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that stuff happens alot
thats so bad
okay painkillers politics sleep nite

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pain sucks
ima do cspan and vicodin and crash
wtf nbc site sent me to some annoying fucking LOUD advert
not your fault
yeah most ads get blocked
that happens?
as long as they keep paying conan, im okay with them

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no one told them no one buys music from the online?
thats pretty sad when you cant get the word out and youre fuckin NBC
fuck who can keep track anymore
they prob own a few big labels
oh yeah they own mad artists
dude they have like secret studios undeneath universal citywalk
like ted turner trying to explain what an led is
just magnet lights, dont be afriad!
so hes just lame

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my hip is like doing that pain thing again
no im implying that metal has memory of form
ha oh i thought you had to like bend a pring back
er, prong
who is zucker again?
wtf is hulu?

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i ate too many freezer taquitos
they made them bigger, and now the meat goes all the way to the ends (says so on the box, is truth)
dude now you have one less fork
heheh you have a kinked fork

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do they come apart clean or are they all snap together?
is it like flexpcb stuff or cheap plastic?
gold rubs away too

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ha, only carbides are scary
hss and similar arent scary anymore, they just suck
ha, yeah gotta clamp that shit down
we have a few mill cracks in the windows in the shop at school
mostly from grinders tho
yeah like the mills will throw parts at the windows
some of them are mill cracks, some of them are grinder cracks
student shop is scary in a totally diff weay than a production shop
like someone pulls a drill out a hole
and it just drips back down into it
they broken or just crappy?

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i dont think you could just notch a screwdriver either
one wide enough would be too thick unless you like flattened out the blades
that machinable, too, no critical inside radius
i fuckin lost an auction for like 10 .0625" endmills
ha where was that?
he just put in more
so he won fair
yeh, i should have gone higher
but im buying a pcb drill set
so its not super bad i lost

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oh youre drilling like sheet or thin plate or something?
i thought you were like doing hardcore stuff heh
ooo, thats bad for drill bits
and cant be great for drill brearings
oh the little knurled nuts?
that have the flat screwdriver slot thats useless
yeah you need like a fork screwdriver
i might have a security bit that works
its like the right shape but the sizes are all wrong

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maybe stu remembers speak and maths
wait so if you put english words in a french one does the english come out with french accent?
or just junk
heh, i had learn japanese cds like that
adjustable reamer?

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kevtris: heh
maybe the brit one sounded american to you, but the american one would be totally offending
ha french
did they make more than that?
wow so your talking shit will be able to do silly foreigner impressions

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it gets crusty after a day?
get a dvd burner

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asshole mario stage 1 (mario world h4x)

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yeah 3in1 works well
i ran out, is when i started using mineral/baby oil
actually give the flutes a chance to bit
to fast, youre almost grinding as opposed to drilling
lots of heat, so everything gets fuckey
you basically dont wanna go so slow that you overload the tool
too much chipload
or too fast, because that generates mad heat
heat fucks everything
like, its all relative
you consider your tool, your machine, and your part
so like all the calculations in the world are really only general guidelines

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heh, the beepers are neat if youre an electrician
more megohms!
blackmoon: wha
blackmoon: fucked up
thats shitty
is your drill press hella stable?
like basically a bast block of iron from <1960
er cast
oh, yeah the drill prob shake the shit out of it doing metal
haha @ 3/8" bit
using 3in1?
dude that holes huge

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i want a fluke 111
i have a 110
even your scopes?
your scopes are supposed to be tek
return0: tektronics 2230
check the ebay, theyre like the best deal on the ebay, 100MHz analog with digital storage mode
and yeah, cant go wrong with a fluke dmm
yeah for digital stream debugging is <3<3<3
yeah mine dont have amps
i gotta sense resistor it =\
i got it for like $50 tho
if you get a decent fluke you prob wont need a better/newer one for a long time
blackmoon: $50 fluke!
you gotta drop least $100 for a fluke that does amps
blackmoon: yeh =\

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when i first started building computers, all those were blowin up
mobo caps and ibm drives were like splattering all over the insides of peoples computers
i did try a compaq bigfoot drive
those are 5.25, quantum maybe makes them
but it sounded funny and its SMART said it was dying when it booted
i only seen those in compaq boxes
thats how you know how big they are
they have a compaq sticker all like 'Replace with Compaq 20.0GB [fru number]'

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2001, 700-1.4GHz
pc100/133 bus
wonder if maybe it just needs a real hdd
it had a quantum fireball
i swear like half the bad drives ive pulled were quantum fireballs
why the fuck would you name a hdd a fireball
lets market a car called crash

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people keep bringing me pre-atx compies
i keep callin em like 'yo ur shit is bork bad. fixing prob be a 1 month mission and more than a new compy'
why old shit gotta suck
nanu nanu bitch
via c3
wtf is that?
i did bother to check the megahurts
er, didnt didnt didnt

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wow rab, are you a cheese engineer?
thats how they store some cheese in parts of europe =(
blue cheese has mold
thats why blue cheese should be avoided
mold = cheese corrosion
thats some of the best cheese
art show cheese with short knives is awesome
yeah brie i think
go to an art show theyre whores for it
its why they do art
free cheese and wine
its not chunky
thats just its protective outer shell
you gotta slice past that with the short knives
oh brie on a sandwich would be hardwcore
naw that was totally on taget
white creamy stuff inside the mom works

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they have lettuce
obviously he just ate the lettuce
kitchen hax0r
macegr: eheheh
blackmoon: protien blocks w00t!
they should pour cheese around steel rebar
and let it dry out
thats like next gen earthquake retrofitting
jollyrancher window panels
oh i get it
because big brother = bad government
oh i thought he made something funny
he never makes anything funny
it makes me sad

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any special ocassion?
ugh, me too

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joellama isnt a carnie
he just gets paid by them
they had the reseda park thing not so long ago
i always think of you
seatbelts, haha
he like snuck under the bar or something?
theres one ride that flips you upside down while riding around a long track that roatates
i think it had bars to hold you in but when you flipped you were usually pinned to the seat
i used to <3 the zipper as a kid
i wouldnt do it now
they have one at disneyland
some of them the floor drops out

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fourof20: why are you here now?
what do you know about electronics?
no onomatopoeia for tapioca is like splatsplat

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