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my focus is bad doh

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if youre gonna buy a spectrum analyzer, dont get a shit one
if you can buy a cheapo one, then yeah, get a loan and get a better one
just like cars
cuz even a cheap spectrum analyzer gonna be expensive
expensive = long term = dont buy shit
theyre just $700?
are you a fuckin americ an lawyer or congressman or some shit?

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One of the top automobile collisions is the rear-end collision. The two main reason for rear-end collisions are following too closely and a driver who is distracted. Human beings start life wearing diapers and sometimes end life wearing diapers.
they throw in random sentences and ask you about them later to make sure you read everything
they also have a page timer
traffic school

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hehe fun
i like hiking, i try and do that alot
chatsworth is fun, all sandstone mountains
jump from boulder to boulder, kinda slide across on the sand on top
theres alot of places here
i used to go hiking when i was pissed
think the most nuts i ever got in high school was become i didnt wanna go home, so instead of sleeping, id hike around in the canyons at night
heh yeah i seen cougars here
omg theyre like bigass ripped cats
hes not known for being especially polite

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i guess to figure out the power dissipation of a switching reg you need to find like the time it switches at and average
okay so ideally, thats like nothing
okay so i guess i just dont worry about it
danielson: i havent been camping in a decade
man that blows, i just realized that
prob went like 3 dozen times as a kid

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we freak out
people just start crashing into shit for no reason when it rains
they just suck at rain
maybe they are better in volcanos
hehe, volacno evacuation direction signs #1
ranier is fuckin awesome tho, when you can actually see it
like, whole range of mountains, than like ranier is like 3x higher from some views
the cascades has some cool shit too
theres a park with a huge waterfall, lots of redwoods
he neat

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heh, the cop changed the law for me basically
i was doing like 78, which is wreckless cuz more than 15mph over
but he said hed call kanaan a divided highway (3ft of center lane) and call safe driving speed 60mph
so or hmm it was maybe 68mph
yeah thats automatic wreckless here
its not a florida
when i got pulled over there we were like 'we dont get a ticket for being wreckless?'
cop was like 'no why were you being wreckless?'
we told him how it was in cali, and he said he thought that was stupid
he actually looked at us like we were crazy
60mph in traffic
bumper to bumper
seattle drivers suck
i thought theyd be better at rain, but no
practice doesnt help

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okay now back to online traffic
only maybe 6 hours left
8 hours of traffic school =(
or did you mean before?
naw its old old shit
heh, i passed a CHP officer on kanan dume road
he was like 2nd in a line of 4 cars
cali highway patrol
was years ago
and no no pot stuff
tho i pulled over so quick i forgot to put the pipe away
there was a packed pipe on the center console the whole time
dunno if he didnt notice or gave me a pass
if you do driving school it doesnt go on your driving record
heh, id never do that
im the guy drives everyone home

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lots of work, supporting all those useless peoples paychecks as a kid
thats okay, when people bring up that shit, i mention other things their tax dollars are supporting
they never have a problem with that shit (which involves children being drugged, abused, raped, etc)
nope, los angeles dep of children and family services
and by not having a prob with it, i mean they dont care enough to do shit about it

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i failed once cuz i got enrolled in a class without knowing (my error, computer error, who knows)
and 2nd time i had court ordered shit i had to be at every day
so i missed to much class
i get fee waivers
yeah but its a bunch of bullshit
and i wont be able to retake the assesment test anyway
so what i tested into years ago isnt college level math
i basically scored highest on that test, but i chose the algebra based one
kinda, not really, ill have to take some prereq stuff
ha, sure why not
love you too stu
you know im being totally sarcastic and think youre a total asshole, right?
just making sure
hurts who, you?
cuz what you said dont hurt me, im kinda proud of that shit
hell yeah
making my damn money back

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just wrong pin count, 11 pin isnt standard
makes sense after awhile
yeah im glad i did tech programs before i take engineering
like, alot is math based, but its mostly about getting an intuitive feel for how the shit works
starting next fall hopefully
i have to take a math class (any college math class)
i got accepted to two CSU, based on their min entry requirements
i was supposed to take a math course next semester
but i cant, school district wont let me

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vfd clock thing
im doing the psu now, never done an smps thing
i pulled the pin sockets out of the sockets i had
tested a socket with just the pins soldered to a board, worked great
heh, about 1mm between the pins
they were tube sockets

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no im not

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okay sir, i have to go
its not asians its a white girl and something else
i dont remember
i dont really want to check so much
you broke you rule?
you are so not a ninja
this is not how you defined your behaviour previously
but no rly, bye
you know maybe you are a ninja
because im thinking, if i was a ninja (IF.), then maybe i would approach new peoples as a total non ninja
this would afford me access to all sorts of situations where peoples wouldnt let them before
ok thank you for joining #electronics

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i ran gentoo for like 2 or 3 years
every one is one off, so thats pretty 'custom'
curious, did you install from a bash terminal?
think that autoinstaller was the worst thing that happened to gentoo
okay so youre not doing it totally wrong
you can do all these things, but you cant watch 2girls1cup.com
no one told me that rule

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2 girl 1 cup 1 grandma 1 reaction
you dont know?
be experience.
you are not
dude youre gay
run link2
it has graphical support
but only if youre ninja
well, prob now its more better in its default config
are you be yet?
hehe, hes prob making OMG faces right now
my flash in linux worked fine
you are no ninja

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i couldnt find a way to make a funny joke with it
i feel better now that i know you couldnt either

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no i just thought to hard when i opened my shredder and did something stupid
like, i uped it upside down but all the weed stuck to the top and then fell off
er, opened it
yeah i was totally thinking that

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fuck, i totally got shredded weed on the carpet
im not gonna vaporize carpet
cmon that was MAYBE .2g of herbs
theres prob like .2g of cat fuzz and aluminum chips and chex mix crumbs and resistor leads and who knows what else
oh and theres prob carpet in it too

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yeah i blame everything now on china
china is safe to blame, no one is compassionate for the chinese
but now we vap

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my head hurts

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what is the surgurey?
like cut it up and pin it back together or something?
thats really how they do it
so its little so prob heals quicker
so like a month or two?
naw, they build you up again
taking shit apart is easy
putting it back together is much harder

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^dx^: never, i think i ph33r
were like, supposed to be sealed units
usually when you open stuff it voids the warranty
is it that messed up?
you broke it?
yeah now all your issues make way more sense
well i dunno then maybe yeah surgurey is good, if they can fix that
thats like the locating arm of your shoulders suspension assembly
yeah cuz muscles have to comensate for all that shit

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the way the little floating planet casts shadows on two surfaces, i think thats most awesome about that painting
and on the clocks on, the coolest shit is the gradients from the 'water' to the sky, and the reflection
like the reflection isnt just a mirror of the top, he took into account the look from a lower angle

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see but do you think he really meant that
or thats just what people have attached to it
yeah exactly
see i know artist peoples, and thats much debated
and im sure its really both ways
i hung around art departments and ima guess thats a conservative estimate
see thats cool
fuck the meaning, thats just cool
tho someone said theyre pretty sure mostly artists just 'do things', and then more often later occurs towards the end or after a piece is done
which then becomes a concious and intentional thing on future pieces, which i guess makes sense

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count to 100 before resetting to zero, what else could he mean
macegr: i didnt get it
thats not picasso
okay but the dali joke is funny
see i didnt realize as a kid that was a great work of art
i always thought it was some random drawing in a magazine or some shit
i guess maybe it was way awesome in like the 20s or 30s or whenever

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also national has awesome application hint sections at the back of alot of datasheets
national thats ok thats how it is at the beginning
nothing wrong with that, thats why they are there
youre ripping them off, theyre helping you not make them look stupid
yeah im pretty sure that works
they prob have a carry bit for that even
yeah then you use the carry bit as a clk for the next one
im so glad i did a whole tech program before starting BSEE
well yeah, you can setup combinational logic to look for an output of 9
and then use something that clocks on a falling edge
which i guess would be a hardware carry bit

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xpdf was a bit to raw for me to get into
but yeah is better than adobes offering
their linux reader is even worse than the win one
i wish foxit would use the scroll wheel on the table of contents sidebar when you mouseover it
like it seems stupid, but sometimes i wanna go back to adobe just for that
^dx^: if you just read alot of opamp app notes from national and ti, youll pick it up

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i use foxit but its kinda dumb about things

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i gotta do gd&t homeworks
but i wanna do schema more

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its just a diff amp with ridiculous gain, high input impedance
but find the non ideal equations and learn them
they include open loop gain and feedback loop resistance
you can see how diff feedback resistances and diff freq can fux0r an opamps ideal characteristics
did you guys do anything non ideal?
equations start on page 4

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im like, #1 easy useful thing to do with opamps, he never even made it that far
yeah v follower config is nice
differentiator will do that, no?
pulse on clk edges
thats a comparator, schmitt trigger type thing
comparator is an opamp without negative feedback pretty much
once Vin+ goes above Vin-, output shoots to positive rail

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for a non inverting configuration
learn the non ideal equations
if you really wanna learn about operating characteristics
you sent him the national basic opamp doc?
stfu dx
hes good at maths
okay so check this out
non inverting amp is ideally infiniti input impedance
so by placing a resistor from Vin on a non inverting amp to ground, you set its input impedance
thats important
i did 15 weeks in an opamps class and dude never mentions that, i wanted to slap him
one day your life might depend on it
okay neat
blackmoon: exactly
dude never mentioned it, ever

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yeah you cant do anything about that
bias current is a standard simple fix, bias current offset isnt, and isnt spec'ed with polarity anyway
yes, assuming feedback
negative feedback of the output signal
itll try and amplify to infinity
square wave at the input freq
only to the output rails
theres an open loop gain
it decreases with frequency because of the internal filter poles inside the amp
like, the lower the open loop gain, the more error from ideal calcs you will get
itll oscillate or latch up

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usually its more like 100-10000 in its flat response region
it might you just gotta compensate for everything
bias current offset is really the only thing you cant do shit about
yeah, its never speced with a polarity
so you dont know which input will suck more
bias current?
or bias current offset?
bias current is easy
its a resistance from Vin+ to the signal input
use a resistance thats the same as the feedback resistors in parallel
yeah, thats an easy fix
bias current offset you cant really do anything about
you can fix that with voltage compensation
yeah but youd be trying to fix it per opamp
testing every one
thats not the case for bias current compensation
if its similar on both inputs
its just a resistor same as RF/R1 in parallel

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whatever it need to be to make that condition possible
pretty much
they prob did, 100 times, just in a stupid way
else itll try to amplify to infinity

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i saw him talk few weeks ago i think
yes it does
but it tries =)
but yeah ideally, no reactive passives in the feedback, thats what happens

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yeah but you dont write the laws
and the legislators dont understand them
his is DX's 2 dimensional mom
okay i have to review all my smps math
very important
well whatever
because tantamount is a stupid word
do clitoris now
dont cheat, do it from memory

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download it then
calgar: how is that not a dumb question?
i dunno modern TV is some pretty high grade embedded digital shit
content sucks, tho
decoding encryption is
ripping off the man is
i dont think thats what he meant
theyre just left

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i once wrote a mail to cspan like 'i think your server and streaming protocol is a tool by our current regime for oppression of information'
they did not respond =(
2k9 tv is going digital

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yes it has a left side and right side
many things do
yeah almost everything does
everything except stus 2 dimensional mom
without internet id prob hang out with my friends more and get more stuff done in a day
however i would be stupider too
because i wouldnt have datasheets
(datasheets make your smrt.)
man fuck a tv, what a waste
tv is just my non laggy cspan feed

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(plus $34.95 shipping and handling)
it is anything with mate is gonna sound gay
flatemate doesnt because brits dont use mate in the same context
here it means sexual partner often of the same sex
buddy is more lame than ghey
i apologize for not being in class. please do not confuse my disinterest in this type of literature with my opinion of your teaching style. to bad you dont teach embedded electronics or quick prototyping or something =( =( =(
is that bad to send to an english teacher?
im sending it with a shiny final draft of a poem i wrote that she liked
but she assigned us eodipus rex and death of a salesman
so i really dont want to
sure we do
dude, everyone does why do you think they started saying it on irc?

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was the joke
my bad i should have went apartmentFreak
its the mate part
brits done use it the same
they use it more often like 'buddy'
so flatmate is like homie i live at my flat with, yo
a lodger is a tenant, i think

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nope, kinda ghey sounding but thats what it is
ha yeah
we dont live in flats
me and you just know this because we read books, once
naw check it out
i got one its perfect
'other mutherfucker.'
'the othewr mutherfucker ran up the powerbill when he left his sibian plugged in'
macegr: no cuz that would make it like you were married
which is kinda worse than roomie
okay im just making sure you hadnt stopped stop being funny
was the first point made
call him stu

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you can code asm modular like that, it just takes forethought
like, C is easier to read in a general sense, and if you dont know a TON of hardware details, asm is a bitch
then you have to code a low level system to handle code sections
everyone can read c
like if you have any kind of coding experience, c syntax is gonna look familiar
like, when shit gets large, if you dont have some sort of specific code running to handle it all it sucks
like, i like doing functions that handle their own timing
so you just have a main loop that hits all the functions, and then they check if they to execute or just dec a counter and return
that way you just have to deal with them saturating a proc cycle, if its time critical

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label: .byte 100
allocates 100bytes of space putting firsy addy in the 'label'
yeah not byte data type
remember i cant stand c on avr =(
like, if i want a byte i use a byte, if i need a long ill use 4 bytes
the pointers are neat/fast
well, it depends what youre doing
like, mad conditional shit, itd get hairy in asm
its doable you just keep track
its basically getting over branching with words like 'if', 'else', 'them'
and then like getting intuitive with fixed point shit

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or should i say... jhas niucew
blackmoon: avr uses Z pair registers
like, top 15bits for adressing, low bit to select hi or low byte
so its basically 64k locations instead of 32, you just had to remember to shift the adress over a bit first location
thats how you get to the .db statements
kinda is
yeah in C it prob does it all for you
yeah .db is just an adress location label
so you do like lmp Z,(2*db_label)
or something, maybe the Z, syntax is wrong
but after that you can just inc the Z pair, and itll do low byte then high byte before next adress
yeah db and byte are just adress values
db is flash and byte is sram

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bacon sim is perfected and patented no doubt
i coded beacon sim for him in an hour and posted it in his channel
he banned me =( =( =(
quicktime, its the format my digicam encodes to
not my choice yo
macegr: its a wavetab
i just threw a sine wavetab in cuz i have many lying around
i linked him to the code, tho
so he can just edit the wavetab
like, 18 months now, hes been doing this project?
took me an hour, and i had to learn the LPM code stuff for loading from program flash
so its not like i knew how to do it
was neat to learn the lpm code tho i was doing it retarded before
macegr: ha nice

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theres services on other nets, you can have your heirarchyless chat in those
i dont have CC
can you use my SSN and drivers license number?
i know =(
shit is bad news
i got a prepaid card once
none of the places it said you could load up the card were true
yeah hes fun in limited doses
like, i cant believe some of the shit he says
i wonder if he ever got a machine tool
or finished santa fe beacon sim
thats gonna bootstrap his whole industrial revolution, the beacon sim

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heh, ive told people not to op me cuz id take the chan
so they opped me
and i almost deopped all of them but then the bots got me
because its a stoner chan and it doesnt matter
because we are a family of <3
yeah i only did it cuz we all cool in there
heh, the whole channels purpose is synchronous tokage
you can smoke with others, and not have to share
anyway, the moral of the story is:
dont op people who say they dont want ops and that theyll take the chan
i dunno i think irc works fine

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Atari is in financial trouble again . or more accurately, the company that spun the Atari brand from the company that bought Atari from the company that merged with the owner of Atari who bought Atari from a split of the original Atari is hurting.
heh, sigh
hes been banned since forever
if not on the list, in principle
E channels?
efnet chans?
he prob knows better than to come in here by now
too many people know him
Last week Atari CEO David Pierce resigned after serving in the post for just over one year while the company announced it would completely withdraw from the game publishing business.
who the fuck cares about Atari if its not about games?

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fuckin retard
'well find something'
yeah youll prob find almost as many cell phones as your had audience members

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so is blackmoon pretending not to be an op like stu, now?

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i thought he lived in a more remote area
yeah go for it
i need to change this irssi theme it sucks at highlighting

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his ribs and spine were broken
i think that mutherfucker got shot and theyre covering it up or something

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for why
okay so get another good grade
my analog teacher was a bitch
not like, a bitch his class was hard
like, a bitch like he was an engineer he thought he knew everything and whats best and etc
naw like he grades by how much he likes you kinda bitch
first day of class: 'if anyone has any questions about opamps, ask randy, our resident opamp genius'
13 weeks of ohms law around 3 basic circuits, then last 2 weeks he throws some caps across the feedback path anexpects us to be excited
anyway, biggest bullshit was he made me retake the final
saying i would fail if i didnt retake
then ended up giving me a B in the class
after saying i didnt do so well on the retake
so basically 100% of the grade was based on the 2nd half of the final, even tho i averaged like 100% higher on the quizes than the rest of the class
mr sturla = a bitch
resistors are awesome dude

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its like every other psychotrope thing
diff for everyone
anyway, i never said i was gonna clean it
like, im down when its for other people and theyre paying my equiv of $75/hour
but its just messy and time consuming when its my own
fuck yeh, im good
get it clean like new, quick too
fuck all that i aint trying to get up in the morning to clean bongs
you know what fuck this
im just gonna write the poem essay and send it to her
she hookied last week, and didnt email till like the night before
i woke up early day before thanksgiving for nothing

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pullout is clogged
tho i seen people do it to downstems
i should be vaping anyway

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i still think its mace-GR
my bong is all clogged up

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i dont even have a speech so i just have to sit there for 3 hours
hehe i did mine like week on 'macs are shit, dont buy'
along with handouts of articles related to recent osx dns cache exploit
and other article about apples behaviour in context of security

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test above the previous level
i scored highest on the test i took but i was dumb i took the algebra based one
i took tech maths for my degrees, heheh
yeah i have a 1350 sat
heh, i dont remember taking it really
i was ++fucked on psychotropic meds at the time
see i remember that black kid eating chips at my sat now
cuz you said it before
cuz all i remember is like showing up

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but i was on a 16 hour design frenzy
like id much rather make part footprints and symbols for inductors than go to english
then kick it doing nothing for 90 minutes
then sit thru boring GD&T inspection lecture
then sit thru boring speech 101 class
they wont even let me take math anymore =(
yeah my electronics teacher gave quizes every class at the end
on the prev weeks stuff
was actually kinda cool
but i was into the material, if it was like history or english id hate it
and i prob get big ups on stuff for being half mexican
public school and all
bitched laughed at me when i asked if i could take the assessment test again

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okay so lets say thats 10ohm
if the resistance on top is 100ohm, voltage drop across the 100R is gonna be 10x of the transformer
also where are you taking the signal from, the source or the drain?
why dont you use a resistor as a load instead of a trasformer
fuck i really dont want to go to english class
i didnt go to welding last night

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okay see the problem was obviously never my ability to read
12V what?
totally depends on the load
draw circuit
the something else is the important part
because gain is gonna be ratio of the topside and bottomside series resistance
cuz transistors make sense like that
the current is same thru both so you use the series resistance to control the voltage change on both sides of the transistor
if you take your feedback from the fet output, your might be able to get the opamp to reg the output

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im not trying to be going more than 10mph standing straight up
hello, waste of fuckin energy
i dont want to see the woz on a segway, ty
i respec the woz
haha look at woz
#1 dorkgeek.
10:23:20 mobilestu: stop trying to be: the big renowski
10:23:20 mobilestu: you are not the dude
wtf does that mean
well duh
so now i have to figure out wtf your random insinuation was
what because i talk like the dude in the movie?
im from the valley he prob isnt
who's biting who, yo

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usually when id get up on the pedals to get going
so like stand up, put weight on pedal, pedal drops out 12"
omg my nuts
segways are gay
like, nice walker
but yeah smashing myself in that region cant be good for my prostate
stu has bad short term mem
you can ride them around campus?
you dont smoke
well youre done, so its not the green you just have bad short term
wow the error message says PARTSEARCH III
instead of PARTSEARCH II

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my shit all fucked up because i ride a bike with no shock
and like i dont think ive really stretched since yoga class like 2 years ago
wtf paperboy
cant be a paperboy on a bike in LA
no you wouldnt get anything done
people usually have trucks here
everyone did
watch out for tornados and grim reaper
plus that was an arcade game before it was a compy game
anyway, its cheap, and driving to school isnt much faster
cuz is like 3mi, with lots of lights, and i dont have to deal with parking
just ride to classroom door
is it?
the robinsons chain started wearing and slipping off

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^dx^: too much stretching!!
its his overtightened chest muscle condition
thats what you get for messing up your rib things
ribs = total design flaw, human weak spot

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