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yeah that too

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score i found $.11 pmos

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i wonder if i can do it with just transistors
7ch darlington are cheap
damn they dont make 7ch pnp

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i basically have to do the same circuit but for 13 channels
and with 25v

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the figure 1 thing is kinda neat, and if user can hold down the on button for like .2 seconds, fuck the user
that so the worst typo habit ever
the 2nd circuit latches itself

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but basically, button pulls the pfet low
allowing current thru, powering on the uC
and then the uC has to pull the gate low itself before user lets go
2nd circuits latches on button push so uC doesnt have to takeover until it wants to shut down
transistors are like .10 when you buy a few at a time

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current leakage thru what?
the base?
thats just base current
well, fets will use less power
if you have logic fets its prob better to use those
hehe youre schema is like upside down on the right
yeah but fig 1 is fucked up
cuz button doesnt do shit

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damn all that bullshit all they needed to make figure 1 work was one more resistor
timecop: btw you wanted circuits to turn on vregs, that shit is how
you dont need the user button thing

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but its wrong
haha that shit has been there for like 4 years
timecop is obsessed with dongs
omg itd just be fucked up not to put R1
R1 is was keeps it from being a battery ignitor
look for figure 2 they buffered the switch
that circuits kinda silly
it totally flips q3 backwards

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i think i found an error in a circuit
look at the circuit
notice the SW1 does nothing
read the description
3rd mufuckin sentence
no dude
3rd sentence
first diagram
figure fuckin 1
"When you push the On button, S1, Q1's gate goes low."
no, it doesnt
when you push the button nothing happens except current goes thru the button
actually its kinda neat
but the SW/R in series need to go to the PFET gate
not the fuckin supply rail
like, the schema looks prettier the way they did it

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it just had the bottom pad thats a bitch

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they are molded around the die
nico has a bunch of pics on his site of IC popped open
theyre solid blocks of plastic
is all about the PGA
they make those little pkgs with just like 6 or 8 balls on the bottom

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SUPER video encoder thing is neat

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heh, solidworks on vista

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like 1.5VDC
it doesnt care about polarity tho, they only work when the grid and anodes are positive
it doesnt care which side of the cathode/filament is grounded, either
an array of transistors setup like highside+lowside would be perfect
i dont wanna have to buy a bunch of fet driver type things or something

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my vfd tubes only work with positive voltage
so i cant use that sexy VFD driver/io extender IC
they all work, tho

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avr and pic
jes i <3 them
usb programmers are about $35, the chips are like $1-15
atmel documentation is really good, helps learning avr stuff

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e beat ya
not niggers, nigers
from niger, duh

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karl rove is bad
hes like their brain
kilgore-: solder tiny wires onto the pins
for soic its not really so hard
pine trees?

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i had something to say
i said what i said now mostly, i then commented on kevtris said about dsp
you didnt follow up on what i said
so kinda, ban me or something like you usually do when i correct you
okay well dont distort the situation
im not crying im just noting you have a habit of makin shit up =)
sigh, double plus
too bad you cant do it with windows explorer or youd be all set

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how is agc not like gain control
youre confusing, mr stu
oh so you want it all DSP style
yeah dsp is why i wanna learn more maths
but analog, you can do it with filters, AGC circuits, and a mixer
AGC circuits are the hardest part, but theres prob alot of info on how to do it
yeah dsp is sex
random playing?
theres this thing called math, thats why all tha parts have labels with numbers on them

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its neat how in audio bad shit can happen but its okay
tube amps dont neccessarily distort

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no the SNES sound chip
F-Zero, #1
kevtris: what kind of heatgun did you say you used?
i remember it was some old blowdryer looking thing
pulling shit off boards
i dont want to buy another $20 one
it used the inverters with feedback or something?
heh hax0rs

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most TV didnt have bass
high end hurts
i found these 8th order bessel LPF ICs
i didnt even know i had them
up to 50KHz
is it a DIP?

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i think hes insinuating shes crazy
because a cannon would only need a gun if its thinking irrationally
neat i have mosfet drivers
its prob a gps for your computer
phones with bluetooth usually already have gps

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AD gets happyface sticker for brighter IC ink

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Device Programmers for 8051 Devices (Other, updated 09/07)
This Excel spreadsheet provide summary information on device programmers supporting Atmel 8051 microcontrollers
heh, thats the onply place it mentions 8051, everywhere else its at8x or c51
its got mp3 decoders and pcm dac output and sd input
+ stuff

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hey, whats a C51 cpu core?
is it atmel 8051 or something?
atmel put a motorola core in their mp3 uc?
summary datasheets are useless
okay well whatever it is i wanna figure out how to program it

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(i learned just a few minutes ago)
neat i have 4 non volatile pots
damn i didnt know i had so many neat parts

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yeh i got zero time
but its filters into AGC into a mixer, im guessing is what you want
adjustable agc response
ive never done more than study agc circuits
maybe built one in RF lab
ccfl_man_: youre not getting a loan to buy this one are you?
diode tester
first transistorized tv

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Free: LTSpice
Pirate: Electronics Workbench Multisim
LTSpice is good for spice
very quick too
wow i have NiMH battery charger IC
breadboard some smt shit
wow check this out
i have a maxim part doesnt start with max
also itll plot current/time
do that with your scope and the average circuit

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wow awesome
i have 8 pole filters in 8dip

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total failure
nicedude: yeah we beat you
like, for practical thing, without vacumes, you create EM waves with the electrons to do 3x10^8m/s transmission
i think you pasted some shit where it broke
yeah but how is that gonna help you light an LED?

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course its possible
youre just slinging electrons from one compound to another
i have so many samples i dont know what 80% of them are
no DX
what amp shit?
transistor amps?
dude its just a ratio of one resistor over the other
they pull the same current
so obviously the voltage drop across the bigger resistor is gonna be bigger
black box amplifier my nuts
okay today im gonna make something with samples
cuz i got too many
damn i went to maxim.com

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yeh what rab pasted
heh, youd have to like sling the electrons right thru theconductor
somehow position all the molecules perfect so they somehow went straight
yeah but not inside a conductor
vacume theyre basically free electrons, no?
so you dont have the spinning in circles thru molecules issue
heh, i have a glass cup made from a newcastle bottle
is neat one of the glass blowers at csu chico opened it up for me

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nicedude: electromagnetic waves
like when youre using coax cable, youre not sending signal down a wire with electrons thru copper
youre firing EM thru the insulation between the center lead and the shield
electrons go really slow in like a linear sense
might be spinning around in circles super fast, i dunno
but you can do things to them which makes electromagnetic radiation, which moves at the speed of light (because it basically is light)

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okay LH52253 says it has jedec standard pinouts
so hopefully LH52252 does too?
inductor is a turbine and capacitors are pistons

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that shit dont happen in my bedroom
link for good datasheet archive?
2nd one was the one i couldnt remember thank you

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im like gonna argue based on a clock using up 10w
heh, but yeah whatevers
prob gets used for 10
like average house with a few people
is 400W the psu rating or the microwave tube rating

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its a 500W microwave
not a 500mW microwave
even if it was 500mW thats prob still more than an led based display draws
yeah but even then
display is prob like half a watt, max
so like, maybe if you never use your microwave
yeah but the 10w isnt in the display

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