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its KMG
you just match max temp and case sizes and esr for a given value
its amusing its like chemicon just copies the specs from panasonic
saved $.10 on $.35 caps

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anyone know offhand the chemicon cap knockoffs of panasonic nhg?

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kevtris: these cheap thingies can go up to 100KHz
but im doing 60KHz wwvb on the same board, so 20KHz is farther from that than 100MHz
like, logarithmically speaking

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so according to the math i went totally overkill on the filament smps inductor
i need 48uH and 125uF @ 20KHz for 1.5V, 1A, 100mV ripple
i guess cuz im so used to 120Hz supplies

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i check the datashee dr73-100r is 10uH
it says its 1mH
theyre made to do that
they dont switch to off because then you couldnt tell it from breakers siwtches off
so they flip like half
dunno like 100-1000uH probably, depending on input voltage and switch freq

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okay so it was just the virtual opamp in multisim that sucks
LTspice says its a shit amp with negative db gain and really bad phase shift
which is prob why ive never seen that circuit or it never occured to me, ever
thats like crossing the streams or some shit

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that might work even
yeah hes got anger
anyway it died in sim

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Vout=1+[pot ratio]
thats actually Av
wtf is T?
Vout=Vin((1+[pot ratio])*(Rf/Rin))
so its just the pot position

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thats a weird circuit
i think it turns non inverting amp equation into inverting
pot is at .5, then it adds half of the Vin, so gain is 1.5
so its the ratio+1
^dx^: did you learn about Vin+ bias current compensation resistor?
yeah, gain in the invertin section is fixed
anything else, charles?

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okay fine lets hold DX's hand
or lets just talk a bunch of shit and then kinda go of and do other things
yeah stomp your foot down
anyway, you do a voltage divider equation with Vin across the pot, to find Vin+
subtract that from Vin
well yeah it should be
if both R are the same

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or a filter or anything, youre pretty much just dealing with poles in the amp, but his Vin+ is tapped directly off Vin, so the poles in the amp dont matter really
its flux capacitating jiggameg shit
okay so like Vin and Vin+ are directly related, gain is fixed
so you do the gain calc for the differnce between Vin and Vin+
and then add the other half of the voltage divider in afterwards
no thats the whole thing
it works for that one

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^dx^: loading
what are you trying to do
well, that pot wiper is your amp reference
in non inverting mode
so usually youd want that stable, but you put it on the input
i think that works tho
theres no cap its all DC
theres no time shifting stuff, so yeah

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^dx^: what
what are you trying to do?
how have you failed so far

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okay check this out
on my vfd clk, the multiplexing for the tubes
is also gonna be multiplexing for the switches
so 6 switches, 1 more pin
haha wtf
i have paint
your microsoft sucks

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resistor arrays #1.
i just saved like $1.50
and a ton of space

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