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they make nozzles to hit all the pins at once?

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i always used to make libraries in a tomb
2003 i think
its dx8
pretty water effects
blackmons: yeah open all of them
cuz theyll have skill bonus alot of times
some of them are kinda interesting to actually read tho
you hang out long enough, eventually you pick up on the TES lore
it all becomes somewhat less random
dwemer stuff is neat
those were prob my fav areas

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fuse go pop
does it have a hole marked I or A?
cuz like if you do more than 20A with a DMM youre nuts
hell the pcb traces are probably fuses at that current
i think the one i built for school used one of those
theres still a bit of trace between the terminals and the circuit tho
hahaha @ large holes
blackmons: eheheheheh
i never sold books

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theyre pretty smart tho, they know we can fuck them up
any cat you rip your face off, rip chunks out of your arms and legs
like, thats how they eat in the wild
but they dont
yeah, most dogs dont get that unless trained
cats just know whats up
haha yeah, depends on the cat but theyll totally do shit like that
they remember shit too, hold grudges, its a trip
some cats are awesome tho
they dont
if they lash out its usually to get someone to leave them alone

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like, you double a house cats size and its unmanageable
theyre not fully domesticated
pretty much
theyve made all that money back no doubt
yeah most people just have them put to sleep
for a much smaller fee
cuz is like family
yeah, theyre not really
theyre somewhat wild animals who coexist really well in our society

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haha silly
house cats are tiny fr a reason

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droopy made sense
the dog was just stoned
the black and white hound dog who talked like he was on muscle relaxers
yeah i dunno who that dog was
i think it was a disney or looney tunes thing
haha i think that might have been it

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dude they only get along in like 1/20 of the eps
rest of the time theyre all trying to kill each other
yeah i dunno they were moddy
er moody
yeah no idea
they didnt talk so no way of knowing
wells hes cuz a house cat
he has a food bowl even if they never show it
like i didnt really get it, as a kid
like i didnt know if they were friends or hungry or just bored and playing or what
i just knew the cat never ever got the mouse
i mean thats what its really about, cat never gets the mouse, cat is always the bad guy even when the mouse is being worse

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its trying to be like ren and stimpy but fails
however it has like billion $ in marketing behind it
so even adults like it
cuz parents
if parents like it they wont have probs buying more for kids
yeah is really weird
barny was educational in a stupid public tv sorta way
smurfs had morals, cuz its from the 80s
like, every ep taught an important life lesson
like sponge bob is random but fails at intelligent humor
even beavis and butthead is more intelligent than spongebob and thats just fuckin sad
yeh fureal
or 'sometimes girls like the ones with tentacles.'
not tom and jerry

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hello, photoshop
i dont understand why you are so surprised then
also, fuck spongebob that shit aint funny

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you made turnup batteries?

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its like maybe .4v diff in maximum led Vf
well, assuming Vbb and Vcc are both for example 5V, and Vcc isnt higher

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i think one resistor and the led off the emitter works
then youre just using it V follower mode, dont need an input R
yeah but if you put the led in there too you dont get weirdo Vin(min) issues
becomes a Vbb vs Vf+Vbe thing
yeah if theres headroom that works
wonder why you dont see that kinda of circuit as much as inverting in saturation stuff
cuz like the energy gonna be burnt in the npn or the resistor either way

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depends on vin
and led current
itll work as long as it doesnt lift the emitter high enough the signal cant turn on the base
actually thats just fuckin weird
cuz its like driving the led lowside and the resistor high side

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like i said, its a bad circuit
like, itd work itd just suck at it
i wonder if the pecan pie between me and keyboard is whats making me typo so much
they should make keyboards with integrated pie plates

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few ways to make a burnt led and npn like that
inverting operation (driving low side) you need base resistor (else could burn npn and 555) and a series led resistor (keep transistor and led from burning)
haha you can get away with just a base resistor, you its dependant on the npn beta, so its kinda be definition a bad circuit
well, itd work for a one of thing
in steady ambient
with a pot for tunning

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i hate taking laptops apart
down with snap together chassis tech!

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send to dell
admit defeat

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cap tester is awesome tho

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i <3 my fluke dmm
ha suck =(
doesnt mean its bad
its not milk
yeah huh
ha my dmm has no ampmeter at all =\

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bush says: nation building = bad
yes well duh, but i like it when people put the time in to make media that details specifics

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the ones that hurt are the ones that count the most, heh
yeah im pretty sure
but who knows what the exact algorithm is
did you pick an armor skill?
heh, i al3ways went heavy or medium
id usually go mage character, with sword and heavy armor skills
i think towards the end i was at like hundreds of AC
full ebony armor
yeah silly stuff like that happenjs
i once trained off a guy trying to fuck me up
i was on a ledge higher than him, out of his range but within talking range
yeah is like fallout theres usually a few ways to go about what you want to do
charisma buffs are awesome

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co2 is same thing without the flame
they just turn into ice cubes in your hand
altho, while filling a tank without gloves, a manager there before i was took the skin off his hand
pulled his hand off the tank, skin stayed on the tank, doh
i once got frostbite on my arm from butane
feels almost exactly like a burn, its weird
yeah theres physics
you know how to build your jump skill?
find a steep hill
and like do forever jumps down it
its faster than just jumping everywhere

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gas station?
cmon dude, gas pump, bic lighter
totally get some directed flame action
no i know, i used to work at a paintball field

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