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causality: im prob gonna have one micro do user io and calculations, and the another micro do the dds and adsr runtime stuff
it reduces the cost of the synth micro, cuz itll fit in under 2K of flash probably

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but yeah if i can divide number quicker, i can do adsr in realtime
i could just do it on another avr
because its the divide that causes the glitch
wow thats so awesome
i found a good use for avr multiprocessing and fast 8soic tinys
i do it just gets offset on the weekends
left on my own, my schedule creeps until bnedtime is when it starts getting blue out
survive the night, sleep during the day, etc
adsr controller micro
dds micro with adsr integration

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okay i think i figured this ADSR shit out
24b/16b unsigned division = ++awesome
it wont be able to adjust adsr values during runtime without glitching tho
sub ms glitch for each change event
synth stuff
attack delay sustain release
yeah you know what that is
im pretty sure i can impliment midi note direct digital synth + adsr on an avr with decent specs for audio
it can divide fast?
i only know about old obsolete useless math proc stuff

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ctretsch: kilo, mega, mil, micro, nano, pico
non multiples of 3 are useless and require further calculation
nice, Calc98 is free and has engineering notation

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i fuckin hate windows calcs
fuckers, how useless is that
engineering notation or death
e is multiples of 3
so 10^3, 10^-6, 1-^12
you know, useful multipliers
my Ti engineering calc has it, windows powertoy calc doesnt

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okay cool
heh, im trying to make an adsr for my phase accumulator synth thing
then i can make a song
but like, proper song

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thats right we have no comprehensions of WAAAAAAASSSSSUUUUUUUUU
man is there like an audio geeks channel on this network?
or like, are we it?
yo nigga slap me some skin, aightaight neeeeeeiiiiiaaaah
there are you satisfied?
and dont be like TUMTUMTUM? cuz its just cuz you aint from the hood
a linear ramp in db will sound like a linear rais in volume, no?
say from -35db to 0db

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yeah we respond better to, "motherfuckers, yo."
learn it

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did you tell her you were considering deading yourself?
you cant tell real people that they will clink you
are you in jail?
youre jails have net?
cuz thats kinda neat

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thats why it was in his pocket

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you gotta make those little micros your bitch'
you cant be letting them make you buy extra parts
when they try some shit like that you look at the micro and be like
cant you just like tell the pic to set it outputs hiZ somehow
the pins are supposed to go hiz, no?
why happened?
why happened?!
not really
just sucks to be a dad!

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heh, 16PST?
okay i bought everything
i think something happened and like i had to select single/double shipping last time
like right as i was buying someone bought last of those chips in tubes

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oh i need caps for the avr xtal
wtf im always like, 'next time i get shit from digital, i should also get xxxxx'
er s/digital/digikey

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wow and itd totally pin the decoder at its abs max rating
so now it needs buffers
led buttons worst idea ever

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wait lemme check Vhi(min)
whats .6 of 5v?
and the led are 2.25v
this sucks
now i need led, led resistors, series diodes, pulldown resistors
now my idea is just fucked up

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okay what am i forgetting?
im deleting the triple diode arrays for the buttons
im gonna have to use up more of these 0603 led
multiplexed button press leds underneath the board, aaaw jeah

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man what am i forgetting
okay i think i remembered everything

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can you explain every aspect of it?
every part and why its there and connected like it is?
because if no, than prob not
but theres always the interwebs
im surprised they still make magazines with real paper anymore
they host projects on their web thinger, no?

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heat variation is temp coeffecient
like, changes this much for this many degrees of temp rise
its AC resistance
like, linear stuff is weird cuz you go thru and calc for dc then go thru and calc for ac overlaid on the DC
analog stuff
do they have to wait till next year to fix you?
why are you bringing up his penis?
heh, out by xmas eve?

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okay this is boring
see this is why you werent supposed to ban lordpil
look at all the join/quit scroll
no in general
and netsplit doesnt really scroll my client
its smart, it knows, and makes it all one line

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