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something is wrong
its 1,2 or 2,1
you added values

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heh my branch spaghetti loop padding is working
its the big arrow in the middle that kills the grammar
!define permutation
how come we dont have any useful bots in this channel
so the rest of the channel suffers?

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i wish i had herb
im testing all these cvycle counted loops, is so booooring
meh, i cant really see it
wtf is a permutation?
well yeah
its just binary out of order
the values are all the same just in a diff order, it resets the same way
actually, it resets 1 bit at a time
instead of all bits at a time, thats why its so much sex

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stu: you dunno why grey code exists?
its a number system the only flips one bit at a time
its for encoders, so you dont get huge jumps during transistions
quadrature is 2 bit grey code
i just thought they figured it out cuz they were smart
mathing it almost seems like cheating

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um, that worked for me
b XOR (b >> 1) works
i tested with 2 and 3 bit
the grey starts at 0
000 001 011 010 110 111 101 100
unless it breaks after 3 bits, it works
thanks for the tip =D

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i saw something on discovery where guy was making robots that big that actually moved

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game chick
wtf buy

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got everything off the drive?
k, good lucks
the game?
turdis said so
where di you get yours?

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theyre like just over pin header compatible size
even the small ones are too big (i just tried)
okay so i but some brass strips
bend them
stick them in some machined delrin
and ceramic style did mean plastic on the tube sockets
ohsixI: find me links with prices
amp/tyco has pins that will work
theyre $35 for 10 i think
i need 60
theyre $3.50 for ten
so thats still like $20

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yeah i should stop in there again
i need to buy keyboards
yeah they have random items
no you pay for random
fill up your junk drawer
the pins dont fit in IC sockets
theyre .04
they didnt fit into pin head connector hole either
yeah because i wanna be shorting my supplies across wire coil stackups acting as sockets
thats so unsexy
too big

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the pins dont like solder
but yeh thats what i might do
i wanted to make the tubes replacable tho
wont work, theyre round pins
i might just make my own fucking sockets
pins too big
id use solder, danielson
thats three mobos workth of psu connects
i can pull the mobos off my wall
i need a heat gun
im check electronics goldmine
they sent me some shit that almnost works in their random bullshit thing

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its not standard pin count
the hole requires for the pockets are .102
the spacing between pins is like .125
meh, theyre awesome, i just need a way to hold them
fucking bright
yeah nice solution

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no theyre preamp tube size
sec ima check the datasheet its a bit under .5"
no drawings
standard is 9 pins on a 10 pin circle
i have sockets like that
and thats what all of them that size look like
i have tube hax0r shit
10pins dont fit into 9

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no any kind
those are cheaper than normal pin sockets
and the tubes wont be all raised off the board
they say .035 max
i need like .040
i dont think so
11 point circle, pins on 10
i bought sockets, but theyre 9 pin, dont fit =\

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this is fucked up
i guess i get those
14.40 for 60

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jezus fuck pcb pin sockets are fucked up expensive
like, $35 for pins sockets for my vfd tubes
im looking thru the cat
i found some pin sockets might work i have to check stock
even thats likes $8 and theyre spec'ed to small
quantity available, 0

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omg thats not in the tv commercials!
'we wont give you a new one, because you might get another bad one. have a fixed one.'
i hate those things

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how long have you had it?
like 60 days?
samsung will prob give you a new one without a hassle
thats a bad one >[
330 is right for under a month, hell thats low

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not odd, dead
no noises?
with the bad drive?
oh, neat
heh, i have to code 5 almost identical mainloops in order to achieve 16-25 cycle sample output rates
actually 4 mainloops for that
the 5th is timer based does all the other values

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im all going nuts with the spreadsheet

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im not american im from california
my mom got her citizenship documents today, w00t \o/
so theres a 6% increase between musical notes
all my waves are gonne be within 2% at the top of each wavetables range
if i cut an octave from each, its within .5% error
is avr wavetab shovel
ive dont the wave gen stuff, its the freq adjust part i got lazy about
so im gonna tune it to midi notes, + couple octaves

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theres a few TDS in the department, but theyre not part of stations
no shit?
thats really overunity
but thats neat
not really not really not really
fuck bad typo habit
i wish i didnt have to go to school so i could stay home and learn useful shit and like have a job and money and shit
heh, todays like bad attitude day or something
bbl, avr codes

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haha, jim knows ill give the shit back
his shit lasts tho
we dont have plastic to92 2n3904
we have old school ones in little cans
like its 1975
its good the, because sometimes the parts break
and its a tech program, youre supposed to know how to troubleshoot
this is how i justified all the old mans broken and typoed labs
actually for a CC electronics dep, our school is decked out
maybe cuz in the suburbs of an LA college district
but we have digital and analog scopes, DMM, power supplies, signal gens, ands a pc at every station
like maybe 40 stations
two DMM and two psu, actually
old fluke and dual rail PSU
and then new agilent dmm and agilent psu
all the new digi stuff is HP/Agilent

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okay yeh
he says use a series resistance
which is sane
transistors, same thing to compensate for Vbe variations
series resistance on the base or collector to absorb voltage variations
mosfets youre maybe okay
do you have low value resistors?
weow you get to takes parts from school?
jim would have killed me
heh, i was all amazed cuz at the end hed let me walk into the parts room and just grab shit
wait are you trade school?
you just ask?
that cant be a public school
they dont even let them sell obsolete gear

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line filters are expensive tho
the IEC ones are usually like $5+, dont always have fuses
you can get fused iec no filters for $1.50 from digikey, like $1 from allelectronics
some of the ones from all still have fuses inside, heh
i just tested one, heh, they work
Diodes in Parallel to Increase Current Rating,
Plus Surge Current Protection.
heh, nothings current rating increased, and by surge protection does he mean if a diode blows up you got other still going?
most those things prob dont even rectify the motor voltages

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when i blew the filament, it shorted to the 25V grid, shorted the unregged supply thru the regged filament supply
blew its fuse
when i make anything fureal with transformers, i always use IEC inputs, cuz they have the integrated retard proof fuses
i dunno how my cat is still alive

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so even failure is unpredictable
thats cool, it means you have more chances to learn
you do it right all the time you have noexperience with what to do when shit goes wrong, and it always go wrong eventually
most regs are current limited
well yeah once theyre too hot, theyre broken
so theyre allowed to behave however they want
thats what fuses are for
i dont use fuses all the time =(
i have a 350VA unregged supply in the living room, screwed to some particle board, wiring onto uncovered screw terminals
no fuses

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is bad, leads to failures
basically you cant gaurantee theyll share the current, so its a poor method of dividing power
hmm, does Vf lower with temp?
cuz thats double bad, it means the one pulling most current will want to pull even more current the next time
lowers with temp
well, according to the 1n914 data
it raises with current though

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kohan: ask the digikey
in parallel?
kohan: diodes directly in parallel is bad juju
if Vf isnt equal, and nothing like that is, it breaks math
yes i know i burnt a tube filament cuz of that
same reason you dfont directly parallel transistors

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um, all religions are fake religions
ohsixI: its still imaginary symbolism
its fake, imaginary

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oh haha
usb controller, hardware raid the cards, user replacable cards
little 7seg flasher like 'replace this card!'
sell it for like $1500 loaded or $200 unloaded
nice bottom cleavage

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yeah but theyre selling shit now
i still think the raid with swappable SD and/or minisd would be awesome
i gotta print shit i still dont have paper
thats prob bad for the drum
ima put it on a cd and take it to school
i had to put moneyon my id card so i have to remember to use it up
i need to make copies for group essay criticism

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like 20 of them, you fill as many as you want
that would be pimp
naw thats 40gb for 350
that sucks
sd with the raid built into a usb controller is prob best

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also flash isnt super fast anyway is it?
ha, raid flash
raid10 or raid5 with removable sd flash
so its prob cheap
depends on the controller
linux im sure you could
flash is slow already
do you see how much that drive cost?
it prob sucks too
naw cuz raiding thats dumb
you need to be able to replace them
by raiding the flash, you kill flashes #1 prob
like, a 5.25 slow, with an array of vertical flash sockets

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no you need a fast controller
whats sata bus speed?
nice, computing at microwave speeds like we dont give a fuck
so like maybe 200MB/s spikes, peak performance?
even with a fast arm youd struggle to saturate that
or you just take the hit on speed
spend the money on more sdflash

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or do they still sell them?
like old stock or they still make them?
dude just buy your mom a honda or something instead
you should prob wait for a year, heh

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thing is the hand
thing would be an awesome embedded project
ohsixI: youre like 10min late
thats how the pic was introduced
drive phone or printer?
i got an 80gb one for my moms computer
still works, but shes not mad gaming or 3d spreadsheeting or anything
i dunno know if i got my mom 512 or 1gb
i prob got 512
i should maybe do that
by fixing it
maxtor drives are gone?

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ha we have like 16ft ceilings
maybe more, in the living room
shits impossible tocool or heat
has a row of windows along one sude
theyre all normal
no our building is shaped funny
the people nextdoor have like 20ft ceiling with a loft and little 3rd story balcony (only one)
only part of our unit sticks out to 15+ ft
wtf i said like normal bitch
prob 8-9ft
shes shaped like a normal little girl
except her hair
shes def got it style hair

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heh, you guys had any quakes since you installed floating bed?
yeah im just thinking its gotta be weird
face all up on the ceiling
no this time it was for the cousin it hair
oh thats super bad, my friends deskbunk was worse
thats fucked up dude
the ceilings were at the top of the doors?
or youall had short doors
thats still fucked up
thats not so bad i guess
im like, if i can jump up and fuck up my dome, thats too short

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the sealed cup thing or donut alternatives?
is that what nvidia is calling their drives now?
oh hahaha
you have an ati card
theyre call it driver version 10[random two digits]
nvidia isnt darkside
and im ignoring amd/ati
ill pretend it didnt happen and <3 ati anyway
amd amd amd amd
my exes neice looks like cousin it in that pic

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dude, youd buy a new pair every third day?
she plays with mud and abrasives all day
so yeah, shes like blind with them on or off
cuz youre you
just sharper
okay penis boy
haha #1 random!
i need food too bitch
shit i wonder if donut shop will deliver
thai food will deliver to me mom, even tho they dont deliver
bitch i cant drive
well i can now
but bitch
my cardont run
shit needs a head and maybe an engine
and tags
sounds sick
donuts are kinda nasty
its like the very edge of raw dough
shit is practically is raw inside
they got good bagels and ham n cheese crossants at this one
and one of those juice/boba cup sealers

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hmm, sec
iu dunno why that pic is so funny
macegr: haha neat
that almost makes me wanna wear surgical masks
those glasses are funny
cuz shes ceramics student, so theyre always scratched the fuck up

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ohno cow brains attacking!
why do i wanna say bobby prion
no you are
haha, my girl buddy friend looked at a pic of my gf and was like, she looks like a girl who snorts when she laughs

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backing up gigamegs sucks
thats why humans are always bitching about fucked up hard drives
those are the only things that are huge
yeh, pr0ns
ima vaporize some herb and get some foods
fuckin ten hour schoolday in 2 hours
nothing that is good for you is really good for you
yeah, contemplate that
now what
no the shit in the air is cancerous
im pretty sure they could isolate 1000 people their whole life in hepa cages
and theyd be fine
breathing all their lives

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tho i used software raid in lunix for years, worked fine
youd have to match parameters exactly to even have a chance
i had noticable read improvement with software raid0
i think you just called normal computing single gun russian roulette

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get teh seagates
always never get the seagates
except it is okay to try out samsungs
cuz they rawk at cheap phones and printers
'always never', weird typo
i need more sleep or cigarettes or something
thai tea and bagel
the donut shop has the whole 30 kinda of boba drink thing

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whats it java whining about wanting new versions every 3 days?

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morning channel people

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