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i have no idea where my phone is
and my hip is doing that thing and i really want to take a vicodin
arent you my age?

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pretty much
is not that hard to attach models to symbols or make custom symbols with embedded models
theres an ltspice yahoo group
go there, register, read the faqs, ask there if you dont get it
theyll help you
maybe make you feel stupid, but theyll help
okay then you should be fine
ur issue

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man fuck orcad
never again
they stopped developing it
it pretty much is
spice models are pretty compatible across sims
if they store them in a spice format and not some propriettary thing

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you playing defcon or something?

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feedback oscillator, heh
well its probably not gonna hurt you if it fails
is temp a standard SMART thing?

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depends where its hooked in
i think cig lighters usually wired before the power switch
yeah i dunno really we always have lighters

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well fuckit then im gonna play videogames too

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blackmoon: do you have a working eagle installation?
the one i got from you forever ago always worked

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Here are some tips to allow you to get the most out of Ace Converter:
* Draw the DXF geometry with the origin in the same place it will be on the machine.
* Use the offset command in AutoCAD (or similarly for your drawing program) to cut the edge of a profile based on half the tool diameter.
timecop: if diptrace doesnt have a way to input tool dialemeters to do offset, its useless
er, diameters
i need eagle to stop being a bitch

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ima google this diptrace aceconverter shit
i know what it is ive used it
machinists are a type of programmer
like, i think the main prob is that once it works, they like dont touch it
believe thats a dram issue

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omg ace converter, ew
because it is cheapest and has the best antipiracy setup?
youre supposed to hang out and socialize long enough to gage your ability before we respect you enough to help you
not really
its just got an odd learning curve, but its functional
anyway id use ewb
but it doesnt have the pcb output
naw was great
i made all sorts of 3d footprint models
how the fuck does it fail?
you say eagle and ewb fail at part making
im like theyre both ok, eagle is eccentric at everything
what besides diptrace is good timecop?
do they pay you?
i bet they pay you to get more and more people to pirate it
to ensure a good userbase
like photoshop

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yeah 1206/1210 is neat like that too
blackmoon: my eagle crack worked for a day, multiple file opens, multiple eagle starts
fucked me after a day
i just felt broken down, cadsoft did me again, bastards
doesnt output gcode
pcb mill
ha, isnt that easy
unless its got postprocessors to make the right dxf

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is there caps infront of or behind them?
thats like nothing ohms
are they hiZ inputs?
okay so its like bus/transmission line isolation
heh, timecop been stealing circuits from some other blackmoon
i have dip sram
i always forget, i have a big tune of them
er tube
same people who would use dip

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hehe, explain.
how old?
from badcap era?
nichicon did bad caps too?
like 4-7 years?
lots of companies did
heh maybe that board got the last of them
sunk by multiple planes
that should be a song or album title
believe it deponds on type of network
but usually its like multiple of a resistance
but just grab datasheets or catalog pages and check
cuz 'resistor network' or 'array' just means resistors connected in an IC

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just have to remember bjt stages are inverting

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blackmoon: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20071025.wtaser1026/BNStory/National/home
yeah, go \canada

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damn my eagle just went bad

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you need resistance or industance to keep it from being a dead short
it blew up your amp
and now you want our help to fix it
you can try
none of us
not offhand, noop

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