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blackmoon: OMG
dude when you gave guns 120%
you target shot their eyes, you usually have 95% hit chance unless its dark
and you either blow them away or critically damage them first hit
like once you build your char up you just start like executing people

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targeted shots w00t!

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fallout3 is gonna be full 3d based on oblivion engine
fallout is their excuse for oblivion sucking
oblivion was just a market testing of the fallout engine beta
too busy working on the website for fallout
they got the look down they just need to make the gameplay and story okay
that should be so hard because fallout was only the best game in the world
shouldnt, but should is okay to because i was being sarcastic

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spoken like a true canadian
fuckin canadia
we will annexx you like in fallout
then what, eh?
what will you do?
not on earth, moon
southern california
or northern california, depending on the game
yeah, thats how i feel
yeah it got blowed up
you know about fallout3?
is set on east coast
i thought coming out next year
oh dude but the company went away
bethesda software bought the rights
no fallout developers companies

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blackmoon: no i mean for his 60A psu
i was just gonna use one for the motorcycle and one for the jacket =\
yes i know how it works blackmoon
your prob not gonna use that batt to test LEDs, tho
someone who has a bigass car batt around for testing LEDs prob has smaller batteries and psus around
okay but this is me digressing
i gotta go finish my pcb fixture
i just cutta cutout all the parts and screw together now
\o/o\o/o\o\o/[these people are happy]\/o/\o//o\o/\/o\o/\/
but so are people
cuz someone told everyone else were smart
fureal so many people have come in here like
'hi know this is off topic, but you guys are really smart so...'

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omg 5000 IR LED?
thats so fuckin awesome
make like blobes or IR noise transmitters and like launch them into people homes
er globes globes
im going to go away now
blackmoon: IR for TX from motorcycle gauge cluster to jacket or helmet
this sound okay or like total bad idea?
wireless seems overkill
is there like IR coming off of cars or roads or freeways or someting i dunno about tho
i dont think its illegal to use a tv remote outside but i really dont know anymore

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wtf at 60A for leds
this is a string of 6000 led?

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autocad is neat for drawing
solidworks is neat for modeling
tho yeh if i HAD to choose, totally have to go with SW
which is sad =(
but acad in 2d == how to do 2d cad right
fuck you cant do resistor math?

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lag or stupid long count time

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i think like, put the protractor topside on some thicker steel to heatsink, and then put toolpost on top
heh, c clamp is so much thicker than protractor
is a neat idea tho
oh, fun
just gotta be able to drill it straight

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prob melt it welding it on
assuming your tool rest is like some kinda of thick metal
yeah it makes sense
warp, melt
it didnt come like that from a factory so is broke
you can take the toolrest off with little drama?
you have big piece of thick steel to heatsink with?
put the protractor on the steel so it cools as you weld it
yeah but those will get in the way

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rab: porcelain style sockets at partsexpress are really medium hard plastic =(

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