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terminals usually run on windows, you see error popups and flashing window frames

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does look the same color as the other copper stuff in the pic
er doesnt doesnt doesnt
haha nice pkg
<3 natsemi

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i think the HV cable we have at school is 000
maybe 6' of it, aluminum stuff
no thats just kicking it on a table
this shit is like 4" at least
i might be totally off about the 000 thing
you cant just get a precision sense resistor?
oooh, 100A
yeah a current shunt for that is like a big chunk of metal
could be some funk copper alloy

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omg i tweaked teh linux cnc controller config and now teh cnc jogging is proper responsive
10uS not enough, 25uS perfect

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kevtris: nice

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arc has a diamater of n/2
emc is saying n/4 is an illegal radius
fuckin cnc controllers

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yeh but thats 8.125% sales tax
i didnt get pwned by them
it was the governator.

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heh yeah thats fun
i made a rod holder with a .3"bridged
letting beads cool and then throwing another on real quick
someone said my instructor has made sculptures like that
aw damn, phone wasnt free
somehow paying $16 tax on free
i guess cuz like was $180 before rebate

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omg new free phone + i get to keep current rates for 2 years

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