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okay i gotta make this diode before it becomes blue out

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they usually shave the skinny part that covers the teeth back so its not part of the gage surface
which might be the notch
yeah weird
if you have a radiuses cutter tip or theyre just broken, you wont have a true corner
you dont its to make sure you dont gage on one
same thing as the other notches, bit just for inside corners
yeah that too, bit its so the bottom isnt retsing on an radius if you have the gage against a wall of the part
yeah, machinists tools are usually pretty practical
like theres a reason they all look pretty much the same

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all the ones ive used have a ground rectangle bar
usually got a groove so it slides over the track
well, its not well a notch
like its flat but the skinnier part is usually cut at an angle
i should get some real setup/inspection shit
see doesnt really show what i wanted tho
anyway, the height gage is extended, and the threads are all exposed
so its basically dual pupose
its a heigh gage and it keeps chips out of the teeth

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thats cool
just means 'in between'
i should maybe try and get some digital mititoyos next year
have some nice calipers for electronics and inspection, use the cheapo for doing parts
itd be a joke if you couldnt
its prob good deal if its lasts decent time
machinists are allergic to them, tho
like, engineers and techy people seem to <3 them, machinists cant stand them
its for getting over burrs
usually the inner diamater has a little round notch at its base too

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yeah and half of it is literally gay
and geographical
shit i wouldntbe surprised
efnet is bad for n00bs
i have to make an SOD-323
im like all footprinted out
yeah i dunno how i ever lived without calipers and a scope
just fix it with the caliper tips
it reads ever .0001 or ever .0005 or .001 or what?

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and one is a plate
i believe so, i dont really like the things so much
i was the weird kid who made those transistor amps
it buuurns!
hehe dude i use to yank and load hot tubes all day
been maybe 6 months?
yeah happens
i should join there im always on that network
avrfreak never came back did he?
dalnet topic are gay
/list is like literally flaming
omg never again
i dont think ive connected since

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i think we tested the 12ax7 at like 25v or something
tube premp to audio power opamp would be neat
ive seen that
that shit was so ridiculous
no one will have any clue what youre talking about then
blackmoon: audiophools
id still think itd be neat to do a class-d tube thing
use a microwave tube or something
just use HV stuff and a transformer =)
and i know i tested maybe thousands of them =(
heh, a 'bad' tube pulled like over 5uA on its screen
or maybe grid
one of those
yeah but one audio tubes one is a screen and one is a grid

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there will be amps like that big
causality: if you really wanna do a tube thing, i know a shop carries them
they hand test/match all of them
the guy there will maybe even help you set it up once you select a circuit
new stuff from china, east europe, russia
its not old stock
which is why i think itd be better to make a tube preamp
and then use an IC amplifier
Al is kinda neat
i think i wanna do the vfd clock in Al and acrylic
i have bigass 1" thick acrylic plates
make a frame and buttons out of aluminum
the taig really likes aluminum, its al like yumyumyumyumyum
causality is stu?
blackmoon: theyll run on low voltages

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kidding? the parts are huge
Are you kidding, sir? The parts required to make a vacuum tube amplifier are quite large.
naw too too long to hit enter
most tube amps are made from the identical ancient circuits =)
if those people dunno about elecgronics you shouldnt care
elec gronics!
itd be fun to make a tube preamp
for power tho, is all about the monolithic IC amps
use small transformers and shit
yeah but a preamp you can prob do it in a few watts
google el84 tube amplifier

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blackmoon: because they are not downsized they are super big sized =(
no i want little
already im kinda like wtf these caps are too big
okay so what im gonna do is make a little board for psu and caps kinda goes below towards the back of the main board
or maybe no
maybe i can do something so 11mm caps not too tall
i can put the caps on the outside like audiophools do with tubes

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chemicon say they have smaller than kmg/nhg
wtf chemicon moved all their pdf from their digikey linked location
wow nice
KMG/NHG are like down to 11mm cans
datasheet is like downsize->KMQ
theyre snap-in caps starting at 25mm tall

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you just typoed my typo
and iis a logo is not pastable
no cuz is a pic =\
itd be neat if they fucked up the drawing and the logo spelling
but they are not thazt bad they only fuck up at the like critical important shit
oh i need to make cap prints

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wtf is up with datasheets doing it wrong so often
timecop youre ignorant
the chinese make everything, they can def measure shit
they just making shit so fast they dont give fuck about tolerances
API Delevan American Precision Inducstries, East Aurora NY 14052
=( =(
fuck your company is named Precision Industries, you think you could fuckin put the arrow in the right place

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but the drawing is marked like its a max part width dimension
because the drawing, which looks kinda cartoonish, is fuckin retarded
oh nice
width is specified in two places
.260" vs .04"

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fuck this datasheet drawing is wrong
spacing between part contacts: .17"
total part length: .04"
inductor drawing
they meant the width of the pad
cuz it adds up sane when its that

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yeah but can you have too much?
i think its like caps, the more the better
but more $, but this is not so much $
i thought you were talking about my inductor
i was thinkin too hard
so is VS like c++ you can attach to explorer buttons or some shit?
charles cmon if they didnt do that no one would buy new m$ shit and theyd have to actually innovate and shit

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sometimes making eagle part symbols/footprints is boring
im so almost done
just like one inductor and one diode left
you think 6800uH is too big a supply choke?
is like nothing current

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cuz me and ^dx^ are so fuckin cool, thats why

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corollas are good cars
my mom and my best friend have the last gen one
one of my other friends had a current gen one

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how come they dont make soic20 in skinny pkg?

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its not lab stuff anymore, tho
because it used to be lab stuff like last week
if alot of people want it, theyll get better at making it, theyll make more, and itll get cheap
yeah he knows, or something

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path0s: well put
hehe, i like how you used 'little waves' instead of 'higher frequency'
we can tell
yeah i see how 'little waves' is both understandable to normals, yet not incorrect
as opposed to big waves
which are somehow encoded onto the little waves
kevtris: they are maybe having 'issues'
i thought maybe east coast got nuked =( =( =(
why you need nanos?

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oscillators mix with the input signal, a filter is used to isolate it, signal is decoded,
you dont need to know quantum shit to design a radio
yeah eventually
usually the signal gets freq converted to an intermediate frequency stage
like where it can filter and decode at one set frequency
yeah that happens after its decoded
where you undo the AM/FM stuff
corvette: its electronics inverted
the math is basically the same, just inside out
then you drop everything except one
thats what youre adjusting when you tune it
the frequency you mix into the signal
which affects the sum and diff output
i have 8 pole digital bessels!
but theyre only for up to 50KHz
audio blingbling

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in a vacuum
they prob mean you cant change the constant
because it will break their theory
okay but if it goes faster, wavelength are longer
which means bigger antenna
if it goes slower, they can make it tiny bit smaller
yeah this isnt #physics or #textbook
path0s: RF is modern alchemy
were doing shit with it we only like half really understand it, heh
like theoretical sub-atomics, tho, no?
like, 'hi i vibrate so fucking fast i dont go anywhere'
okay yeah but we dont design electronics with quantum shit
i think sometimes the part designers do
but we dont get to make IC at home for prob like 10 or 20 more years

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wait, so they used the to92 as feet?
thats kinda cool, heh
theres are no photons in electronics foolio
thats optics
it usually shakes them
back and force
okay like EM waves are the hand
and antenna is the shaker
yeah analog tricks in RF stuff is neat
very important, do not forget 3x10^8m/s
super basical antenna = dipole = 1/2 wavelength, tapped in the middle
well, tapped anywhere really
modern antenna use tricks to change speed of light
ceramic layers, etc, so they can be smaller

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nuh uh
its just coming off a coil?
pc stuff in general
kevtris: solder waved single sided boards, heh
yeah new stuff sometimes no
but almost every one ive taken apart is solder waved single sided
east coast nuked!
readerror survives!
theyre small
and cheap
kevtris: lots of east coast nicks dropped
maybe it wasnt geographic
same hostmask
what server?
i like soic
is like mini/flar dip
er, flat

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heh i have an 0605 led on my desk
there are many crumbs bigger
did one like blow up your kid?
yeah stacked ceramic #1
omg i wont work on at based shit anymore
wow neat
i never seen a cap do that
1n914 burn out pretty
little glass case is awesome for that

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okay i gotta make more parts
at all?
actually i dont know if mky semiconductors teacher mentioned
also how do you define a 'new' fet and an 'old' fet
because theyve prob done several things to increase switch speed
ha nice
oh wtf integrated cmos?
thats like trivia shit
how is that gonna help you design anything
i dunno if mine goes down to 1pf
mine doesnt
but it matches up with all the values on my 1% caps
^dx^: you can do inductance with a signal gen and a good cap
mine just uses my probes

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i need to get some linear indicators
i wanna do a test of the backlash at diff points along the axis
also i think theres like a .05% error on the leadscrew
cuz its off a mil like every 2 inches
consistently big
i think i can fix that by adjusting the output scale in emc tho
wtf why are old mosfets slow
prob because of gate capacitance
yeah its kinda the key to figure out the mos stuff
they suck up a bit of current before they turn on
im guessing its all to reduce gate capacitance tho
that directly relates to how fast they will switch

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blackmoon: how do you have an absolute encoder that long?
and i wouldnt mind a pair if mititoyo digitals
but i get a pair of standard calips mics first
i dont believe
heh i think the ones i use are $30
is digital?
all their mics rock
mine skipped a tooth or something
the zero is 90d off what it was originally
still measures the same tho
just twist the bezel to calibrate gage ones

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stupid heater
flipped my breaker
you talking about digital calipers?
every machine shop person ive talked to kinda laughs at the idea
apperently its easy to get them to skip and shit
its not like the dial gage ones are hard to read either

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my clk has a latch just for leds
why did your cap have leds?

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you computer should already be locked up against that shit
hell if anything, itd be a pretty good competition for most EMI emission in your household
(computers spray noise all over themselves anyway)
found some sexy triple diodes in sot323, $.50 each

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pls to find us a product datasheet and come back when more prepared

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(theres an LED in the vap bros unit, itd be really fuckin annoying
how come they dont make 7 bussed leds for digikey
er, diodes, and i mean 8, but 6 would word

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60Hz at -9dB + averaging maybe be okay
yeah im prob just gonna use a 256 oversampling rate
and do fixed point
maybe can just toss the filter altogether
cuz i mean its a heating system, no incredible rush
i dont really want it to be switching the output more than every half sec anyway

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i wonder what word i meant instead of betting
maybe getting
nasw it doesnt react that fast anyway
the thermocouple just picking up the noise from the coil
when i switch the vap coil off, the reading are mad steady
it was okay with a 1Hz filter but i didnt want as much delay
i should realland it wont switch the output fast enough to really oscillatey
yeah but thats way more switching than necessary
yeah i like that it warms quick
i think ima just average
over period of like half sec or something
it worked really good with a filter around 1Hz
but i dont want that much lag
so if averaging works out well i might try and use like a 20Hz filter

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wtf is vs
visual studio?
heh, i dont want to crater my pcb!
omg tho imagine little PCB mount fission reactors
and tiny little SMT steam gens
best pay real good attention to those max soldering condition specs
mmm, dialectric
i have to put averaging code into my vaporizer reg
the new temp sense IC board has a 10Hz filter instead of a 1Hz
and i scoped it, like 20C worth of variation when the heating coil is on
heh cuz is beting by two triacs im pretty sure, by that point

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thats why im using a decoder, so the avr cant fuckup somehow, set all the tubes and segments on
5V out of the 75hct decoder
which also goes to a darlington array
which switches fets which feed the anodes and grids
so it prob wouldnt hurt the drive circuit or tubes
its just overpower the psu by...
heh, up to 100% more current than the smps switch is rated
normal conditions should be running the switch like 33%, so 200% is bad for switch and inductor

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yeah i was thinking about that
and then i can use whatever pulldown
heh, im using the driver to push darlingtons for the vfd grid/anode fets
i dont really want to short those
get all sorts of display fuzz
well, im using a decoder and four latches
doing an 8bit io bus
well no prob is its turn on more than one vfd tube
which is bad for everything (very bad for grid/anode supply)
like its only max rated at 4 tubes on
so someone could smash all the buttons down and burn the 25V reg
plus itd make the display look silly

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so 10K series resistors and 100K pulldown prob be okay
kevtris: okay 100K pulldown is more sane?
dont want to go much lower on the series R

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i want to multiplex 6 switches to one input with the vfd grid select decoder output
so i need series resistance or the switches can short the decoder outputs
so like, 10K bussed R for series resistance, the common to a logic input and 1M pulldown
should just be like a .05V drop
i guess i could use a smaller pulldown, its prob going to an HCT latch, says V_hi(min) is 2V

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fuckit ill get a bussed 10K

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i dunno what that is or who you are
kevtris: is 10M too much for a pulldown?
cuz im using bussed R to keep the button from shorting decoder outputs when more than one is pressed
and i already need 4 sets of 100K bussed R

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picking out last parts
im using switcher things for the 25V and 1.5V so i can use a wallwart
maybe the 5v cuz those little inductors i found are so neat
thats what the local atmel rep kept saying
vishay doesnt make avr, they dont make cheap latches at digikey, they dont make wwvb chips (that i know of)
i have a vishay cat
they make everything

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wtf is an soic tube
ive only gotten them on tape, is like tiniest ever tube or some shit?
yeah but why they have both
i wonder if some machines take tubes
thats like half mm pitch i think
or like .4mm or something
my wwvb chip is like that
is about the same as my tqfp avr

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okay it seems the higher 74 series parts have more sane pin layouts
74373 = bad, 74573 = good

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would the other trigger pin move?
hahaha rawk
are high velocity the solid rounds?
two of those solid shotgun shells is scary

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they cleaned it right?
they had to have cleaned it
tho itd be pretty cool to see them pull a gun out of muddy ground, pop in a clip and just unload, like 100 times
thats neat
see i want a gun like that, or like a 1911 cuz mil used it forever
i think they stopped tho
ha dayum
how fast can they cycle?
they had that in fallout2
so someone, somewhere has a fully automatic shotgun
thats kinda scary
like spews clouds of death
if a semi works, either of us could rig a full auto triggering mechanism
hit the trigger this fast isnt exactly the cutting edhe of tech

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glocks are sexy lookin
^dx^: heheheh
calgar: i dunno if im gonna take up shooting (cuz it is fun)
im not trying to use a gun known for locking up

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switching corner types seems to be something eagle devs thought was important
right click and shft-right click are to switch corner type, alt+right click switches between cw and ccw of that corner type
heh those things look so funny
and dont say its because theyre old, 1911 are old too and they look nowmal
er normal
nuh uh, really?
youre saying in the like 60s years since then, or more, no one has mass produced more accurate small arms?
that makes sense
heh, is not great to be doing shit at so high tolerances when youre like exploding stuff inside them

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my high school was almost that big

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ghostman: try a much higher resistance than 2.2k?
wtf is your acronym mr timecop
hey thats kinda cool
im almost done with 8hr traffic school
timers online = fucked up

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jezus fuck
why doesnt digikey put LOGIC in the descriptions for the logic level fets
fuck them fuck them fuck them fuck them
omg wtf at this fairchild datasheet scan
have the lines in the part schema are like gone
ha that movie was twisted
i saw it in a theater when it was out, it onloy showed in like one los angeles theater
old theater, huge, big murals on the walls, pretty neat
haha yeah that movie was cool
i dont really remember the ending i just remember i loved it

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ghostman: was the sqr wave circuit loaded at all?

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