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its to absorb voltage spikes
you use a vreg with good ripple rejection to have a steady supply
Bold Party Blend Chex Mix = Teh Devil
theyre that fuckin good
i just ate a whole 9oz bag again

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use a TVS zener or varistor on your 555 supply
prob best to put it right across the power pins like your IC decoupling cap
is 1am and i want to machine some more
this sucks

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windopain: every other week or so wont kill them if your pot head good drainage
just cant be wet all the time, its gotta dry out
they need to breathes and stuff
yeah theyll last forever without water
blackmoon: just loose dirt and a good clay pot works
you also live in the northwest
water like just materializes out of thin air there
yeah we dont got that here very much

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timecop: yeah prob just about
id guess theyd have some sort of medium to absorb the moisture and keep the R consistent
i got into calpoly pomona engineering program
i gotta send them transcripts
so they can still say no, but whatever i got an emails all like 'hi, youre in.'

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so i have to pick a song to analyze for english class
Saul Williams - The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust - Tr[n]igger
i think ima pick that song
i have a CNC mill
im making some right now
its all stuck in mineral oil but i wasnt planning on saving it
oh cmon like i couldnt make rust

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did you get new trent produced thing?
yeh is pretty okay
theres moments of awesome, and its all very very reznor and his droogs
heh, i can make powdered Al
droogs foolio

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yeah it sucks, but you need it to fuck with opamps kinda
yeah but thats lame
light bulb based oscillator wtf
might as well bust out the tubes
well thats pretty much what an oscillator is, lagged agc
blackmoon: that shit is so awesome!
i gotta try and build that shit, heh
wavetable to dac.
blackmoon: yeah basically

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so, what you do is you put an RC filter in front of the opamp to induce a phase shift
and then feed it into another, and another, and another
then you feed the totally phase shifted signal back to the first
thats how the big one at the end works
you should learn about opamps, they are like #1 important modern analog building block
you can learn about discrete electronics by learning about the inernal stages of an opamp
ive forgotten half that shit
well, the specific maths

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adjustable or fixed?
opamp oscillator
sec, there are docs
yes, gimme min
TI docs
Design of op amp sine wave oscillators
you can sim an adjustable inductor with an opamp too
they have very high impedance inputs
so if you put a filter in front of them, they dont load it down, unity gain filter

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whats umax?

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yeah he drove to my house and threw vishay cats at me
just try
worst that happens is you get no response
i get 5 of everything i ask for
ive gotten stuff not even listed at digikey yet
theyre sexy lookin tho

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they do but its handled by their local distributors
so service is inconsistent

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blow torch soldering howto?
you havent rried it on pcb yet

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^dx^: its just 2.50
theyre only $2.50, it cant be that sucky
oh thats the 10 price
okay well then i dunno you dont wanna get ripped off for $3
wonder how strong they are
i got analyze song lyrics
and then write a poem about myself
memphetic: is your iron tinned?
i dont see no colors

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i was wrong its STOVL
The STOVL variant carries no internal gun, though a missionized external gun is an option.
heh, that was the phantom fuckup

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From the start, the F-35 JSF has been an international program, and the unprecedented participation in F-35 underscores that. The eight international partners - the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Australia - have joined a program that just finished its first significant milestones on schedule and on budget.
i think japan recently got biggy sized F16
yeah lockheed does that
theyll like make a bid, and then actually do the project for the money they say they would
very rare

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^dx^: ha nice
its JSF
lockheed #1
w00t brits are paying $140M each for them
prob a bunch of countries, theyre like the new F16+VTOL
my friends dad helped make the vertical propulsion system
apperently it was really really hard to get working

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