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one is gold one is just tin solder
yeah its just gold plate
vid cards have gold fingers alot
and corrosion resistance
not at all
but its nice
yeah thats alot
i gotta go sleep
is gold
homework and school all day
i have to do the main board
have to decide if i wanna do wwvb on the board or as a module

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i ran out of corn flakes
so i paid almost $5 for a medium box of frosted flakes at sev
i dont really like frosted flakes
$5 is like a huge box of cornflakes
i should give sev a shopping list
whatever its good
cornflakes + cold milk = awesome
normal cereal got too much sugar and bullshit
horkin fiber chunk, and i forgot the other one
milk is so weird
dude its cow mucuos to start with

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thats in base 62
moxie = mach-36
see i dunno macegr
is that expensive for raising nut bran?
it seems like maybe $2 too much

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macegr: dude watch teh youtubes its so crazy its almost embarrassing
like im almost ashamed people like invented the internet
look what it has done to margery
haha she totally clips her mic input at the end
well whatever she is quoting has unusually large amounts of moxy
i got the mach-z, yo

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they smoked themselves

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it makes for a pretty good dev history
skype dongle
but the general idea
so its basically a usb souncard with a phone for a mic and speakers
did someone click?
you smoked clients?
necrobate: you mean the gas, right?
timecop is a criminal
`nerobro: pls2elaborate

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zero cross
if youre tracking pure sines, you can just detect zero cross and test time
yeah if youre working with distinct frequencies you can do simpler things, in the digital sense
bandpass filters and a couple uC doing timing
the little tinys are prob perfect for that
you just have to make sure the BPF are sharp enough you dont get your signals mixed up
yeah thats prob the best way to impliment
two $.50 avr and like a $2 avr
how scary is it?
bugzilla is pretty cool

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you determine your precision needs, make sure you dont truncate your results all to shit, set up as much of the processing as you can in data table constants
and then youre at a point where you decide if the code is usable or not
cuz like, float, continuous high freq sample rate, and 8bit microcontroller dont really go together
at audio frequencies you maybe have 100-500 cycles to play with
depending on exact sample rate and uC speed
if its note gonna be mixed waves you can do it with a ZC and a timer

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then do both
and compare
it aint stolen if its on the net
at worst, its lost code
well, net is public and massively reproducable
like, if you want your things to stay secret, dont let it get to there
anyway, im not saying you should rip their code
im saying you should use them as research for your own code
you said you want to understand them, so fuck with the code until it makes sense
none of those numbers really mean anything
not in a real application, theres always other code to handle, and theres always tricks and optmizations for the math
like, if its a float algorithm, im gonna take a guess and say it wont work
then you need more than one cpu core running or you need to optimized a float algorithm to fixed point

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youd have to use a roving freq filter
for example, if you have a bass waves, with a high frequency wave superimposed
the high freq, lower amplitude wave might do several zero crossing when the bass wave does its zero crossing
but then not at all until the bass waves next zero crossing, because the HF wave is riding the LF wave
its likely not practical compared to wave->spectrum dB algorithms
like fft
technically you need a hybrid analog/digital part
shit man its all binary
im not even sure what you mean
im saying play with it so you actually have some sort of experience with it to reference
worst shit is you absolutely waste your time and it just brick code

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: Hello! I am interested in knowing that could we implement the Goertzel algorithm using only integer variables and not using floa at all. Please let me know. I need it urgently. regards, Ashish
i mean shit if converting from float to fixed is your only prob might as well take the fuckin day off
where does the interwebs find these peoples
sir. i m pabitra. please help me to understand this program.
like, that has to be a troll, right?
thats guys like a comedy genius, right??
sad =(
im glad i got out of CS/IT/IS department first semester
those guys are afraid of anything on a digital level
seravitae: fuck that just do it
see if you can get it to run in a uC sim
then play with it until it makes sense
like, you actually have an understand or at least an idea how the parts work

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timecop its lexan
acrylic = plexi
polycarbonate = lexan
yeah, super acrylic =D
supposedly that stuff is death to manufacture
no it kills people
he mean noise or sound?
triacs are sharp knee switching devices
like, the sound is from high voltage delta
theres algorithms to do it fast on a uC

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matza is awesome
giant cracker, yo

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yeah the solder rolls on the back of the iron
that vertical board technique looks sexy

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okay i have to shower and take a nap or something

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its different pitches for a given diameter
most have 2 but some have three, shrug
just whatever it is
i wouldnt everu use a 'fine' or 'course' spec for purchasing, pretty much because of why you just said
except for the smaller machine screws, alot have 3, bunch have just one
heh, thread pitch gages are neat
i got a standard set last enco but
and some radius gages, sick of guessing with the calipers
yeah its a weird thing, because its holding tighter, more threads in the metal
but if it flexes, hole warps, its more likely to just fall out
those are good you should use tho

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and its your job as a citizen of earth to fight these retarded rich people laws
okay look
book help people
book supply is now unlimited
everyone should have books
you see my logic is infallable
fuck a license
if you give it a license, people will exploit it
75% threats are pointier in profile
its more difficult to tap and wont 'break into' the new hardware
like maybe tight fit with some hardware, maybe wear out some hardware
with plastic and Al, screwing in a bolt kinda finishes the thread, cuz the bolt is much harder
its more a bitch to tap too
yeah that can work, its not like you making parts for inspection

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my room is littered with school and shipping debris
if i was a public business id get shut down
scrot it and print that
screen shot it
i should do that actually im always having to look up tap sizes
heh, so take two shots, and paste together, and scale, and print that
the second rule of #electronics...
well, never talk about illegal aspects of things which would be perfectly legal if you another person
because those a pussy laws made by rich people

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she already knows i hate doing her classwork tho
not besides my bible
theres a decent online one with 50% and 75% tap sizes
and also through holes, gimm min i see if i can find it
omg casio calc watches were so fuckin retarded
thats a good chart
you dont have to answer him if you dont want cuz hes not an op
i dont have to tho

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my geeky cute english teacher totally hugged me goodbye
and she wasnt hugging no one else
no just firm squeeze
she was prob just trying to get a sniff of my dreds or something
ima email her in like 2 weeks like 'so what did you think of my essays?'
cuz she was like, you can email me and ask but ill prob just be like 'which one!?' but i think maybe that dont apply to me so much
haha, my anonymouse critique is totally non anonymous
i called her a big geek!
i said she was like a crazy essay eating seymour monster

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0805 is like a grain of rice
rab: i have to do a speech final exam
fuck if i know on what i didnt buy no fuckin speech book

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because our education system is fucked up at parents suck at life
so prob like $25-30 for the whole thing?
yes because he is from before the cold war
macegr: oh shit you need RGB?
thats gonna be a sad invoice
stu knows
prob like $.04 in quantity
sexytime transistors?
heh to92
pnp ohnoz!
you gonna p2p this?
yeah like $50 0805 capacitor

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omg fucking done with english102 essay portfolio bullshit
i love this geeker chick teacher but serious, wtf
its like she like her job and demands we feed her more
she is seymour
do you have kids?
cuz if you have kids, its your fault
cuz your kids are all stupid
you might still be smart
but youre on the border
youre almost after the cold war
russians stop pointing missiles at us for 10 years and everyone starts taking art and music and literature
cant defend yourself with literature!

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i mean, if you can just light up the whole server and not worry about getting caught
its just about hitting enter and clicking okay alot
wtf is 14.2%?
macegr: pls 2 ask what the algorithm for hack % is?
i bet its extorsion
they prob approach people theyve already exploited
now he can has files
like 3 weeks from now, you get defaced
5 weeks from now, you get another call from him

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i have an electronics AS degree and a CNC AS degree, and GE for a liberal arts AA
naw hes not hardcore enough for EE
dude im like at trig
like, when people explain calc to me, it makes total sense
but ive never done it
and equations look like chinese to me
no me
hes laughing at me cuz he knows its gonna hurt my brain
i dont believe in infiniti
ha yeah dx is a troopa!
he got bones stickin out perpendicular to his body!
yeah i go to comm college
i go to class whenever i feel like it
show up whenever i want, basically
what is that like where they try and hack you all the time?
what a boring sounding job

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8g, yo
was an electronics tech AS
the 8G is the topend EEEPC thats not out yet
im transfering into EE next fall
next spring absolute worst case
fun courses
abet bsee
at a state technical university
take manual
you already know how to program
i could prob teach you gcode in a few days
like, engineering/tech school
ive never been to a trade school =)
its a university
it just specializes in tech
california polytechnic university, pomona
ill be doing it for like a year once i get in
along with sciences

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we made they should give you a machine with a compile and web access to do the test
like, they teach like youre gonna be engineering while stranded on a deserted island
like, the prof from gilligans is your standard
id prob be like 'i can code in asm, memory pointers dont scare me, fuck you'
and then id get an incomplete
and have to retake the class with the asshole
fucking bitchass sturla
i almost did that
instead i wrote like 10 things his opamp course didnt cover
that were on the course description

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okay the coolest sentence ive written this semester
Poverty made audio equipment rare and precious, so an aspect of dub was the worship of the sound system itself, and making icons of the technicians who operate the gear: the producer, the soundboy, and the selector, or as we refer her, the DJ.
2 hours, 2 papers left
i broke it with a colon
omg ty
now you see why i never believe when my code compiles first time?
naw DX, wrong
Poverty made audio equipment rare and precious, so an aspect of dub was the worship of the sound system itself, and making icons of the technicians who operate the gear: the producer, the soundboy, and the selector -- or as we refer to her, the DJ.
hahaha really
you dont have to know, it tells you
pay me, bitch

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except they prob wont hit your price range until 2019
okay back to english
its like being a sex machine, only unimaginably lame

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macegr: they make 3b addy 1:8 latches
tho i havent read your math breakdown so i dunno if that helps
no wait youre finding 3b logic for $.05
or any logic
see this is why 20p fpga would be awesome
ya know?

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teacher will be mad if i turn in schema instead of three essays out of 8, no?
bong water on the floor
party foul =(
fuckit i have a ton of clean socks anyway

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tonsofpcs: not true
vishay bought everyone too

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yeah its not gov stamped, shit is mine.

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no u
5 papers down
like three to go
i have a 3lb mini streamline stapler, all steel, old school style, sucks
er, swingline
i have a .5lb plastic streamline micro stapler
works awesome, wtf
the microstapler takes normal staples too
i really dunno where the crappy one came from

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