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yeah its got this escelating level of WTF kinda learning curve
timecop: if it comes in black
no shit?
general specs?
like does it have a hdd or you plug in an SD card
wifi, eth port?
fuck thats not bad
id slackware it
cover it with stickers
light wm it should do vid and musics fine

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ohsixI: huh?
in the device editor
you have to link the pins for the symbol and the footprint
you add a symbol, pick a footprint as a varient, then link the pins
why its good to name footprint pins by pin numbers and symbol pins by function
why its good to name footprint pins by pin numbers and symbol pins by function
its not so bad you just have to get the work flow down
the ui dialogs are fuckin whorish

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well its not much harder really, even with 317/337 id still have to turn a pot =p
theres division in it
mines just geometry
i was doing someones homework, their teacher said it just involved simply deometry, but fubared the algorithm
so i did his homework because it seemed interesting
just ask the question

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ohsixI: also, i thinkn i could explain my version to an 8 year old
possibly, but just one for now
yeah, if i do production stuff ill prob order the pcb and the parts will be diff
everything costs diff when you buy more than one or a few
mines like, check if its in the bounding box, check the slopes, (thats how you can tell if the points are a line segments), sort points based on Y, select the two lines that the test point intersects horizontally, do min max test

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heh, mine doesnt need math.h stuff
then it was a little on fire

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is like three extra sot23 and 2 extra resistors, prob costs about the same (thats like .80 worth of stuff)

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30V is claimed popping voltage
you have to make it say 'your door is ajar' as an easter egg
was not so huge
plus theres almost nothing on the board now
cuz the VFD driver IC does everything
dunno, sport

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its gonna have overdrive distortion so like more noise is almost a good thing
i need 25V

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yeh i hate that
but its apple, they just rename things so they can say they invent shit
i wanted a cms tho
its an mp3 with a url
omg new concept
this is like apple people telling me pc sucked cuz it didnt have airport
like wtf, wifi had been around for years
kevtris: i think i wanna do a bipolar switcher for a guitar electronics supply
i think i can fit a couple coils between the two pot locations on my jbass
i can put an opamp between the other pots

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kevtris: hi
i decided i hate zeners
so i just used another transistor
thats so not complicated!
youd prob use switching regs from one supply
thats basically what the logic thing is
its not a blogroll its a list of links!

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wtf keanu is at chinese GP

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also i have these 1.4" tall heatsinks for the pass darlingtons
they say 6C/W, for $.64!

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i just bought 6" stack of 4.5x6.25" FR-4 1oz double sided .06" thick panels
Tre: yeah theyll prob all be 1% at least
R1 and R6 dont matter so much
also Q3 and Q7 are current controlled, so their temp shouldn't change a ton
not quickly at least

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yay done

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