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so i can have multiple phase accumulators and then like average samples
i think it needs an LFO

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they prob had to like finish the box and the manual and like actuall make 10,000 of them
music and gaming industry bitches about their shit being stolen but they give that shit away to all sorts of people

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haha, k
dont like like just leavin your soon new games out in a retail environment

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the tv show is like cg futurama but worse
but like they all feel like they could be futurama ep plots
i dont have a wii
but i want one

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s/your\ nuts/pussy how i usually hear it

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i hope they make bugs go away
blackmoon: its prob not as bad as everyone holding microwave trancievers up to their face for hours a day
haha awesome show
i have the whole series on discs somewhere
blackmoon: its like the part in between your balls and your butthole
but thats more a term for girls
ha i remember that vid

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yeah the analog sine looks pretty but bit unfocused
on the dso in sampling mode you can see al the uneven steps, its neat
funku like current or funky voltage?
blackmoon: national overture 8dips
and ti has headphone amps too
heh, tall chip
heh, the one i used was like locked in inverting mode with ganged Vin+ for mute
and an extra supply bypass pin

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ghostman: theyre all audio or gen purpose stuff made for like +-15v supply
they dont spec for below like 6V on any of the curves
yeah im just gonna make a transistor amp
its just for a pc speaker
i dont wanna buy stuff
i have enough parts to make stuff
yeh, heheh
its just to throw onto a project r2r dac, is not for a board
kevtris: i coded the dds phase accumulator thing
omg its like perfect accurate, sub 1% at every freq according to the tek

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yeah none of my opamps will wanna work at 5v
so i gotta bust a discrete amp

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i have tl072, lf412, lf353
shit i should prob go sleep
i was up all night no sleep doing DDS code and debugging
then 10 hour school day

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i made it with an avr
ohsixi: the psrr on those is not so awesome
lots of legend opamps
plus i dont have them

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heh, i need to hax up a little amp for my DDS
heh, prob go for like .1w output
well only conceptually right now
but i got sot23 3904 and mad tiny resistors and caps
so anything is possible
direct digi synth
i dont have any rail to rail opamps, i dunno how kickass tl042 or lf412 will be in 5v single supply mode

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my pcb drills have arrived \o/
cold air in my ears while riding bike kinda hurts

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heh i have digital attenuators i can do ADSR with

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w00t, midi note selection table operational
so like, optos and the uart and its a midi synth

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charles: theres just too many =\
instead of doing dds synth i should have been sleeping or doing homework or reading or some shit

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square waves are HF =(
be pretty neat to do this with an 8pin avr and a serial dac
just google gw and hit print

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im looking at a 23KHz sine and its beyond good enough for audio
keep in mind cd quality is 44.1KHz, im doing 500KHz
its not hooked up to a speaker
only future nanopets can hear it
im gonna make a midi time value table
and i dont think i want any filtering, cuz i want it to do square/tri/saw waves at least

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ha wicked, i had the DSO in like 1Hz sample mode, and somehow a 23000Hz sine showed up as like a 1.3Hz sine
yeah i always say it like that in my brain
macegr: omg dds phase accumulator sine waves are like perfect
i was doing fixed sample quantity at variable output freqs, very pretty waves
but accuracy got shitty as you went up in freq for wavetable
so kevtris said use phase accumulator
so i did and its like perfect

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wow it did it again
cursors are exactly at 1Hz

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so like 525KHz max sample out rate
heh, i love rolling trace mode

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mine can be as big as you have flash
stupid avrsim set to 4mhz
i was bustin impossible sample rates for a sec there =\

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sample_no=(output_freq*2^32)/sample rate works perfect
heh, tek says at cursor deltaV=0.00 freq=1.0000KHz
kevtris: ty
some guy did a 256 sample dds synth on a tiny2313 with some nice asm hax for speed and space conservation
but its like hard limited at 256 samples cuz of the cool shit he did

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((F_out*2^10)/F_sample)*2^22 is the secret
atmega avr
tho itll work on any of them
i just have a mega164p plugged into my stk500
haha man i was chasing some error forever
i think it was like something shorting some of the dac circuit
i flipped it upside down and stared at it a bit and it fixed the dac
no i did the fixed point in asm
its a 32bit phase accumulator
and im using the last 10 bits with a 1024 sample sine table
just 8bit samples

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the dds freq had like a 1% error in 100KHz output rate, 5% at 500KHz
i think its an n-1 error tho
like i put 40 in a count register for 40 counts
you gotta put 39 to get 40
so its like perfect now
i put in 440Hz value
the tek says its 439.5Hz
and i dont think this was a special super accurate 20MHz xtal

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yay i figured out the maths

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dds synth output working
i gotta figure out the maths tho =\

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