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wonder how shit the ripple is
oh shit it says VAC

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spreadhseet says smps runs lower peak current with higher voltage
i guess cuz lower duty cycle thru the inductor
i can prob use a 16V transformer

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with old school lamp switch!
i can do strain relief instead of a jack i guess
that way if it fucks up, i can just unsolder and strip another wall wart
screw terminals wtf
oh weird

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fuck fuck
i forgot the smps timing caps and the wwvb antenna cap
okay well i prob have 0805 cas thall work
if not its an excuse for another $25 from digikey
i can like not eat for a few days, or something
naw the city cornered that market
i think i remembered everything else
tomorrow i get a allwart and hoefully matching power input from all electronics
ask them for a job, prob get denied again
i think cuz the guy knows id prob steal everything

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19.6608MHz is my new favorite xtal
its 32768*600

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youd need something super sturdy
if the saw catches the slot that just bad scene
wide slot?
omg i hope youre wearing googles or something =\
like if you can mount it study its doable
heh, model it in solidworks
wait its a circular saw?
oh okay you can just bolt the guide plate to a bigger plate
oh, no you meant that
yeah you just gotta figure a way to clamp it steady

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so you feed faster to get the same chipload
diff tools, machines, parts
yeah i usually use like 1K-6K
i only use 10K for pcb etches and finish cuts really
yeah, helps
i still use baby oil
is cheap, everywhere, and it doesnt make my room smell like a machine shop
well if its smoking youre prob going to fast
if more oil cools it down it maybe helps, but yeah usually gotta adjust

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two of the flutes come all the way to the center
normal endmills only do sideways
centercuts will do sideways and plunge
drills just go down
guess so, thats pretty much a centercutting square endmill
all sorts of weird drills
more expensive usually
not consistent, not always more even
same thing with HSS and carbide, esp with endmills
well, yeah, but its always higher speed than HSS

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charles: thanks
cyclinder: does that look like a bus to you?
like if it was the future and buses floated on big metal gravity flexer things
haha shortest ever bus
dude nothing happens unless its by a truck
and even then, the truck just moves the bus, which is amazing
people get thrown, no one ever gets mauled
busses are hardcore
i think theyre usually steel
i think theyre okay
its all pretty sturdy
its mostly empty underneath for luggage on big busses
so the floor and sides have to be tough to support everything
but yeah those are just though
school busses are steel, and city busses are fuckin heavy beast things
like dude huge trucks hit them and they only move a few feet
centercut endmills

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itll make the same sound as a person imitating a rotary engine with headers
they can break if you overpower them
its crystal clear because by comparison it doesnt sound like shit, like when it was hot, right before that
dude youre a troll or you dont get it
your grammar makes buddha stab
are you singing or something?
anyway i gotta go bye
well youre actually not so bad
but a speaker is just a coil of wires
if you get it to hot, stuff will melt, things will short, amps will die, and you will come back here
asking how to fix your amp
so just turn the fucking volume down and save us the time pls thx
go buy capacitors and put them on your amp
itll help
thatll fix it

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you said they were good
dont get them hot and theyll be good
well unless you broke them
zero time?
overheating felt on the outside = really fucking hot on the coil = eventual insulation failure = fire
fire bad.
honestly, if its not burning up hot its prob fine
itll just sound shit and wear out faster
which sucks
i dont understand why you would want to do that
burn coils or massive voice coil misalignment is usually how they die
er, burnt
why would you want them to sound shitty?
why dont you just listen to them at a volume where they dont get really hot and sound shitty?
okay well you might blow them
and blown speaker sound is ghey
bbbrap brbrrap

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dude look my 60KHz xtal pkg is like bus shaped
oh neat
ive seen those
why do they even ask?
they calm?
took them high?
like, you raised the volume?
okay so youre heating you speakers up
and when theyre hot they distort
causality: turn the volume down
that how you fix it
no really
things that are good are usually partially that way because they can dissapate heat, somehow
your speakers cant, they suck
pack them in ice, move to canada, or turn it down

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problem is the stk500 and the vaporizer are like 4ft apart
6ft avrisp cable would be awesome
see fuck gold bus bars
they get all bent u anyway
6ft shielded ribbon cable = PIMP.
be like SATA style and shit
k back to shopping

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so im thinking 10Hz LPF + 256 sample average

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no i upgraded my vap bros vaporizer
with a thermocouple based digital temp reg
but the thermocouple is a loop around a glass tube with a 120VAC heating coil inside
ive scoped it, the fucked up 60Hz wave is coupling to the thermocule loop
a 1Hz filter after the thermocule IC kills it
but i dont like the idea of the long phase delay
i replaced it with a 10Hz filter and its usable, but not great

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one red for the standby led
cuz theyre blue/green segments
but more green
i could put caps on the psu
yeah the psu is gonna be low and underneat
with the the caps sticking out behind the back edge
so itd be kinda neat to light up the caps and the forward edge
cuz itd light up the underside of the main board
no that sounds mad tacky =(
i really gotta put averaging on my vap
like when iot gets to temp and switches off, the temp is totally stable
then it drops, switches on, picks up the heating coil EMI, and goes nuts, like 5-10F jumps
it still works pretty good its just annoying and kinda sad to look at
two triacs really fuck a 60Hz wave up

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theyll burn with more
haha i have a bigass switch in my cigarbox psu
to actually cuz dual rail
but its to bypass the linear regs
so its a switch to unregulated 18V
so i hit that on accident turning the psu off
filements popped, shorted on the grids, popped the psu fuse
was pretty neat
and yeah the filement is also the cathode
tho it doesnt really care if you use + or - 1.5V
so the voltage is just to get current thru the filements, i dont think it matters much if its 26.5V or 23.5V between the filament and the grids/anodes
theyre bright as fuck =\
good that im multiplexing them
saturated the fuck outta my phone cam

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atmega164p, atmega644p
cuz it aint sexy unless its 20MHz
or in this case 19.6608MHz
wow 4K sram, 64K flash on the 644
for lots of raw data or really really bad code
yeah the vfd filaments are 100mA each =(
but only at 1.5V, so not so bad with the SMPS
linear psu it was just fucked up

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then 3 pins to decoder, outputs to uln2004, pmos army, vfd grids
decoder outputs also thru series diodes and switches, back to avr pin
wow so only 12 pins
the 4 input and 4 output for the wwvb IC
well i can handle the switch input when i handle the display update
6 vfd, 6 button
13 pins, 1 pin for VFD supply switching thru the orphan uln2004 channel
and a pmos on the supply board
so 11 pins spared for leds and buzzer
minus reset, i think the 40pin avr have dedicated clk line

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those prob work
actually no
cuz i wanna just use 6 of the bits
but yeah that sounds neat
so its super cold and everything sucks, so i put the heat on now everything is achy
okay i need to finish shopping before i fall asleep
okay, so two avr ports
on straight to uln2004, driving army of pmos, to vfd anodes

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i have that
i dont think it has as many io
least not mine
the 40dip have 4 full ports, in order
sec ill look
this one is normally a 28dip thats why
the qfp and mlf have extra dedicated adc
i dont think they make smaller quad packs
maybe its a 32
or it is
nm im dumb
yeah it does
k so i have to buy a 44pin qfp
def keep the decoder
cuz thats what im multiplexing the buttons off of
so like it saves 11 pins
im just getting addy decoders

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and i think it saves space because i dont need latches, just has enough io
def a less exciting idea
i should prob keep the decoder to keep from burning the vfd tubes
er, rather the vfd tube supply

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so i got over smps fear and just did it like that, uses like 10W instead of closer to 40W, so i can use a big wallwart
its grammatically correct, mostly
i was gonna use a qfp avr
but i have to use latches for port extension
i have all these badass 40dip avr tho

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i found 2A SMA schottky for $.20!
smps diodes and V_input bridge
is 3 rails, so i need 7
power supply for vfd tube clock
need 1.5V, 5V, 25V rails

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i made my first board with them
i have these atmega64p samplesi prob gonna do breakout things for
they sent me 5, i was like fuck, thank you
when i got those and the attiny85, i dont think they were even at digikey yet
okay i have to go shopping more
i found awesome 2A schottkys in SMA pkg for like $.34
make my own damn smt bridge (all digikey has in smt is 500mA pfft)
big fat thru hole ones?
i think i have some 10A ones like that

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for what milling?
ive heard about that, it has EDA plugin stuff
fuckin no clue about details tho
thats solidworks?
thats neat
i can almost do that in ewb, but its not that detailed
or i dunno how
that how i designed my pcb fixture
avr dragon is black and gold
oh you have one, no?
hehe, big dragon silk on the back
its not so much a dev board really
its more a programmer, with breakout pins

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like other reason i havent built the cabinets is because part of me really just wants to make a bigass bench psu
sometimes, parallel caps increase ripple usually
but you can just get better caps
so not always
more dont really hurt
like, audio forum people will spool threads about that, but less ripple on the rails isnt bad
thats all more caps really does, besides stressing your transformer at powerup
heh, russia, china, or east europe
like, could last 2 weeks, could last 10 years
i used to have a cheapo eq/analyzer
partexpress.com sells them now, audio source
i miss it =(
yeah, machining stuff like that, bigass pockets, is kinda a waste of $$$
better to find some way to make it out of plates or something

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so a wasteful amp kinda sucks, 1000W to drive 250W isnt so great
class-D is smps
pretty much any car amp is gonna be smps
like, a really good amp basically is a voltage regulator, so they have VERY good psrr
so you can use them with unregulated power supplies
like, power filtering and layout, using smps shouldnt be a huge issue
like, even if its noisy, its prob switching well above audio
like, 1Hz-100KHz preamps are neat but most people cant hear much past 10KHz
so noise up there isnt gonna matter, if it isnt somehow oscillating and killing the amps
50W RMS is within power opamp range
building a discrete amp wouldnt be insane either
but as far as footprint, and quality, good power audio opamps are the shit
i have 3 big ones =\

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class A is so wasteful its almost useless
like, max theoretical effeciency is 25% i think, very bad
realistically its less, but no crossover distortion
like they run cooler with a signal
cuz your burning power in the speaker instead of all up in the amp
yeah if its a powerful amp
class AB is pretty much what all modern amps are
with differential input so you can use feedback to correct crossover distortion
you have two output transistors, at no signal theyre biased to consume just a few mA usually
i think max effeciency was above 75%
heh, on paper
well, class A with diff input and feedback might be better
because theres no crossover distortion to correct, just the non linearity of the transistor
but yeah, pretty much
most modern amps are AB, so theres tons of good examples
like, you only have so much available power usually

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like, stu wrapping tiny wire around a ferrite core forever
gluing on the surround with precision like a chinese kid
and the amps arent really bling, theyre like minimalist audiophile shit
thats about the only class of audiophile i can really agree with

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fuckin datasheets
If(RMS) RMS Forward Voltage 10A
the electronics
the cabinet planks are sitting here, each one is at least 4 setups tho
meaning its alot of bullshit because theyre slightly big for my mill
but the power supply, crossover and amps were tested, work great
i even made the little aluminum panels for the pots
with twingy cast sodacan Al
haha speaker cabs or speaker drivers?
you prob mean cabs but for some reason i thought drivers first

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'this computer is for orcad now. i hope you didnt need a workstation or anything'
that shit looks huge
like it takes 10 people to work it or something

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jeah is the way to go for everything
heh, once its figured out its quick
but yeah ui is kinda an all around wtf scenario
omg, no
dont do it
dude they dont even support orcad anymore
i dont remember
it was $$$
wtf spreadsheets
thats ridiculous
thats like shit that decides it needs to install on root c:\
i think orcad maybe did that

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it doesnt back annotate?
eagle kinda does it half way, you cant add parts or renetlist, but you can change part and net labels

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break all right angles into two 135deg bends
dont intersect traces at 90deg either, i dont think ive ever even seen that
if you go in at an angle, theres more copper area where they connect, its less likely to be fucked up in manufacturing
doesnt matter with fat ones
but you dont have fat ones

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i should make the dds thing in my stk500 play a song or some shit
i put it on the natsemi headphone amp
thru a 5" speaker thing
i think youre tricking me, yo

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soic is fun
is like less hassle than dip
everything heats up all instantly and shit
you can move EVERYTHING closer to the center
also the IC2 cluster, up to R1 can be rotated clockwise, and also moved up
are you drinking now?
is that was alcohol does while routing?
cmon put some effort man
okay well that good for practice for one of your first pcb
okay well i have you two suggestions, and someone else did too, you should try that stuff
or maybe sleep
ha fun
its so neat i can roll my chair around with running over shit

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autoroute is on crack
i think it just looks ugly and fuck
whats up with that triple via thing
go look at some motherboards
if youre in this chan you prob have some lying around for no reason
yeah this time was just practice, good
are you gonna hand solder that?

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knowing about linear electronics and RF helps
is that autorouter?

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i dont understand why everyone watched that show

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its the 80s digital etch a sketch animator thing

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so its basically locked
ive tried every password i can ever remember using

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pcb is fun
be happy
okay so i bricked my wap, in a sense
because its dd-wrt, with a unsupported or disabled reset button
and i have no fuckin idea what the pw is
mofo, my password
from like a year ago
ive tried to reset, no luck
reset button prob unsupported or disabled
its a wap54g

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its prob per contracts
wipe it, you know how
be sure to flip any bullshit dell boot sector protection options
if its not optional i wouldnt see it like that

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theres tons of reasons to have a floppy
i dont dont
but itd be nice
you can get new sony floppy drives for like $4 at Fry's
or just throw a floppy in
prob dont even need to touch the bios
also, broken cdrom happen
in fact, almost every pre-atx box ive touched in the past couple years had a fuckey cdrom drive
i never understood that
you can prob save as .doc, tho, no?
normal users dont get that, tho
sometimes, b8t default almost everything is pointed at fd first

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great aol, for 6 months, for free
sign me up, wtf
when people i know get computers they usually call me up to take off ass much installed software as i can, reinstall good free shit
oh and they want real office
i found a portable version of m$ office thats pretty awesome
get a rack unit
old rack unit =)

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thats not so bad
has monitor and printer?
qvc, dell, hp are all good about that
thats usually why you cant build a better box, cuz of the bundled monitor and printer
but like, who doesnt already have a monitor or 3 and a printer
Chassis: 250-watt DC Power Supply, Backup Battery: 3-V CR2032 lithium-coin cell
total failure
only 2 slots, 2x pcie, 1x pci
with that psu i just wouldnt use it
shit will die in the summertime
yeah i hate when they list software like its any kind of value

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did you get a gf or something?
or make a mess? or what?
heh, yeah
bet its got integrated gfx
everything, now
dual or single core?
or just not enough information?

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get a print server
throw lunix on ir, write a bash script
man i need the vacuum cleaner
my sister borrwed that shit like a month ago

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wifi would be neat
but prob 100x the complexity

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heh, eth card
copper and ferrite = $

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arm.thats like a slip clutch lawnmower gokart on a race track
damn forgot to backspace again
but yeah, doing that on an arm prob be easier
i think alot have eth ports already

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is that for PCB+schema?
you need the schema capture, i think that makes it more
the autorouter is kinda lame
i think $400 was just for PCB
yeh that sounds right

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and an electronics student, so its not like its unrelated

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anything will do rs274x, rs274d, and excellon
and dxf
so eagle still more functional in that sense, sadly
i have a mill, itll do pcb down to .010 easy
i need to tun it, maybe get .080 trace working
space values can be smaller, its the way the conicals are
taig 2019cr, pac sci steppers, around 100oz, xylotex stepper driver, running emc on ubuntu as the controller
school grants and subsidized loans
paid maybe $1900 for like $2500 worth of stuff
er, s/.080/.008
FAFSA, youre allowed to spend it on whatever you want
and im a CNC student

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itd be exceptionally hard to be less userfriendly than orcad or eagle tho
electronics workbench ultiboard prob got the best UI ive used
man timecop is lame
It will export to a DXF file so you can mill and drill your board.
it doesnt do standard rs274
anything does dxf, im not about to ace convert circuit boards
cuz he claimed it did standard gcode output
he insisted that he had told me previously, that it was just for turds like me who mill my shit
how about that has nothing to do with what im talking about

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getting drunk is a total waste of money
and weed is pretty much free
pays for itself
if anything people mooch off me, as i dont really do it for profit
but like $20 for 4 or 5 beers (at a bar, less at a club)
compared to 4 of 5 bowls of kind herbs, its totally a non decision to me
weed aint never made me sick and wanna die
weed has never really blacked me out, either
also, weed isnt so dangerous to drive on, proven to make some people better drivers
alcohol kills mad people
fuck if i know i havent tried it yet

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in my youth, 6 packs and pints of teq to the dome wasnt uncommon or painful
weird how kids dont get hangovers
^dx^: kind or swags?
^dx^: swag has alot of the cannabinoids that make you sleepy
mad comedown, sucks, im pretty good at avoiding that stuff, its been years

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word to ur automobile
can you program a pic?
my bad can you program basic
well, youll prob have more luck buying an ad converter than making one
think you timed out before we got what you said previously
okay i gotta clean up
stop being distracting
oooh, yeah
<3 wine
wine > hard liqs > beer
omg you dont know girls who can drink?
yeah i get tippy after 3 or 4 beers now

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gpf: ha media player gps
ooh, i should price microsd
maybe my phone can be a reasonable mp3 player
it came with a silly 32mb card
2gb of crucial microsd is $22
and they gave me a 32mb unit
hope the fm tx doesnt suck
yeah, sometimes they dont work so well

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they dont care
doubt it, prob all comes from radioshack central office
always got radioshack bubblepacks
yeah they get brand consumer electronics, but its always crap stuff
i gotta clean up
theres like parts mixxed with trash mixed with laundry
+ strife
like $250 or something?
everyone gettin those things now
krylar2: you sensor has some sort of signal output
find it, stick it on an adc input on the PIC
alternatively, buffer with an opamp, set gain for more ADC res, then hook to ADC pin

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radioshack is good for audio and video adapter
cuz svid is newer prob
they always have the worst consumer electronics too
it sims a uC like with scripted io events or something?
or you can feed it code and itll run it
or its just a timer on a Voltage src

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hmm fuck cnc, i wonder if i can get a job as a sound tech

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you only have 100 channels?

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it worked
oh nm
i gotta get the whole laser on it

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you ever feel like maybe you were going insane
and then you realized you havent had any music on all morning?

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fuckin empty cups and bottles and cans and baggies and cig boxes and school docs and pinouts and socks everywhere
very interesting
i dont have a desk lamp =(
i have red laser
and maybe red led

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use a smaller fixed resistor
alternatively, put the photoresistor voltage divider on an opamp, use appropriate gain, feed to an avr, use avr pwm
okay today i clean up my room

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little bobby tables
little donny resistor?
a photoresistor?
replace the pot with a photoresistor and a resistor
in series, tap in between, like the 3rd pin on a pot

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^dx^: heh

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is wiped out windows temp dir yesterday
maybe it was that
cuz it held onto my order for almost a week

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my digikey order is gone
bastard fuckers its not in my order history either
no blank =(
im not sure what you mean
like i didnt pay for it yet
i was collecting parts for eventual payment

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54 and 27 wtf
introduction of second life SWAT team

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the bass in the is awesome
s/in\ the/in\ that

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