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pastichio is awesome
okay i gotta sleep
its raining wtf

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audacity works
lamer doesnt have a distro with illegal libs
pretty much
and jack is a realtime kernel thing
its actually pretty neat once you get it up
but wtf has nothing to do with editing audio
jack isnt for mplaying mp3
jack is for realtime audio stuff
oss is free as far as i know
and alsa pretty much does everything including intercept oss sound stuff
it was kernel sound before they switched to alsa in 2.6

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alot of ATI cards were red
i only have someone elses broken one
oh, i wanna do a big board
to fir like 8 octaves of tactiles
and like 5 pots and some chips and stuff

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omg no =(
like you pay for games?
like a gainward gf3 ti200

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should i buy portal?
i want to know of this companion cube
ha im still playing system shock 2
omg doom3 so stole the gameplay and modd from systame shock 2
er mood
shit going crazy and youre trapped, zombies are trying to get you, someone else is tellin you what to do
so what does companion cube do exactly?
jes i know of your chink deals
actually i wanna get the hardware synth board fabbed
heh, my first badass vidcard had red mask

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necrobate: (Vin-Vout)*Iout
er yeah what macegr said
but yeah, the bigger your voltage drop, the more power is wasted
the smaller your voltage drop, the closer you are to dropout voltage
so yeh, bad for low power
timecop: put a switcher there instead?
its not an adjustable resistor
its a transistor
well, in an LDO its a transistor, in anything else its prob two transistors
full saturation you hit your dropout voltage, you fucked up

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timecop: werent you using fixed voltage regs?
anyway these can be setup up as buck, boost, or inverting
is the switcher like a fixed dealy or adjustable
jeah, the TI and AD datasheets are almost identical
good math breakdown at the end
heh my kathode supply is 1.5V
a linear reg would have been wasting mad watts

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you can call them coils =)
electron turbines
anyway ive never done an smps before
so i ususally expect shit not to work right away

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wow nice
the reg outputs scope as straight lines

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is up mofo, go click
flux and heat

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timecop: k pics in a minute

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gonna use 16b r2r
its source, not reproduction
then a buffer and maybe a 6pole filter
maybe chebychev sex

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my smps makes noises
like, enthusiastic noises
fine bitch ill take pics
its lighting a tube and not blowing up
softsynth is a pc thing foolio
and im prob just gonna put a linear reg on that
audio and all

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timecop: sweet
wtf my smps sounds like rattlesnakes
did i already say that?
okay ima go find ghettotube
im hookin up teh tube
and i gotta clean the fuck up

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omg smps work
ha its buzzy
necrobate: yeah ima hook up a tube, sec
wtf is 30A 100V?
i ran out of electrical tape
im done it works
i have to find my ghetto tube socket
and its a notblog timecop
how many times do we have to go over this
link i dont see

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hha my tweezers dont fit
fuckin pakis
whatevers i can read the numbers on the 0805 without glasses
how do they print that shit? =\

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im using fat 6" tweezrs from pakistan =(
i have those
also 6" from pakistan
i need to go buy couple good ones
theyre weird kinda
like learning chopsticks

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timecop: naw man thats just the way it is
were not machines
although honestly it doesnt matter which way you solder them
kevtris: actually that makes sense
because of the pins
kevtris is smrt
my carpet ate teh foockin zener
im just assuming it could be on my lap or in my clothes or something
macegr_: hahah
rab: my tweezers?
my tweezers are too big
one day im gonna get good tweezers, and my smt soldering skill will get like a +30 bonus

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my fuckin too big tweezers got magnetized
the fuckin country stamp is so fucked up i dont even know what country to be dissapointed in
i think it says pakistan
oh maybe that isnt S and D
this is letters i do not understand
my sot23 are like sticking to the tweezers when i try and grab them
its fucked up

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i seen pics

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i totally put these sot23 zeners somewhere so id know where they were
no clue
not there =(
ive never static fucked a chip
took me years to get over the ph33r
but i ran a gf3 ti200 for like a year after itd been kicked around on carpet for couple years
i usually burn my parts with current
well like, if youre mostly working with electron tubes
yeah but i mean normal low impedance low voltage type current
like, the kinda that melts plastic

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herbs, than foods, than psu testing \o/
my samsung does 10sec warmup then spits em out like page every few seconds
for like 2000 sheets before fading
yeah mines about that

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stacked ceramic caps are so neat
samsung $80 printers are the shit

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kevtris: hi
heh, i test my tri rail smps tonight hopefully
hopefully i dont burn my first switcher psu =\

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vfd psu half soldered
i gotta go take a final tho =(
the little smt connector i got is neat

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teh digikey parts are he0r

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i can boil the chicken breasts i guess
rab: its so easy too!
i can put that on my speaker robots
its serial io, just give it cmds and suck data out probably
modules usually come with that shit

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causality: duh i meant like how long said line was and what was in it
green salsa, ++
like, it smells pussy, but it hits your mouth and its like daaaaaayum
im making taquitos tomorrow
i gotta chill this salsa out
let it get all potent
when did i call you stupid
wtf is up with you and exagerating for effect
duh does not mean stupid
'duh, stupid' means youre stupid
man i wanna make the tacos now

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whats a 'line'?

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isnt that what you pay for those things for?
you are confuzing me
-28 wtf
is this some gps module or consumer thing youre haxing or what
i gotta go stire the salsa bits brb

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also, i got thin steaks, and 8 limes, then i exploded the limes into a tupper, along with like bunch of garlic and salt, and im marinating the steaks till tomorrow
tomorrow i gotta make the quacamole (avos, lemons, onions, garlic)
AND THEN ima make a ton of chiken fajita and marinated steak tacos
no lime is for steaks
lemon is for guac
no i gave up
it used to be easy to find i think it got buried in forum and news posts

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im making some badass green salsa
tamatillos, serrano peppers, garlic
(tamatillo is kinda like a tiny green tomatoe with leaf shield)
mmmm mmm
you boil everything until its done, then you take the seeds out of the serrano peppers, but you leave the threads that the seeds hang on cuz thats the hot part, then you blender it all
and then you like kick back and enjoy the awesome

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heheh, junkie
a to e is a lucky corruption
fuckin finals
i wanna h4x my avr
im converting synther to 16bit samples, adding more wavetabes, doing code for sqr and saw waves
but now is time for shopping for welding class final (bbq)
maybe you are getting DDoSed
heheh, i made a noise wavetable with openoffice rand()
i dont think ive had a corrupt packet ever

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you communicate to chinkpcb with asm?
omg im going nuts
like, in addition to email or opposed to?
80% of everyone
notepad++ is awesome
turns 08D DDD 4E 1 into .db $08,$DD,$00,$4E,etctetctct
like mad quick, 2048 lines in maybe 20sec
formatting hex from spreadsheet to avr assembler data byte format
vim is neat
im trying to get away from it, i type :w and :wq into shit habitually now

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