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$7, awesome SOA and Rth
yeah its weird
youre like a totally different person
man now youre all fucked up

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fuck legalization
full deciminalization and delegislation
or fuckin ban caffeinne
those guys are nuts, yo
escape from NY/LA!
yeah thats great, make them zombies

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dude its like failure as a protocol here
its okay tho because they made these huge prisons in alaska for wtf i dunno
i cant imagine its worse there
tho if its as bad, youre shit is mad fucked up
prob not allowed to import and sell them
smoke weed go to prison
they need to switch drug policy from like incarceration to treatment
cuz fureal you cant jail the world
send docile potheads into prison, they come out angry mufuckers with criminal skills
i found $6 fets with .2C/W

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half the time i dont think its from the tasering, i think its just because they beat the shit out of them while tasering
i dunno how barbed
but ive seen vid of them struggling to get them out of people
nuh uh
you cant use barbed fishing hooks?
i think so here cuz thats sounds way extreme, never heard of it
er i dont think so
but yeah, they used barbed hooks and ive seen vid of them using multiple tasers
so i dunno, massive shit changed next year, or this just gets scarier, and scarier, etc...
tho massive shit could change next year and make it that much scarier

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junction to case - .26C/W
case to sink - .24C/W
heh, its $9 i think
but that on cpu fansink = omg
no dude
its non lethal
they died from something else after being tasered
wtf =(

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heh these ixys people do their Rth in K/W instead of C

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wow if i use smps supplies i can use a wallwart
then clk can be super flat, like under 10w

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oh whatever
all our antibiotics are usless now
pretty soon local bacteria will be affecting our evolution
dont need no aliens for shit to get funky
i think theyre just us from the future anyway
well cuz the bulk of it is prob cell definitions
and then how its trung together is prob smaller coder
we maybe from somewhere else
if sun changes in output (which i guess it does and some peoples think this is why global warming)
then maybe people gotta jump planets sometimes
but like is just how quick

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also they contain skill powerups
stu: im usually not super into it, it was just a really good non linear game
post apocalyptic is where its at
fallout 3 in less than a year
can you feel it?
19.6608MHz is magical
because its basically 20MHz, but its a multiple of 32768
stupid wwvb ic is like 'i need 4096 or 1024 Hz clk'

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stu: see why would you want to visualize males getting fucked in the ass at all unless you were a homofag?
morrowind = awesome
i didnt like oblivion
never get like couldnt get into it?
like, could locate and aquire it?
er couldnt
did you get a disease?
calgar: you gotta tought out the beginning
itll let you wander so you can walk right up to a powerful dude nothing will stop you
except walking distance
okay you are a raving homosexual
you general behaviour over the last several years?
the birds are the worst
no the alternate

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omg FUCK digikey

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darlington arrays are fuckin cheap
they dont have pnp arrays tho
least not 7/8ch at digikey
i bey vishay has them, somewhere

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itll do that every few minutes
it did it to me last night but is worse tonight
they have some LED drivers but theyre 20V, i need 25Vmin, so 30V rating would be nice
like 7ch pfet arrays would be nice, but i think they just have quads
and i doubt for better than $.11 a fet
heh, maybe gonna be like a sot-23 graveyard

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anyway if i cant find anything, the uln2004 + pfets + 74238 for grid selection will work
i simmed the circuit, is like .3mA used up
just takes alot of space
mouser ebay or digikey dont know about ULN6118

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are you gonna break it?
hehe fun
kevtris: my tubes dont work with negative grid/anode rails
so i cant use the sexy vfd driver/io extender IC
yeah i tried with both polarities on the grid
doesnt care
well, possibly but id need external level switching stuff
so im just gonna use darlington arrays to trigger pfets
uln2004 are like $.60 and i found pfets for $.11
what are those?
someone was selling some 74 series thing as vfd drivers
gone now tho

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is your rail smooth or all bumby like a carnival ride?
NYC was like bad carnival ride
LA and montreal are smooth, but montreal cheats and ride most the weight on inflated tires, and we havent had an earthquake yet here
oh youre on normal rail
we have that, its converted amtracks, they actually have security who will tell you to kinly remove your shoes from the opposite chairs
this is from digikey?
or some customs or shipping entity in between
did you get molested by a black jew or something?
anyway, not important
i have to buy some big ugly fuckin caps instead of chip caps
great they dont come in the value i want anyway

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damn i dont want 10 caps i want 1
like, because of min order big expoxy drop polypropylene 1% caps are cheaper than 0805 or 0603 caps
i hope theyre not huge...
i got a a dvd cat from a local machine tooling shop
omg that shit was worse than pr0n
well, you prob gotta be into machine tool stuff
but like tons and tons of high res pics
no longer than standard length of cut carbide .125 endmills tho, so useless at the time

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digikey is like on crack tonight
heh, 2.2 wtf
every other search click it says its broken
but then you reload and its usually fine
they broke it
maybe updating prices
naw its bad
like its usually usable with trace amounts of annoyance
couple days its been like sporadically gone

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i wish you could put powertoy calc or reg calc into engineering notation mode
e-6 or e-9 pls, wtf e-7

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same company makes WWVB RX IC with serial time code output, and signal strength pins
itll do multiple freq for diff countries timecode signals
uses a antenna cap switches and multiple xtal inputs
im just gonna use it for wwvb tho
the chip is like $4
((1/F)^2)/L=C is the secret.

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wtf pole?
wtf is pole?
voltage rail?
that works if the load is consistent
can just use a npn follower
resistive voltage diviers are shit for regulation
because you need to understand them
you need to able to look at a set of series/parallel resistors and know wtf is going on
because voltage diviers are important
and knowing why they suck for regulation is important
now you know
go learn how to regulate voltage fureal
drkshadow: http://rocky.digikey.com/WebLib/C-MAX/Web%20photos/CMA-60-19.jpg
thats sexy, huh
you want to take it home, dont you
okay fuckit im getting the littlest one

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whats the terminal velocity of a bullet?
its prob pretty fyucking fast
considering its bullet shaped
that wont kill someone?
okay so if i put an antenna on a PCB it should be away from all traces and gnd planes, no?
cuz they just gonna block that shit
drkshadow: what?
you wouldnt have the same voltage
because some would drop across the series resistor
also the voltage divider would still be affected, maybe just not as much
or put something between the resistor divider and the load
like a transistor or some fets and opamps, or some shit

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um, duh, yes?
heh, 19mm ferrite antenna
blackmoon: do you think bigger antenna will recieve better?
like, of course, right, cuz its grabbing more of the wave
tho i dunno how they grab those giant waves with tiny little coils anyway
man RF is so funky
not so sexy
bullt falls from the sky it will fuck you

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mining town north of seda neen
north and slightly west, in the mountains
hes in a two story building in the town on the second level

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ha nice
when you get good like everything you make is pretty awesome
ha weird
i never used any of that kind of magic
theres levitation
its better
levitate you can control tho
do any telvani quests yet?
i picked them cuz you get the coolest house
big mushroom thing

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blackmoon: hi
put any more work in (morrowind)?
heh yeah thats the coolest lookin shit
dont mix armor if you can avoid it

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it blows holes in them
which kinda fucks up that whole metal oxide isolation thing

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digikey is being all gay

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i can draw you a picture of one
and send it
i can make it a 4ch
nice, my driver circuits sims in spice
heh, got $1000?
omg you said GHz
omg got $10000?

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so the driver circuit is $5.80
$2.10 is resistors wtf

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heh, oop
they borked it

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they dont have pnp in 7 or 8 arrays either
duals are usually in big packages with high A ratings
i found $.11 p-ch mosfets
in sot23
so ima have a little army of 13 of em
thats cool im stick with this plan
sot23 are so easy to solder!
its prob 36A at 0C for .001us
sometimes theyll take specs from abs max rating and sometimes from working rating
in like the same category
hate that

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see with the power of 74 series logic, i control 6 7seg vfd tubes with 7 pins
naw, they dont carry tons of stuff
yeah but then you need an fpga
id have to solder an fpga
way harder than soic
and id still need to use the pch sot23 and soic darlingon arrays =(
i cant find pch arrays, life sucks
p-ch fets
for high side stuff

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7404 are inverters
youre going to create digikey search?

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timecop: if you touch that i will stomp your island out
in a programming class there was this dude trying to be all like hax0r and shit
all like 'my nick is double d flipflop'
'youre a 2bit data register?'
and then he was like 'huh' and he kinda made sad/confused face
nand gates

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i think digikey search is crashing or something
oh no its the crackhead download manager

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no it was a rhetorical you know, i was just agreeing

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irssi needs like an time delayed auto-backspace
it could prob do it
i dont think itd land them very much
who knows tho
ya know

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aw shit, power armor?
like if i go to chico for mechatronics, thats the kinda shit i eventually wanna do
make bigass mecha units and body armors for to stomp bad people away
they will also come with 1KWRMS amps and multiple drivers
active xovers on the mecha units, of course
its got cables
wonder how much power it uses
see what happens when they break
er, -see

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uWaves to ur dome.

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teh youtubes is fixed

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my mom knew about eee pc
i think i want one
dual CRT w00t
i only have 17" tho
theyre 2560x960!

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wtf led gift cards?

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damn i am so many hungry

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heheh @ 9206_21114.JPG
right now Nintendo is laughing too
excellent use of gluegun

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