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man sucks cnc is too loud for 2:30a

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im hungry
we need 24 hour thai
thai food is on vacation until 11/29 =( =( =(
(dip yo ass in that puddin)

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heh, its a total hack, youd have to be good at per cycle asm programming
also if youre trying to have them use the same buses youll have to get creative to deal with bus contention
yeah see youll have to order the data somehow
if for upload to another machine, you can just do it there
have an odd sample chip and an even sample chip

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iverter gate
this assumed a logic level clock
so you have your xtal on an external clk ic
syncing them is an issue, but its not so big a deal
have one wait for the other to flip a sync pin
theyll always be out of phase
half a clk cycle
like, its potentially powerful, but you gotta come up with a way to use it effectively
you have a logic level clk
and a faster logic inverter
youll have some error cuz of propegation time
you can put the straight clock thru an or gate with ganged inputs to match em up if its that critical
but basically, if you can get them to sync, you effectively double clk speed

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run them off external clocks, invert the clock to one
thats nuts tho

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you can prob still buy new 741

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IC, caps, semiconductors, thru hole and SMT
like ill honestly prob never use most of it
i used alot of the caps
i really have no big desire to track down the part numbers of all the ICs
yeah it was neat
i didnt feel ripped off
its like instant junk drawer
i dumped most of it into my junk bin it fit in perfect
i think i got the middle one
i maybe got the small one

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yeh thats the best way to go
if you want surplus, buy a bunch of commodity transistors
like, old shit everyone makes, generic, cheap, effective, etc
lots of caps in the random crap items
hey whats those heatguns everyone loves?
that look like old blowdryers
i did to the ceramic coil isolator broke
i dunno
like 100
maybe 300
some stuff in bags
some big stuff
random boards
some half assembled boards
lots of random pin sockets and pins that dont match
yeah buzzers, cage fan, etc
thats not the one

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is prob opamps and comparators

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haha from me?
digikey foolio
transistors are $10
er, $.10
power transistors are like $.30-.40
this is like a few at a time
dont think so
i dont think i bought that much from them, maybe $15 last time
yeah, random tho
i got some old transistors tho
to-92 stuff and i think a couple to-220
yeah lots of caps and shit

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im glad i listen to drum n bass
it is the best music ever
[jamaican dude on a megaphone][mad 170bpm drums][omg bass][LFO+HPF][weed reference]
i mean cmon how can you go wrong with shit like that
okay hiphop is just silly compared to dnb
hiphop is like, omg we make beats at 120bpm, not 80bpm like in the 80s, were so progressive
listen to our bass, it goes thump, thumpthump, thump, thumpthump
we buy $10000 systems to make ours cars go thump, thumpthump, thump
fuck that, put some dnb on it is like

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laser printers #1
toner cart costs #70
but it does like 1500+ sheets
haha color
yeah right
is it under $200?
meh, when its $150 ill think about it

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that shit is fucked up
theres like a second where they slowly fall before the floor just falls away
ha yeh totally
marbles in jello solar system model
wow CNN played alot of before/after footage
thats fucked theyre all like family and friends
awkward trying to figure out who in your family fell down the hole

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kevtris: ha awesome

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that bent up cable is a steel pipe =\

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check that shit out

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enamaled wire makes me go wtf
i get so much more done without a gf
um, when your transformer arced over after 60sec

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Vab would be voltage at point a referenced at point b
Va would be voltage at point a referenced at ground
k =(
transistors are weird
brainsurg: yes duh ty

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its a diode ladder
i have kapton sheets
i could prob make a badass cap
blackmoon: hahaha
theyre DC operating voltages

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the less time it takes for each individual switch event, the less time in transition, less power loss
so switching slowly with very fast fets is the most effecient youre gonna get
but you need very large inductors =\
inductors = the fucked up part of electronics
ha yeah, moon basically explained the realistic, non magical part of smps and class D
because the Hfe multiply
yeah you double Vbe and theres a higher saturation voltage
however you can use complimentary darlington for lower Vbe
sziklai pair?
yeah thats how its spelled
its like a darlington but made of an NPN and a PNP
you can parallel transistors
whats a cw multiplier?
then switch at a GHz and itll be lighter

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but basically when you break math, circuits dont work right usually
there is no base current to a fet
cuz its a gate
and its very high impedance
it does have capacitance tho
so it takes some current to kick on
and you gotta suck the current out to turn them off
but during sustained on or off conditions, they draw no real current
fets are about effeciency
class D and smps are all about effeciency using fets
basically, you want to use them like this:
switch off, no current, dropping all voltage
p=iv, so 0A * 1000V = 0 watts
switch on, mad current, dropping no voltage because of very low on resistance
1000A * 0V = 0 watts
so what you want is a very fast fet
because the transistion during switching
thats when its burning energy
so the faster your switching, the more time in transistion, more power loss

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its why theyre called current controlled device
but any circuit that uses current to determine a Vce is on crack
you design with Vbe, usually
a fet you dont have that option
because theres is no fixed gate to source voltage
because of the isolation
so analog design is harder, unless you use feedback
and youll always have less headroom than a bjt transistor output
because the base only has to be higher than the emitter by .7V
so like single BJT output are capable of .7V below rail voltage before clipping hard
darlingron BJT will be about 1.5V before clipping
but fets needs at least a few voltage to put enough voltage on the gate to do serious current output
yeah but it makes sense
well cuz you can break the math in electronics
really you just drop the circuit into a shitload of usually more complex math

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theyre kinda opposite
like, you have better control of voltages with a transistor
because of the consistent Vbe drop
with a feedback amp you can use either
you get less headroom with fet output amps because of the increased voltage to drive them
well, in an analog situation it doesnt matter so much
fets are goof for switching
because of the low Ron
like, if you can switch fast enough, you start doing magical things
no power loss in the fet, so not heat, so very high current capabilities
BJTs dont have base capacitance
they just suck that shit up
the current they pull at the base is proportion to the current thru the transistor

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like $350 shipped i think
its awesome for debugging digital streams
cuz you can catch stuff with the DSO, and scroll along larger than screen width time sweeps
also you can switch it to analog mode, so you see all sorts of shit that just dont come across in digital mode
the digital mode has peak, averaging, and sampling mode, so even if you cant get analog to trigger because of inconsistent waves, you can always catch waves with the DSO sampling mode
the one you linked to is newer design and kinda sexier/modern looking
mine is like the high end of the series before it

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nyquist says itll only work at 500KHz
so like at 50KHz youre only getting 10 samples per cycle
which is total ass, thats barely gonna cover high end freq audio testing
also handhelds arent usually rated in bandwidth
its usually sampling rate or 1/2 sampling rate
early 90s
can get analog, digital, anything in between
pls to be pasting only to before the second QQ
and yeah
but check it out
the cursos on that are dumb
not bad, just not intelligent
like, there are vertical cursors and horizontal cursors, and no digital mode, just an overlay
thats my scope
you set the cursors on the X, and they will follow the trace on the Y
giving delta V and time or freq output
can store a few waveforms in the higher rate 1K mode
or one long 4K waveform, which is 4 screens wide, you can scroll along it with the cursors

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its an audio toy with decent marketting, or its junk
heheh debuc an audio amp, nice
gotta buffer your headphones
than you can tap that shit anywhere
16ohms across random circuit points is bad for testing
fuck the headphones im talking about reliable testing gear
headphones gotta be buffered
well, 16-32
you get the odd 8ohm sometimes tho
do they make modern analog scopes?
like, good ones
like, a new scope like my 2230 analog/DSO would be sexy
i have no idea, cuz lately ive seen alot of analog mimicking digital scopes
1MHz is useless

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dude, when america goes down and gets invaded/occupied, canada is like the bonus prize
my room is half clean, also laundry
woah resin liftovers #1
what bandwidth mr ideaman
heh i had to spend like an hour telling my friend not to get the 8mhz sampling digital handheld scope
shit was under $100
or maybe $150, whatever it was it was too cheap
ya know

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cant let go cuz it just stresses you out more
he this resin+leftovers isnt so bad
burns even at least
heheh i get money for kickin it and not causing trouble
theyd prob stop giving it to me if they found out i was doing kickass at school and working sometimes
wtf LA has marijuana
LA != Canada

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heh @ taped
^dx^: i machine with baby oil!
i hope so
i dont want no whore baby oil
i just made ghetto hash out of resin and vaporizer leftovers =\
heh, my vap is so effecient at sucking the thc out the weed without burning it, revaping the leftovers is useless
he lives in vancouver
he cant help it
ur stressed out
cuz ur stressed out

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meh, im hungry

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thats weird
maybe with a smaller resistor value
or hmm
naw cuz thatll pull the collector closer to ground
no im saying either way
its .3V at U2 collector?
if yeah its in saturation, it breaks math
charles: try a resistor in between U2 collector and U1 base
no instead of just a wire
connect U2 collector and U1 base with a resistor
cuz U1 base is voltage set

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actually you can do it with just the diode
parallel the diode and cap
put on side on ground, other side in series with the 1K resistor to 2.37V
he lies the cap was at 2.3V, not 2.37V
woot LTSpice
hell yeah

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u2 Vbb is at .7v; 1KR, U1 Vee and diode node is 1.4V; U1 Vbb and U2 Vcc and C1 - is at .7V
C2 + is at 2.37V, so the cap will have 2.3 across it
wtf is the point of this circuit?
take C1- and ground it
put C1+ on the U1 base and U2 collector
only connect 2.37V to the 1K resistor
your shit is on crack but it should work like i explained
you can do it with one transistor

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youre just not that 3r337, charles
so theres no voltage source on the circuit
so its supposed to be some crazy oscillator thing
dude, where the fuck is your power or your input

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yeah man put some effort into your work
that too
those are NPN
your circuit hurts

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SCOPE OF FREAK COUNTER!@#$%^&*(s/of/or)
heh, herb kinda smells like popcorn after i vaporize it

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is this homework?
youll need a scope of freq counter for that

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i need to get a polishing dremel bit
or more of those fluffy parts, i have the holder bit
thats why you make the cnc do it

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<3 my cnc
i faced a 3/8" plate of aluminum while sorting laundry, eheh
and die hard 4 was awesome
ending = so fuckin die hard
stu: did you <3 the other die hards?

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