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ha do a pocket with a laser
greycz prob gonna burn his house down and eyes out with his homebrew laser shit
Al is kinda crumbly compared to steel

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usually just rubbing the corner once with high grit sandpaper works
these are pretty clean mill cuts, tho
they have a big one at school

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these are tiny burrs in aluminum
you cant even really see them, just feel them
steel burrs suck
cut your finger off =( =(
rab: wasnt working really
i think cuz thats just push the burs down and turn them into splinters kinda
was using the back of my knife, sucks, was taking off a good deal of the corner and making new burs as it cleared old ones

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blackmoon: yeah i just rubbed the edges with printer paper
and it got all the burrs off without taking off any of the edge
was trying to use a knife but wasnt working out as well
really just trying to keep from cutting myself
if i had found the sandpaper i would have used that first

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paper is excellent for beburring aluminum

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omg its done i can finally take this shit off the cnc (its been like a week or something)

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need to clean up a few of them and do the bottoms of two then ima try that shit out
see if i can flip, mount, and re-zero a pcb in under 30sec with a few mils accuracy

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maybe on break i play some more
the scripting language is pretty neat, really easy
was bad trying to play during school, id be at it like 10 hours trying to get some object right
you can throw anything at it?
i prob have time again end of the week
heh neat
oh thats cool
haha it is as big as i imagined =\
few more cuts and the pcb fixture parts are all cut out

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and when you return, you overshoot so when you come back to machine, you engage the leadscrew nut in the same direction
if you need stuff cut and its not so big i can do stuff for you on my mill
kevtris: beachball that eats buildings?
you broke teh local SL

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i have to read oedipus rex and death of a saleman for school
it depends
mostly on the cutter diameter and how deep
prob usually between like 1000-6000rpm
spindle only goes up to 10K
thats really only good for tools with very tiny tips (pcb conical cutter) and hauling ass with tiny endmills
well, yeah its doable
itll be way less stable than a mill
prob do a bit better than that
heh, theres always play on vices
you just learn to reference on the non wobbly side
dealing with lift is a bitch, tho
thats what those plastic hammers are good for
yeah when you clamp up on a part, vices have a tendancy to lift the part a few mils on the clamp side
also backlash in machines is a bitch, b ut you can deal with that too
you always feed in the same direction if youre using the graduations on the machine for measuring your cuts

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you can get drills under 1/8" on 1/8" shank too (pcb stuff)

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blackmoon: you can get cutters under 1/8" with 1/8" shanks, usually
1/8" and above its usually the width of the cutter
and yeh mill is like 6ft away

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wait what pic did you see of my sister?
are you sure it wasnt ms brown? (tall goofy white chick)
no i didnt i just dunno which pic of my sister hes seen
and the pic im thinking of also has ms brown
they are like nemesis, now

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like prob 5x as many available parts, for like 1/2 or 1/4 the price
my sister walked in all covered in vaseline and hair die with a bag on her head like
'lets smoke!'
yeh she gonna finish first

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almost useless
theyre like electrolytic replacement
for lower values, but you can get non polar ceramic stuff in that value now
you can get epoxy drop ceramic
yeah than the smt
most passive stuff is like that
yeah its not 10x bas but like 2x or 3x is normal
thats one of the biggest reasons i wanted to start working with smt

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even opticals usually have them
for the scroll wheel

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