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open box is more than the new ones

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now i just stacked the data from like pairs of hex bytes to 10 hex bytes per row
in like same nothing amount of time
this is like the coolest text editor ever
it has stuff to chop invisible characters and trailing whitespace and stuff i dont even understand

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er shouldnt
i dont think its buggy as much a minimally functional implimented in a fucked up way

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okay you know why notepad sucks?
i just turned like 200 line of 16bit hex into hex bytes formatted avr .db in 20 sec in notepad++
er, for avr .db
haha that prob would have been like 5min in notepad
it has a macro thing
like i did it once and then held down cntr+sft+p and the rest of the lines flew by
like why does that seem so innovative?
well i should talk shit cuz like i can change word wrap and font color in notepad

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hopefully that isnt a production unit =(
they prob didnt know how to use their pirate eda application

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heh, their drill holes are about as off as mine as i was eyeballing it cuz of a power outage
its tape
use tape
or your pinkie
you really think it took more than one chinese person to do that?
im telling you, little square of tape or some hot glue
hit it just right with the iron and itll solder itself
or vaporize the chinese wire, who can say really
so thats like .4mm pitch?

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the one that missed the hole?
theres also one that doesnt look like the pad got much solder
by mickey mouse

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thats weird cuz thats just the store dataspace command
but for pointers i guess
okay ty bye

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std Y+q,Rd
it has a definable post inc
i idnt know that
its like the post inc offset value
(iiii) (Y+q) . Rr Y: Unchanged, q: Displacement
why would they have a +q if theres already a post inc
oh wait okay

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kinda scrape your head across the top
thats my house.
see moon you want that shit

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only like, sometimes you gotta handle shit or kill things
no its that cool that cas are okay
dx8 water shaders
like, gf3/4 era
yeah theres other stuff shaded too i think
but that was the big hraphical thing when it came out
im not sure really incubus[]
its late
dude you used the jump scrool haha!
the devs teaching you to save often
i used those in caves

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i only played for an hour or two before i decided the rumors it wasnt so great were true
if i wanna play more tes i still have morrowind expansion packs
the elder scrolls: morrorwind and oblivion
morrowind == definition of 3d non linear rpg
oblivion == excuse to develop the fallout 3 engine
oblivion is basically a fantasy fps
in a hand made 3d island like 10sq miles
its like hiking

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i think they still had tab mapped as mousecam

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it just seemed like alot of stupid gadgets
like, lets try and isolate that ackward feeling users had when we introduced xp telletubby ui
and amplify it x1000
jezus fuck webster is talking about 1337
"esoteric computer hacker language"
i dont think the mainstream will ever get the concept of a hacker and a kiddy =(

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w00t is a word
webster says so
with two zeros
its been a desktop for years
big distros just fuck it up with gnome or kde
i saw some kde release hype vid
it was some dev getting real excited over icon scaling effects in file manager
like wtf get a clue
like, one icon morphed into another in some fucked up sidepane
like, put the info in columns, dumbasses
dude clocks wtf
sidebar clocks was like this:
i install tes oblivion
im waiting to forever to play followup to best game ever
i play with my characters face options in character creation for 40 minutes

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naw ive seen slanty in here
so like a deviant choice in sexuality isnt okay to be joking about
but race, yeah fuckit whatever
like, the snow rolled over onto the land?
'phones for emergencies only'
well its a good thing we doubled the max theoretical capacity in the 90s so we could tap everyone
that prob wont ever be a prob again
ron paul blimp, $10
k im going bed nite

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i dont talk about gay activities
i just call things gay
how do you know i mean homosexual?
well, besides when i call things homoghey
or homogay
ive never seen you criticize anyone for nigger, jew, kike, chink, slanty, jappo, cracker, etc
omg it got all those cars
i think i just saw a snow drift as high as a hangar

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supposedly native californians werent super advanced
like, not big on tools, or shelter
not big hunters
like, they didnt have to be because everything was easy
ive seen shit like that
in parts of the northern midwest they have doors on their roofs
like, that, tornados/hurricans, or earthquakes
im cool with quakes
gay sex isnt really a natural disaster
animals do it
yeah i dunno now
we dont have one of those bots

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hehe shockwave deflected by santa monica mountains, \o/
see la prob best to escape from in a nuke fallout situation
because we can do dense traffic at 70mph
yeah really
you maybe have nukes or something
haha i had never been in falling snow
when i went to montreal, it started snowing
i was like reflexively freaking out
like there were bugs everywhere

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naw dude i have faith in this global warming thing
itll make things better
i can go outside in 110F weather, and it sucks, but i dont feel like im gonna sieze up and die
cold is some wtf shit
and fog, we had that a couple weeks ago
parts of LA
but the valley will be fine were 400ft up
like, instead of the canyons going to the beaches, they will go straight to the ocean
haha yes exactly like fjords
glacierless fjords!
like, valley is also shielded from nuke over LA kinda
def over LA bay

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were not supposed to have weather =(

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mine does and its like 3 or 4 years old now
like mine mobo has said CORRUPT ROM OMG DYING
and like couple reboots itll be back
hehe, theres something so subtly wrong with my computer
oh shitty
is your psu still dimming your lights?
i flipped the breaker prob 5 times since it got cold
fuckin space heater
like, cnc steppers + spindle + computer, workstation computer, 100w stereo
heater thermostat turns over
click, all my cnc references lost in space
yeah east coast all warm
its been a cold windy winter here
like, well have a 90F day just to prove its cali
then itll be all fucked up 45F cold
screw you guys, infected us with your weather

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yeah, i gotta a baggie of 10pin box connectors
er, have
yeah ive had atmel usb stuff, atmel rs232 stuff, done rs232 thru usb to serial dongle
always used avrstudio, never had issues ever
well, i did
but always like, /8 fuse, not enough clock for isp freq, dumb stuff, etc
ooh, bios, ballsy
heh, your shits prob got bios cached

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i think whats gonna happen is im gonna sync two processors
cuz no way im gonna get all the data in the gap between sample events
so i can buffer the 16b and 32b words
and like have the ui proc give the synth chip two packets in the gap
or i can just use 44.1KHz sampling rate
and prob no one will know the diff
and ill have all the time in the world

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but yeah dragon is basically an usb isp/jtag/debugwire programmer + zif
so i dont need the thailand thing

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okay it doesnt really specify a max and it has examples up to 1Mbps
theyll program at like 1MHz, bit more
stk500 and the avrisp/clones done all have the same values
like, i think 1MHz has flipped out on some of my 20MHz perfboard things
i like my usb clone
i broke my avrisp with 12v =\
i dont use the clone anymore tho
it didnt exist
like, it was out of stocks for months after they released avrisp2
so i just bought something from taiwan
same thing happened with the butterfly
i got the stk500/dragon deal from digikey

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yeah but have you ever tried using them fast?
im pretty sure you just stick a tiny number in ubrr reg
k i check bye

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thru a load, i was like 2V thru the dmm
yeah ive heard that
but i only had a red one so i just wanted to see if itd do anything
shit i should go to sleep
cuz if i start avr coding now ill be up till 7p
i guess i can finish init code so when i get back to it im just feeding it debug data
blackmoon: do you know how fast the avr uart can go?
cuz i think ill maybe have half of a 100KHz cycle to fetch a bunch of data from one avr to another

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its like 20F of fucked up
but itll heat up to the ste temp
switch off
and then like dead stable
then cool off, switch on, go nuts
yeah so i figure if i wrap it around the tube
from on side, instead of looping it, it shouldnt couple the mains so bad
but fuck how do i do that
im just using an ad597
yeah its at 10Hz
1Hz worked
but i changed it
yeah i soldered a resistor into the cable heh
have to change it
its not doing any averaging tho
and its like far from the programmer and i use it
like the Vf as the temp ref?
heh, i made millivolts shining a laser into an LED the other day
i was like =O

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hehe, turbo rate has a jfet led circuit kinda like that
er, turbo rat
wow neat
theyre not easy to understand
and you can burn them
i have to figure out how to make my thrmocouple wrap around my vaporizer
instead of loop around it
its picking up two triacs switching the mains thru a coil
but like, if i come at it from the same side
it shouldnt be so bad

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i dont really understand why the math says use bigger inductors for smaller current
like i guess it makes sense cuz inductor charge is based on current
but then i dont get why they say do the maths for i(max)
oh, yeah theyre weird
heh, yeah
theyre totally like active rheostats
yeah those were the coolest fet circuits i saw
simple analog channel switching
i dont believe in nano amps

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like wallwarts on the edge of a power strip kinda fall off sometimes
i really like the sideways smps warts they make for phones now
whoever did that first needs an award or some shit
hopefully i get my vfd smps parts tomorrow

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ive hung in a swede channel for like 4 or 5 years now
whole nordic area just seems kinda strange by american standards
but like, it doesnt seem all fucked up like everywhere else
like, big problems there is they release a rock star and he carjacks a family than has an emo panic attack
and goes back to jail
yeah mad taxes in swedeland
dide you kill it?
when my sister was going thru her tweaker phase
she decided to fix her pc
she calls me up, so after everything we tried flipping the red switch in the back
so i laughed alot
but yeah no sparks or drama, americans are lucky
yeah theyre too close really
our prongs
very easy to see like a screw or something falling and shorting out prongs
yeah some wallwarts cant grip very well

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theyve lost site of that quite often lately
swedes dont seem to have it so bad either
is cuz people dont fuck with vikings, and they dont like pillage and shit anymore
they dont believe in intellectual property in sweden
like they didnt have laws for when they busted pirate bay, us just say do it and they did
ha nice
people where clothese there cuz its cold
not cuz theyre afraid kids might see a nekkid person
no but i mean in general
hehe were you far north?
hahaha nice

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just dont get salsa on it
the oil gets into the plastic or something
and they eventually fail =(
i could flux the socket and the traces all to hell
with the water based
and pretin the traces
and just like heat them up, they prob grab the pin
i can tin the pins first too
k next order im buying them
it just looks huge that cant me more than like 2mm gap between solder tip and the pins
lets go
[power chords]

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$1/ea for 10
ha wtf
i never understood those as a kid
jezus fuck that socket is elaborate
plastic chassis, spring, mad contacts, and metal shield for $1
and its 3m
special effects from the 80s are cool
its still like art
haha warlock effects are funny, like cartoon effects drawn in
no possible way to solder that socket by hand
yeah in that pic
need hot air
the shielding blocks the pins

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microsd sockets
i want
digikey has \o/
dude theyre so ridiculous
i couldnt put mine in without a pokey tool to get it past the latch
yeah $20 for 2gb
i was like wtf
i thought theyd be expensive
sprint gave me 32mb
i look on newegg im like, holy shit my phone is an ssd mp3 player for $20
cuz like wtf they gave me like 8 songs
sprint fucked me
i killed an with salsa
but it took awhile tho
yeah really
the thing is, it says they were gonna send me 64mb
but like wtf who cares about another 32mb
gee thanks 16 songs
but not really if i wanna usee my phone cam

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that guy doing okay
that board uses one hole in the back for the heat pad underneath
how are you gonna test that

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hey when cali breaks off you should be part of our country
oregon can be our midwest
with magnets
difficulty of 7
difficulty of 7 is american english, grammatically corrent two
ha, two, slam dunked that one
fuck if i know man, my monitor has a deguase button, and my TVs has magnet spots

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im gonna give ron paul blimp $10
hmm fuck
wtf is google checkout?
does google checkout have paypal?
give ron paul money, bitches
especially if youre in another country
cuz if not you might get nuked yo
just lie and say youre a us individual
or else guliani or hillary will nuke you
nuke you fureal
ctretsch: give ron paul money
are you in another county?
cuz if youre in another county, you might get nuked

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i mean really its prob cuz microsoft is just evil
is it a public file you can link too?
very big word doc download is not useful
google fails
k i gotta go melt stuff bye

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my hand was like that
i shattered a bone inside my hand to like fragments
and it healed up like a big ball of bone
macegr: heh, m$ bugged OO
or its taking some time to fill up whatever mem allocation its using all of
you should see if its disc swapping maybe its just being dumb with mem cuz file huge
they are the most awesome old men ever
theyre prob doing virgins in front of their wives right now
maybe when you put task manager over OO it gets scared and stops what it is doing
like on the side

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cuz it doesnt wanna lag task manager!
cuz task manager is windows.
its just not letting it think hard enough to foobar rendering
anyway why would ot set an app to lower priority?
dont forget pics
its like having nice clothes
the new version is all ghey like new explorer

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thats really weird
fuck knows
maybe task maganer has some of rendering priority
maybe task maganer focus bugs their OO gimp code

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i prob had to do something lame for english class tomorrow
plant looks okay, he got that beard
like, i could complain about the quality of their live playing
well, pages
but they well all kinda shitty sometimes in alot of the bootlegs ive heard
hehe, they got bonhams kid on drums!
did it get stuck?
and then

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dude they were old in the 80s
theyre like towards maybe 60 now, heh
im pretty sure it was all the virgins in the 70s
heh, there are some very strange stories about page

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humor, joking
wait are they blaming you?
thats fucked up
how fast a pulse?
man what kind of crapass gear are you guys buying?

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and then
wanna get
gpf made him look stupid sooner

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^dx^: do china buy page
like instead of falling apart
heh, theres stuff on there you can get cheaper from digikey even when you buy bulk from him
got more rf stuffs now than i remember

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scat is so last month
i want a 50krpm spindle with quick change tool holder
and a dc motor, fuck this .25hp 10k max w/ pulley bullshit

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does he get you the signup offer every month?
my mom has been doing that since timewarner was cablevision
do you have a dvr?
oh no wait you made a dvr
that sucks
how useful
no wonder he is in jp

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haha its saying that 120% fill, on a hot day, the blast nut will pop
damn like under 11% on a really hot day or left in the sun
okay bye
it involved onions and garlic?
you are awesome
you can stay

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heheh, warpig
think above the line is liquid
below is gas
for given temp

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you ever get a 3pack of boxers and like you can see the one in the middle?
this one came with bulldogs
or wtf st bernards? it has a barrel under its neck
macegr: careful with those you might cause warming
wow neat
oh for those bike pumps
like pressure gage with port for co2
no both male
maybe the caps
looks about same tpi
i think thats smaller tho

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because the bearings might stay warm enough with use that its not an issue
like i wouldnt cool it unless it was running
heh, cold co2 in paintball guns is funny
cuz theyll kinda depressurize and not catch on recoil
so they go in machine gun mode, choppin balls
yeah as longas it doesnt sit and freeze up the whole motor
more current!
or more time before it dies at least
no i mean from burning coils
youre not gonna overclock your motor?

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oh fun i just thought it was super flamable cuz of the propellant
its more napalmy than usual
no dude
those clear blue straws
because it burns and sticks to the shell things on bugs
just use mineral oil
or baby oil
which is like 99% mineral oil
do they scavenge the oil?
like out of vents on the bottom?
so it double as oil slick trap
heh, make a cover to seal it and adapt the vents to some tubing
pump thru radiator thing
thatd be kind neat, and your engine wont shatter when you hit a hard bump
yeah itd be interesting to see

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rab: haha ive never seen those
they prob keep them behind the counter
i dunno you said bearings, siezing, precision, 50Krpm
so i found some little abec7 bearings
why are you trying to hurt it =(
prob just shatter itself
an oiled motor might work
oh wtf wd40?
that shit is like oil stripper
do they catch the oil?
yeah any wd40 class of lubricant is bad for anything except ungreasing parts before reapplying lubricant
yeah its good for cleaning stuff
but its basically super thin oil, so itll strip out lubrication

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fierce, moon
you need to get you some abec-7 bearings
causality: what shaft diameter?
thats why their whole fuckin site is in a frame...
wtf what are you doing?
omg are you spraying motors with nitrogen?
oh wtf thats not good for anything
use flourinert!
and abec7 bearings

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mp3 car = face with a line in

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man fuck this cold shit
58F at noon
kreeme: thats looks kinda dumb
eeepc looks neat

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how come west coast doesnt have a blimp
haha see the funny thing is we have shit voter turnout
so like if all the internet people actually go outide and vote he might just only lose by a little
the roots and also some old woman are documented
hahaha it was like watching a trainwreck
so you didnt see the puke?

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you wont miss it, youre going home
wow ron paul people got a blimp

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its a county in brooklyn

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i hope i dont go bald soon =\
bald + dreads = the suck
naw cuz you be just spooty bald for decades before you like full on bald
its like you got irradiated or something
but just on top and in the front
the dreads are somewhat floating in a sense tho, so maybe they will just migrate to non bald areas
2 girls, 1 cup, the roots
i ate their food once

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it has to be cuz those should be the most expensive dates
wtf 3pm
dude airport by 5a?
fuck that
you should try and get there 1p
shit gonna be a zoo fuck =\
hes just sore cuz you insulted basic

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its a sunday even
like an anomoly
microsoft office is not interesting and barely related to electronics
spreadsheets kinda useful for generating table data
hello i use that shit all the time genius
they both works
where are you going?
dude cuz everyone is prob leaving from there when youre getting there

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dude youre so m$ fanboy its sad
youre like avrfreak in the other direction
never heard of it
maybe they put a cannon on it
that sucks
but $300 is like significant
aces planes to have cannons?
thats an odd day to be cheap
they usually sell xmas eve and day like that
i wouldnd think everyone trying to get there on the 23rd

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Published scheduled service between New York (LaGuardia) - LGA and Los Angeles - LAX will be discontinued on 01/06/2008.
does that mean theyre gonna stop telling me for after that date or theyre not going there anymore?
cuz thats fucked up
without them its like $400 one way
wtf are you talking about

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not like, free no money, like available, heh
arrive 11:57 xmas eve
oh maybe thats why it was cheap when i went
i think i was in the air for new years or something weird like that
get a usb ide chassis?
hehe little hdd BIG COMPUTER RARARAR

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like, up and down west coast, plane isnt much more than bus now
sometimes you luck out if you buy early enough
damn sold out to nyc around xmas
like always, flights on xmas even and xmas are free

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wow, southwest to anywhere in cali and back for $100
why are you constructing on apartments?
yeah but $49-$99
i havent checked those yet
go where theyre categorized
fucked up
i went to NYC, bus to montreal, back to NYC, back to LA, like $300
maybe two years ago
like how the fuck did i do that =\
yeah bus is cheap
think the bus was like $100 and plane to NYC was $200

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macegr: old
heh, drill bra is cool tho
yeah i was amazed it was actually a movie
not just some skit
its be so weird if you blew up one of those cap in caps
cuz like itd only blow up on the inside

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my uncle just set us like 2ft^2 of smoked meat
like bacon and sausage and ham and turkey breast
yes fill that area with plastic sealed meat
omg i meant 3 but alot
but actually you could also stack the meat on top of that area nicely
ups man just dropped off mad smoked meats
hopefully its not nasty =(
wtf is an ozark?
i have that kinda of sausage too
this is better than when he sent us deer and some other kind of sausage
i dunno i didnt eat it just ate the cheese
theres another box i havent opened
maybe i am wrong maybe it is cheese

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wow so theyre really clear?
i thought just the wrapping was clear
damn now i wanna start ripping apart random 6v
what kind was that?
teknique: hahaha
i think cr2032 are only like 4mA output
you have to keep them from flipping on the way down
oh huh
haha at like 4mA
surely can do something useful with that...

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panasonics from digikey
or equiv chemicons for like half as much, heh
meh, prob like 2/3
its so weird that people buy small quantity surplus old stuff new stuff isnt much more usually
passives from 1976 wtf =(
i want to get a ton of cr2032 and pcb holders

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yeah, heheh
those were prob mass produced in china
most people buy up
id buy 50V for 30V rails
most people dont test them
thats like, factory in china finds a roll of old capacitor printed wrap
and has 10,000 rubicon caps sitting around
and someone has an idea
real pile of what?
did you get battery all over yourself?
pics pics!

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im pretty good at the 10 and 14ga stuff now
just the 1/4" bucket to defeat now
ha i seen that a few times now
yes, heheh
teknique: $$$
look at the farad and voltage rating
get batteries from digikey

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apperently its like at least 60% of your grade
i have to do a fuckin eulogy or introduction speech for some widely known person
i think im gonna do bruce lee
but i might start busting out laughing
which might be inappropriate for a eulogy
they dont have Ls in hong kong either?
theres like 5 diff kinda of chinese i bet one has an L
no for speech class
i dont have to do a eulogy for welding
i dont know actually
im kinda like, fuck bbq i wannt melt some more shit

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thats why i wanna get eeepc
laptops in class are kinda ridiculous
well, most types of lecture classes
i like spreadsheet stuff for lab type stuff
thats neat tho
wonder if i have some sort of welding final today
i know theres some sort of bbq i cant miss or else i fail the class =(

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macegr: media db?
okay back to the main topic
it installs bullshit by default
and thats lame
yeah im watching demo thing

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and i dunno why itd be there by default
like, nvidia is a video driver, your computer needs it to survive
office just types shit
um, yeah
because microsoft does things based on what customers want
is that like a postit utility?
cuz i just use postits, heh
yeah stu, it just types shit
it does email and spreadhseets to
but there are better apps to run business with than excell, and wtf outlook haha
okay my bad stu, every business should use excel to keep track of everything

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or a dell driver
dude, im not gonna have this argument
nvidia does a tray icon
microsoft is like, hi i live on your taskbar now
i am some voice whatever feature you will never use
or some resident mem thing so you think i start quick
but really im running all the time
im not
so you dont know, and thats cool
maybe you dont understand the meaning of default
i think youre biased or forgetful or trolling
theres a little tray utility with a microphone that lives on your taskbar
see he doesnt understand by default
i didnt ask for it
right stu, i cant work options
somehow ive gotten this far without ever learning to use checkboxes, text boxes, or radio buttons
im like stallone when he didnt know how to read, feel sorry and awkward for me
because its bloatshit
dude i just wanna write a paper
im not trying to run my life with office
i dont need anything with a microphone that involves office

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what is the manner of this spywares?
yeah how come they arent giving away their good software?
i have this portable office thing
it installs without taking over my compy, i like it
heh, it came in a pack with a portable avg with bonus free trojan
oh, but you can buy full installs
vista is an xp upgrade?
like, really nice, 5 different too big clocks to choose from, my life will be so different now
anything steals file permissions without asking and put shit on my toolbar by default is trying to be my computer
its up there with apps deciding to install themselves in root c:\
it might as well be fuckin realplayer

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bong is clean
oh hi
they have their own xdcc bots now or something?

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like, 90% of house, trance, techno is sunday morning, happy druggy, lets get wasted and distracted kinda vibe
disco, basically
theres drum n bass like that (omg i hate bukem), but itll carry pretty much any kind of vibe, much more dark and hard stuff

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thank god
trance and techno are just synthy bullshit
drum n bass is shit that is more like live music, except itd kill people to sustain drum n bass live for like 4 hours
yeah it takes maybe 6 months
thats some good, dark dnb, pretty recent

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hell im pretty much dickies or mil bdu pants and black tshirt
dnb/jungle is kinda neat cuz its like punk/reggae speed-hiphop, or something
where as house is just post-disco club dance music for drunks
and trance is like techno buildup to nothing, except another dramatic auditory buildup, to nothing
house has bit more credibility in the jungle scene cuz it was in alot of 80s hiphop tracks
but im like fuck that
well, trance is kinda the most drugged out hippy type scene
hahaha, asians doing the nordic track dance is so awesome
i dont think so
the drum n bass is prob good there
and everything else probably sucks
because its loud and got a beat drunks can still interpret

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haha fuck raves
fuck 'ravers'
colorful etarded pacifier sucking vapo-rub sniffing mufuckers
dnb was the only sane area up in the massive
sometimes hiphop was okay, but house, trance, techno, mad lame and annoying
hardcore was cool, but it usually consisted of 4 or 5 people around a speaker by themselves =(
im talking about how shit was
09:09:34 renesis: colorful etarded pacifier sucking vapo-rub sniffing mufuckers
if you think that is nonsense you are truly uninformed
because youre an outsider and you dont understand
the difference is, people in the jungle area are more likely to be dressed like you or me
people in other areas probably dressed in smurfs pajama pants, wearing stuffed animal bra, with dayglow plastic hair
and no taste in musics
wranglers and black tshirt and youd fit right in

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china (sure electronics) has LM3886TF
ha i think for more than digikey tho
and he says you can get 250W + from them
he doesnt say you need 4 to do that

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but yeah, peter grant dead
so bootlegs without pain, yay

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wow so like youre one of 6 people in the industrialized world who doesnt just know most of led zeppelins catalog like it was brain etched?
chicklet kb or something?
i show like 2.6" at the nearest corners
b and p
omg stu!
youre dyslexic!
its okay they have help for people like you
damn so what about jimi?
do you know about jimi?
hes a space alien, from seattle, thru britland
its neat cuz in seattle people will have random pictures of him in windows and on walls
like they worship him, because they are smarter than xtians
jezus didnt do anything great like machine gun, or purple haze, or voodoo chile

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what you dont care about your history?
you dont want to see page break his hand again?
prob right now
is it tuesday?
fuck i guess it was yesterday
i should start lookin for bootlegs
peter grant is dead
no one can stop us now
yes you idiot!
sabbath too, they changed music
if it wasnt for those two bands wed still be listening to ghey shit like the rolling stoned and the beatles
bob trash bullshit
all about blues and distortion
ha thats a weird typo b isnt anywhere near p

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causality: you going to led zep?

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