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it even has a keyboard 4x6 matrix input, uses the vfd multiplexed lines for strobe
so the avr wont be doing much
swim sid is neat but its big
alarm = square waves at a fet on a speaker
that shit is big, 40dip avr

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avr and vfd/switch/led/sexy IC and wwvb reciever on another board
wtf is sid
yeah but its smaller
floppy splits nice
well, old ide is okay but i think i got rid of all of it out of spite
haha, old game chips
if anything id use the sony sound chip from a snes
to like infuse it with evil
damn they put real security screws on the snes
dude this avr is gonna have like all the time in the world
wwvb is like bit a second
and the VFD driver is like a bank of registers for vfd output, switch in, led out

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timecop: how many leads in an fd cable?
shitty i need like 21
yeah it looked like more
i thought 20 too =\
im just gonna use the cable
and im prob gonna round it out with gnds
cuz i have a soldering iron, flux and floppy cable
timecop: yeah led, tubes, buttons gonna be on one board

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good upower design
well if its using 6mA
itll go 100 hours
so if idling it does 200uA
then most of its load is the speaker when it alarms
prob still get a couple days
class D speaker amp
for wut
2008 isnt here
when then you should be on time if this goes the same

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well cuz its diff depending on the circuits ability to run on lower than normal voltages
best thing to do actually is get the datasheet and find the graphs
you have to figure out what the waste in the regs are
its prob not much
are you using an LDO for the 3.3v?
switch prob deal with low Vin/out diff better
plus efficiency

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yours has lots of pins tho with cooler colors =\
my ltspice is all black and white now
im afraid to even look for settings in eagle
i have to figure the pinoput mostly by looking inside the tubes
i confirmed with russian alphabet table
cuz fucking the segment labels were capitals and the pin listing was lower case
or reverse, who knows
thats the filament and the cathode
cathode is the smaller dot line
needs 1.5V
the longer dot line and segments need 25V
positive or negative, i think
ive only tested positive
it has an amp/hour rating
and you figure out the amps your circuit draws
kinda does, but itd diff for diff kinda of battery

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thats just a box
heh, i had to be using circles and shit
yeah its better that
doublecheck your symbol/footprint pins, doublecheck your schema, cant fuckup the board

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timecop: yeh
itll only use one diode on the bridge
extra parts
i think hes trying to be friendly
heh, i made vfd tube footprints and symbols
fuckin i forgot i have demo eagle installed =(
thats an IC?

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i guess i could do multiple layer boards
theyd be ghetto tho, lik .02 between the boards
have to solder smalle vias onto the middle layer to make sure it works
omg if something got between the boards, how horrible would that be to troubleshoot
heh, try working with that shit
Believed to be Mil-Spec
haha i should put that on all my auctions from now on
used nintendo. believed to be mil spec.

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timecop: hold the board up to the light, if nothing gets thru, it prob has power and/or ground plane
charles: nice, i prob would have had to look it up
was like on the tip of my brain
most board material is translucent, youd be able to see if there was a plane
thats like .30mil
er, .030 or 30mil
fuck i need sleepytime
yeah, two .015 stackups

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pfft at zener
their regulation curve is so ass backwards
they prob make 1% varients in like sot23 or some bullshit

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are you trying to use 5% values or something?

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=R1, probably
keep in mind i solved that in my head by staring at it
plug into original equation
whats 1.5*0.8
see its not hard
wtf is that?

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and the resistors
unless you trim it
yeah fool
read the sheet, they usually select a value for one of the resistors
lm317 style woot
cmon timecop you cant do algebra?
dude i never even been in calc
this is like simpler than geometry

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i was there
im about to play not free
for free
can you feel the paradox happening
it might mean 2.7-3.1
i think i saw a dred flying around in the vid
thats me
well, like, its still gonna have some error, based on temp

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i think i was at that show

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is that the gook the chip is from?
do they all still work?
dude prob knows
you can prob do it with logic fets, tho
drain on the 3.3v side, source to gnd, gate to 1.8-2.9 io
i think you can do bidirectional by just doing the same thing on the other side

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path0s: dude cmon
the story was amazing
they could have just made the story, it would have rawked
hehe, the ending of the story is in a paragraph of molly dialog in neuromancer

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rolling stone had an article when minick was caught
was all following the dude that got him
dude mnemonic prob hurt gibson to watch
ice tea
as a rat, AGAIN WTF
fuckin like two movies as a rat in two years
did you see equilibrium?
heh, good shit
ccfl_man: /msg timecop

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so ive bought burning chrome like 4 times
recent time, i took it to chico with me, and left it
i guess sandi gonna mail it to me with my cup
is a newcastle bottle someone opened up (fuck beer, but i cant say no to newcastle)
neat i thought itd take longer to get over me
haha if only that were true...
she aint my girl no mo
yeah we broke up at SAC
told me what?
the obvious?
ccfl_man: what?
dont bring up that movie after a gibson literature discussion
or the johnny mnemonic movie
oh no shit?
heheh hes hometown
paulson too
path0s: dude i almost pray it ends in preproduction
theyll fuck it up
they fucked johnny mnemonic up so hard

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she says she wanted to go to welding school out of highschool and just do that
shed prob be alot richer than now, even after she graduates
she should go to welding school if she doesnt go to an MFA
whats that
welding school?
that shits pretty fun
see like if was gonna do art, itd be all welded and machines with electronics and strife and etc
i sure as fuck would never go to a school
awesome molly ending
the ending ending kinda sucked
i feel like he just threw that down cuz he didnt know how it was supposed to end
but like molly + finn convo after hes dead, and molly ending, #1
yeah claims to be kinda phobic
he was a bit tho
he had a friend, or friends, or something
some of its a bit to technical for normal person, 1981
or fuck i dunno maybe hes just a good writer, did his research, hella pulled it off

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no her parents do
so, kinda
because you pay lockheed
lockheed pays her dad
and you pay the schools
and schools pay her mom
so actually yeah
\you pay for that
dude, you should see the amount of shit a ceramics department breaks
theyre just like, breakin, all day
it just depends what category
macegr: she almost did a environment/civil engineering type thing
shed by up in ur hill
makin ur dams
but i dunno she went to leo carillo and did shrooms once and decided to become an art major
basically her parents made her do it

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yeah that makes it worth about 2x as much
my friend just spent $8 for an engraved dog ID
she was mad pissed, felt ripped off
macegr: waitress/art student
she doesnt really do people
she been doing porcelain tube things, kinda like sea tubes or anenomes
huge glass marbles and sand inside
very tide poolish
is public art style too, so she just leaves them places at the beach

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ha, tru dat
im not sure that matters
we should research more
oh no wait i never emailed her back, nm
weighted switch closes a contact when moved around

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it was for a accelerometer/FFT based dog pedometer
it was someone elses idea
im like wtf someone got paid to give her this idea?
fucker cant even word process, was like a loose project concept more than a defined job
heh, those are usually like a sprung or a weighted switch
you dont
find other things
or i dunno are you having it assembled?
looks like BGA to me
ccfl_man: obsoleted, difficult to manufacture, lack of actual manufacturing locations
they prob require a ton of QA too, after the bullshit required to fabricate them
russia, east europe, or china
no one else makes new tubes
theres tons of new old stock
wireless to what? why?
wtf does a computer need to know about dog steps that you couldnt just do on the pedometer in the first place

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check the absolute max section
well the datasheet says now
3.3 with internal regulation maybe
whats this for?
timecop: you need the abs max froma datasheet
its usually like Vcc + 0.xV
so you might be able to get away with it
if not, use buffers
someone gave me an NDA and it was ridiculous
it was obviously her first one
she didnt even change the example company in the form, XYZ, Incorporated

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timecop: ima pull my ps/2 keyboard from a running compy again!
mmmm, cherry kb
aaaaaaaw jeah
timecop: dip yo ass in that puddin

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he just a lonely bit!
its over again =(

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they prob have custom machines to do it
heh, wall with hdd sized slots
yeah i wonder if maybe they do the platter before assembly
i think you need to do with the hdd's own head, tho, for tracking
never really thought about it before
thats like greatest flash vid ever

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heh, wonder if thats good or bad
how many times did you format it?
how long is it taking?
my 40gb WD took a couple hours i think, fucked up slow computer

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magnetic chucks are pretty common
the big grinder machine tools at school have magnetic chucks
yeah theyre like fixed magnets with a lever to pull them away from the top
like, big flat grinders
they move across a chucked part from above
big machines

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its for sighting?
or for cutting?
so just sighting
your links never work moon
well, the canadian tire ones
pic link?
wtf hahaha
like a laser X?
heh its got a tractor beam vice
yeah 10" is likely the Z
thats not bad for a little drill press
bit cheaper than craftsman stuff at sears

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macegr: yeah i watched that first
its sweet
you can use it to pull THC from herb, too
was tastey

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4 heads!
yes =\ =\

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anyway, ashcroft focused the war on potheads
while meth basically detroyed towns
he put a ton of glass blowers and glass sellers in prison
including tommy chong
but whatever, they ran shit
putting glass blowers in prison is beyond fucked up
theyre all hippy potheads, they aint hurting anyone
its just too much effort
glass blowers just care about weed and glass

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guess not
oh he was in that?
In March 2004, Ashcroft entered the George Washington Medical Center with gallstone pancreatitis; surgeons removed his gallbladder (cholecystectomy) within a week.
is this really worth clicking?
While he was in hospital, and seriously ill, on the evening of March 10, 2004, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez and White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card went to his hospital room and allegedly requested that Ashcroft reconsider the refusal of Acting Attorney General James Comey to reauthorize the secret surveillance program, in contradiction of the policy agreed by Ashcroft and Comey immediately before he fell ill.
that shit was so cold
like fine, the mans fuckin evil, an asshole
but let the dude be sick
supposedly they drove to the hospital with their emergency lights on
the guy with gonzales said it was the only time they ever did that
he was the attorney general
gonzales was the one after him
is this #trolls?

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no she gave it to me kinda like 'here'
haha she fixed her toilet paper holder
that was kinda cool
again, this is between you and my mommy
tho its good to know shes getting out more
you didnt even walk down the hall to say hi to me?
Chafee Grant (Only for Foster Youth)
i dunno if im that
fuck i should get a grant
system placements are way worse than foster homes
i wish
id be top cometitor for that
cheech is kinda a bitch now
hes like ashamed of his old work or something
chong gets respect for life
cuz ashcroft is a fuckhead
was a fuckhead?
did he die? i know he was sick

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heh, my mom came home with a Coleman portable drill
its actually kinda badass, i think its rebranded ryobi

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dewalt is like the sexiest shit at home depot
ryobi is cheaper stuff
is like, Skil, Ryobi, Milwaukee, Dewalt
no email confirmation for setting up a cal grant site account
i guess cuz the SSN

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id have to really look at it tho
some of those tiny compound miter saws can barely do 2x4
i think some of them cant, the blade doesnt reach all the way to the bottom far corner

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cutie: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/5YG99

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the free freight is a big deal
damn their endmills are expensive

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i got keyboards \o/

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you did a really shitty job
she got out

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wow all electronics has a girl answering the phone
i never seen her before
they must store her in the back

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tankboard (weakness: bongwaters)
its just a white usb 104key board with cherry switch company logo on it
$7.50, stiff key feel, very heavy, durable
like, i fucked mine up, im using the $7 lite-on keyboard from newegg
shit flexes bad when i hit keys in the middle
and the enter, tab, and shift keys are woddle because i hit them off center too hard i guess
er, wobbly

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almost any grade, its not practical
itd be on the edge of breaking all the time, unless you use really low loads, which would take forever
id use one of those groove cutter
and then finish with an endmill
itd still take forever tho
ooo i still have time to go to all electronics and score keyboards

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im taking welding courses
its pretty neat, if i had shop space or a garage id def want one
prob a mig or tig, plus oxy-acetylene for cutting
cuz like cutting with oxy torch was the shit, totally amazed me
did shit that a machine tool couldnt touch
yeh, its the oxy-jet that does most the work once the metal is to temp
i went thru like 18" of 1" thick steel like it was nothing
about a 1/8" wide cut
took maybe 20 or 40 sec
machine tool would takes hours and youd be nuts to try and cut inch thick steel with a 1/8" cutter
hell youd be lucky to even find a 1/8" cutter with >1" length of cut
it was drama trying to find a .75" one

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wwvb vfd tube clock
tho i been dicking around with avr+dac stuff again
and eventually my lazy ass will cut up those boards for the biamp speakers
im super lazy about it cuz each is gonna take like 4 setups
all the electronics for that is tested, tho. works great
yeah if i has space id throw together a router CNC
make shit like that a breeze
i think my friend has a hand router and a circle jig, tho
so i might just use that
i want something that can do at least 25x25" XY
50x25" would be ideal
well, id prob weld it, now

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that doesnt sound horrible
if youre into clams
oh its a chip
2 stacks of 50 blanks wrapped in plastic, taped up
both of those wrapped in a bag, bag slack taped up
all of that in like 4 layers of bubble wrap, taped up
they prob have way more fingerprints than they likely already have
all boards are $2 for single sided, same size
and its not FR4 its some cheap shit thats not really flat
s/all/all\ electronics

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dude i can get my protien from like cows and pigs and beans and soy, ty
hehe those places always smell funny
sesame snacks #1
damn guy who sent me the pcb blanks must have like a wrapping fetish
ive never had squid
octapus is pretty good

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100 sheets of 6.25 x 4.5" FR4 is heavy
poor mailman
kbbl fureal

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dracosilv: fanout from cmos to ttl might be a bad idea
best to trust the datasheets for this kinda stuff, to know for sure
gotta go bai

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inputs should be okay, cmos should be higher impedance than ttl

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creative stu
my feelings are very hurt now

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dreamcast is pretty neat
i have a keyboard
i should get a dreamcast for it
surfing the web with modem dreamcast = awesome
on screen kb, w00t
omg one more feedback i get a blue star

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again, why not just use a real bong or vaprizer
i can make you a regulator for your vaporizer

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buttons and switches are like hopeless
heh, even their throwing wheel pedals were all fucked up
i adjusted them (slide pot, 2 trim pots) and one of the potters made me a big liter flask
dude, these people are taking ceramics
theyre majoring in it, most people i knew were in the masters programs
bongs is apperently like second semester shit
canty beat boro glass for bongs
reza: a friend made a ceramic mushroom cloud in his JC ceramics class
he also makes these box creatures with glaze droppin off the teeth and crazy spikes
swish: all that stuff means less THC to your dome =(
wonder if THC gets thru hepa filters

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thats how much the cam brick cost
the other ones are like 500mA max
well, 3-7.5V
it eats them =(
yeah i think NiMH is too low
cuz theyre like 1.2 charged, not 1.5
heh, <3 NiMH 9V
they dont say 9v
they say 9v format
7.2V, or something
reza: they could like wrap the cam around the battery
flex pcb w00t
heh, my ex's cam had flex pcb sticking out the selector knob
heh, its leaking kapton film
it still works, is the funny part
yeah fureal
like how do you do that
ceramics students shouldnt be allowed to have electronicws
they got stereo with clay all up in the speak grates

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ha i hate that
hit enter, post doesnt scroll the buffer, doh
i dont even put batts in my cam anymore
it acts funny on NiMH, flash doesnt always work
and it just eats alk batts
got a 2A power brick for it from radioshack

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