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haha @ gameboy amp

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think you have to use optical measures of heat by that temp
thermocouple would be drippin all over the floor =\
i bet they smell bad

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but yeah normal dc current, those shits move
they go real slow
um, no thats like pushing golf balls thru hoses
you animation works for electrons in an AC system
meh, no time sry bye

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You don't have permission to access /~drussell/Demos/waves/Lwave.gif on this server.
well, variable current plotted on time is a wave just as much as voltage
okay bye i gotta make more bullshit about robert smith being sad
tho that kinda looks like maybe how AC curent moves
if its ac current its wavish

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heh, i have demo and live shit by the cure i didnt even know
theyre playing 10:15 saturday night like 2x speed!
haha now theyre doing it like ska guitar

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fuck aqua

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i gotta write two dumb english papers and a fuckin speech outline
yeah because between writing code for my cnc
and like, writing an essay about somne songs lyrics
and writing a poem about myself
and doing a speech outline about why buying a mac is lame
yeah def the cnc shit is least useful
because like, one day im gonna be interviewing for an engineering job and theyre gonna be like
'yo, analyze this song for us.'
$3k for a laptop, one mouse button
yeah that too now
its a PC packed into a case thatll overheat

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macegr is american from america
so i prob agree with you more, not being from america
k i gotta go mail shitz
word to your inbreeding moms

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08:40:36 stu: thats what you get when a bunch of defecting brits jump ship and go and breed with foreigners
inbreeding is the problem
dont breed with foreigners
think about that really hard and figure out who has the bigger inbreeding problem
(california uber alles. also WA and NY. OR can be our midwest. well call it... california.)

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