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something cryptically labeled in the insert menu
stuff like that always sound bad to me till i tried it
like i thought max payne bullet time would suck, it rawked
i even freaked out when mario went 3d, i was like how can you control a mario in 3d with a dpad
i think it was full 3d
cuz lcd or cuz the demo doesnt have it?

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i think i used too many bullets when i was supposed to be fuckin people up with the wrench
java is annoying
i blocked it with my firewall and jbidwatch stopped working
you have new hardwares no?
screens do look pretty
i need to build a new compy, i want to play stalker and other new stuffs
haha wtf
ill play that one in 5 years maybe
everything looks better moving
heheh neat

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teknique: dont forget sealed vacuum cable insulation
gold in epoxy matrix shielding
im playing system shock 2 =\
it seems to be what doom3 ripped off

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itll draw the same current
for a given voltage
the current rating of the psu is a max value of some sort

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theres no fire involved in that unless you fuckup
i think tig is technically welding with plasma

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omg gas welding is fun

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yeah do you see a bed in the ceiling?
no man im ordering stuff
lordpil: YOURS
Its high activity makes for strong and safe cleaning action, and the residue is water soluble. Designed for electronic and aerospace applications, this liquid acid flux works well on difficult-to-solder metal surfaces. VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant in all 50 states and ROHS compliant.
does that sound like good flux?
how much is a pint?
i can get that much for $14
lordpil: what is a pint
macegr: everything else only comes in gallons
i really dont wanna spend $35 on flux
lordpil: im getting stuff from them anyway

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laser blasters for to kill virus
why not
thats the whole point of the article
laser blaster in the brain.

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!math 50*1.25
thats like 62.5?

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school gear gets beat up
theyre not allowed to give away or sell gear at the school
if they dont want it they have to trash it
like, verifiably
because they dont want teacher ordering gear to hawk it
or getting new gear when old gear could work
hock a loogie
charles: when i went to uni of WA, they had this glass cabinet in the CSE department
like, historical tech gear
they had a fluke model we use in our school =(
im like 'hey thats not historical, we still use those!'
they match up to the agilent digital meters
digital scopes and meters have those funny jumps in values, at the edge of their precision
omg it cant be virgin its old!

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his dad ran the cia
thats a big job
thats prob more important than the president

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stu: i watch him in uncut press conferences a few times a month
hes on drugs
like, i feel bad for the reporters, half his answers are practically unusable
like, half a sentence about the question, shift to repetition of fear topic of the week
plus his tone of voice is constanly that of a kid who's explaining something after hes done something wrong

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is like, them talking about afghanistan and iraq, "so hows it going?" "bloody tought." "right, then."
like they dont talk about shit!?
house of commons is neat tho
its weird watching people discuss domestic issues
yeah but they talk about alot of stuff while doing it
and the prime ministers questions thing just couldnt happen here
W prob would have comit suicide if he had to answer to congress every week
well, except 90% of our congress prob wouldnt have shown up
he sucks at press conferences, so hard
its like damn, at least try and not be rude

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whatever youre going along with our glorious waste of money and troops like our bitch, as always
haha charismatic?
dude looks like an undertaker
i watched brit politicians, they got a bunch or terror nuts too

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