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fuck the price, dont buy a new seagate off ebay =\
that shit wont be new

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if my seagates died id be cool with it
think theyre both over 5 years now
oh damn i didnt even look at the url
just buy your seagates from a real place

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stu: dont do xanax its bad for you

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man so i got a ride home with a guy i known forever
after he did two xanax
it took him like 5min to work his shuffle and tuner, and like 3 tries to get keys in the ignition
im home and alive tho
i attribute it to this buddy learning to drive on acid

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we are waiting for you to try and let us know, mr pil
dnb tonight \o/

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oh, haha, like it has that 2 axis scroll wheel
i was using it and it wouldnt scroll down or to the right
my gf said it was okay, that was normal (wtf)
a dead person could prob install ubuntu
just lean the fucker against the mouse button
gentoo, <3
yeah same thing pretty much
super automated distros either work out or not at all
try and go around the automation they like self destruct =(

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i assume everything makes her imac slow
shit should be faster than my machine
my main point is you basically cant turn anything off in the gui to save resources
so does she
like wtf, enough pinwheel already
do you have a MightyMouse(tm) too?
cuz i can talk a bunch of shit about that apple art project too
at least its optical
dell still ships ball mice, total wtf
like they bought 20,000,000 of them in 1998 or something

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meh, rpm is ghey
and fuck os x
aqua is some bullshit
i tried to turn off all the gui bling in my exgf's imac, theres like maybe 2 options that mean anything
like, dont make fonts pretty and dont scale the gheybar icons
yeah okay thats actually even more retarded
i hated that shit when i needed it for turbocnc

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2KHz -3db point, assuming its really 8ohm, should be fine

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in series or parallel?
in series itll be fine, bit less power assuming 8ohm is the standard load
probably dropping the DC out and provide impedance isolation
most of the power will go thru the 2ohm speaker

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nice, opping by proxy thru charles

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yeah wtf
im running a box fan next to my PC because my gf 6600 fan siezed up

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bill clinton was a decent leader, overall
hillary is a bitch
Swish: nice

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hillary clinton fucked Stan Lee
destroyed his post marvel company
i guess he had a bunch more than that then

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heh i had a pci tnt2

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i have a gf 6600 gt 256mb agp
dunno if theyre still available
those are okay

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