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are there led with VF less than 1.5V?
im thinking not really
okay well it doesnt matter because the filaments glow so i know its on

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wonder if my phone will freak out on a 2gb microsd
cuz then itd a kinda useful mp3 thing

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like somewhere around 385F, you can get all the vapor in one hit
then all the other hits are useless
but it still doesnt burn
i need some sort of valved multichamber whip
ok handle it

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okay i gotta do symbols and schema
and touch up the smps board with some polys
else i gotta read a poem and write an essay
and read a play
really i should be doing those things
prob the desktop genius
damn my vaporizer is over optimized

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oh no
it just seems so ass backwards, like i run the psu at lower current and it regs worse or something?
timecop: heheh fucked up
timecop: think so
like, in each state it checks those bits
and does whatever if its set (guess)
it looks like that, tho, cuz the bits are reused
no, u

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eth hax0r
yeah, series choke
^dx^: requirement of the oscillator circuit
just put a isp heaer on there
do lower current smps need bigger inductors?
cuz like i set imax to working current instead of max current in my smps math spreadhseet
that i made with the TI datasheet equations
and the min uH value goes up
i dunno, i find out when i test out the psu i guess
i totally forgot to buy the timing caps and peak current sense resistors =(
i guess ill have to buy $25 more stuff from digikey

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(i keep saying that)
theres prob more avr fans than pic fans here
both do the same shit, doesnt matter
cuz its like sense, timing, triggering, its basically what uC are for

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yeah the parts required for 8th order is kinda nuts
kevtris: natsemi, AD, maxim, and atmel are pretty no hassle
free ship samples
oh, yeah prob
actually yeah, popular chips took like 2 weeks longer
like i got a bunch of shit from natsemi in a few days, but the LM3886 power audio opamps took weeks
hehe, they have so many super specific parts
i bet they do alot of custom IC, and they just sell off excess or some shit
those are great for debouncing certain types of switches
switches bounce
figz: microcontroller =D

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they have voltage and freq controlled filters
why are you replacing R with switched caps?
why dont you replace the R with switched R
kevtris: hi
i have those
some maxim thing with multiple filter sections
hehe at RType sid

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macegr: for 7075, its like 7x what 6061 costs
k gotta go

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no i dont mean extrusions
i mean plates
like, big chunks of 6061 = cheap
cuz think about how they would have to make the extrusion die
its harder
mcmaster has this architectural aluminum too
which is softer than 6061
its actually the very cheapest usually
aluminum foil?

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hehe cool
i just had a goofy open book test on weld symbols
what kind of tolerances?
like coordinate tolerancing or geometric?
inspection = money
heh 'stainless steel' could be 10 diff things
tz: fun
macegr: haha
6061 is so cheap at mcmaster
sooooo cheap
well whatever, all i know is everything else is expensive
6061 is cheap
and its 6061 so its not bad

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like, welding is fun but id rather stay home and do circuit board
i think this is an important realization
dunno without pics
sounds neat
heh, the obsoleted lincoln bins had dovetails for linking
new ones, no dovetails, sad
okay yeah i got that
but im like wondering about the cams and things
make bombs
for the government
boston they taser you

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did anyone need access to that part of the machine?
no idea what you mean but i guess thats a yes

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anyone know of something like this in america?
that seems not realistic for big machines
prob hurt himself anyway
good sprint
couldnt really dive that fast
er far

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sexy, no?
i dunno why not just use a steel fence
not like machine always stop super quick

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fucked up
i knew a guy who had a audio/foley studio in his pad
he only had thumbs
machine in argentina stomped him out =(
just had a single engage button, and down low
so he bumped it
naw was like an metal stamp press i think

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well yeah 240vac hurts
and then
inrunning nip?

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and wanted to test a triac thing
i touched it like halfway up, omg was that a weird feeling
yeah its like vibrations inside
and your brain just stops whatever it was doing
my ex's bro is an electrician, does alot of city shit, big machines
someone once turned a breaker back on while he was working
and behind a big metal machine
he had to like wiggle out to fall to safety while being electrocuted
they found him he was all curled up on the floor, kinda barely talking
yeah he said cuz he didnt know then
he wasnt like a certified electrician then, i guess he just installed stuff
well yeah he knows now gpf

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you burnt your lcd?
oh hahaha
i once cut a resistor on my triac board
while it was live
i just remember everything getting really bright
then my friend was lookin at me crazy, and there where little black spots on everything
rab: he knows dude, heheheh
but i was being safe, yo
insulated handle wire cutters \o/
one hand behind my back
its like a habit now, even when im not doing anything electronic =\
that tube QA job really etched that into my brain
hahah, zapped by a flash cap?
ive never been zapped by a cap
i dont think ive been hit by 120vac either
like, i once made a voltage divider with a bunch of resistors
because i didnt have a 10X probe

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heh, i got a r2r dac on one 10pin, to a headphone amp pulling vcc and gnd from another port, to a 5.25" speaker thing
yeah ive thought about using alternative connectors
and using a adapter board
if i know im never gonna be programming it again, id just use the dragon
i put a zif on it, so programming would be pretty quick
but yeah, some sort of smaller smt thing would be cool
is not a bad idea
forum people are good at shit like that
i got some of those, they say 3M
but in the wrong font
like its not a logo, it just someone typed out 3M in sans font
little cheap lookin but theyre okay
fuck that, paypal

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its not so bad, its got more gnds
macegr: can make one with some perfboard or a cnc machine =)
stk500 comes with one
omg nm 2
i like how stk500 uses 10pin for port breakouts
makes it easy to make little peripheral boards, cuz i got a big baggie of 10pin box headers
naw, makes sense
its gnd every other pin i think
well, except for vcc, first odd pin
i dunno its not bad
gnd is between ports and vcc
not a bad setup

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i wanna do some kinda on board cable strain relief
any ideas, suggestions, etc?
i think i was gonna like mill something aluminum to clamp a looped cable under some silicon rubber
cable strain relief, on the board
or like, i can use zip ties
but thats not sexy
you mean with a programmer, or just straight?
you need leas 4 parallel lines to do isp, i think
miso mosi sck rst
dont think so
par port maybe
you have an stk500 just use that?
you know you can connect the avrisp cables on it to another board
instead of the proto area on the board
2x3 or 2x5 header
i like the 10pin
it has both macegr

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because TI is better at everything

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cool my new connectors have a part called the FITTING NAIL

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heh the two volts was prob the psu in short circuit protection mode + led Vf

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avr found a trajan in a zipped copy of portable avg
yeah shit happens
nice nick
okay i need to go back to sleep
i hope this global warming things happens soon i hate this cold shit

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im not trying to put all my stuff where there is peoples
theyre so weak
trap the stuff in the temples and shit

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if you get in with one of the big familys, they give you a place
like my telvani home was on the edge of the wastes
to the east
naw man it was awesome
big shroom house
have you seen the shroom cities?
i have a solo shroom home in the ashland planes
well, had, that savegame is long gone
note you said middle
whole island is nowhere
also if you cant fly or run fast as fuck or teleport or something, thats sad
yeah and i had a huge pile of soul gems in mine
keep maging, mage
go join a family or whatever theyre called and get a real house
i always kept my warehouse in a tomb
so sometimes, i had to be fuckin ghost mufuckers up to get to my shit, was great

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man fuck the cold
i gotta read a fuckin poem and write an essay
then i gotta read a play
a fuckin play
omg fuck english 102
blackmoon: omg atmega164p qfp44 has dedicated xtal and reset pins
and all the pins are in order
and even the block diagram looks sexy
its like, 'hi i am your perfect avr footprint'
telvani is the best
thats not your home fool
thats a home you stole

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0201 wtf
0405 is fucked up
er, 0402
timecop: you assembling?
or having it done
heh, nice
heh, i cut a section of ribbon out and put a resistor there instead to make a filter
maybe internal
any app notes with schemas?

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haha nice
like nowhere else would you see reverse creased bends on a tiny gage wire
except 80pin ribbon cable

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the only thing about sata was early compatibility
tho you can swap out sata with any first gen tech
like een linux figured out sata more than 2 years ago
fuck if i know, i knew people booting of that shit when mobo barely had them
ide isnt bad
80pin ribbons are bad
round cables are okay, but not so great right at the wire/plug connection
ive never had a bundle of twisted pairs go bad
dude 80pin ribbon cable is fragile =(
where as sata cable is so durable lookin you could prob use them as weapons
like, nunchuck into strangle hold ninja shit, or something
oh from a single ribbon cable?

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timecop: what is this pebuilder
i think i wanna by a pata 500gb seagate
while they still exist
shit newegg is probably selling the last one now
you got teh seagate?
price per gb is fuckin omg shit
dude its amazing theres any pata at all left
do mobo even come with pata anymore?
i dunno i dont have sata drives
but i have sata cables
and those shits are neat
ribbon cables fails eventually
cuz oems like to put sharp creases in them
cuz it looks 'neat'

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