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heh so they just use a ton of caps?

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youre gonna get me flood kicked to asshole
is standby mode what they call off now?
put a red led on it, call it standby
on a pc
lots more things go into standby mode
my tv, my cablebox, my cable modem
shit anything that can turn itself on and off
thats the point
yeah, so they use them for standby circuits
man youre hurting my brain STOPPITSTOPPITSTOPPIT

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cuz youre dropping voltage across the switch
man see i barely know that
like serious i dont design with coulombs ever
ctretsch: i know it just never comes up
decrease resistance
you need a pwm controller and fast switches
and that it
some diodes to keep your circuit from turning upside down
whenever's clever, mr authority
yes you, go learn before making educated statement
well now youve begged on efnet
so youve done one thing wron at least
youve also try to rid the world of Rs
we need those, dickhead

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yeah stfu and listen to ninkumpoo you might learn something
ninkumpoo: its a fan, you dont even need the cap
i wanna see how this magic cap is gonna work
oh cmon bigass shunt cap?
ninkumpoo: your plan wont work with DC
okay but you need electronics to do that
and trust you dont even need the cap

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i put 100ohm on it, i get 1A
so its 100W
i still have 100V
i put 50ohm on it, i get 2A
so i have 200W
i still have 100V
i put 10ohm on it, i get 10A
okay i have your mom and a cat and a cactus
i put the cactus in you mom, i get the cat to drive her to the hospital
peeeee dubyooooooo eeeeeeem \o\/o\\o//o\\/o\o/[excited people]\/o\o/\o/\o/\o/\o\o\/o
you need a pwm generator
standward ways= pair of opamps. microcontroller.

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(fan is a somewhat fixed resistance)
current = voltage / resistance
cmon you can do it
you made superconductors up
naw im just kidding but like you cant buy them at digikey so they dont exist so much
i need more chairs
look i have 100V

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its a function of a circuits resistance
you lower the current by lowering the voltage
k you dont even know about resistors yet
you fail at electronics enitrely
power = voltage * current
voltage = current * resistance
go, learn
your new life has started
be wise

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one day we will have betteries
12V rail is a ton usually
use the diodes like you did
just stop blowing them up
ninkumpoo: youre in too dep man
turn back now =( =( =(
now you know all of DC electronics
linear and switching vregs work?

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3 in series my guess is a vdropped rail
yeah look at the pins
it just wouldnt have worked if you broke them
and its hard to break shit short of breaking off pins
bad for psu

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are those in parallel?
the pins are all super charred
current did that
it was prob a momentary short
yeah shorting creats infiniti amp situations
infiniti amps is bad for most electronic parts
itll just use what it needs
which is the draw from the hardware plus regulation loss
no its just how electronics works

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yeah but wont that leave weird eraser film junk?
yeh if its just dirty thatd prob work

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no sudafed did
that CLR stuff they sell on tv and in stores works
we made a rusty as fuck steel bench press bar shiny
i dunno how the harsh the chems in the clr stuff are
like they stick plastic shower heads in it on the tv tho

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least avrfreak isnt here anymore talking about his so-called wifes butthole
haha @ hot big fat crackhead bitches
with missing teeth
yeah because ccfl man said hot after he said big fat black crackhead bitch

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theres prob something in the way, no?
like the horizon?
ks: non volatile solid state memory #1 future store product
before the translucent optical cubes
translucent optical data cube technology is gonna be so fuckin neat
dude im typing

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timecop: j00 need to find teh intspin soorz
you are not so lucky, this time
ccfl_man: what does that do?
ccfl_man: i dunno what that does
i dunno what comes from a c band satellite
no you are
german tv?
and radio?
this is for german tv and radio?
are you sure you can even hit there satellite?

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interrupt: spin.
haha at doing real work with a ram bank
like, what happens when you crash and you been saving your work to your ram drive forever
sucks you saved all that work to air
itll prob be written over next time you boot =(
theyre not gonna use volatile memory in the future
call it a hunch

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blackmoon: meh, use rubber isolators
i dunno im used to precision shit
if something vibrates, you want the whole thing to vibrate including the work
or you build it out a 3000lb of iron
is this the grinder thats shafts has a few mm play on its axis?
er, shaft
thats was an angle grinder?
what was fucked up then

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on those almost nothing
single have comp inputs i think
oh theyre offset adjustments

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ick they use big tabs
i think v is low power
p is the 20mhz one
they sent them to me
also tiny85s

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oh is that guitar E?
i have a bass guitar
codes not done, needs interface
but like, the midi note switching and wave gen stuff is done
i can post gimme minute

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yeah i made an a440 tuned signal gen
heh no not right now its on an stk500 ribbon cables to a dac hooked up to the IC from my altoid tin headphone amp =\
but like i want an E to tune my guitar
and eventually i wanna make it little
9v battery thing
no, analog signal gens are nasty
and how is it overkill, its less parts than an analog gen would be
battery, vreg, avr, dac, output amp
if its an a440 tunes note, yes

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my pc speaker has no bass response
i cannot use it to tune my guitar
well, not MY pc speaker
i sure it can bump to 30Hz
but the one i got from the old crappy computer
i should buy one of those 1" full range speakers

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the isp programming pins are on the same pins as my dac
so i can hear the avr being programmed thru the headphone amp

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project for making ozone?

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sculptor: fuck that, spies prob use spam to communicate with each other
cuz you can encode random shit in plain text in spam and itd be impossible to tell it from other spams
USB certification process for the AT91SAM7S64 microcontroller that contains a USB V2.0 Full Speed Device.
neat ^

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shes prob spam?

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