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they gave him a chance to ask a candidate a question
so he asked himself
kucinich is so fuckin awesome
he will lose so hard =(

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they will kill him
he can fix this country
so if he wins they will kill him
im gonna still vote for him probably, tho

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usually its better to buy excess electronics
like, for no reason
as an investment
that way projects in the future could possibly seem free in the short term
because you forgot at some point you actually paid money for the bags of junk
i have situation like
i gotta start trashing shit
like, sure later i will be like, OMG I NEED THAT AND ITS GONE
but it will be cleaner
and ill have only very important useful parts to search thru
thebarry: causality

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$.75 at digikey i think

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figz: yeah its conductive
they lie
its shorted and vaporized pins on my LM4780 chipamp

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when you die kitties will eat your soul
and itll suck
wanna know how many itll suck?
itll suck 99.
wtf are linesmans pliers?
yeh really
which means?
smart cursors is a marketting trademark more than a description
perdidopu: find the manual and the description of its use
thats a definite answer

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cats also have loose skin
so its like theyre internally lubricated
no but theyll do like 45deg quick before skin realized and catches up
so they have to acount for that too
cats are awesome
its true!
whatever me and my cat are totally cool
i dont bugger him cuz hes awesome
he can tear chunks of flesh of me face while i sleep
but instead hes nice
thats awesome
dude thats like whatever to them
like a bouncy step
okay this would be pointless and neat:
0603 led on a very long spiral trace
and you try and pwm fast enough that the spiral trace inductance is the current regulation for the diodes
good idea no?

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it make more sense when you read thru it again
too fast
they dont fly that fast
cats have uber midair repositioning skills
its just inertia
like, their arms and legs are smaller, so their body is like the main rotating mass
but they can move their limbs and tails fast enough to affect it
its weird
blackmoon: thats the point
thats why theyre trippy
yeah, its doable
yeah it is
you just gotta count for everything
you move fast enough to move 180
then twist back slow enough you dont overcome friction
its doable
cats are just ninja at that kinda shit
do it 1/4 at a time
yeah but they cant bias a transistor
so fuck them

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hehe, im always running out of green/yellows
try turning that
the value usually doesnt matter at that range
cuz no one buys them
yeah, high impedance inputs
cuz you want it to be a known impedance
instead of just 'alot'
'alot' isnt very technical, 20Mohm looks better
yeah also HV

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mS is millesiemens
lots of little stuff like that to keep track of
yeah but i hate that one
1Mohm will drain the caps without really loading up the supply at all
1000 isnt a meaningful number in digital realms
itd help
a figsaw prob eat itself on steel pretty quick tho
yeah cuz theyre prob just hard steel blades
so they heat up and wear down quick vs steel
but yeah, any coolant will help
oil is nice because it doesnt rust things
but water will work

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cuz theyre non polar
it doesnt matter
its just random, most people dont face resistors when theyre building shit
mohm is .001R, is a rediculous sense resistor
prob a 2mm piece of machined rod
.001 ohms
R is often used for ohms
yeah ive seen ever them like .001 tho
cuz yeah, heh itd prob be a 2mm piece of machined rod
Mohm = 1,000,000 ohm
mohm = 0.001 ohm
ms is milleseconds

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coderjedi: megohm resistors in parallel with that caps
you can use lower for faster drain times
just make sure current doesnt exceed the resistors power rating
also, an led power indicator will drain the supply
down to about 2V, the forward biased voltage drop of the led
diodes always drop the same voltage
give or take a couple hundred millivolts
as long as youre over that voltage, they will conduct
however they have NO RESISTANCE
so putting a load across them, with no series resistor to regulate current and drop the excess voltage, they will burn
ha i used to short them across batteries

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slacker_: theyre not objective statements
|slvmchn|: ^
'human development' wtf
maybe they mean genetically engineering humans

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let us see your blog mr timecop
what have you to say
okay but later i gotta eat bye

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Vons has 99% iso alc!

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ha i almost went to school with a pipe in my pocket =\
hell mr gr
you crazy person asked for food for xmas?

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you know lockheed peoples or skunk works peoples?
im pretty sure the main factory is like any other place, its share of dickheads and idiots
heh, i know peoples who dads worked at skunkworks

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lockheed isnt really
its just skunk works
lockheed is just good at defence contracting, skunk works is the elite
but skunk works does more important things than silly nasa/jpl science projects

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causality: fucked up
well, if nasa contracted lockheed to make something, it should have been in the contract
i doubt lockheed would have done it standard if contract said metric
so im kinda thinking this is more on nasa/jpl than lockheed
dude, this isnt major defence contractor its lockheed =(
tho congress ripped some of them a new asshole for not doing EMI shielding on mil stuff right for some doomed boat project
stfu i am biased! they are best ever.

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dude you cant nuke us
well you can
but well nuke you back
over, and over, and over again
yeah we have like 1000
they have icbms like we have a space based defence system and isreal has a doomsday device
so unreal its prob fuckin real
yet hes in charge
he wasnt voted in?
hes there cuz your previous one gave up?
blair left cuz he was disgraced =(
yeah, i dont think he was totally evil
just kinda a pussy
did you guys get out of iraq and afghanistan yet?
No one is pointing fingers at Lockheed Martin, said Tom Gavin, the JPL administrator to whom all project managers report.
i wonder if the fuckup was at JPL

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you would need 3 decimal places of mm to get precision of a mil
drawings are commonly done in tenth mils
mm drawings are usually done out to like .1mm
sometimes .01mm, but only to match inches =)
acually y14.5 is metric only now =(
its officially y14.5-m now, so that standard the metric heads took over
rab: he bought his monitor in mm!
thats kinda sad that you need to make a law to keep people from converting =(
rab: OMG NO!
ha i been there!
thats what me and my friend argued over!
haha wtf oppression!

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rab: units are unlabeled
so you can set it up with inches kinda precision
but the 100% zoom kinda gives it away
i dont think you can do dot grid either
which is sad
.1mm = .004in
so no

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ive never used it in linux
really it didnt do inches?
i just use it to kinda brainstorm shit, i never done drafting, didnt notice
yeah thats kinda offensive
like, i could probably code that
never used that
its just got one of those very personal UIs?
haha, except for like 2 people probably
ouch =(
too bad everybody cant code

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your statement is ambiguous in context of mine
wormdrink: dia is neat, tho, if itll do what you want. its got a pretty okay UI
its very pretty
when i zoom in 3200% i can tell the diff between it and the natsemi doc
and dont even try and convince me that on is better than national at docs
no one is better than national at docs!!!
i need a really high res natsemi logo so i can make a bootled hoodie sweater
any vector app with a grid?

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for pdf?
hell, i didnt say you should scan in text
im saying vector diagrams or die is dumb
and that raster diagrams are perfectly acceptable
so yeah, what are guys arguing about again?
argument, debate, discussion, whatever
you guys are saying im like raster or die
im not, im just saying its obviously fine for black and white technical diagrams in documentation
yeah fine, i already showed you a natsemi example
again, its only different if youre zooming in to look at edges of letters
in which case, me and you seem to be using tech docs in totally diff ways =)
oh yeah lets not write docs with a program by the people who invented the format in the first place, surely that wont work
novenary: dunno, 2bit?
rab: i kinda hate acrobat products, but they work

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ha okay im looking at national opamp circuits app note, sure most of you are familiar with an-31 at some point, its obviously done with raster diagrams
zoom in
so you guys saying natsemi is doing documentation wrong, im laughing
hahaha, even the equations for the diagrams are raster
this isnt a scanned doc, its using scanned raster schemas
right, because that doc is totally unacceptable
looks like a really good raster image to me
its not scaling the lines when i zoom in, theyre blocky as fuck
thats last year

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more res, ty
yeah the right way would be to know the dpi the book is gonna be printed at and to get acceptable pics and diagrams
cuz like, its a fuckin book, take some time and effort
hell, publisher
its not that big a deal
tons of docs with pics now
ha word screenshots

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yeah but omg normal raster images in black and white is prob like wow how did that just happen that was so easy type situation
like if you print that shit out on a piece of paper at 300dpi and you cant read it, your doc is fucked!
but who cares right. as long as you can zoom in to see the corner of an opamp and it has straight lines, just so you can check for any invisible connections to the opamp
yeah i like

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ill die before i use raster in documentation?
wtf priorities, who cares as long as you can read it
use higher res
because an engineer cant hit zoom
thats far beyond him
not really, if you cant read a figure at like 300dpi equiv, it needs to be bigger

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k with the adsr code its about 250KHz max
bit under 4us
but i still have to do comm stuff
cuz im doing math with a zombie look on my face =(

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done coding adsr process
mufucker im to tired to write debug code
fuck i gotta get the gain envelope table from spreadsheet to avr code
yeah i do all that shit tomorrow
shit compiled and matches the pseudo code, yay, nite

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ground is a dump =D

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well, you can i guess but itd prob be some voltage inverting hack
im not even sure what you mean
with no center tap, and it going into a bridge bipolar style, both sides thru loads and unbridged, itll prob fail, hard
basically the transformer coil is floating

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