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yeah hatters were washing their hands in it practically

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oh haha
he got an SR71
course i think he was a robot

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haha i cant remember anything about tha except it was like stupid funny
the one based on steven king?
i cant remember the name
oh that was it?
i think i was thing 'license to <some verb>'
er, thinking
juliani: incorrect
horrible: http://imdb.com/title/tt0095519/
BOTH the coreys
i dont remember any of it but i know i did
i think they had a countach
like in the 80s, every kid a has an exotic, once, for some random ass reason

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have you seen the princess bride?
add to your list
dude its got andre the giant in it
its funny tho
never seen
prob not, dont remember
haha who doesnt do fantasy now biashneiah
princess bride is good tho
better than labyrinth by far for cheesy 80s stuff

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heh that shit makes me think of takuma sato now
heheh @ wargames
i so had the biggest crush on her from like 6-10
hahaha the last starfighter is so lame
i so had that one vhs
its okay tho cuz it sets up the next 3 smovies
heh, have you seen labyrinth?
there like embarassing parts where bowie is singing kids songs
its goofy
<3 the biting fairies

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k here lemme just pull some energy out of the ether for you
did you see it?

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he says that how you bias the device determines whether you introduce energy (heat) or take it away (cold)
hehe, cold bomb

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omg they used to tack ships together?
i dunno how this species survives at all
^dx^: do you have usenets?
there is this crazy nuclear engineer guy who worked in aerospace who does like tesla research and overunity stuff in his free time
like a 2 hour interview with him
looking for name, is from today tho
oh is like yesterday
Rare interview with Tom Bearden on the forgotten work of Nikola Tesla.avi
the guy has a personal belief that tesla did tunguska (siberia explosion)
with a remote energy delivery device

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^dx^: ships are welded no?
thats from last week

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you pasted that hippie shit
dude thats standard
most finals make you sign
cuz theyre made of cmos tech (oooooooooh)
because bjt dont have drains
okay thats a fet
lets get this straight charles, cuz apperently you seem to be runnin shit
when people say transistor here, they mean bjt
if they mean a funk other transistor type, they will say it as an acronym
well thats lame like transistor transistor logic

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this a one semester class?
okay thats good
is just like bjts
cmon hes an ME

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is from a two semester harvard thing
juliani: http://sound.westhost.com/articles.htm
for analog design stuff ^
^dx^: do you have art of electronics in pdf?
^dx^: what engineering are you doing?
you hang here
wed stab you if you fucked that shit up

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i think because p semiconductor lacks electrons
was part of the physical region
tubes are fookin weird
dude all i did was play with resistors for a semester
weve totally been like wtf at our prof over it
at the time it seemed cool
were prob better of for it, but serious wtf
blackmoon: multiplexing is digital, like 4th semester
led is 2nd semester, semiconductors, also transistors
blackmoon: okay because everyone just knows how to program and just already knows about electronics
art of electronics is neat

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omg charls called a fet a transistor
p stuff always sucks more
blackmoon: theyre used less, i think its a supply/demand thing
rabot: until next reset?
deathloop: rjmp deathloop
blackmoon: no it is a physical reason
so people dont use them as much
so its also a supply reason
rabot: np
is all about complimentary transistors
sometimes their graphs even kinda match

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transistors dont always invert you can use them as unity followers with -.7V output
then diode current pull is proportional to current from collector to emmitter
which is limited by the current available to the base
hey man were just educating him fully
okay fuckit ban me and blackmoon
man now you like tell people what to do
this is me at that: pffftft
the tesla researcher guy interview is over =(
i shot the sheriff, moon

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no siberia
wasnt a meteor, wasnt aliens, wasnt some freq lightning storm
this guy says it was tesla last ditch effort to demonstrate his energy transmission device
he admits its personal theory only proven by circumstantial evidense

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this guy being interviewed about tesla says he did siberia

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