
macegr: you see that weird modular synth table?
that shit is so pimp
macegr: you gotta like recess them so the color dont hit the adjacent ones lens

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you gonna do them with or without a controller uC?
it should work fine
you should do it dead bug solder style and make a super throwie
er, my bad
i gotta find other stuff to buy at parts express

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digikey is awesome service with competitive pricing
i was shopping for transformers, and they were actually within a couple $ compared to other places
and the in stock display is <3
okay i never ever buy 10K of something
heheh nice

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im just useing base references on darlingtons, the primary linear reg on the unregulated supply is gonna use a zener ref with a current source
25V, which feeds grids, anodes, vcc/rf regulator, and cathode regulator
5mm led?
.120x.06" inch
datasheet knows mr kawfee

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timecop doesnt like blogs, these are notes
naw i turned them off because i dont want them and the posts were all like COMMENTS DISABLED
danielson: kinda, i dont like nixies
theyre vfd, glow green in 7seg pattern
i found cheap wwvb stuff at digikey too
am decoder chips and antenna for like $5
but right now im am thinking about the cathode filament supply
like, its supposed to just be 660mA draw, but they prob pull alot more on startup
i was gonna use 5A darlingtons but maybe i use 10A or pairs of 5A
for why
then i gotta use an opamp and feedback

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sexy, yesno?
i wonder if porcelain style means porcelain
or just plastic in the porcelain style
it is on my notblog
yes it is my notes page
i stripped all comment references out of the theme
to what?

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hey, so does filament resistance in a tube usually go up when its heated?
cathode voltage = 1.5v +- 0.15v
cathode current = 100mA
but they measure as being 4.2ohm
whatever just dont troll here
the rug thing is a total troll
heheh i know i was joking
weve all seen them =\
so the cathode resistance has to more than triple when being used
maybe i should use a current source
wait im home i can buy stuff again

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great idea
thats like 5 movie scripts waiting to happen

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yeah really
theyd prob call it a clock
and let you on the plane
'clocks are okay'
you get shot
if i were a bomb making person
id make em with all red wires
yeah cut the red wire, bish
theyd all be fake wires anyway cuz the whole thing would be pcb traced
i think its houston that has a pretty impressive freeway system
concentric rings and spoke setup

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TSA at SAC took my toothpaste
they allow bic and zippo style lighters tho
just not jet lighters
id prob get shot
tho honestly ive never had any prob with TSA
like 10min
getting into an LA courthouse is so much worse
supposedly boston is fucked up
but theyre afraid to death of LEDs, so theyre hardly normal
likei showed up for my 4:40 plane at 4:30, and got to the terminal gate at 4:43

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comedy = nascar on a road coarse
you know more than me already
you gotta get into it deep, like race is just half of it
naw, they change rules all the time
they dropped auto trans, and i think certain forms of traction control
and is only three seconds for tires, fuel usually makes them take way longer
not true
alot of races are decided by fuel strategies, so pits take like 5 to 12 sec usually

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i just assumed this was some sort of coupon rush
dude gp at fuji in rain is like ballerina shit
haha alonso broke his car!!
fucker is bad for mclaren, he needs to go
fuck nascar

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buy 8
and raid5 them
man im watching F1 instead of doing english reading and journals
english journal concept = fucked up
pfft maybe in 2004
youre always saving so much money

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TIOBCN30: use j00r pc mucheen
do it, seagates are pimp
no shit?
i got my mom a samsung
definitely not lordpil
F1 rain lights suck
they dont work
the vinculum thing comes in dip?

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man i need a new hdd, rockin 160gb is ass
ha fucked up there has to be an easier way

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lordpil-: those are elephants, not mice
make a circle on a plane and extrude thru all?
possibly, but you might be able to select the cylinder wall, then in sketch mode draw a circle on it while in a fixed view
i think ima reinstall ewb and sw
its at full zoom
i dunno i cant read the tag on the elephants neck
mil been doin that prob since the 80s, if that was a pic of mice blown up that big itd be impressive

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omg the japanese gp is nuts
18 laps behind the pace car!
i cant believe they let them race!
yeah, and its at fuji
they havent raced at fuji since the 70s
ferrari always trying to cheat

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boost reg?
ima watch me some F1 bye

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freedom does not equal loss, lordpil
how did i lose money, i spent 4 days hanging out, eatin foods, smoking and eating weeds
also doing homework, watchin movies
didnt go to the park, kinda sucks
oh, i saw the crazies blowin glass
mufuckin racing.

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my gf's harbor freight compressor died
was like a little desktop thing, few gallons
er, ex-gf i guess
yeah but she can just go back, theyll give her new compressor
airbrush, bike tires, blowing off the masses off toxic carcinogenic dust she works with
plane to SAC was kinda neat
also one of the CSU Chico MFA students made me a glass pumpkin

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wtf are you scamming netflix or some shit?
stu: digikey has them
also radioshack
actually im not sure radioshack has the female 3.5mm

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IC clips and IC hooks will prob get you hits

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i downloaded 1408 onto my gfs mac and didnt watch it
wasted my easynews gigs
theyre awesome, whatchu mean?
i believe its 3 or 5, but its awesome
like 20 or 30 gb a month and they rolover, so i have like 100+gb usually
dunno it doesnt seem very limiting
plus they have the auto-unrar stuff, so i can just download movies without having to fuck with tons of files usually
no im concerned because i used some and now I have to get it again because gf's mac is 500mi away
yeah you described a few things
theres like double hooks and the J hook things

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wtf there is no me im not scoring hookers
no but if she was cute i might stick a dollar in her panties
and she better not try and rub her pussy all over my nose instead of saying thanks =(
oh kevtris is op again, neat
haha charles too

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business is all about turnaround kawfee
but if you can do 100 in a night
no one gonna pay $200 for 10min of pop
youd prob have to average like 5min over an 8 hour shift
naw in TJ you can have lines
a sign, a bouncer who is actually a mexican cop
in the states the clink hookers
jail, locked up, hey chill here for a night while you justify our paycheck
see thats what im saying thats so much hooker beuracracy
well im not saying the TJ hookers have a happy ending or anything

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not just in soviet russia
i dont like that place
something about a conservative town right up against tijuana doesnt work
yeah dude dont fuck with our state
commando is the governor
a tijuana hooker
a ghood chance the tj hooker is just a girl from one of the unis in SD, making moneys, getting diseases
kindergarden cop
theres more than one

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