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vegas ui seems pretty neat
fpga seems fun
do they come in qfp pkgs?
people got me food but theyre not here yet
this is frustrating

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the vegas patch is blasting me with midi
i mean, <3 the cracks with soundtracks, but fuck that shit is loud

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i totally lost the vid of the machine center that mills the bottom

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youre so addicted
its seriously like 3d fallout good, was totally worth building a computer for
hope hope fallout3 is the same
btw have you found the scamp in the mining town?
hes a merchant
he ALWAYS has mad money for trading, everyone else always runs out

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well except your bot
and theres like 3 other bots opped
id take that as a hint, heh
but again, isnt my ban

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is it too much outside?
that shit is awesome for some cave shit
you need the boots of blinding speed
you dim your UI, set the map so its viewable in game
and navigate with the map, cuz you cant see
no idea
not my ban, stop begging
everyone is an op

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aint my ban
talk to twingy when he comes back

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id go with little relays
i have to go, bye

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so itd go like, rs ff or filter, toggle ff, transistor buffer to relay
big ones will draw more power tho
i bet boss pedal type stuff uses analog switches
cuz thats al momentary switch based
and you dont hear no clicking when switched, and i dont remember ever seeing relays on the boards
yeah is a simple jfet circuit
ohno the new samsungs alarms have snooze

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yeah like, turbo-rat is a stompbox
those boss pedals, not really
heh, big russian muff pi, w00t
you can use a filter and a toggle fliplop
or an rs flipflop for debouncing, and a toggle flipflop
you still need a relay or analog switch, so that evens cost vs a switch a bit
check digikey also for switches
sometimes you can find shit for kinda cheap, you just have to be ninja at the search thing
id use a relay
it doesnt have to be big at all

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call him, i worked for him im pretty sure he has stomp switches
also he has empty stomp boxes too, im pretty sure they had switches in them
its china stuff, so it shouldnt be too much
its pretty much a debounce issue
you can prob find them cheap somewhere tho
like $2-3 cheap
if its one off you can just score it from a deaded stomp box

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kinda for a minute
okay school is so bad at websites
allelectronics.com, partsexpress.com, goldmine-elec.com
digikey.com, mouser.com
are you in the US?

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okay the intel tech guy was holding a wafer bare handed
so it prob wasnt really a wafer they were gonna use
4 hours
wtf should i just use my phone
its my phone
wait, are you unreal?
okay bye

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intel wanted a chopper
well its intels fault for inviting them
kevtris: thats a band?
i dunno about them

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k ill check that out
fuck i bet i still have that somewhere
it was oddly relaxing to watch with whatever bg music
they smash it?
wtf they smashed a printed wafer?
on purpose?
man, cant take people like that anywhere
it was either arranged an paid for
or those guys are complete assholes

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plus i need a flip phone
cuz does it have exposed buttons?
yeah see thats not good for me, cuz i have it loose in my pocket or backpack
ooh neat
ive pretty much gotten all my phones for free or $35
heh yeah ive waterlogged my samsung, dropped the fuck outta it, smashed it tons of times
i think cuz theyre so light, they kinda just bounce
you prob broke SL with your ball thing
what do you use for vid editing?
ooh, yeah thats been good shit since forever
virtual dub
vegas is sony stuff, no?

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like, theyve tried to get me to switch plans, but all their new plans suck
so they give me 10% off for wasting my time
think so
but my plan is okay
so like i almost want to thank them for a 24 month extension
only was i can get anything cheaper is to downgrade from 1000min to like 350min
for like $5 less
yeah if you use the features it can double your shit easy
fuckin people texting me over nothin makes me wanna stab
yeah like, me or you or we are at a show and cant hear, texts are great
your interesting stoned comment, wasnt of .20
ha, only if you upload them
i HATE ringtones
my phone sounds like a normal phone
kids are huge money for them
phone internet is pretty lame
only really useful phone app i had was a map application
with all traffic overlaid
with CHP and DOT reports
you cant get anything like that anymore

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new phone says i have new voicemails
but sprint girl said i cant touch it for four hours
and i have to turn off my old phone
this shit is much easier when you just "lose" your old phone...
ha i have the insurance, cuz i need it
macegr: i had to like add my phone number to the phone myself
im like wtf you guys are getting mad lazy
i dont want verizon
i have 1000min + insurance + nights/weekends for $51 after taxes
my plan is old, and it wasnt advertised
got it thru a friend

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heh, moons prob gonna be stuck on that game for the next two months
for free (24mo contract extension, but my contract is awesome so whatevers)
is even smaller/thinner/lighter than my last samsung phone
i dunno dx, youd be so diff without your myofascial pain syndrome
i dont think i could take that from you
well, yeh
but mostly im making excuses cuz i dont want additional pains
plus is my phone
you can have the old one
for $20

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i got new phone
it makes me many more happy
no im not a homoghey
i buy hardware cuz it works not because it has neat commercials
how to you keep gheyphones from being turned off by your face anyway?

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actually i think shadowrun already did that
im pretty sure in the shadowrun background story they detonated a nuke
anyway gotta go

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your char dunno what hes doing
just sometimes lucky
and then
^dx^: whats that
blackmons: all three had matching properties
blackmons: its hard to tell whats going on unless you can see at least two of the ingridients properties
so better to get good gear, more success, and build up your skill
so just grab ingriedients from everything
yeah thats worth it
heh, i once had to train from a guy who didnt like me because of a guild alliance or something
so i trained of him while he was trying to box me
you been to the telvanni place?
if youre mage you prob wanna get in with them
okay i gotta go, bye
but yeah hopefully fallout 3 is like post apocalyptic morrowind
post nuclear fantasy wtf

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i really like the town in the northern sand desert
all built into a giant beatle shell or something
i think its totally random in forests
i didnt play enough it just pissed me off after an hour
the UI in morrowind in like perfect
you get used to it, its pretty customizable
blackmons: tried ctrl clicking ingridients?
i think that might have worked
no you can multiple select
im not sure it worked for that tho
was maybe a shopping thing, dunno
cuz eating straight ingredients is kinda primitive
youre supposed to make shit then drink the vials of stuff =D
when you get more alchemy you can see all properties
and your potions will only have matched things
yeah you gotta learn where to find the shit you need
cuz you got no alchemy skill

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what sign are you?
i think i picked the one called wombburn
yeah the one where you get way more magic but it doesnt regen is the one i get
cuz when you have alchemy, you can make magic juice
youll find the areas
srs, its like a 300 hour game
i think rushing thru i did it in 60
no doing other shit
omg they flipped the taxi
macegr: thats not flying yo
that disintegration + roll
blackmons: its huge
blackmons: theres shit on all the little islands too
blackmons: oblivion was kinda lame in that the landscape in the wilds was random generated
i hope fallout is all hand built like morrowind
ha yeah

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when you can make anything first try, with 0.1 or 0.0 weight, youre alchemical ninja
good src of money
they sell for alot, more than typical spells (because theyre way better)
dont sell the charisma boost shit
you need them for enchanting
thats fun to build up, make custom swords and shit
like, devil katana + fire + shock + ice
kill anything
you have to learn to do it yourself
no cuz morrowind
k watching
blackmons: find crisemere
best sword
some fool in a swamp to the west of the beginning has it
get it anyway
prob sells for a ton, and its really very powerful
even a mage with no skill can prob beat up rats with it enough to make himself useful with it

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no i dont watch the tv
sometimes i see them downloaded
yeah i wanna do a media thing to this one when i build a new computer
cuz i need new computer next year
for new fallout
non optional is must
macegr: you need new fallout
start counting is like maybe 10 or 20 months away
its been fall 08 since they announced it
and they got in game screens
why you wait till like late summer
fallout fans will destroy bethesda if they fuck it up
they know
hopefully fallout 3 has a morrowind feel to it
what kind of char?
you doing alchemy?
practice alot
but some master level gear early

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i broke my intel dual ppro mobo =(
bad supplies
it was awesome while it ran, old pc need so much fuckin attention tho
academic short bus?
or city short bus
okay i gotta bus it to new phone
long bus, w00t
(high speed dedicated road accordian things, heh)
i was just thinking like a tall black tinted bus with a lincoln in the front

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okay i gotta rescue my phone from ups
wish me luck mfkrs
i gave a friend a TI calc, and he wouldnt let another friend borrow it, and then they got all pissy over it
im like damn i should have just kept the calc
thats for one or both?
haha WOW
i think thats more than amd socket A

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man i still feel like im mad late
i should make last little part for pcb fixture

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omg sprint didnt put my apt number on my phone package and its stuck at ups

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im kinda afraid of ebay for computer machines
have you had good/bad experiences?

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isnt pci-x ancient
most people dont game on their servers
im sure there are a few, tho..
thats not really the same
gaming on a server is like using a toaster to boil water
im sure its capable, heh
damn im stuck in LATE FOR SCHOOL mode now i dont have to do anything for 7 more hours

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Please note: Class is cancelled today, 11/21, due to illness.
dual proc is awesome
heh, i had dual ppro 200MHz
and that shit ran winxp like it was 1GHz
yeah i burnt too mobo
prob bad AT supply
i hate working on preatx shit, always blowin up, hdd crashing, ancient ram all rare and overpriced
7z #1
its not bad
i dont have to crack it
and it works

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dnb > *

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