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am demodulation is easy like that

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you mix them and what pops out is the sum and the difference freq, you filter out one
i think you mean what happens to amplitude when you mix signals
its a multiplier then?
its the circle with eh big X?
RF stuff is scary

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we are like wow at the dust carpet?
look it like stayed off the xtals

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like riding a motorcycle on the streets dangerous, your kinda trusting lots of other people with your health
sometimes these people do stupid things (ive heard stories omg)

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like i wouldnt wanna work in a full on production machine shop unless it was full CNC
yeah itd be fun, its very challenging, but its dangerous

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so youre like using the uhf freq as the IF?
i been in the fadal factory
thats kinda modern
the new controllers are sexy lookin
apperently they have cam stuff in the controller
yeah the cnc just get messy inside
the molds?
prototyping shop would be fun
production shops just seem scary

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anyway, engineering grads dont get $30k jobs in machines shops as apprentices
so you just pull the signal out of the VHF and mix it with the UHF carrier?

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i can get that now
cmon stu stop be jealous cuz like you got old or something

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like if i bail out now, payments are $50 a month
if i go to a uni there will likely be debt
but shit thats just how its done now
theyre state schools tho, so not ridiculous expensive, and ill prob get aid
ive pretty much used up all my student aid at this school, theyll only pay for transfer classes now
so 2 or 3 years for a BS tech degree, 3 to 5 years bs engineering degree
honestly itd be pretty awesome to be an abet engineer and a high school dropout

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dude ive prob turned in homework with irc typed into it =(
english 102, biatch
yeh maybe
im prob gonna take sociology next semester tho cuz the teacher is hot and she likes me
how old are you
i started late
like im pretty much done with what i started, but im trying to transfer into a university
cuz everyone keeps going like, dude you should transfer into a university
ha, for like a masters
i can prob be done in maybe 2 years if i transfer into the BSECET program
cuz my electronics program transfers and they dont care so much about general ed
not mad debt

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\dds.asm(89): error: eheheh: Unknown instruction or macro

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no idea, youd have to find out what the protocols are
i hate tv signals
cuz i dunno are tv signal diff?

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ha no fucking idea
but i assume itd take demodulating and re-encoding the signal
sounds like fun
those things are so fuckin awesome
we have like maybe 60 scopes at school, but just one of those
its RF
if you know what youre doing, its totally doable
modern alchemy
i have a piece of paper saying im trained for RF tech shit
all i know is i dont know shit
like, you need to find a demoulation circuit, and a modulation circuit, and stick the demodulator in the modulators butt
cmon not hard

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heheh, so the universe is maybe just 3 saw waves, and a universal data pattern stream

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so like, because you can go back in time, you can be reborn as people in your own existance
like, stu, you can be my soul after i die
by this happy romantic theory, we could all be the same soul
at different points in our journey through eternia
yeah hopehope
all you are is energy oscillating so fast it just isnt going anywhere
lots of it
so its all energy
energy is a single raster point that flies thru space
space is actually made of 'ether'
wherer this raster point hits, it creates energy
its smaller than the smallest possible measureable unit
and of course it is faster than light
it draws all the energy in the universe
and then it does it again
difference in the traced energy is what we consider non matter energy
we were mad stoned when we decided whole universe was a 3d energy raster model

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its all tha exists
i believe in the system that dictates the behaviour of the force
who created the system if it has a creator and isnt just inherent is insignificant
yeah or maybe you just disperse as heat and EMI
people i K-holes?
K is like the new popular drug, again
okay check it out, when you die, youre born again in another birth
you can go forward or backwards in time
we know this because the rate of birth and death are asymetric

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its just suicidal

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yeah thatd look funny
you could drill a socket A sink easy enough tho
cuz they got the bigass slot down the center for the clamp
socket A were stupid hot and have center clamp slot, so many kickass heatsinks
it doesnt corrode
well till the plating rubs off
i think it disintegrates when you solder it

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silicon and strife
on the M,T varients
teh to-3 \o/
to-3 is sexy
industrial, yo

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now you know why
die just rattling around the inside of the package
wtf did you do?
haha you got switchered
[boom like a gunshot]
unplug your shit foolio

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cpu fansink #1
ghostman: if you dont /quit we assume you dont mean that
it can prob do it with like 18v input
heh even 20V seems like pushin it
then you blow mad money on cops
so ripple doesnt invade dropout voltage
maybe its meant to run at like 250C

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yeah, mufucker lived

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fucked up.

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damn there was a 3rd guy down there
oh everyone got away
dude click last one
ive watched it like 5 times

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ha where is the explosion?
see that?
when the 94 earthquake happened, thats what the valley sky looked like in every direction
blue explosions everywhere on the horizon
pid blowing up quietly in a suburban neighborhood

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yeah pretty boring
they prob didnt upload the last one where it fucking blows up and they die

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cuz linear regs basically drop excess voltage as heat
diodes eat a bit of power
i dont think transformers account for much loss unless you saturate them
ldo will still burn mad power compared to an smps
LDOs sometimes use more idle current
cuz theyre usually just one pass transistor, so the base eats up more current then normal setups
you can use them with less Vin, so that uses less power

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how much $?
nuh uh
transformers are pretty effecient
i think transformers are pretty close if not better
naw i tested some little smps boards at school
fuckin 94% peak effeciency
was hardly below 90% until you got way down in current draw

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that almost sounds sexual
oh haha
haha people run them backwards?

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ha yeah its annoying when search is out to lunch
some of the parameters are kinda sketchy
like some parts will use max rating while others in same category will be spec'ed by operational ratings
i wish i knew where my midi cable was
i have that keyboard with fuckey keys i should rip the io stuff out

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heh, depends on the situation

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i wanna do a midi controller with arcade buttons
all black and white buttons, like 2 octaves stacked
also a modular synth, one of my musician buddies is all interested in that
no but like arcade buttons instead of keys!
so you can like bust combos
yeh joystick parameter controller would be neat

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i remember it being slightly above audio
sec theres a page
fignuts: its just audio =)
no im saying the speeds tho
hehe, your right tho
its just musical =D
human speeds, butt slow to anything digital
31.25K +-1%
thats pretty fast
someone should make a fast midi
thats all anyone bitches about is its speed

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heheh, blowing our usb hosts?
wtf is a 9090?
for computing like its 1983?
oh neat
cuz usually a drum machine is a sequencer/sampler type device withought the sampler
so what is it if you take out the sequencer?
is just triggered drum sounds?
think so
okay so its a drum synth
midi hardware is just 5mA optoisolator loops?
yeah it just doesnt have parity
naw i think its 27kbps

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largest possible aint so big
blackmoon: water based flux is so awesome
pretty much works the same, no residue tho
very clean lookin
no sticky on everything
blackmoon: i threw all sorts of tomatoes in a crock pot to make some sauce
also deadly to you things
crock pots are awesome like water based halide flux
is their hid chips?
an HID device IC would be awesome
thats ghey i thought c compilers were smarter than fubaring ints
blackmoon: =O
damn it was like thinking to hard

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tre: i do 0805 same way kevtris said
i pre-tin the pads with very fine layers of solder after fluxing
then just stick part in position, hold with tweezers, heat up pad with tinned iron, solder will craw up the pads of the part
yeah soic is no prob either
ima try tqfp same way
if i can do that with an iron, no paste, ill be satisfied with my skills
like, dont put to much solder on the pad or else you parts will be at weird angles and look ugly
theyll prob work the same all slanty, but is not sexy

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heh the unfiltered side has 2V spikes on both sides of the signal level besides the 500mA of mod sine action

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signal coming from the thermocouple IC almost looks like a mod sine when the heating coil is enabled
i hax0red in a single filter pole
so like is just a tiny almost DC sine with a 10K and a 1uF
it works again tho \o/
i think i had a 5uF and a 10K before

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is the adc/vref, the sensor is okay
i stuck the fluke on it in boilding water and on an ice cube
hehe, that shit really works
its picking up spikes from the heating coil, tho
like when the element is off, itll do like 1 or 2 degree hops, like updating the display every half sec
then element switches on and itll make random as 10-50 degree hops

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heh, i filtered at 10Hz
but thats because when the coil heating element is being triac switched, it makes the thermocouple IC output spiky
like its fine when its hot enough and the heating element is off, but then like i drops below the set temp, enables triac, then goes nuts
like even with the crap zener/pot V ref its within a couple deg of what the fluke says

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ha, sense rod

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aw man did you break the little plastic tab?

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omg avr32 jvm wtf

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mufuck man im on this shit for like 10 hours
i been asleep for 8 and smoking for about an hour
yeh im doing okay tho

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meh, get over it
okay so apperently, officially, the only programmer for avr32 is the JTAGICE mkII think
the $300 atmel dongle
none of the clones support avr32, just the atmegas
stu you hate life
listen to yourself sometime
karma cant be predicted
nor summed up in any way, thats what that lesson is all about
well yeh thats possibly what goes down now
tho the issue is the jtag extensions, not the hardware
you do know thats 1000 pages of datasheet, heheh

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