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same car, diff options and body kit

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he means narcotics anonymous
(haha no fureals he means natural aspiration)
why dont you do it
go learn
yeah i guess, if giving him lots and lots of money is easy for you
giving stu lots of money would put me in a bad mood
omg why
do you want a mullet and a gf looks like juliette lewish too?
yeah it is
its just the pontiac camaro

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blackmons: heh, i should play it again
when it came out it was a resource hog
was using a xp 1800+ and a gf3 ti200
now i have a 3200+ and a gf6

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newb1111: los angeles
our definition of cold is anything that resembles weather
here is usually like: nice, warm, warmer, hot, fucked-up hot
like we had fog last night, totally freaked us out

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being cold

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they have manuals, you know

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is like everyone went to bed early
k i gotta go to hellish gd&t inspection class

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maybe they are netsplit
teknique: nice vid
haha, mickey mouse just told condeleeza
they kalashnikov and its translated into AK47
cuz like i guess americans wouldnt get it cuz we dont name our kids after assault rifle inventors

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heh, i had like hundreds of vials on me, i primarily sold drugs for cash in morrowind once my char was developed
battlemage drug slinger, ph33r

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blackmons: you can also use ultra bounce scroll safely in caves
but is best to just become an alchemist, get some master class gear, and brew your own levitation stuff
cuz then itll be better and weigh nothing
alchemists can do whatever the fuck they want
fuck yeah
grab some random shit, brew up some potions, find a trader
make yourself some gold

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blackmons: hahaha you used the bounce scroll
youre supposed to sell that
theres a dead tax collector right around there, near the beach
you can jack his moneys and complete a quest back at the first town
macegr: oblivion was shitty, i couldnt play more than an hour before giving up on it
morrowind was like 500 hours of non linear excellence, tho
was like 3d fantasy fallout

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