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BlackMoon: wow theyre cheap

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BlackMoon: it depends on who makes it
theyre like 30-40V i think

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if the unregged supply was under 30V a 317 would be cool
but id to spend more on caps to keep it from dropping out

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like, the filaments cold will pull more on turn on
the 1.5V will do more than 1A
the -25V wont but the unregged supply is like around 33V
im not gonna feed that to a 317
like 150mA each but they start at like 1/3 working resistance

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if is not so much ill get those
theyre like 2A supplies
oh wow what 317 are 1A parts
6, its really like 1A but im building with overhead

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is not done i got put part numbers and values
yeah just spiky stuff
or if something gets fucked on the output, hopefully fuze blows before it or schottky die
i wanna shop for output protection stuff

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current sinking/sourcing, Vbe multiplication, and emitter following
the zeners are for over voltage

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tho im prob not gonna do that
but it just seemed weird to have two diff grounds in the schema
yeh =(
stupid backwards plugs =(
i didnt know how to draw chassis

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timecop: sexy, no?
cmon stu, elaborate
it took me longer than 2min to design the circuit
cuz usually at some point something pisses me off about a part and i have to design a library part
and drawing is fun
yeh, fuck jezus

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what game

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okay fuckit
current sinks/source + pots in transistor Vbe multipliers for voltage references
neat now this whole thing is super easy

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ohsixI: they put it on the bottom
on the part drawing

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datasheet doesnt have a pinout
on semi darlington datasheet
its like pin 3 2 1
2n6036 and 2n6036
ern 2n6039

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natsemi makes good parts, have very good docs
very expensive
Tre: neat

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man its fucked up how you gonna do a transistyor datasheet with like no graphs, and just a specification for Vbe at like 3A

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okay, at like precision shunt working voltage (> 150uA) 1n914 are like .55V
is like 1.2V to 1.4V for the darlington drop depending on load
fuck an opamp, theyre so much drama to shop for above 30V
its like search keeps bringing me back to audio amps, im like NO STOP

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the 150V version is $9, the 200V version is $20
theyre specified as 300W @ 8ohm
hehe, theyre like 4mA output max

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natsemi has high voltage output driver opamp
they sent me one
they sent me like 4-6 of everything, they sent me one of those
they might be under $10 for medium grade
theres a higher grade capable of like 300V supply spread
and i guess theres a version in development in like a to3 package like that
itd be awesome for an amp, tho
just throw on some fat output darlingtons or fets, a transistor multiplier for biasing, and instant high power amp
the natsemi ones?
sec i find the page
man i hate their new search

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if you buy 1000 you get them for $211
thats begs to be used in an AB amplifier
(+-70V supply)
okay i know one of you knows a part number for a 40V capable opamp
not 36V, fuck 36V abs max, i need 36V a-ok

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raid recovery and lord of the rings for google ads
256 for an opamp

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they have to fix his disc things
okay whatever you do that made that happen, stoppit
can they like adjust the bones?
cuz the herniated stuff looks like its what keeping them from grinding on each other
omg it got his spinal cord

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a/d = roll left/right
q/e = strafe left/right
yeah cuz in a game with mouselook, 2 axis strafe is redundant
you just need to roll and then strafe up
rolling is awesome
you ever play vendetta online?
i dunno it pwned for dogfighting
like, mouselook is a rotational control on 2 axis
using a/d as roll gives you the third rotational axis
omg the discs are squishing your spinal cable to much =(
MRI #1
hospital across the valley has MRI of my brain, ive never seen it tho

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you have a steel table
lucky bitch
haha like a bad school bench
wait did i play that shit once
i think i did
oh yeah
you hadnt added keymapping
i couldnt set wasdqe right
i know but not the right way =(
w/s = strafe up/down

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clean cockroches, neat
okay, thai food and chinese gp and i think these TI vrefs

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monkeys can edit gifs
i think i need thai food
what do they use to sim fallout?

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hehe you should make it read gifs
yeah i was thinking that actually
cuz then its like marketable even

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d flipflops (you can make d with jk)
im slooow
yeah i like that idea best
like a few $ per bank of led, and its scaleable

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demo is fun
theres a 2k4 demo, no?

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yeah i liked playing it in lunix better too
was like same speed but never hiccuped
it was, lordpil`
well then your shit is broke
get yourself a real card, a dx7 card
you could always change your screen res in linux
so its not too big
or wait maybe you have some lcd where that would just be fuzzy

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get monopoly
no get bioshock
then you turn the settings down
how much you turn them down is how much your system sucks
you need to do this
its like how you needed to setup your fsb before installing windows but you didnt
except this time you will
then you can install that and it should fly
that is your 'vid suck vs era' test
you should benchmark with quake3 (or games based upon q3) to boost your systems confidence

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i think its doable with latches, youd maybe have to bit bang the pwm tho
so you could do parallel pwm out
store octal color values, 8 leds for 4 bytes
you cant decide wether to buy a bunch of latches or a bunch of mcu?
thats what im saying, if you cut color info you can use lower pwm output clk speeds, more time for codes
yeah i seen that

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meh, didnt wanna do a whole feedback thinger
tho like at this point its not like its more $$$
you were gonna do 3 seperate rgb bytes?
you could get away with half the bits for color

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$3 on vregs =(
i dont even know what black monday is
stock crash?
mufucker say yesy or no
omg i only put two =(
i cant pay $5 for V refs =(

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yeah im like sadfaces at their prices
the tolerances are much nicer tho
ha they have 8.192
thats good because thats like 24.6, throw a diode on top and its 25.2 about
then drop thru darlington for about 24v
like im not trying for super accuracy or anything, but zeners were fucking awful =\

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voltage output, 10V
for voltage references

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omg 24V zeners suck
is like, @ I(zt), [pick a number between 22v and 26v
like, some of they say 5%, like its a good thing
i mean fuck i could prob do better with a 1% resistors and a current source, and like a pot

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i think i lost my circle template
=( =( =(
omg you dont really do circles like that, do you?

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