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stop trying to use 'troll' with the meaning 'criticizes stu
it was over why did you bring it up again?
wtf do i have an issue
pay attention to things i say in plain english stu
not like i hide anything
anyway, im tired gonna crash nite
double secret
yes he is hes on the bots
stu is causality
but you still use them
stu no one is crying
get real man

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stu banned blackmoon
bitchin at everyone for crying, and look at him whining about all his personal shit
you take your business into the channel
you ban a dude whose helped like 1000x more than you have
you obviously have something against people who learn
but do you think i care what you think? =D
family biz, shrug

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swish: got logs?

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but somehow it doesnt come off as the world blowing up in 1960
see i think its like the future
and there was some sort of retro excess
like, the full analog cars with 1000hp
they did a really good job tho
i need a new computer for fallout 3
thats totally like next years goal

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yeah dude theyre awesome in person
it looks like remote fiber optic shit or something
like maybe a ton of little bulbs bundled to the display
maybe but thatd be alot of space or precision
yeah i love the retro tek in that
tubes and big passives
whatever its just retro
like, it was the 50s but 10 years from now
so it kinda had this detached feel
dude semiconductors maybe didnt happen
water chips duh
it was the country is we never escaped the early 60s
like, the weird thing is more that it felt modern, not that it felt old
because all the stylistic stuff is mostly done in this kinda 50s-60s cliche style

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damn really?
cuz i could have sword it was invincible listening to you go on about it before
haha, but yeah those modular teks are funny
we have dmm, freq counter, and sig gen modules at school
i dont even wanna know wtf a text plugin was
im done with my tech degrees
im doing engineering next fall
maybe it was a really, really dumb terminal
we have a curve tracer at school
like maybe 70s
pre led/lcd
but it has illuminated matrix displays of some sort
ill try and find pics
but you know what shit was?
it almost looks like fiber optics
moon what are those
yeah, of the display
theyre matrix display

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heh, pretty pimp skills ^
yeah it seems lame till the last 4sec
hehe crowd went so nuts!
they handled it tho
tho if they faceplanted prob would have been cool vid too
maybe after you become and engineer and do a few years of actual work
if you have no patience why do you want to do electronics?
thats like, i wanna learn to hunt, but i just dont like the outside

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wow nice cmrr
omg you are your tek ridiculous series scopes
yeah theyre really deep
haha i like the PCB inside them
still hand drafted shit
no they just come with more functionality
in like 1/8 the space
digital scopes do alot =\
however theyre digital so they kinda dont see alot too
pixels wtf
you could just use amps to grab brain waves
ha like random bullshit

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also ron paul blimp
vote ron paul blimp 2008!
srs, lordpil.com needs content
no new shit for more than a month now
abandoned =(

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but usps did not bring my smps parts
fuckin government bastards

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FUCK YEAH \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/o\/o\/

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