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haha at the backdrop
fuckit its public tv

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see i dont see that happening here
id see you paying off cops, and then they bust you anyway, cuz theyre LA cops
heh, wtf 6 weeks?

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you can kinda feel it
wed calc the safe distance from the diodes and stick out hands there and maybe half the people could feel it tingly on their skin
HV is weird too
is not xrays is magnetics
and that shit is crazy is like being trapped inside a coffin with atari audio
cat scan is MRI, magnetic resonance imaging

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kevtris: actually ive heard of one guy who did it for years, punk stuff in LA
but he stopped
other pirates?
haha neat
heheh, we played with 10GHz gunn sources in class

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yeah theres a diff between a giy who changes songs
and a guiy who mixes tracks in a intelligent order and style
iive had your sets before
from soemwhere else tho
everytime i bring that up people are like OMGNO
i think the FCC kill people for it

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i think music will change soon
were in the 80s now
soon it will be like the 90s again
theory: good music starts at the end of even decades and lasts until the middle of the odd decade
well, it kinda got super big here around 2000
and blew itself out
pretty much fucked itself at any kind of local venue with serious capacity
pffft, nothing comes from LA
except like stp and robert downey junior
yeah it does
since awhile now
but in general LA kinda catches onto other scenes

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acetone is nail polish remover
half the djs at shows now use cddjs
its very wtf
sometimes its pretty good, but usually its like hi im your cd changer guy

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do you think two sheets of acrylic would insulate sound well?
like maybe 3/16" with .5" of space
needs to be clear
its just for the front tho, i can get creative with everything else
no you shouldnt
i got a smoke alarm
also a balcony and only a 15ft drop
heh weird

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naw hes also mr typo
spelling isnt grammar?
i dunno stop thinking so hard
he really spells horrible like that all the time
i said it 'whore-able' for awhile
stu: be nice!
omg shoulder is doing that thing
i need to make the next taig-box soundproof so i can be milling late and while i sleep

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like you can get coarse machine screws (you can get any machine screws) but i think those thread sizes are mostly for self tapping stuff, wood, etc
cars, big stuff
but almost everything on my cnc is #10-32
some smaller stuff here and there
er, -but
k i need sleep i think
no school on monday
so i start the week with welding
i think im play with the cutting torch

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which pops a small steel rod on the other side
the herbs is in between
so you have a cap to keep one side closed
and a big bolt that pushes a rod
i think fine but im not positive
okay im pretty sure fine htreads have a stronger hold
while course can be torqued harder
most machine tooling stuff uses fine threads
actually most machines in general

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you do threads with is by doing helix paths around a Z axis
cuz my ex said someone wanted a bunch of something made
but i told her itd be a bitch on my mill, itd be cake for someone with a lathe
naw its for one of her friends
its a hash press
its basically a huge screw pushing some steel cylinders
in an Al or steel body
theyre neat, but need to do big threads
yeah, like maybe 1.5" across
youd have to see one, theyre pretty slick
he designed his own so i dunno what his is like but the presses ive seen were pretty awesome
heh, supposedly you can put as much herb as you want in them, it always pressed down to a thin disc
no is for leverage
you unscrew both sides, then press on a steel rod

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blackmoon: yeah cant mill inside corners without a radius =(
$45 for cheapest helical thread tool!

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ive done PC case steel like that
yeah i was like hacking shit out
i should try and make press fit bushings
theres enough spare Al to do it

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theyre really fat, so they wont bend while drilling
and the countersink will kind point your drills into the center
man thats so bad
then your hole wont be straight =(
any bend! =\
with a reamer?
omg i hope youre not using the drill
hard to control
wants to race around the hole
yeah but then its hard to get it to do anything evenly

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haha wtf
you have any pilot drills?
well, center tap should work
blackmoon: sec im trying to find what theyre called...
you need something like that
countersink with center drill

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hss is not so bad, it flexes which is actually good for tapping
i just did circles around it
with a .125" endmill
about .02 or so of play
ha, no
tho when i first got the machine i crashed a .25" into the table
was figuring out the microstepping stuff
little dimple
maybe .03 deep if that
heh, holes go in fixtures
vices, clamps, offset blocks and parallels, etc
its not usually very practical to mill something right on the table
yeah i always trip on that
how like a drill press can drill into itself
like, its stationary, make the table not move, wtf

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fuck chinese HSS!
i dont
the design will survive
ill get more Al and redo one of the parts
the other doesnt matter as much because itll have 4 other bolts aligning it
i could press fit a bushing tho
its prob carbide
maybe not tho, carbide is a bit hard for taps
thats neat
i wanna get like a snapon or craftsman set
at least for smaller machine bolt sizes
cuz theyll replace them if they break

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i broke two taps off in holes
i cut one out by doing circles around it with and endmill
naw its #6 tap
so even when youre doing it right theres a bit of twist flex
i think cuz cheap chinese HSS
i did 16 holes okay
it broke on the 17th
then i did one with the plug tap
it broke two later
i finished off like 20 more holes with the bottoming tap =\
omg suspense
i do use oil
mineral(baby) oil
good shit
heh, its funny watching the endmill do circles around the tap
theres about 10mils of play between the endmill and the tap
my finished part is gonna look goffy with big holes but its redundant enough itll work till i get more Al
er goofy

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it gets better

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omg fuck the cold
im like shaking uncontrollably
this is hitty
timecop: heheh

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haha awesome
see, you can do lathe shit on a mill

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haha @ tanks to render 3D

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heh yeah gpu prob a forest of weird logic circuits

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anyway, youd have to do some fucked up crazy shit to bust off one of those valve stems
path0s: omg its so sad!
there are almost none left
they were the most popular stolen car of the 90s
then it became ford explorers when they ran out of cutlass
yeah i wonder if he did all of that or they helped him
cuz like itd be 5p when the leader get the plan
by like 8:30 they have a tank

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i think i might get a job and do welding and math classes at night for a year
shit is fun
hands are like always on the edge of being burnt, sparks flying into my dreads, dangers amounts of gas pressure and electricity everywhere
and its still mad fun
blackmoon: my slightly big pigskin gloves are now almost to small =\
blackmoon: hopefully those little blowoff valves work
theres a little valve on o2 tanks that busts if they overpressure
dude thats bad dont do that
yeah but dont do that
thats why you like chain them up
dude Ateam #1 tank welders
turn a cutlass supreme into a spiky tank with battering ram

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like it wont drop down fast enough to fuick the blade up
also it like bathes the blade in lube
yeah if its big stuff it can clamp real well it comes out super clean
theyre big
i think you can get smaller ones tho, dunno how good theyd be
muffler shops <3 those things
ha, omg i welded edges of 14 guage steel plates without rod!
i like just aimed the torch and fused them together
the inside looked like a spot weld machine did it, was trippy

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like on a segmented arm mounted to a backpack thing
like a HUGE saw tho
youre like overhead track i imagined some huge pneumatically damped industrial thing
blackmoon: theyre typically not as tight on tolerances
also that
but thats lumped in with the loose tolerances issue
blackmoon: vertical bandsaw w00t
yeah those are neat too
we got both at the shop at school
yeah big heavy things
rab: not really cuz the weight of the machine does all the work
and theyre big, so you stand at the back and just pull a lever that drops the damped saw assebly onto the clamped metal
yeah you just have to set a bar stop to set the length of the cutoff material
and then clamp it
have to make sure the clamp is squared up
yeah thats why the saw doesnt scare me, the dampers

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omg that just sounds like a decapitation tool
imagine a huge articulated circular saw with like hydraulic load balancing

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mostly pcb, some Al stuff, some steel tooling type stuff, table clamps and tslots
the heatsink is on my taig
out of cast Al from sodacans that twingy did
i also milled the gerber file sample pcb on that page
last thing, i dunno, pcb
the test socket for the 7seg vfd tubes
was also first double sided board
thats one of the reasons why im making fixture, eyeballing reference holes to align pcb takes long time
oo, what kinda musics?

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and then you stack lines
pcb blank fixture
for double sided boards, cuz i got 100 sheets of the same size
plus i havent milled anything metal in awhile
Al is fun, doesnt really wear out the carbide tools
you just have to keep the Al from melting on

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i hate plunging with endmills
rab: heh fot cutting paper?
that sounds awesome
like one of those paper sheers on PCP
i dont think ive ever checked my isp email
damn i need some earplugs
no idea about the things youre talking about, heh
what are the lead slugs for?
like they stamp print onto them?
how big are the lead slugs?
character sized or whole sheets or wut

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blackmoon: those are neat
blackmoon: basically there are multiple issues
and its only $15 in aluminum
you need to have the board flat, you need it elevated with nothing directly underneath for drilling
and you need to flip with precision

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basically its a Al plate with flipping references, clamps all around, and the middle milled out so i can drill
anyway, thats why square wont work well, youre depending on the guy who cut the PCB to have them perfectly square within a few mils, and he prob doesnt care that much

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no dude you need to flip it with known references
clamps are great for single sided
fixture will align on the Y axis with the two tallest point on the PCB on the top edge
then you reference on the same point on on the same side of the pcb
so basically, you pull out the board, flip, make sure its flush against the top reference bar, and then is against the ref point on the other side of the fixture
switch offset, go

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jezus fuck why do people start calling people on weekends this early
like im awake, but not really
blackmoon: im making a cnc fixture so i can precision flip boards
so like i dont gotta spend like 3min rezeroing over and over on two tiny drill holes when i flip
then i have 100 6x4 FR4 sheets to feed it \o/

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blackmoon: dont use 4pcb
theyre supposed to be a prototype house
they sent my boards to someone else
and theirs to me
naw fuck that they have retards to cant keep track of whats what
i dunno man ive done shipping work its not rocket science
blackmoon: is doing the IC alot more $$?
oh nm i read again
hehe ima try and hand solder .5mm pitch IC
solder likes being on metal

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