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china from ebay
i got a "3M" socket
yeah just about

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h8neat that sounds useful
oh i forgot to hit enter on my h8 for avrfreakness
i need to leave in like 10 min
i got all the right clothes on
(gotta have special school clothes
cuz tue/thu is melt shit with torch nights)
not really
well, not even 1st degree
so no
i use more fuckin rod than prob anyone
heh, it programs all the avr, has leds buttons and output headers
a clk to rescue avrs with stupid fuses
or just buy a usb programmer (theres lots) and use a breadboard
some pinheaders, soldering iron, but of perfboard
yeah stk500 is neat tho
the dragon you kinda gotta be into it already to appreciate
doesnt have flashy lights and buttons
it does debug wire and jtags

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you realize avrfreaks was something before that lame, no?
thats like original reason why hes so fuckin lame

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its like $40 and a breadboard to get into avr
$30 of that is a usb programmer
$7 is random parts you pick to attach to it

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natsemi has these 300V input/gain stage opamps for audio
only 4mA output, so you throw on your own biased output stage
they come in their too many pins 'to-220' format
but datasheet says theyre going to make a high grade one into a to-3

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did you get any to-3?
heheheh cool

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look at all teh deaded px

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i might get some of those lincoln binns things
prices are pretty okay
i guess i could
the prices are kinda comparable, 6061 Al from mcmaster
so itd be more for fun or art or sport or some shit than its really practical
tho itd be awesome to find a local place does Al extrusions
slap some Al panels on, top and bottom, use them as chassis sides
be sexy for amps and heatsinks
er amps and psu
okay i should sleep

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omg you criminal
you still gotta hardwire a pin to get it to accept new firmware?

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my new phone prob get here soon
is like tiny samsung phone + cam + mp3 + minisd + bluetooth
okay i gotta machine bottom side of one more part then pcb fixture main assembly is complete

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