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okay multiplication for volume works, but something is fuckey with the flash word loading

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fuck that were talking relative performance
yeah but will it still maintain netlist connections?
i dunno maybe it just turns it into a non filled poly
okay i have to code a volume control
then i can make adsr call that
that way i dont have to debug both at once
no more zebra waves
if usps doesnt bring my shit today im gonna go postal on them

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orcad is fucked up
dont do it
its not even supported anymore
waste of time, its dead for a reason
wtf i thought they killed it
damn they, wheres their heads
charles`: how is diptrace with polygon copper pours?
eagle seems crackish about it but its pretty useful oncew you get how diff polys interact
is there a way to turn it into a outline quickly?
eagle you can make the fill go away too
select, esc, zoom

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the clock or the whole thing?
okay sleepy fureal
i solve zebra waves tomorrow
or i write adsr code over from scratch
i love it when they say monolithic

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Johnny Sine and The Zebra Waves
we can be like cyber rockabilly or something
what a fucked up concept
neat it doesnt seem to be an actual think in the rockabilly context

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i was thinking like svga source, tho
man this shit is making the most fucked up waves
went from perfect sines to tiger stripes
heh zebra wave
but fureal this is some fucked up waveform
damn too many fucked up harmonics in this waveform
how the adsr was fucked up before held a tone better =(

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doesnt sound super hard
damn i just turned the stk500 and the scope back on =(
okay then that sounds both awesome and fun
wow 6 bits sounds really fun
yeah dude
just need fast enough ADC
and a good clock
take the high 6 bits from the adc
oh his 1bit per color ch thing?
ooh i should try svga stuff when i get an arm
what are you using?
oh wait were not there yet
dude look i am struggling to thing

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yeah its a discrete project
cuz logic blocks are fast yo
hes just using a bunch of inverters?
yeah really
so the lcd is serial in?

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my adsr code seems more working
i have to shift it
k but im sleepy so my imagining maybe broke
k sounds neat i think i need to go to sleep

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its just a nice example of how sloppy the wannabe illuminati dork tribe is

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interviewing a programmer who wrote code to rig the election machines for a FL congress rep

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heh, basically avr with avrfreak's incorrect specs

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theres an app note, i always adapt from those, and then test the fuck out of it
its kinda weird to code cuz the results pop up in a pair of low regs
i really miss flats, natural note scale is boring
cant really play shit
they need to make ultramega avr
with 32 fully functional working regs

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i need 16b*8b=24b multiplication routine
yeah but i think is sleepytime
i forgot i did the values for *2^16
i thought just 2^8, so its just a 8*16=16 function
took the high byte of the 16
and yeah theres a hardware multiplier
no need to code it
just have to make a 16*8=24 one
i think i need sleep first tho
but least i found it
that means maybe 80% of the code is okay

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im a byte low
yeah cuz spreadhset is *2^16
need to chop two bytes and keep the high byte, but i only made the gain accumulator reg two bytes

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k an octave without flats is lame
i need to make my own damn switch board the stk500 isnt enough
meh, adsr code is like 100 lines
100 lines of not working asm
i think possibly i need to rotate one less to the right

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wtf is a sarnie?

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mmm, 1a breakfast burrito

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heh, broken adsr codes sounds better than sine waves
it doesnt sound clean at all so you dont get a turn on pop from the instant voltage hop
the adsr code should scale it

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i think they have special avr for it
oh neat
some of the megas have diff input adc
havent read how its setup tho
maybe uses aref pin

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yeah but the source would be the avr
so its a synth
heh im using an stk500 + a natsemi headphone amp for the audio output
5.25" speaker with kinda high spl

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more parts but prob better performance
macgyver0: maybe just a parport buffer and a dac
or ha parallel out uart
i wonder if they still have those, we did something with those at school
you could do a hybrid linear with dual feedback
the feedback to the avr can just doublecheck the output to make sure it isnt in some fault mode
like, avr dac on a big linear feedback vreg with fast response = power synth

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but switchers running at low frequencies run okay
so an avr is capable of at least that i think, keeping in mine the resolution limitations
well cleanest would be an opamp driven pass transistor with feedback
and then you pwm or dac the voltage you want on the opamp circuits reference voltage
so its basically linear with a digital voltage reference
a purely digital setup has resolution step issues for input sense and output regulation
so itll have a kinda stepped ripple output maybe
at least one resulution step
a hybrid linear thing wont have that prob
you can use anything for a voltage ref, pot, avr dac, zener, precision vref

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you wanna do the regulation digitally?
well, hybrid would be best i think
use a comparator setup with feedback from the pass transistor output
and then use an avr to r2r dac or pwm dac the voltage reference
yeah, avr pics whatevers
well its just about resolution
like, divide 30 up by 1024/512/256/128, see which are acceptable
and then like you can do oversampling/averaging to get better reference
at the cost of response time

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haha at tiny crt
crack pipe is just a glass tube
so he did

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sim like unetworked?
or sim like SL itself?
so are breaking SL again
hahaha nice
what the worst youve timefucked it?
heh, nice lag

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ha is that your breaking in SL vid?

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okay so sometimes theyre just dicks and dont put it

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in the spice model it specified a diode between drain and source
er specifies
so i guess they just left it out?
yeah cuz the spice model has an NMOS and DIODE in parallel, and two seperate model definitions for each so in their model its def there even if its not in the curves and text

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i think so, i dunno about power diodes, tho
those usually all have the diodes
er, power mosfets
oh, yeah i think so, unless they just didnt put it in the symbol in the data
random digikey part, zetex ZVN4424
doesnt mention diodes anywhere i can see
text or curve specs

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macegr i want teh 8g
heh, ram disk

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i hope gainenv bug is something really easy/stupid

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manual CNC = MDI (Manual Data Input)
its basically gcode console
pee dubya em.

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gain envelope doesnt work
but it doesnt gimp the tone generator
makes neat distortion

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is neat but it pops
gain envelope stuff should fix that tho
yeah has like all of them
^dx^: you need the opamp as a buffer
so you dont load up the r2r dac
you can just use it in voltage follower mode
^dx^: did you get better feet for your stk500?
it doesnt have feet under the button edge, except the corners
break it if you hit the buttons to hard

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resistor dac and an opamp works if you dont have an IC
^dx^: figure 5
you use an avr as the switches
r2r dac you can do easy with all same resistors
so like any resistors you have like 23 off
replace 2R with one resistor, R with 2 resistors in parallel

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ha it glitches crazy if i hold down two keys
i dunno why it would do that the highest note should overwrite
prob like plastic injection
^dx^: make a dac
i can give you stk500 synth codes

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haha it works!
i have an stk500 synth
no adsr yet, tho
haha i made an avr bass
i need to do gain envelop so its not all clicky

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yeah natsemi search went to shit
they need to fire new guy and hire old guy
oh i thought he mean they dont come like better than spoec
spoec (c) ren, all of the times.
thats kinda neat test results
thats 35%

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itd be interesting to see how much if their inventory is given away
i bet alot of it is just the overflow from huge custom ordered shit
so they already made their $$$
i wanted some funky specific chip made, and i wanted 100,000, i bet maxim could help me
so they make 120,000, and give away 10k to sell 10k
i see TI like natsemi, but evil
is like, TI are the decipticons
naw its good shit!
but i dunno for some reason they just seem scary, while natsemi seems friendly
but both companies parts and docs are excellent
i have no idea why i think this, heheheh
i <3 my TI calc

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damn so i think i can cut my midi note table by 1/10
cuz all the other octaves can be derived with byte shifts
so like its 13 notes
oh huh cuz 13th wraps
ha yeah
i had to do that for sampling rate already
500KHz at 20MHz = 39

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i dunno what octave to use for my stk500 synth
heh, can start at 110Hz
its def better with trigger buttons its not just droning on intimidating me while i code

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tre: yeah i learned alot just from their datasheets and app notes
yeah but natsemi docs are the best
tre: some stuff they still give you schema
i think they do internal schema for the monolithic audio stuff
theres still stuff thats obviously left out
like the thermal and short circuit protection and circuitry for mute, etc
they sent me a 400 page book full of a ton of their app notes
that has a cd with like all their app notes, i think
for free, not even shipping
little stuff like that is cool
maxim sends my this little 10 page thing with articles and ads
like every month
or maybe quarter
i use them for placemats or pads to solder on

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ha, fun
they said the the average transfer applicant GPA in engineering courses was like 3.4
and the average accepted was like 3.45
very competitive
this wasnt for grad stuff tho
it was undergrad transfer
if i lived in the bay area id try to get a tech job with them
while i went to school
haha, i did 5 years at a CC
i defeated industrial tech department!

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grants and possibly subsidized loans at least, fee waivers and loans are prob diff story
like, i had to wait till 06-07 was over to file my 06-07 fafsa
because i had to finish court shit to be eligible
but i got a refund for credits, cuz i got retroactive fee waivers
oh nice
i been there, cool campus
yeah my gf was up there to check out grad school
so i checked out engineering
er exgf

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fafsa just establishes a reference
its called your EFC, expected family contribution
the lower, the better
the amount of money depends on the school
it just establishes eligibility and a need reference
you can turn down any kind of aid
they wont offer you loans unless you check you want them
and then its minor drama to get them
theres no reason you should ever turn down a grant if youre actually going to school
for when?
for this current year?
yeah thats okay
you might get less or nothing is all
schools have limited funds, so its maybe all used up

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for why
eagle is hella functional
it just has a shit UI

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heh, it prob is a $6 avr
oh, $5

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okay cool
now i have the output hooked to the switch port
okay now i have to put a freq on each stk500 switch, heh
or else im lame
okay more lame
grammar bitch
why would you want adc on buttons?
i was gonna use them with pots for one of the synth controller modules
why not just make it check the switch, and adjust the freq with an internally set value?
we have the technology, we can build it.
oh no wait im going to right now bbl

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i gotta stop writing a ton of code at once before debugging
i dropped in the gain envelope macro and uploaded it without checking it and the speaker hurt me =(
look like a lot of $ef with a pulse of $00

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then the turbine bearings burn
and it cant go any faster =(
yeah, smoke happens
okay i have to do the switches
i decided to use 88.1KHz sampling rate
what finger burning method?
i like my hakko, grips in the middle and really light

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it would still be spinning because of mass, but all the water is pushed out, so you have a massive suction (negative pressure) state behind the turbine
yes they blow and suck, ozzzy
i just call it like i see it!
depending on what it actually is behind the turbine, say you might have a flexing of container walls (capacitance)
which will flex back
sucking on the turbine and possibly causing the turbine to spin the wrong way!
when the contrainer is done reflexing, the turbine is still spinning wrong way
so now its blowing (positive pressure)
which makes it spin right way again, kinda oscillates

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man they are redoing the major street in front of my building
shit is like miniquakes all day long
its pressure
force is kinda ambiguous, positive and negative pressure is easy to visualize, blow and suck
also, it makes inductors understandable for me
like, say you have a turbine (inductor) spinning, and then you cut off its input pressure
like, slam a valve door shut

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thats prob from around when most people will be buying their digital ebayscopes
ha thats so weird
so i have the dac sine on the scope in analog mode
and i can watch little blank spots creap left to right along the trace
haha i can make them dance around with the holdoff knob

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i assume so i just dont have the serial cable for it
i tried once with a strange cable and the scope acted broken for like two days
it has a serial port?
oh, yeah prob can hook it up to a PC
i think maybe i need to buffer mine with a max232 or something

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rab: coool, heheh
danielson: microphone and soundcard?

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anyway, ricky rackman invited him onto the show, and then they replaced ricky with adam
adam isnt that funny
oh neat thats early
think last time it was on my moms bday, heheh
danielson: no it was me and my friend and two girls
and we made some shit up about us catching our girlfriends sleeping together
and we didnt know what to do!
yeah he told my friend to give me the thumbs up
anyway they ran with it like it was believable
yeah syndication fucked it up
when people having sexual issues with sheep from mnontana were calling up, it kinda killed it
then it became that whole mtv drama thing
like, they whored dr drew to mtv
adam i understand
but dr drew made me sad =(

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just walks in with a minigun
rab: haha,
rab: hahaha valley is 400ft up!
maynard has spent more time in hollywood than me
can you feel the burn?
hes a dork
and fuck adam corolla
that guy told me to shut up once
when in may?
thats my bday i wanna go
yeah on the radio
when loveline was cool before they syndicated it and all the freak show shit from the rest of the country started being the topic
because when loveline was just kroq, 50% of it was people just making shit up to get on the radio
tho my friend forgot my fake name so he used my actual name =(
yeah what else do you do when youre bored and 14 with other 14 year olds?

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dude you guys all gotta try avr programming thru an audio dac
you have pacman for oscilloscope?
give now.
rab is from teh uk, huh
im sorry
did you get out?
causality: actually last week i was saying how american prongs are to close together
and succeptible too shorting
but go ahead and just make more generalizations =D
btw fuck america im from california

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does that conduct at all?
being its like, carbon
here i can find some sexy lookin ones so stu can be more excited
they come in gold too
you fuckers are so distracting

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why dont you get something rated for 5A?
but yeah probably
thats kinda my point =(
like, itd have to be really, really shitty contruction to not do 5A
rab: yeah exactly
theyre usually just like threaded onto bolts
bolt = high current capacity
fuck yeah
put the case at 25V
put one side of the case at 25V
and the other at -25V
and put a sign that says 'dont touch!'

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and manual pocket thing
its acted up a couple times
but its ancient digital and it came to its senses
they go for $300-$700
hell yeah
the scope would be absolute shit for digital work without the DSO
like if youre doing digital, get a tek with dso or an older digital scope
yeah it can do that
it also has a low speed roll mode
so it works kinda like those um...
with the pens on rolling paper like a seismograph
oh, like plotters
mine came with rs232 but i have to get cables and figure it out
they came with gpib and nothing, too
yeah good digital scope is hella useful
mines cool but its kinda gimp and prob wont work well in a couple years
encoder knob is already kinda fuckey

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like, i knew how to do fixed point i just didnt get how he was deriving frequencies
the math is pretty easy
i have a 2230
danielson: for what?
oh, i do that all in spreadsheets
haha i wouldnt do that to an avr =(
like i did a log gain table from -35 to 0 setup for 16bit fixed point
for the gain envelope stuff, then you just paste into your asm
yeah digital scopes you have to find the sampling rate
to really see what theyre good for
i think like $350 shipped
its got a DSO, which makes it awesome
calibrated with manuals

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free mega164p \o/
i have free tiny85s, too
yeah for a phase accumulator wave gen
hmm, is like a big lookup table, and the tuning word says how far to jump
but like the actual lookup table is only 10 bits
so you use fixed point sex to get extra accuracy with a 32bit tuning word
basically you do all the math like you have a 32bit lookup table, and then just use the top 10 bits
ha, no its easy and incredibly useful
and soooooo quick
like, the frequency accuracy maxes out my tek perfect when i checked against midi notes
well i didnt get the fixed point and wavetab wrapping thing

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omg i FINALLY killed stupid bug
i only loaded half of the 32bit freq tuning word into sram
so it was never really broken
it was just stuck at like .00001Hz or something ridiculous =(

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that stuff is bad for you!

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'bum piss, in gooch land.'
the shitty part is you add junction resistance
but not so much
well, how are you mounting?
because if youre using a fansink, you can mount by the fan
and that will provide electronic insulation
then you just have to be sure the sink will be clear of anything metal or circuit
yeah but itll save the junktion temp
you can get hella thin mica insulators
yeah two is good, theyre only like $5 now

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its 8 bit
ha, fuck that, no time for that
2R = r, R = r||r
thats why like 23 resistors
so i mean not only is it an old design, its also uneccessarily big
tho i could argue im likely gaining precision
i wonder if they pronounce it bumpiss
thats not really any better
find some athlon xp sinks
insulator washers and pads

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there is some small bug that is making my avr cry
and its not any of the normal stuff i do
its not working so its sad, i decided.
tho yeah its connected to a dac and a headphone amp and a 5" speaker
r2r with same value 1% resistors
like 23 of em in a row on perfboard with a 10pin box for stk500 port breakouts
cuz these are cheap and work fine buffered?
mostly cuz i didnt have to buy anything

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gary coleman at gunpoint in front of new saturn roadster
wearing green crocs

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jessica alba looked better before she got skinny
she had like big curvy ass and tits
then she became generic midsize hollywood build
macegr: ouch
ozzzy: hahahaha
macegr: just teach him logic fet, or something
or he needs something with connectors and shit he cane wire up
im still laughing about the old goat horns
but yeah she was like the only girl on tv with an ass AND tits
but then she denied being mexican, so she had to get rid of the ass

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zipcode overflow
i heard it isnt so expensive
i dont remember who was telling me but i was way less than i thought just to take lessons

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wow i wanna play
monica kinda looks like a turtle
no, but id be down to have a monica turtle dream
i dont remember my dreams =(

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macegr: stoppit
i hate it when i fix a bug and shit still doesnt work

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