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seravitae: haha

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and then it glitches, 3 days after warranties end

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like, widespread bio implants and ghosts in the machine
we havent really gotten there yet
or i dunno, maybe other peoples internets are haunted mine seem okay
no way
like, AI might be a bad idea
but its totally doable
hell yeah
humans are just pattern recognition things
were not that special
haha i read how a uni in chiba japan is building super EMI clean rooms to do bio electronic testing
gibson is a prophet.

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so yeah, stephenson is maybe more ultramodern cyberpunkier style
but like old hollywood shit where like a bunch of people get together to do crime
and like some cop or PI is trying to get them, but its like the 30s or 40s and law enforcement is still kinda cowboy shit
there you go
totally like a techy genre to go from conception to obsolete in 10 years
ha i like that movie
i had it on nhs as a kid
er, vhs
anyway its kinda just an odd genre now
because its basically now, now
like, you dont gotta read books for coorporate rule, mercanary culture, everyone thinks theyre a hacker and some of them even are type shit

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like if snow crash was produced kinda johnny mnemonic style, i prob wouldnt mind
gibson was darker
everything just seems more fucked up but more like current times
stephenson kinda spells out alot of stuff
like, just tells you whats up, gibson almost never did that
like you were just supposed to know, almost like you werent reading about the future
it was written more like criminal shit

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and 1984 is pretty good
i guess its in pre-production
if neuromancer gets $$$, i bet theyll do snow crash and the other two sprawl trilogy books
tho he may have been a kangaroo
yeah but its supposed to be a bit cartoony
like, sprawl stories arent supposed to be cartoons
its supposed to be dark and so similar to the present it kinda scares the shit outta you
man i still havent read that shit more than halfway
i hate english class ive been reading the most useless shit
and then i got burning chrome (again)
so been reading thru that again in my free time
snow crash is kinda cartoony

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like it was almost like too many good actors at once, over the top visuals, somehow plot kinda got bit lost
if they fuck it up, i will vandalize shit
heh, i pissed all over a blues bros 2000 bus stop poster
but this is a much, much more important movie
no rab
pls dont say that movie
the short story was so, so good =(
like, first molly appearance, ending in a random paragraph in neuromancer
turned into another movie in the mid 90s with ice-t as a rat person
wtf at ice-t rat person movies in like 94
naw dude, its a bad experience compared to the short story
yeah but this is diff, its gibson, he deservesbetter

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i should read a scanner darkly
the movie was kinda okay, seemed more like an art project than a focused production tho
i guess they do better with his movies than gibson or steven king
yeah it just had that compressed wtf book2movie feeling
ha yeah
thats the other thing, like the actors were too big, like theyre already all kinda typecast

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easier, because custom
path0s: try and do something for speed =)
or handle alot of simulataneous running code
ive heard some scary fucked up things about how the c compilers enter and exit interrupts, calls, do var handling
like at that low a level the higher level doesnt really help as much as it obfuscates
is that a word?
neat i even used it right
yeah what are the chances
english class must be helping
no i even spelled it right
trip out, is new era of diction, starting now

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you can just check it and suck up bytes
you need soldering practice or something?
i think moon is the only other person besides me who knows much avr asm
i think he codes mostly in c tho
well, like regular talkative channel peoples
yeah pretty much
its pretty cool once you figure out all the details

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so you can handle 8 more spi device enable pins no problem
blackmoon: i know im trying to drill this into him so he gets over the ph33r and wastes like 3 more io
er, doesnt waste
put all the spi devices on the spi port
put the chip enables to their own io pin
when you wanna use something, turn one CS off, turn the other on
then spi at it, from it, whatever
finish the write, handle the eth
prob shouldnt be doing anything else while writing to an SD
have you read the eth controller datasheet?
it might be buffered
maybe youre lucky and it has a fifo

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this kinda sucks
so the soic8 pmos fets i got only have +/-8v Vgs
so now i gotta use a zener to drop suck up the voltage cuz its on a 12V rail
i forgot to backspace suck up, but yeah drop worked i guess
blackmoon: but its backwards =(
anyway, zener will work
cuz i have sot23 zeners
i bought them cuz i subconciously knew id need them later
do they both have CE pins?
select, enable, whatever
if you can disable their io pins, its not an issue
they have enable pins for a reason

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but its suck if you brain locked up while it was opening files
or just got laggy because of big pdf
brain swapping out to hdd cache, sadness

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haha wtf we use a program with an eyeball tool =(
i should try diptrace soonish
eagle works, tho
and once you get it, can make parts in a minute
in like 20sec if you already have symbols and footprints
if vcc is 5v
naw cuz one day theyll have integrated charge pumps
and theyll make their own goddamn 5v vcc
and you will power the rest of board from a special pin called PZ0(BADASS)

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i use route in board
unless it doesnt ratwire from the right node
then you can use wire
you have to check the name tho
same with large copy operations
itll append numbers onto wires, you have to check
means he couldnt figure out library editor
cuz you never checked naming
or connectivity
now youre just being lame
rab: yeh its weird
its not unusable
its just got a fucked up learning curve
orcad is the worst
macegr: yeh
wtf what
neat, bitch
we know
so lesson here:
eyeball tool, good
net tool = +dots

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it works the same
net tool and wire tool
um, no?
maybe you will fail drc every time
net makes dots
i use wire tool
and dots
and i check all my connections
yeah you can just put dots
yeah thats the big diff
thats why you check nets
with eyeball tool
i dont have drc issues
fucks up layers?
id check anyway, either way
honestly, its not like its a big diff, im using both right now, its pretty much the same thing
ive used both
well yeah cuz you apperently dont check connections
then you wouldnt get drc errors everytime
are you talking about schema or board?

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why not use wires?
yeah on boad use the route/ripup stuff
for schema wires work
well thats a bitch sometimes
so you gotta use busses and label wires/nets/whatevers

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i can get ewb student version?
im not a poorly executed rotary engine
you can use wires

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lots of streams use it, just not the soutcast server
have their own shit
gee i bet they came up with that in 2 hours
fuck i gotta stop reading the news and watching the cspans
its kinda depressing to be informed
like, on a congressional level
yesterday was like: hey you thought credit card companies are fucked up? heres 3 hours of proof right from the top of bank of america credit
time, people dont need news in HD resolution
cspans survival in its current format is some proof of that
professor: electronics workbench
go, steal
oh he wants to pay?
many ha

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160 MB
ltspice is pretty light program
timecop you dont do anything linear
you just gotta hook digital shit together and it works
be small and cost you lots of ching

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LTSpice/SWCADIII rawks
good free spice, not saturated with features or setup to be schema capture for pcb

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are we shorting shit thru LEDs tonight?

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avr cane, fool
pimp canes are shorter
you cant pimp swagger with a cane that long
i dont have those fonts
he has a nice scope
how did he get that nice scope

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bah fuck i forgot to unpause torrents before leaving
i only have 8% of dune =(
did not notice that
its like shes sort of anti-timecop object
like, garlic and vampires
jewish anime chicks and timecop
hehe that AVR spear is what she has to put thru timecops heart to dead him
whatch out, yo
i think the paneled pcb to the horizon effect is kinda cool
begs for more res

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i think i have a crush on this black chick in my english102 class
like shes def what im lookin forward to when i go
i thought she was a lesbian but maybe she bi
all her writings are like lesbian scenes
hehe, we get to critique each other in groups
yeah they might all have it
except the lowest tiny which doesnt have shit
tiny11 i think?
it doesnt spi program
i should just buy an SD socket and try that shit out

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10 hour school day starts now
is a bad bad way to schedule your classes
yes stu, contract further
you know, to save packets
yeah thats what i said
again, read earlier statement
how creative

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rab: is 12V 1.5A
rab: itd be kinda scary if it wasnt big
its like 60% effecient according to the sticker
so like, normal bigass wallwart
yeah this isnt one of those
they didnt have any like that =(
right you want a woman
all men for you then?
too bad you dont have a big 18w wallwart to impress them with
its like vibrating with power and its not even plugged in
naw i put it in THEIR pants

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you do know theyre a bunch of potheads?
heheh, its a neat place
all electronics
stu is using their service to somehow criticize me
cuz stu is bitter about life and bored or some shit
beer, bar, chicks at bars drinking beer
these are things im not so excited about
i would hurt people with this wallwart
but yeah if people were like gonna do some shit, i would

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oh no, lets not use up all the lines
well, i dont really believe in infinite
but theres alot, yo
why are you paying per line?
is it like per equiv line of text on an 80 wide terminal?
or like you get billed every newline
you have no authority over my bandwidth
i think this is an issue you should be taking up with your isp
wow, all electronics got me my stuff overnight
i think thats worth the $4 price diff in transportation
proper as them?
in my shipping habits?

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dude i saw 3 in like 30 sec
i dunno wtf a coonass is
i had a creole gf
she was nuts
well, half creole, half mexican
but yeah, nuts
yeah thats what it is is like french/black
Arsenio Maher, ph33r
but the peckerwoods call black people coons
that doesnt make sense to me
is my booty wtf
i think its french?

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yeh, long long time ago stuff
like pirats and explorers and etc
weird city =\
heheh cool
okay ima just use the shit stapler
thats shitty
we drove thru LA but i mostly slept
the one thru baton rouge
'we can see new orleans next time'
week before katrina
i was only awake for a gas station in baton rouge
omg, french lookin southern blondes
=O =O =O

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prob couple hundred years older id guess
says city hall was built in 1803
city is so weird without cars
like almost everything in LA is since the 1950s
really old for here would be like 100 years
besides some adobe brick stuff thats left over from the spanish missionaries
they dont even know how old that city is
keeps getting washed away
naw like i mean in the last 500 years
like thats apperently happened a few times before

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those are maybe 150
maybe 200, i can check sec
yeah, el camino real is like early 1700s
yeah see, we took the hitoric road thru cali, and turned it into freeways
like oldest thing in cali, all the missions were built along it

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no the buildings
NYC you have like 100 diff pics of skyline, all diff buildings
LA you have 100 pics of the same buildings, with totally diff neighborhoods in the foreground
like maybe 100 years
for ancient shit, but most stuff isnt more than 50 years old
like, LA has bulldozed and redeveloped most of its history

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i had a ministapler
it might have been swingline, its good
uses normal size staples
its gone tho wtf
im at home
dude this is cali
wtf basement?
i thought i new someone with a basement
but then we opened the door and we were outside and it turns out his house is built into a hill
we just dont have them
its like, where the parking goes
and we dont even have alot of big buildings like that
LA skyline is a joke =(

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omg i finished stupid poem essay
death to shitty misaligned staplers
dude, fureal
im not even bad at them and i fuckin hate them
path0s: it is =(
its a little handheld thing tho

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omg its really david lynch
worms and spice

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yeah i wanna know too
most movies based on books or short stories are meh
david lynch did dune?
nuh uh
hahaha now way!
i read the wiki
it seems neat
its kinda a book vs movie decision, tho
oo, youre a junkie
is 1984?
dune release

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best connection, you gotta twist em up or clamp em tight otherwise
like, fastest response is basically just thermocouple wire welded together cuz its got so little mass to heat up
yeah my gf knows how to use a thermocouple
er, exgf
shes not exactly an electronics wiz
she just knows you gotta turn those screws tight
haha, i have a huge thermocouple from one of the kilns, has broken ceramic insulators but still okay
like two 1/8" rods with a marble size weld at the end
like i dont think ill ever have anything that big to thermocouple
heh, digital temp feedback charcoal bbq!

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im sure you have some sort of british thing like JC Penny
put an avr on it!
actually reflow oven is not a big stretch from my vaporizer temp reg
just have to add a timer for temp ramping
im gonna try and get welding instructor to show me how to use the bigass spot welder
so i can weld some thermocouples
old manual thing
has copper prongs like maybe 1.5" thick
yeah i never done it tho
hehehe, yeah
i dunno anything about the machine and no one uses it
everyone says its working tho, so im gonna ask him about it because its towards the end
i have to ask soon because i think bbq day is soon and i dont think we get to weld on stuff that day
im like wtf bbq, i wanna melt shit and stick it together some more

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maybe one day theyll invent this thing where you can pay for shit from places not local, and they send it to you in a box, and like they never even see you
naw my bad, thatll never happen
theres no british craigslist or something
maybe someone left one on their curb
yeah not surprising
again, pray they invent some sort of worldwide communications network so you can contact far away businesses and place orders
im sure somewhere there is a $25 toaster oven
look at that, $20 reflow oven from JC Penny

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i bet itll melt the solder tho
CDs microwave neat
4sec prob do it
a cheap one
that you dont use for food anymore

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yeah stu, cuz i like dont want to be able to pay rent, or car payment and insurance
yes stu i love the way i live, this is my total dreamlife, poor fuckin student in it for the long haul
yeah sucks to work in something you have zero interest in
i dont waste money on drugs
they pay for themselves
weve been over this how many times?
jezus fuck stu is like your mem is worse than mine
dude if you consider herbs major drug dealing, you got old
then whats the prob?
but you bring it up
and i believe as a point that you have a prob with me wasting american taxpayer dollars
um, my quality of life stems from me not having time for a job
cuz im always doing this school thing you find so pointless
yes stu, and?
yeah serious, im like taking as much money as i can while i still can
theyre just spending it on bombs and tasers anyway
calgar: cmon, think about that hard

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anyway, weve been over this like 20 times
it gets old stu, srs
talk about some electronics instead of me and avrfreak for once
at least pretend, or something
but its okay for tax dolars to go to drugging kids and abusing kids?
its amusing what people complain about
ha, yeah but at least taxes dont pay for it anymore!
like when it was prescription shit
dude, what do you think they spent money on?
lazy, you dont think school is some bullshit?
putting kids on drugs
i dont like working for other people
and yeah stu its a fun joke
but if you think im going to school just to avoid work, youre funny
like youve said before, youve long since lost the ability to learn new things
anyway, new subject?
like i really want to do english courses
sociology is kinda neat, but id rather be in a welding class or some shit
and you have no time to make serious money
cuz employers are like not happy about the constantly changing schedules in the middle of work hours

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theres techs and engineers, the pay is way diff, and the diff is the degree
maybe that aint the way it is in britland, or maybe youre just anti school cuz you didnt finish, i dunno
like, starting tech salary = <$20K
starting engineer salary = >$40K
your cap as a tech is about what an engineer starts at
dude thats like starting average
okay so youre special stu
ill have you a sticker and plaque made
im not bitter
whose the one always criticizing who?
fuckin brainiac
yeah befcause id be much better as labor

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i might still have 9V snaps
but i want something like attached to the board
you can get snaps and holders with woires from all electronics
mxmanwork: multiply by like 1.35
i been in tech and lib arts programs at a community college for like 5 years
$20 units, yay!
i start next fall
i just have to take any college math
worst case i start spring 2009
you have to do the courses before they give you an engineering degree
if you call yourself an engineer and youre not ABET, might as well be a sound engineer
refer to above comment
naw dude youd be ignored otherwise

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yeah i think ive seen newer NiMH in 900mAh
im checking, sec it may have been 600mAh it was forever ago
they have datasheets too
so you can even see it in curvy format
i think theyre all gone now =(
tho the one i put in my fluke is still going
my fluke has auto power off
you have to hold down a button on startup to disable
batteries retail is just ridiculous
unless you but like 100packs at target
yeah digikey is still cheaper than bulk retail
i want to get pcb mount 9V adapters
well, 9V, AA, and AAA
yeah really

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thats what i thought they used, everything seemed much more sane when i found out they rectified the voltage down instead of up
cuz im like, youre welding metal, wtf
you dont need serious voltage for lots of current thru metal
i know this for a fact
9v batt will arc if you dead short it
tiny ass blue spark, but it arcs
heh, yeh
i dunno if ill be able to take anymore welding classes =(
well, not at my school now
cuz i might not be going to the same school
i need a math class to get into university
but i might have to take it at another school
and im prob gonna job it next semester
naw i think they come in 900mAh
well, not really tho actually
cuz it was NiMH and its only 7.2V
so it prob works out to like 750mAh or something
theyre AA
you can get 2500mAh AAA NiMH
er, AA
naw they come bigger, but i think they have a way bigger Vdrop before theyre considered 'dead'

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and its amps * 1000 if you calc it his way
is what im trying to say but not doing so well
so im sorry moon is amps = wrong_amps * 1000
wrong_amps = inches
yeah thatd work
but dude id just confuse him more
like i was arguing it with him (not like, arguing arguing, but kinda playing)
and hes like, 'wtf mA??'
like only pussies would use mA for anything, ever
whats megaamp?
no dont say that
megaamp is like mercali scale 7
google mercali earthquake scale and look up magnitude 7
thats what megamps are
how long ago did they use HV welders?

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.250 would be 250A
thats my point, they werent
no, thats what THEY were doing
mine is inches * 1000
okay look it works either way
.1" = .1A
* 1000 = 100A
.1" * 1000 = 100"
* amps = 100A
yeah i said that wrong
i put inches * 1000
he marked me wrong cuz he was like wtf is a mA
his direct instructions = your starting amps are the fraction of an inch youre welding on
so to him that means 1/4" = 250A
cuz i just woke up fool
point is i know what to set the knob too

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its weird my welding instructor calls everything steel
aluminum, copper, non ferrous steel
i think maybe to welder, steel = anything that melts
naw hes cool
he knows his shit
obviously charles
hehe, he also marked me wrong cuz i put inches = amps * 1000 (suggested starting current)
like, .0625, use about 60A
but welders are like wtf mA?
like thats basically what he said, wtf mA?
blackmoon: heh, last night we spend like 20min in the back of the shop, analyzing grinder sparks
blackmoon: well to them its just the number in thousandths = amps
no its amps * 1000
like, .100" would be 100A

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the last two sentences read funny
isnt 'filament' kinda generic
like is it always a coil of coiled tungsten?
i just wanted to know where the 6-10w/cm thing came from

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