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heh, current is coming from multiple directions

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the inductors and diodes will kinda tuck under the main board
so like, clock thickness is related to cap height (11.5mm)
this way the tubes stick out
well, stick out more i mean
routing smps is weird

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isnt awesome how after thinking your board is gonna come out total shit
and you ripitup a few times
and then like all of a sudden you look at that shit and its like usable
psu for vfd clock
i didnt like how tall the caps would make a single board
so im making a psu board with the caps all lines up on the top edge
and the it go underneath towards the back of the main board
so the caps dont make it taller
so like the psu board is about 8mm lower
then the caps only stick up like 4mm

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ghostman: sometimes the code ink isnt thick enough or bright enough
so brown and black will almost look the same, and red and brown, and red and orange, and blue and brown
like basically you gotta have all the colors at once to figure it out
blue chinese 1% resistors?
i have those, the ink sucks =(

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i just realized i cant route oo the topside beneath electrolytics to the pins
cuz i cant get solder there
with milled boards, n thru hole plate
any homebrew board is the same

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calc says says 8w for 20k
yeah but thats just based on 400V

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have you done any math?
whats the max V across the snubber?
you 100R was pulling max 4A, so that was 1600W
thats just like an instantaneous thing
but yeah, alot
the 1.8K is 222mA at 88W

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did you test the cap yet?
put the ohm meter on it
if it has a reading after a few sec, your shit is fucked up
if its good megohms or open

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maybe yo cap is bust up
were the to220?
i <3 how to220 crack apart when they blow
all monolithic failure style
21:46:54 @renesis: dried wasabi peas are fuckin me up 21:47:34 @Turdis: I'm convinced those are the japanese's joke on the world
timecop: confirmation?
do japanese peoples eat wasabi covered dried peas?
or do they exist just to fuck with us

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but no fureal i put like 20 in my mouth at once it was hardcore

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why dont you just ask the question
well, like first explain the circuit or code, then the application, then the problem, then ask the question

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