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everything including power entry with fuse, switch, faston pcb connectors

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good is relative
a 741 is good for some things
because there was only like 4 opamps and the other 3 sucked really bad

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hey what kinda caps do they use in power supplies across mains?
the box ones
okay but what kind
ac and pulse double poly film caps

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i thought indian
but yeah it kinda just looks like a white dude with a bad tan now
i replaced her chinchilla
or whatever the fuck it was
no thats the glare from the windshield fool
see cuz there was small mamal fur there =(
omg i looked at the honda pic and almost blew bongwater out my stem

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teh last photoshop
hehe i made the OCP in solidworks

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heheh @ gnaakids.jpg
that so bad, but they look so cool
they gonna grow up and like hunt you down and shit

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man thats why today sucked
i forgot all about music today
so i couldnd find my gigabeat
turns out it was in my backpack all vacation
earbud plug tip was all bent out of its plastic case
and the smt jack totally off the board
some of the chassis thin sheet steel bent, plastic trim bent
so now i gotta figure out which other gigabeat mobo i have is good
ha or i could no rohs it with the hacko, prob fail in proccess due to connector meltage
see to me youre both ghey cuz you guys actually know what each other are talking about

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fuckin h4x0rs wired up on teh veeArr!!1

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whatever jihad would get its ass kicked at a drum n bass show
trying to come in with AK47 and shit
wouldnt even get past the bouncer people
drums and bass went away again you all have like one more chance
fuckit ima get the $.50 fairchild darlingtons

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ive seen stuff like that alot tho, for RF
yeh i think they do it diff places
we should like get the magazine and find out, or some shit
or type their website, fuck i dunno
if california has one los angeles should have one too
i know =(
thats where like the not-LA part of cali starts
this is what happened to me when beastie boys were in town
youre so missing it
aw you missed it the bass dropped
you missed the drums too now

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ha nice
Rab: i think its broken =(
look the cap in the middle isnt connected
they borked it
PcTek: never seen it, prob exists
i <3 those RF amps
one of our instructors (he consults for JPL kinda smart) makes stuff like that
in like little cases made of copper clad soldered together at the edges

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damn maybe i should just make my own darlingtons
i bet i could save $.50
psu is like $29, $18 of that is transformers
still no output protection or possible connectors

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in the cdrom drive?
wtf are you talking about?
cuz wtf
the labels disintegrate =(
im saying labels already disintegrate =(

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cuz the wire will burn
before you dissipate any real heat

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you can do pop mail
and i think smtp sends
but it prob doesnt tag it
yeh im not sure if it does sends i havent used yahoo in forever
they shut down my acct

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BlackMoon: are varistors shitty?
they seem like zeners with huge I/V knees

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um, i had transparent windows awhile ago
there are sexy screens of like boobs and stuff thru my irc
BlackMoon: which TVS diodes do you mean by transorbs?
digikey doesnt have them
they have like 4 diff kinds of TVS diodes tho
mouser has no tranzorb or transorb either
oh i think is a vishay thing
thanzorb is a brand name
from a company vishay bought
have to figure out what they are

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no an industrial centipede

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timecop: stoppit!
cuz it siezed the fuck up
shit i should check mine

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and chop up half my waves =(
i never heard it buy nationals picture of what it does to sine waves makes it look evil
no just pass transistors
hmm, k
like, any dac?
heh, .1% resistor r2r dac and a tl072

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(because it is also the cheapest
no lemme find it online
they only have the cat page link
its 1.45" tall
.27 each!
i dunno
i know the chips say absolute max temp
and if i go over it, my chips will fuck me
except natsemi chipamps
they will kick in SPiKE protection

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damn my heatsinks suck theyre 1W/34C
reseda park is like that, or used to be
yeah you can feed peanuts to ones in the park
no people fear, pretty dumb
omg i found awesome to220 heatsink
clearly it is the bestest

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that squirrel must have the biggest head by now

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for like connectors, hardware, stuff
if i were a to220 id be afraid of that shit

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ozzzy: just because humans like arguing over shit, have issues sharing, like to be greedy and horde, etc
prob described aspects of every society
okay so if a heatsink is 1W @ 20C
that means if i dissapate 1W, itll rise 20C + the junction to case C/W
okay i have to check the heatsinks i have here
digikey needs picture search to trully be #1

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yeah everything in the welding shop at school is brass
regs, guages, fittings, i think maybe even the torches
heh, pull itself in or the brass up
on manual machining instructor knows all sorts of crazy shit like that
and iron is just hardcore
you cant fuck with iron

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ha all the air was leaking out?
mines okay, its like raised a bit sides covered
its just got super thin fins and spacing
so its either awesome, or clogged and source of all system failure
yeah cuz thats where the heat you wanna move lives at
i should make water blocks
i guess i could do that pretty easy
they usually make the blocks out of brass?
brass is fun to machine
it just moves, it doesnt even try and fight back

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yeah i used cpu sinks for my gainclone amps
like 50W dissapation at the chip at full power
work pretty well, even passive, amazing for the $$$
they were like $6 for big blocks of copper fins
cpu power consumption is going down, no?
compared to socket a/p4 stuff
i usually drop it 10C by cleaning the dust

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just because it takes energy to get thru the case
man thats fucked up
now all transistors seem pretty wuss
yeah really
circulating oil bath or something
yeah i usually try and find those
okay so heatsinks are rated in thermal resistance too?
okay yeah i have all the maths for this stuff in a few books
yeah cpu sinks are sexy
pc hardware is such mutant beast shit
i have like 1mm fins with 3mm spacing
fuck dust
dust is like da party poopa
shit its not even 3mm spacing

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yeah, i hate this shit
like i get it, but not on an intuitive level
i guess i dont get the ambient rating thing
thermal resistance, junction to ambient = 83C/W
oh shit
i think thats too much C
okay and junction to case is 3.12C/W
thats like with a proper heatsink, or what?
with an infiniti heatsink?

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BlackMoon: okay if something says it has Tc=80W and Ta=2W, wtf does that really mean
like, i get thats its case and ambient
yeah its usually in watts
lemme check
might be W/C
its a test condition i guess
yeah its usually 25C
i thought they did more
but yeh, thats what all the datasheets say
between like 1.2w and 2w

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mines a hakko
hakko, weller, metcal, etc
also japanese/chinese stuff
i think theyre more $$$ for a basic regged iron
itll break as soon as you move the wires around
you wanna wrap them both in solder
the solder might not even really stick to the connector leads depending on the metal =(

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its fucked up, when i first started learning to solder id have to buy two tips to get thru a project
i have to get a coils refill
mine are are old and less springy and solder covered
dude like 6 days ago
if you leave them on for an hour or so, no tinning, they like flake away
BlackMoon: it was their bigger iron =\
like 35w or 45w
fuckit i have my hakko now
id prob have to grind the tinning off those tips
at my tube job, the old man had an iron like that
with a wood handle
comrade-: a temp regulated iron
theyre like $100 for cheap ones
while that seems like alot, youll prob melt three radioshit irons at $30 each within a couple years
wait you got a regged iron for $36?
yeah see its worth 3x the price for a regulated setup
i thought i sucked at soldering, just turned out radioshit irons are shit

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have you seen retractable sharpie pens?
they have a tiny little door inside that covers the tip to keep them from drying out
kevtris: yeah they have sharpie highlights the same way
if i was pen companies id use that as a defence
that pens help more peoploe who are choking than they actually choke
my hakko tips are like permatinned
is awesome
ive left it on for couple days and like the tip cleans up fine
no errosion
i ave this little thing with metal coils
you stab the tip a few times and it takes the nasty solder off without cooling the tip
yeah radioshit tips will evaporate

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kevtris: hi
BlackMoon: dont slander trees!
newcastle beer is awesome
wtf how are you gonna ban pen tops?
and do they mean banned from school or banned from life or what
i thought they had airholes so they slid onto the pens better
without like pushing the ink back in
ha those are way old

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hehe, sometimes it just takes a few sec

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k np

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so it can move up and down and rotate a bit around the Z axis,
thats good
but yeah, thats basically the part thats supposed to wear out, get beaten up
so if it moves okay, the screws are straight, and you can replace that, it should be good for new motors
temp fix is a hose clamp on the one you have
i dont think zip ties will work very well, but you can trie those too i guess

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if its that big and its heavy theres prob a bunch of steel in it somewhere besides the screws and ways
like, thats not a hard part to machine, im just not sure how well itll tap in plastic, that thing looks popped out of a mold
whats the spring for?
omg cheap
that part on a taig is like chunck of threaded brass, slit down the side
so you can adjust the clamping pressure with little bolts
and then it has a cylindrical nub on top, that fits snug into the table

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okay so the brown piece is a coupling thing?
yeah youd need a bigass tap
you could try
if you make a new one, delrin or brass with screws to adjust clamping pressure prob work great

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bad problem?
oo is that part of the screw coupling?
bent up shaft is bad

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my first computer was like a 700MHz celeron
and omg that shit sucked so hard
yeh kinda
itd prob be more broken and harder to update

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my friend who moved to washington sleeps with his window open when its like 35F out
like i dont understand that, that hurts
varistor tolerance sucks

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