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wobbawobbawobba is downtown julie browns trademark phrase
when she was a mtv vj in the 80s
well i guess its just weird when you say it
no they played music
rock me amadeus, #1
you know you want to

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6pt is neat for vga terminals
there was one font had pacman lookin 'e's i used alot
omg you said the downtown julie brown thing

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where are you getting yoour laptops?

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is always alien or demons with tentacles
yeah, not surprising

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it is special?
oh its got solar energy?
like sunny d?
yeah but they made it moon
and its the best
did mechasex rip a girl apart?
you never really see that

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possibly this was like 6am with no sleep by the time i was doing smps maths
so i dont remember so well
i hope they fixed digikey
i was line WinME on a corrupt hdd all over again
wasnt that bad tho before
stu: i think when its already ending in s like its plural
actually im not totally sure
stu you cant bias a transistor
youre a comrade mongoloid

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wow uH right on the part, ground breaking
i dont see date codes happening
cuz like, its a fuckin coil of wire who cares how old it is or what revision it happens to be
yeah digikey is like: natural and red
just red and natural
thats kinda why i thought it was lame

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and i hope you dont just mean rs274 output, cuz thats gerber
well, its cnc gcode
but its for photoplotters
course it does gerber is gcode =D
okay neat
less shitty?
it either makes the board or it doesnt
wtf are you talking about timecop
blackmoon: heheheh
theyre marked, just not with anything useful

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wtf eagle
i hate how you cant copy library elements
you have to copy out to a scratch library, rename, copy back
diptrace doesnt do mill code
snow is so weird
that shit happened to me in montreal
it got ALL over me
timecop: okay i will try then
but later
cuz i think maybe eagle coders has this fucked 'less code is more' issue

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teknique: yes
actually im not sure, but ive paid for them and i rarely text other people
im asking
i dont do any of that shit
because its still to gay
like, were at a show, its loud, talking is useless
then yeah, text me
any other time like, wtf it took you 3 times longer to type that shit out then call me up and just say/ask it in non broken english

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i think ima make a giant matzo ball
timecop: do you want some matzo ball?
how about a nice bagel
mufuckers random texting me nonsense pissing me off
costing me .20

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packed transit

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do you have space or is it packed up like a city bus?

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digyrigby is hanging with greycz

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you can talk shit about isreal
but in isreal, all left turns are protected
and thats fuckin awesome
priv investigator?

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i had another friend had an 80s escort wagon
with a 4spd manual
omg i LOVED that hoopty
haha, yeah old car vs new car is nuts
most new trucks drive nicer than family car from the 90s
yeah they all kinda are
heh, my honda got up to 105 , it doesnt feel like its going super fast
its a neat little car
yeah those are all good

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but yeah, i gotta rip my engine out, send to machine shop, put back together
then i have to deal with vacume tube engine control hellishness
thats really whats kept me from doing anything for this long
not like glass vacuum tubes
like, little rubber tubes
yeah fureal
but like pull the wrong one your engine will act like its on crack
i had a datsun Z that someone fucked up the EGR and EFI control stuff
so i ripped it all off
ran great, doubt itd ever smog tho
mostly the prob is vacuum loss
my mom had a ford escort a long time ago
haha goofy thing to drive
all bouncy and lifted high up

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and after that, them and everyone else ran out of those
i doubt falken made very many
i need to get some 14 or 15 in wheels
just so tire shopping isnt stupid
1986 crx
15" is almost too big
youre car prob doesnt weight 1600lbs
yeah my car just has 60hp, but its pretty quick
has 90lb/ft at 2000krpm
but thatd be neat
formula D stuff?
ive seen that shit, its interesting
def a ton of skill, doing a track sideways next to someone else doing the track sideways
ive seen that at video stores
it looks so tacky, i kinda wanna grab it
and 11krpm is common on motorcycles

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so rebuild kits are like $400
i think ima rebuild the honda my damn self
mufucker i got Aluminum rims
13's, biatch
(really i have 13s, shopping for tires is hellish)
its amusing tho, once i found some 13" sport tires, they all fit into the back of the honda perfectly
they werent really available on the internets
its not like tire wharehouse is gonna carry sport tires for 13" wheels
theyll have shit generic tires
thats funny
yeah theyre smelly when theyre new
rubber factory mmm
but yeah, i had to go to a tire wholesaler
say i was from a place someone i know worked at
got little tiny falken zeix tires

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like as soon as you get past first semester DC those equations (and derived shit from them) come up in everything
yeah its getting better for techy stuff
lists, equations, etc
okay so my friend laughed at me when i said there wasnt enough space or security to rebuild my honda in the back parking lot
and first rough quote for rebuild and installation was like $2300
im like wtf i can buy two of my hondas for that

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with w there is no 2pi
(im personally like fuck that w bullshit, i need time or 1/time)
yeh but confusing for everything else
and F(-3db)=1/2pi*sqrt(LC)

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you guys are some talkative mutherfuckers

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you did it wring huh
wring (c) 2007 rencorp
wait thats a word already huh

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ive tried to watch that movie its so fucking boring

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