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yeah you cant do a bipolar supply

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i dont think i could explain well without a pic or something
you can use one bridge or two
good to read
thats how you do it with one bridge
actually im not sure if center tapped with dual bridges is doable
dual secondaries and dual bridges works tho
im too tired to think about it

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thats also how you use it in centertap config
put them in series and tap the connection between the coils
center tap you can do series or centertapped, but not parallel
yeah kinda
its AC, so theyll reverse
so neither is really positive or negative

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tho its not as sexy as it sounds because you have to convert your numbers into some fractional number format
maybe faster than fixed point but im tired
depends if the secondary is 3pin or 4pin
yeah dual secondaries it two independant coils

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holy shit
avr has a fractional hardware multiplier
fuck its 7a
i should prob go to sleep

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no timecop, every car will use 4
in each corner
for balance

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nice transformers are $$$
mmmmm, power donuts
toroidals tend to be better, i think you can do other cores with decent regulation
think it has shit to do with the series resistance of the transformer
they keep their magnetics internal
cap amps are smps
its like the power supply version of class-d amp
it might be
if its a forward conversion smps
be a little high freq toroid xformer
its simpler than normal smps
they just cut up the DC into sqr waves
and feed to a transformer
itll step up the choppped up dc
then you just decouple with caps after a bridge, like a linear supply

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still banned, no?
he prob started doing work at his job
dude its lordpil
exactly that's why you caved?
my bad i thought you felt differently
we know that because you banned him
well, good
cuz if not i guess hed be banned

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causality: you can pwm that with a micro
to get 0-20mA or whatever
thatd also work for the tube bar display
you can prob use any fets instead of the jfets they used
yeah theyre neat

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causality: sec
natsemi opamps circuit collection
page 9, in the middle
you can pwm that
i use foxit now
hmm, caps kinda turn everything into AC
yeah, same doc
precision current sink and current source
coderjedi: put an avr on it

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if its fixed, current sink or source with digipot is the other
you can take feedback from a sense resistor
for pwm stuff, but thats a bit more complex
ive seen voltage controlled current sink circuits with opamps
you could pwm that

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the adsr is basically the same principal, but with min/max compares and bit test conditonals
is all fixed point sex
i think to test im gonna use the stk500 buttons as note triggers, and load adsr values from hyperterminal
cuz i never done rs232 to avr and thats kinda lame =(
is it a fixed load?
fet switched resistors

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all the latency is in the interface
the tone gen and adsr can change on the fly, can update at the end of each sample event
im gonna try and keep sample rate above 100KHz
without the adsr i was doing 500KHz
no, but it wouldnt be much harder
it not much trouble to grab more samples and output them
wouldnt be any extra calculations
can even have multiple frequencies on the same chip, not much overhead
dunno, isnt super hard
just grabbing samples, multiplying them by a gain envelope value, outputting to dac
the tone generator is

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and i dont really compose much music =)
1ms is not percievable
like, 10ms isnt, really
shit happening at 100Hz might as well be instant
itll be as good as possibly
yeah i was going to
its just uart + optos
no parity

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man this lower minus less than shit is fucked up
im pretty sure branch if carry will work

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note on/off and adsr done tonight or tomorrow
this is just the tone gen chip, tho, i still have to do interfaces
so like it could be midi synth but it can be voltage controlled modular synth or just a hardware synth
ive totally wanted to make a synth/midi controller with big arcade buttons forever
also because the dds tone gen chips will be cheap, i can use multiple ones in parallel with a single interface chip to do multiple voice synth
so it dont have to be a monosynth all dr dre style

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ha branch if lower, branch if minus, branch if less than wtf
and branch if carry set
its wavetab based
like, wave form data into dac
audio stuff
yeah, midi
the midi tone gen thing is done, it hits the note freqs perfect

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CPSE Compare Skip If Equal
heh, i didnt know about that one
avr asm
okay if i compare low bytes, and the subtracted number is always 0, itll never carry
so cp with carry on the high byte is pointless, i can just do compare without carry on the high byte

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wtf paint on a razorblade
powder coat that emo shit

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kill it with fire
unless you need, then just keep complaining
i think im like 80% done with adsr code
like, this crazy shit might just work

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wow my conditional code is magical
it like inits itself

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i gotta go finish some stuff and go sleep

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thats perfect application for the circuit
well, any filter with a bunch of poles
well the maths isnt so hard
i think q was some ratio of difference in -3db frequencies and the center freq
the pdf docs there are very good, tho
that should work fine

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for graphic EQs, its def the way to go
rayne has a good doc on it
my bad rane, knew that looked funny
it took me a bit to figure out, but the calculation for the filter values breaks for very wide q at unity
so you have to decrease gain
but theyre perfect for narrow eq sections, 3 band is kinda a hack and its not a shelving style eq for the highs and low
but like three of those for center filter sections, and then bessel 2 pole HPF and LPF for the high and lows is prob a very good eq

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mutliple feedback constant q bandass filters?
but theyre not unity stable past certain bandwidth
like, low q you have to run them at gain loss
prob cheap, heh
like, its most like filters balanced into diff amps
if theyre cool, they maybe use some of thoe ground center tapped pots
hopefully active filters
but yeah, i designed a constant Q version, was kinda weird, tho, cuz 3 channel bandpass
need an extra amp to compensate for the gain loss
awesome, actually
like, the filters dont bleed as much into other eq ranges
as you raise or decrease the gain

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kostix: wow nice offset
oh hahaha, bitches
.3mV typical
5mV max!
quite a range there, heh
good marketting tho, i was like drooling but theyre like the same as tl072 and lf412
polypropelene arent so much $
for 1%!
$.65 at the digikey
like, i did my linkwitz riley crossover with 1% poly caps and tl072
it tested like i was running it in a sim, everything totally perfect
i hacked one with graphic equalizer filters

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to sell for like $20 or something
audiophools really seem to <3 their headphone amps
the one you linked
i wanted to see datasheet but it just linked to njr home site
is old stuff?
i dunno wtf a NJM4558 is
lots of people say they find 741 in 'good' audio gear
its funny cuz accurate sound usually means intact highs
and flatter bass
so its kinda 'cold' sounding and people think it sucks
$.75 from digikey
for on semi parts
i use TL072 level opamps, heh
either TL072 or LF412
specs are about the same, except for high grade $4 LF412
but its $4 wtf

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sadly that amp has been dissassembled and now powers a speaker for avrdac =\
rab: digikey says non stock and min order or 2300 for price of Call
firefox thing national search link is a popup
oh but not if you click repeatedly wtf
LM4881 are $1.50 in dip, soic, and msop
damn i should make me some headphone amps

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he missed the proper headphone amp IC
also fits inside altoid case
haha i found pics
i so miss that discman
it was the best ever, 90+ hours on batteries in mp3 mode, and itd recharge its own NiMH
and yes i tested that

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rab: no point is like the technical shit revolves around what kind of input cut circuit to use
im not saying theyre bad circuits
i wouldnt really use a signal amp for headphones but thats just me
im just like, how did it get named after someone
almost nothing now =(
i had some sony monitors
pretty good, flat response
yeah really
people bitching about headphone quality, prob listening to mp3 and cdda
anyway, im down with minimalist design
but this guy doesnt have a circuit board
he has a NI circuit with input coupling
perdidopu: he didnt invent that circuit!!
forum hero
people replacing caps and resistors on their ipods?

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haha, <3 that
"Replacing the Level Switch with a Volume Control"
theyre just non inverting opamp circuits
you can get headphone chips
national makes 8dip ones

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perdidopu: i did a tech program
but i learned lots by myself
well i wouldnt have been able to learn on my own without what i learned at school
yeah see thats odd behaviour
i do shit like that in #bonghit
but thats because they stole !synchro
those bitches!
!synchro is not a bot
its a script on a person! have respec!
yeah but hes not stupid
hes just not quite as smart as he thinks and hes so, so, so bad at people
okay so switch one is like input attenuator?
on this cmoy thing

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i should adjust the wavetab with a double blink
but avrfreak is gone maybe so its not as fun
its a wavetab!
so you can just adjust it
i bet he never figured out the 16bit timer regs buffer thing
for awhile i was in his chan with another nick correcting him as not me
and he was nice about it
but it felt weird so i stopped
he was better machinist than me!
im not so good a machinist thats not so hard!
they call me scrappy, yo
was weird tho cuz he didnt have a machine tool or access to any
that didnt stop him from saying how lame my tiny cnc was =(
that his vapor mill/lathe/driller was better

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whats special about it?
yeah i know its audiophool stuff, what special about it?
schema pls
hello schema
so its a non inverting opamp with short circuit protections and an input filter
how do people get shit like this named after them
its just a NI opamp with added output impedance and an input RC
and no input bias comp =(
blackmoon: hahahahaha!
build the renesis unregged bridge power supply!
i did!
rab: did you see it!?!?

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like try and catch a stream of packets on an analog scope
okay analog storage is also weird
dude its 2007 you prob will at some point?
but yeah, if youre mostly doing analog, 4ch prob come in handy
haha youre roommate is having a crisis and hes lashing out
too bad youre like all damaged and prob cant beat his ass totally
whats a cmoy amp again?
thats right
why not just buy a chipamp

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dso mode
those are so weird
better pic
you can save traces, and it has extended sweeps, like you can scroll past the sides of the screen
modular scopes are weird!
yeah, kinda
its useful for digital stuff
analog scope is kinda useless for debugging some digital shit

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my scope is so awesome
that with the green buttons?
the 2230 are bit older, but more advanced
usually about the same price
had a digital storage mode
my friend got one like that, tho
its nice, but its just analog
lemme check but im pretty sure
yeah thats it
like, its cursors dont track
theyre basically just lines you set on the scope with the knob
no i mean it has no clue what the wave is doing
like, on digital scopes the cursors will bounce along with the wave, and you adjust them along the X usually
yeah itll do that in DSO mode
sec i have pic probably
theyre both good
2246 is 4ch or 3ch+trigger
the hardware kinda feels better to me

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40mm xmax, 80mm full travel

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hehe funny quote

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also useful in court
dickhead roomie

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aaah, money order paystub is hard thing to find
but it might have your name written on it?
now you have evidense, a purchase location, a copy of a deposited money order
did you put your name on it? or just his? did you write it was for rent?
cmon pathos
october is a long long time ago
dx scores
cmon lift your arms up like this \o/
timecop: hitler is bad, and if you dont watch out one day you will be wearing funny dresses and comitting erotic suicide with dogs while on meth too
thats timecop in a mirror
he got confused =(
its a check backed up in cash
well dont just be buying them for no reason

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but yeah in general receipts help like 100x
except for me, when its LA clerks office and im at court
they put two $200 payments on diff dates on the same reciept somehow =(
and then the other $130 payment was dated 2008 =( =( =(
he can subpoena dudes bank statement and show the deposit
for the rent amount
when dx paid
thats not meaningless
depends on the cops and the judge
haha people prob get executed on less firm evidense
i think he paid in cash stuff
rab, white trash is the new black
for like 20 years now
okay well i live here so poor people is a multicultural thing
and wtf
you dont have rednecks in the south?
my bad they must all be from oregon
yes because everywhere has white trash
which goes back to my original, omg white trash is everywhere for more than a decade statement

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hey well sounds like itd hold up in court to me
course, judge has to like your haircut
me its like totail failure in progress
haha yeah that fucked
you should call the cops right now
he just stole $500 from you
anyway, stop bitching at hime, file a police report, hand him the police report
depends on the judge and the cops, sadly
it doesnt matter you can fight it anyway

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for which?
500W tested, credible, durable pro audio sound
100db/w/m sensitivity
45-20K response
thats like OMG $400? WOW I WANT 10
naw you can fot more
so like with 10 bass boxes you need maybe 14 of those
sometimes they do systems like that back to back
sometimes theyll close off half the venue and set up ini the middle
and like put another system behind the system
you find the check?
paid cash?
fuck him
thats like your rent minus cigs and a sprite
like, why you gonna burn your roommate
just lazy or something cant burn people outside or whatever

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cuz like why would they wanna keep that a secret
yes i see
see i didnt see that
cuz they flashed some portable earthquakes at me
omg youre missing the portable earthquakes
ive exerpeiences walls built out of those
like two high, maybe 20 across
timecop its a fuckin bass bin
you have to go 300Hz wow!
they line those up along the top of the earthquakes
2 15s with high end driver

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you should have bought like 2 or something
i cant find how to get to that page from the main site
its like its a secret
or old

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i just kinda ignore them
tho i laughed when they sent me a big one about how another company went out of business
and they were so sad
like wtf die
yeah thats when i just stopped reading them at all
they sent my pcb to someone else
and then they sent theirs to me
great 'prototyping' service
it was some filament preheater board with very big analog paers
er, parts
but you did, right?
cuz rent is usually a big chunk of money
for why
how much?

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yeah but the pins kinda bend the metal pin sockets funny
like they def dont look the same after you used them a few times
the flat folded spring contacts work, and dont seem to degrade as much
yeah i hardly use mine now
mine has 8dip regulator prints on it!
also black spark marks from when i cut the resistor on the live mains cirtuit
also holes that wont contact cuz i used big diode pins in holes when i knew it was bad
^dx^: elaborate

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machined sockets usually only last a few pulls
and the pins break stupid easy
no, not at all
but that style of socket is prefferable to those cylindrical machine pin+socket things
which are usually more $$$
like, if its going right onto board, and its not for something that ever gonna be pulled out, i guess its cool
but i wouldnt even wanna store them, the pins are fucked up fragile
the metal is too hard to bend back without breaking, usually
sometimes that style will be made out of spring metal that thing and flat and doesnt work with breadboards
well whatever, i just want something thats made better in the first place
dip pins are flat
machined socket holes are round
you i dont really know
but i know its come up

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oooook, good
that list was so sexy
sometimes pricing is like wtf!?
i think its all stolen from chinese wharehouse
so its not only cheaply manufactured, its also free
those are better than 'machined' sockets

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cmon rab
you dont need 1% for everything
fuckin 1% pullup resistor?
1% led ballast?
fuck all that
besides when you test 5% r theyre usually within like 1% anyway
i just buy specific stuff from digikey
their thru holes are 1%
i got those, came in a bigass bag hehehe
not really =(
2x is like twice as much how is that same price??
stop using mm
that shit aint precision
what what
use thousandths of an inch from now on, k?

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aight handle it idea boy
prob like $2 shipped
i mail parts to sweden and it costs like $3
k ty
they have little boxes now!
i dont think they have smt led =(
we need to hit up top brite man for led
ghostman: no you cant be in now you have to be in when it actually exists and you can like put numbers and fill in your name and do clickies and stuff

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well, couple hundred would go a long way
as its china
.04 ea?
my bad
my math unit is fux0red apperently
rab: also 0805 resistor and capacitor kits
paypal or gtfo

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21:13:25 timecop: some jap gave it to me cuz they put the blink controller in water
21:13:27 timecop: and it exploded
haha awesome
it was a conversion socket thing?
bridge and a triac or fet and some timing juice
like .05?
that not cheap
what did he get?
yeah go to the topbrite person on ebay
he will hook you up any kind of led
they make these ridiculous 10mm led with super narrow radiation pattern
so obviously they have HUGE rating, but useless for anything except spot beams
im down, someone should make a page
be like the topbrite sure electronics buyout

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wtf is totaly?
like, wrong form and spelled wrong anyway fucking engrish theme writing mutherfuckers
they can prob track how long you stay like that
cuz i guess news, a hit is kinda pointless, but a hit + 3min of loiering might mean something
could mean a tabbed browser and pointlessly wasted bandwidth, too

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man wtf at my theme
20:36:53 . 99 nicks totaly - 10 ops, 0 voices and 1 normal
99 nicks, totaly

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sharp LPF filter somewhere under the low bass guitar notes prob work good
i think the real way to do is filter than FFT it
because sometimes drums will doublekick or do repetitive things during fills
okay well if its just an led toy and not a bpm counter, a filter and Vreffed trigger prob work great
and fft would be less parts probably, but yeh, not simple at all
ive never done it

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like, alot of the BC stuff we get has been stripped of all the crystals on the outsides of the buds
so you prob get like, untouched BC =(
tho i dont think we import nearly as much
everything long distance more risky lately, and everyones getting legal to grow local
tho everyone who thinks of such things is waiting for the feds to just sweep thru, bust everyone
i laugh at people who claim its 100% legal and not risky, like we lost the civil war and federal overrule doesnt apply or some shit

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yes i know, i get paid quite a bit to do it to other people
90%, salt, #1
dude, im like the master at bong washdown
thats why i dont like doing it to my own stuff, too much like work =(
well, other peoples stuff
but yeah, 1/8 or 1/4 of kush, 1 or 2 hours work, maybe 5 - 10 bongs
so like up to $150/hr equiv!
but yeh, its not the same when youre doin it for yourself
as a baggie of high end herb just doesnt show up out of nowhere
og cali kush
and itd prob be like $140 retail
i got it for $110 a few weeks ago!
regular kind herb is about 1/2 price
yeah but its not cali og
and you live in the one place where its actually prob better for herb than LA
well, cost
not variety tho
omg you know people kief it at the border!?

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kevtris: even dx has surpassed avrfreaks level of avr hax0r credibility
dx made simon in c and then i made it in asm
so were like comrades, or some shit
my bong is total failure
pullout bowl has a rod of impregnable black goo down the center
good thing i forgot to turn the vaporizer off

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boxing helena = nuts
okay so i really, really like notepad++
and then
i hate notepad
vim it, mfkr
i will :wq! your face
no because you see how its the wrong order!?

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use your kung fu on her!
rab cmon
this woman doesnt know what current is
havent you been paying attention to moon at all for the past few years?

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you just made me type 'hahahaha' all up into my notes
ha wtf

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i meant all the fucks who come here from someplace else
because they have some weird vision of what LA is
and then they get here and its not that at all
and then they become bitter
well see, we do have nice beaches
but everyone goes to a) venice (bum capital of the world)
or b) zuma (crowded, kinda boring, just sand)
but the nice beachers are hidden, or a bit farther
macgyver0: haha i still cant believe we really elected him
thank god his wife is almost a kennedy
i didnt vote in that election
i just couldnt it was too fuckin unreal
i dont think he ever said sucker
maybe confusing it with 'im gonna git you sucka'
kinda same era of movie

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we import water =)
i think we reprocess for minicipal water
like, sprinklers and machinery
hehe, the best filtration plant is the one by the dam in the valley
but its not for drinking
its to suck up ground water and put it back clean
cuz aerospace and defence and gm i guess totally fucked up the groundwater
theyre stacked
cuz the way they live
its very crowded, somewhat intimate
like, in tokyo, everyone is polite, courteous
in la, we got space so we can kinda ignore everyone else
in nyc they dont, but they get angry instead of polite
yeah soon, hope hope
maybe kill off property value some more
make houses affordable again
get all the pussies to move out

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ha, id rather be stoned and drunk than just drunk
but stonered is a familiar thing, shrug
well too much for me is usually me at 3am, in my shower, wanting to die, hoping to die, wondering why i drank, then blackout
then im like awake in my shower, okay
like, hours later
haha, when we road tripped to NYC i fell asleep in the hotel shower
and they bust in to see if i was okay and i told them to gtfo, i was taking a nap
apperently, i dont recall
well, i remember taking a nap
NYC water is so weird, its like soft i guess?
like it gets stuck to you
its not like cali water at all
its really actually!
some people claim nyc water is the shit
totally filtered, actually very excellent in terms what its got in it
other people say its death

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haha, i bent my sisters fiero door backwards against a cinderblock wall in our back alley, in front of a cop, drunk
like, 21st bday style
it just kinda scares me now
i hope they pass the drinking till 4am law
then 2-3a wont be such a drunkard obstacle corase
yeah pretty much
these are drunken type logics
haha thats prob why i smoke so much weed
it doesnt matter so much, i cant ever really smoke too much
like, takes too much effort really

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but multiple people said... so...
ugh, those will tear your insides up
when i was a kid, me and my sister used to be able to dispose of MASSIVE quantities of teuila and vodka
just straight, fuckit
then around when we turned 20, we started to actually get hangovers
and then for years the smell of teq would make us both sick
was weird
hahaha wtf gpf_
i dont like being sick
plus i can drive stoned
like, you can always kinda wake up from being stonered
drunk is like a one way til bedtime kinda trip
like, you think youre sobered up, because youre drunk and you think alot of stupid stupid things
and then bad things

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wanna hear a story about seagrums 7?
so like, high school or right after, party, s7
i dunno, i prob had like 1/4 of the bigass bulk bottle to my head
anyway, then i remember being on the grass next door to house with party
then i remember cops asking me if i had money
me telling them to call me a cab
me getting in a cab, conversation, stop at my apartment
slide the tip thru the cabbie fence
you know right beheind the front seats so they dont get robbed
next morning i call the guy i got a ride there with
hes at home (this is pre everyone has a cell phone era)
but he doesnt know where the car is, he lost his car
and everyone says i left with the cops
i guess i tipped a cop =(
fureal =(
fuck if i know
i still remember it being a cab

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bowser drum n bass mix
like, smb
youre missing it

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gums out like nice, dark hash
can cut pieces off the ball with a knife and revape
so stu's idea kinda rawks
like, minimally, the dds chip can just be a waveform table and a gain envelope table
and then you send accumulator incriment values for frequency, attack, delat, and release, and the gain envelope position for sustain
prob around 10 bytes of data
so it can do all adjustments in realtime, no glitches
fear is the mind killer!
ha i didnt know that was from dune =\

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vaporizer "hash" omfg awesome
is neat because the vapor will make a film by the hot end of the vap
and bits of dried out herb dust and thc xtals will fall past the scree and mix in with it
so you scrape it out, roll it up in a little ball
and all the loose herb dust and pollen kinda absorb into the film

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wtf is browns gas
crazy old man, i think youre making shit up again!
comibation into what?

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The researchers estimate that up to 0.1 percent of the rock sinking down into the Earth.s mantle in that part of the world is water, which works out to about an Arctic Ocean.s worth of water.

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omg weird things must live there
thats why i dont buy this co2/global warming thing
dx stop breathing
you are contributing to global warming
you are a polution generating machine =(
i know =(
k more pizza

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bitch i want pancakes
make me pancakes!
no but fureal today is like mad laundry day
it can have sound
teamspeak+irc ftl =(

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ur mom is a linux luser behind ur back

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then yeh, 8515, put it back in

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theyre turbines
henries is mass of the turbine
theres allways magnetic fields
any current is moving, theres is flux happening around them
in inductors, its coupling with the flux ahead of it on the wire
light speed, biatch, light speed
the 8515 can do it
one stk500 came with
take your mega16 out and put the mega8515 in
not like its native
you wanna use the ram pointers, right?

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ha, and man inductors will fuck you up
just when it all makes sense
you should do it, whatever youre talking about
be the most useful shit you ever learn probably

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