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okay no more avr need sleep and foods

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see but because its eagle its prob a bitch to use that sheet in other designs
wy cant it be normal
i mean the drama i have to go thru just to make copies of library parts to make variants
like some stuff makes sense but other shit is just on crack
rab: heh we just ignored the dropdown menu
or you possibly have the free one

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can you do other sheets?
i think its sheet per board, no?
please tell me no
theres no way to do blocks that i know of
in any other program
i have the super version dude
ima make some music with my avr =O
and this program which i think i like enough to liberate

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yeah ive never done rs232 stuff before on an avr
shit just worked wtf!?

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interface chip
i know im saying its what that interface chip is gonna be for
cuz i dont want this one to glitch while doing data stuff
or take a long time to update
prob just some other avr
cuz im going to us usart so i figure two avr with the same xtal and the same usart setting prob work pretty good
yeah but thats later stuff
the dumb/fast one does tone gen and gain envelope stuff, the smart one does interface and input processing

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okay if i do it with an spi dac, and just a single rx line, i can totally do this on an 8pin tiny

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oh man thats annoying
so i fix a typo in this docklight app edit dialog
and it doesnt update in the display
but when you go to edit it, its the right value
its sustain not susiain stupid serial app

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hmm not enough sram
cant import wavetables
only need 1 8bit port
and i might use an spi dac
i just need dac out and spi or usart in
i want to make them cheap, so if i want a polysynth i can use a bunch in parallel and mix
like interface to trigger them
er, interface ic

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but its working
and i can do this on a 20pin avr!
actually i should shop for which one so i know what im gonna be porting to
oh look digikey says i should use qfp32 atmega48
i have those!
should get a sexy dac for it
actually i bet i could do this on a tiny

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kevtris: what happens if a note off signal is sent during the AD part of a gain envelope?
i think im just going to have it falloff at the release rate

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wow all that pasted asm seems to be working
the voodoos are happy or something
i usually forget to adjust a label or reg or something

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yeah probably
i kinda like the 8 bit sound thing, heh
and it might sound okay once its ramping the gain
heh, geek
-35db doesnt seem like enough
haha when i was testing borken code some of the sounds were awesome

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how do invert bits?
eor bits,$ff
bet that does it
neat note on/off rs232 stuff works
is nice being able to turn the volume down, heh

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its an 8 bit sample, you scale it down, it has steps, it sucks
thats just reality
but the digital attenuators wont do that
i have to check on the specs for the lm1972/lm1973 things i have
sounds like a waste of cycles

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i think im going to do gain with a digital attenuator
cuz you can hear the choppiness with the software scaling of the wave
wtf you guys are on crack

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more than coding it i kinda hate code =(

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yeah i wanna play with fpga schema software soon
seems like fun
thats how id do it
i dont really get the whole fpga scripting language thing
but like, logic schema attached to pins makes sense
plus like i wont play with discrete logic otherwise
except for maybe latches and decoders here and there
you use quartus too?
see but designing that in schema would be fun

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like, figuring out an i2c peripheral is prob like, load 2 setup regs, load a clock reg, possibly enable interrupt
and then read and/or write to a register or pair of registers
no that the point
the peripherals are to free up cpu time
like, im amazed anything i do works
like, shit is spinning at 20MHz, but its really working
meh, thats no fun =(
damn im glad i started moving code out to macros
id be all lost in it and intimidated by my avrstudio

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so im gonna splash the values to leds make sure theyre updating right
yeah asm hax0ring in avr is best
oh, arm is like step up
i wanna get a little arm header board in the next month or 3
like, try and reproduce the project on an arm, but like with more resolution and speed
im gonna get an atmel sam7
im gonna try and learn asm basics on it
cuz im a weirdo
do you know about digital logic and maths?
yeah then its not any different
its like coding for the stupidest device ever
coding is coding
even c you gotta learn lots of hardware level stuff for embedded
microcontrollers pretty much about reading the datasheet for the proc init and peripheral setup

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plugging in a running dac =\ =\ =\
theres a split sec of chaos while the pins connect before the sine resolves
it sounds like a buzzsaw
are we burning diodes?
be sure take pics, yeah?
wtf that what i said, diodes
heh, i got the stk500 pimped out
switches and leds hooked up, asynchronous rs232, 8 bit dac
i still have 6 pins left
tone gen, volume control, and usart control done
i have to test the ADSR values, but the code isnt very good
avr port

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ha wow you ever like paste like 20 lines of asm into maybe 200 and adjust all the labels and details, etc, and hit compile
and like it actually compiles and you dont believe?
eo_: yeah fureal

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timecop you fool
linux has had the best media players for years
i use linux media players in windows =D
except foobar2k
fb2k is native sex.
but yeah between mplayer/vlc, aint shit you cant play
um, hello i have a gui
it looks like media player classic
vlc and mplayer have had guis at least since like 2003
mplayer from cmdline is wicked quick tho
its like wget for media
schema and maybe yes

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w00t i found a terminal scripting app might be worth stealing
ima try and use it to make the avr play a song

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book == commercial product, nice spin

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i dunno you use lunix so jhe means you when he says lunix fggts

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macegr you are like masturbating to this datasheet now, huh
movies and strife
hey is there any sort of scripted serial port app?
like, maybe takes text files with timecode + tx hex
mr fusion
i like the adc idea better
we all do

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man this sucks i wanna finish the comm code
okay bye i bbl
a low pass filter is a slope limiting filter =)
with sine waves, analog style, yeh
actually any waves and an analog filter, they limit rate of change
okay maybe because it has digital limitations but slope limit is what an analog filter is
omg its gonna be cold

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feels better?
you would have to explain the word
okay explain the word pls
okay well if you get it you can explain it
okay so its factoring out an equation
i guess
ima go ride my bike in the cold for no really good reason other than im a nice guy

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awesome i can change freq and volume now!
wow maybe in the same send...
audio synth module
im doing the comm stuff
then i gotta do the gain envelope, which is the totally fucked up part
im not sure how note off is handled during attack/release
not really
just multiplication
i need to learn bit more maths
but it makes way more sense now than it used to

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he installed vista today.
haha cool
see i told you

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wow neat this rs232 shit actually works
if i was a normal person i could use linux
but i need eda and cad stuff
that scene has years to go on the lunix, with the exception of CAM machine control
somehow ubuntu is the king of low cost machine control

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neat i can control synth volume from terminal now

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k maybe maybe tomorrow
figured youd know something tho
oh itll output in hex
ha i locked that shit up
(avr is spraying it)

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like can i send and get data in hex or decimal?
oh sweet
the multiple send buffers with hex checky prob do it

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timecop: you know any serial port hijack software?
fuck hyperterminal i dont wanna send shit in ascii
i wanna use like real numbers and shit

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its an r2r dac
but im not about to hacc enable circuitry into it
okay so i got usart working \o/
heh avr is spraying the terminal
i can change what it sprays the terminal with

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im trying to get the avr to send data to the terminal
not working
programming at 2MHz makes the most horrible noises thru the dac
theres a dac on the avr programming pins
its not that kind of dac
okay why is this not working

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heh, i stuck it into itself it works \o/
but im not sure i did tha avr right
i need foods

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yo how do i clean my hyperterminal
er, clear

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oh hahaha
this chip doesnt have debugwire
i guess cuz jtag

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dragon crashed avrstudio twice

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damn i just crashed my avrstudio

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wow its working
stk500+dragon #1
haha i had a tamagotchi when i was in a group home
we killed that shit soo many times
they bite?
cuz thatd be awesome

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oh no wait that was kenny who ed209 splashed
no i have something against people who act all ridiculous over bullshit
but actually yeah, white people are mostly in charge, and shit is pretty fucked, so you make your own call on that
im a hybrid =)
im nothing
okay i wonder if i can do debugwire on the stk500 from a dragon boad
and then shift the rs232 to stk500 spare, without like an explosion or something
you can turn it into simon
me and dx have simon codes

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we aint trying to punk people over silly shit like patriotic symbols
or i guess some of us are
like it fuckin matters at all, like he was hurting anyone

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thats so gay
its a fuckin piece of cloth
that better be his mexican flag
nothing was done to his country
no one is trying to fight him
fuckin cook
what a fuckin loon
dude i do
doesnt matter
this aint a war
thats fuckin ridiculous
so what?
this is free fuckin country
put a jolly roger over an american flag
its you right, its why were america
dude you vote bush?
cuz its lame
its a fuckin piece of cloth
so get your own fuckin flagpole
then gtfo white man
other people where here first before you got here
los angeles?
yeah thats why were better than them

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omg how lame
i found a fucking song you can play with just natural notes
i forget which patriotic bullshit song its called
my country tis of thee
pls2 describe your youtube link
cuz this morning i saw a underage girl dancing while her dog was fucking her stuffed animals
and i was rather offended
wtf youtube pr0n is gonna be lame

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but i dunno wtf its doing
pic have bit test conditional?
yeah, funky

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external, 20MHz
just stick a 20MHz xtal in the socket thing and fix the jumpers
comm stuff is last step
well for this chip, then i gotta make interfaces
but for stk500 im gonna just do hardware synth with like 2 octaves off buttons
bigger tactiles
like, piano layout but crowded into hex spacing
right now it throws the tone gen into some crazy harmonic mode
no clue why, the switch code is kinda hax for debugging
i was pretty sure itd just overwite any previously sensed button presses

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the buttons on the stk500 hurt
k after gain envelope i have to make button interface pcb
theyre like too little with short throw!
also stk500 sucks because only 8 buttons
so like i can do an octave oh naturals or less than an octave with flats
no havent hooked it up yet
once i get this part working itll be useful
but like its pointless to have it to change adsr values if its broken

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do you have a regulated iron?
you can do it if you have a regulated iron and good flux
the metal will kinda slurp the solder up
well whatever i thought of it like that and just kinda discarded it
im an alien =(
(cuz im prob part aztec)
k i have to turn volume control into gain envelope

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only $18
wtf you have an stk500
i should slap you
you just put a 10pin header on it and connect your stk500 to it instead of its dev area
you have to make a board
or get some sort of magicaly adapter prob cost you $100
heh, blanks
^dx^: it didnt work on me
kiki and bubu
i thought what he said and like kinda discarded it instantly
and then just looked back and forth until he said it
but thats lame, its kiki because it has sharp edges like a K?
wtf like, aliens prob dunno wtf a K is
or a B

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fool get the datasheets from atmel
they revise them
100pin quad flat pack
256K flash, 8K sram, 4K eeprom
only 16MHz =(
but damn thats like, datatables to the moon

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ha omg i just described poo =(
man theyre resurfacing the street
fuckin like a 3 earthquake all day long
ha, why i like asm
nothing is happening in ram ever unless i do it

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so like, jp, germany, american, someplqace else dunno
thats kinda neat
so you really meant like, lcd
macegr: watch the video
i think they all have enables, no?
damn their advertisement buffer is 15sec default or click
damn freescale!
the SSX lines are the enables
its a seething mass
like, jaba the hut without the face

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did you see that vid i linked to?
with the brain guy
weird, huh?
like, everything he said made sense 100%
is that at the end?
ooh i should rewatch i was doing something
digg video, 'brillian view of mind' or some shit
picture of an indian guy in a black leather jacket
hehe, weird
macegr: http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/184
is really fuckin cool
its like, brain architecture reverse engineering
the wwvb chip im using is like that
extra xtals and chips and a diff antenna and i can do 4 diff radio timecodes

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er, lcd clk i guess
it said monolithic it should all be inside there!
okay so i think i figured it out last night
i was fuckin up cuz i wasnt clearing the high byte reg before shifting into it
is it fast enough?
oh i misread a line

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yeah if hes walking around is cool
damn my cat is gonna be 10 years old =\
ha prob just turn into a big glowing steam cloud
wonder if you could put enough copper in it to make it green without fucking up the reaction
cat years are undefined
i think my cat is disturbed by the mess in my room
svga clk?

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oh thats a good thing
i had a cut wouldnt lean into turns when drugged
so hed turn and be pulled to the outside and just kinda spin out
they usually okay after they go to sleep
how old is it?
oh thats prob fine unless its super little
sometimes they overdrug them =\

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hey give ron paul moneys tomorrow
k dont forget
my gf has buckets of iron oxide lying around
er exgf
ceramics departments are kinda nuts
its like chemistry department without rules
every one ive been to looks more industrial than the engineering departments at the same school

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ha snow wtf is that

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cuz you turn off the gui?
no really you can use xp/2k wm stuff?
yeah like the non telletubby explorer
or gay categorized big icon control panel, etc
no i mean vista
kinda shitty
why do they keep doing this
why dont they just stick to one and sell major updates

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i so fucked up its beyond blue outside
my sleep schedule has now been inverted =(
its like use current page or something?
how annoying and prone to mistakes
dude but theeres like 5 clocks for sidebar without even paying extra
so wtf are you complaining about?

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i finished the psu board, but usps doesnt wanna give me my parts
so its just a string of 0603 leds right now
those things are awesome like way wide radiation pattern
i have to put pics of the vfd tubes lit up, too
they dont work with negative voltage so the super sexy vfd driver/io extention chip kevtris found wont work
and why are you doing vista to yourself?
everybody just complains on irc for like 2 days and then installs xp
ooh, sucky
thats the topside of the board

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heheh, 23 resistor dac waves
okay i gotta go sleep fureal cuz its 8 in the morning =O!
omg weve so been over this
thats a notblog because its not about emo personal politcal opinion things
its notes

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