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i kinda want mac n cheese
i dunno if my stomach hurts less now or i just got used to it
haha at root beer as real food
wtf is an a&w burger?
if i do burgers its like grilled mini meatloafs
like, carbonized outside but juicy and tastey in the 1" thick middle
but yeah i should eat better my stomach always bothering me
but drs run test then go like 'you fine, its gas or indigestion or something.'

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good analogy
the fucked thing is they did that
heh, adc, ram, dac
i think you want like a bucket brigade type thing
mmm, 1% poly caps

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nor do i think the isreali state is totally justified, although i do not think this should be the burden of those who were born there or those who immigrated from europe
its basically a really bad situation, where a bunch of people got jacked for land, and now you guys are paying the price
im sorry you had to be born into such a mess =(

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i just have a hard time with you saying isreali girls are the hottest on earth
when theyre all stolen from eastern europe
like, they have those girls in eastern europe, too
haha, shorties
so a fatass with pimples all on her ass and chaffed inner thighs with any steel gun is attractive to you?
youre from texas
youd fuck a porcupine if it had a gun
haha cuz you know its true!
anyway, id rather have a hot girl who was attractive because she was hot and interesting
not because she can work a basic machine
i mean cmon, point at nemesis, pull lever
this doesnt take a genius
i dont like seeing women and children blown up by 'precision' munitions
nor do i like any form of extremist nationalism

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they get trained in krav maga?
cuz then i believe it
krav-maga is ninja shit
isreali girls are just eastern euro look
thats why you think theyre the prettiest on earth
romanian/polish/german/etc girls are fuckin amazing when theyre hot
whatever my sister can kick timecops ass
that isnt saying much
we are most likely all aware of this
he is hes in IDF school

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it even has LEDs
i just caught myself sticking empty candy bad between two pieces of network things
no wonder my room is always a fuckin mess
i need as trash can so i stop trying to hide it or get it out of visual scope or whatever that fuck that reaction was
dude i can find pics of butt ugly isreali women
just like i can find butt ugly pics of every type of women
bullshit that was what i was thinking

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you not so bad off then
ha wtf
your high school sucks
what country?
you guys are scary with the F15s we gave you
like, perfect kill ratio, and you guys actually use them
we mostly just practice or blow up sitting ducks in 'wars'
ha ive never heard los angeles called that
but yeah i guess in a relative sense, even our crime probs aint nearly that bad
yes i know the situation
i was even jewish when i was a kid so like im all conditioned to root for you guys no matter what
the lakers are strill in LA?

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he just needs like 1w
id just do a class AB thing with a couple of transistors and diodes and a cap
opamp for feedback and driving if it actually needs to sound good

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wow nothing in dip

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just get a 5W audio opamp
or make one with a transistor
sigh, gimme 90sec
you dont have the power deliver capability
yeah loading it up more prob make it worse
thats too expensive and too many channels
but basically something like that
oh nm
no i thought it was a power opamp but its just a signal amp
or a headphone capable amp, digikey has it categorized funny

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so application is recharging non rechargable batteries
i told you he was a bad idea to help, he gonna burn his abode to thedirt
and im not sure shawn888's version of fuses is totally accurate
theyre fixed resistance, so voltage/power across them is a function of current
doesnt even know the actual wattage of the circuit
got that working, nice

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30mph wind gusts
oh my gosh

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cuz i used 2 and lost one
and i dont think anything else was sot23 on this board besides the zener hack
yeah theyre to drop like 8V
cuz i bought a logic PFET to switch the 12V rails but Vgs is only +-8V
so this way its only pulling down the gate like 4 volts

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fuck i have a strip of sot23 tape
i dunno what they are
theres three missing
i guess the zeners, cuz 2 + 1 flew into space

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20:08:31 microhaxo: ill learn my self
20:08:37 macegr: yay
20:08:38 renesis: hahah yeh right we dunno
20:08:40 renesis: wow
20:08:40 ttmustang: I do for a few items
20:08:40 . microhaxo microhaxo@c-24-118-224-65.hsd1.mn.comcast.net got out of #electronics
20:08:45 renesis: 20:08:31 microhaxo: ill learn my self
20:08:51 renesis: YES \o/
20:08:53 macegr: we did it
20:08:56 renesis: NOW YOU UNDERSTAND
haha i should prob unfocus irc before flipping the trackball upside down

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si almost got all the parts bins off my bed \o/
they do that i my place
cuz the buzzer outside doesnt make noise
so they sat its broke
they need that audio feedback or something
i need to buy a bluetooth earbug and microsd for my phone

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microhaxo: mufucker if you dont know how to get amps from volts and resistance, you are useless biomass
its got battleship grid labels
so now you wont learn the bases of bases, you criticize us for not helping you
and we know you shop at ratshit
youre like losing points =(
hahah yeh right we dunno
20:08:31 microhaxo: ill learn my self
YES \o/
yeah i dunno why you guys were trying to help him
you guys just gonna get IC plastic burnt into his fingerprints
ttmustang: fuckin took a week usps this time for me!
post office all fucked up, usually take like 2 or 3 days
fuckin xmas
tuning cavities are so fuckin weird!
will call is sweet

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you are like timecop
except useless
i think even timecop can do ohms law and led math
because you didnt even try it
now gtfo and try not to die or burn any parts kthx $10 pls
maybe #hackaday will help you
you gonna turn this into a place like that pretty soon
sry man, most of us spent years or decades learning this shit, we aint gonna do the shit for you
because its like the baseline requirement
ttmustang: his perfboard is kinda neat too

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well your page is loading so we shall see if you 'do' electronics
well that aint exactly a good thing
wow its a charger
so its a 7805
yeah i know what its for
thats what youre trying to do?
i thought you were doing the afrotech mod thing
oh thatrs your proof of credibility?
you dont want to learn ohms law?
pls yes or no answer
btw ipods are gay
sry you or the person who bought you it got ripped
must suck being forced to use itunes or some hack workaround =( =( =(
okay look if you dont wanna learn ohms law, im not gonna help you
because you cant do electronics
you can copy schematics and ask for tons of help to get something working

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foolio, wtf are you trying to do?
its simple for us
it aint gonna be for you
youre gonna burn shit, hurt yourself, maybe even cause property damage
can you do ohms law?
if you cant do ohms law and power law you need to google both and come back when you understand
you computers processor runs on under 2v
voltage has nothing to do with complexity
saying shit like that makes us not want to help you
mufuckers electronics is serious shit
you can misunderstand us and kill yourself with that 9V battery
i did
google ohms law and power law for electronics
dont try
do it
if you dont get it, you cant do electronics
then give up, go back to your normal life

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well thats good
hes not a total headcase, then

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but that guy seems srsly annoying
you really like them audiophile trolls, huh
its like the most excited ive ever seen you get over anything electronics related
well yeah because it hols more than 700mb and is inside the computer
where you cant touch it
is he making the mp3 > cdda argument?
cuz thats like saying poo is better than apples
my point is, poo is not better than apples.

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i hate that
damn im almost like cleaning this mess
im maybe gonna move in the next 8 months
s/like\ cleaning/like\ fuck\ cleaning
but hard drives spin too
haha wtf
tho fb2k is a good app

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eagle and ewb
whatever timecop sucks at boards
then you will fail at fureal electronics
naw timecop
hes on your side
yeah if you do that right its really hard to fuckup

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who said my name
yeah just found it
and that makes sense seems neat
i even have the ram for it on a tiny
k bye waqtch out

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or like stick a tiny2313 or something on a board with the wwvb IC
and then i can just have usart or spi or whatever to the mainboard from the module

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needs bigger cap (i took the bigass one off and put a 1uF ceramic 0805 instead of a 10uF cap)
i dont even remember what the code looks like, prob not a big deal to add 256 sample averaging
or is 10bit, guess 64 sample would be better
okay i think ima make a clock mainboard
and a wwvb module board
but i dunno if i wanna use the wide serial interface (its serial with a bunch of extra enables/status/control bits)

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pretty much
as i was doing this constantly when i lived by the theater
yeah totally
like, built in sneak entrance + no risk
also we used to have a cheapo theater with old run movies
kind of place that ran pulp fiction for like two years
was like $3 for a membership card and $2 a movie
not anymore, not here
but i dunno maybe not if thats all you got
my friend is comin over to show me all the ceramic stuff he made this semester
haha i didnt make anything in welding, i just welded mad 2x6" plates together
thats cool
whats that?
my vap all fubar
doesnt like the bigass resistor i put in for filtering

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i have no clue im like isolated from mainstream media =\
i dont know your friend you need to make some sort of statement with actual content
causality: if i do i prob wont pay
i know what imdb is
dude, im not gonna pay for a movie if i know people workin at theaters
tho actually that guy doesnt work there now
so yeah id have to pay
and i dont mind matinee prices for a decent movie but theyre often shit
wtf, i have
there was a mann here that had huge flaw in its design
bathrooms were upstairs
has stairs up to it from before AND after the ticket takers booth
go up to bathroom, come down other stairs, see movie
now i was really cool cuz id actually buy the ticket
sneak in
and then get a refund after
haha in the movie with the nev girl?
she kinda geeky hot

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causality: button outside, big stupid non electronics logo on it, wtf antenna, tiny ass screen for its footprint
god i hope you were being sarcastic
omg its 2" fat
its like 1991 car phone jezus fuck
yeah i know
bmw makes cars, i dont want a bmw phone or a bmw hard drive or a bmw jacket
god i hope not
it was weird because they were good
top of the line athlon when it dropped
but yeah if you wanted the best non intel laptop, you had to buy the ferrari thing
what movies are out are good?
movie title foolio
i dont care is it good?

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sight seems kinda funky
big gap, maybe ff thing
oh theres an image there
wtf is wrong with my firefox
its like half loading pages
its doing text, formatting, wont load images
well, some images

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scratch.mit.edu has no docs clicky!?
nm it has a support clicky

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programming is hard to explain to kids
they dont really have to think like that very much at that age
like i didnt get basic at all as a kid cuz no one really explained like programming as a concept to me
articles were always like 'here is code, it does this, pretty neat, huh kid?'
thats why i dont like macs
i couldnt make it my bitch when i was in 2nd grade
dos either, people kept going 'DO DUUR DO DUUR' and i just stand up and tell them to do it

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but they maybe have programs for that thing already
hey any new movies?
i wonder if avp2 was leaked
i made a synth with pencil lead
was some vco circuit, with pencil line for resistance
i thought that was the coolest shit ever
hahaha nice
it had a laser pistol project?
oh thats neat
yeah see thats important for that kind of shit
some of the ways they teach el;ectronics to kids is dumb
'current always flows thru the path of least resistance'
im pretty sure i heard/read that alot
thats pretty neat that yours had a breadboard

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yeah that one doesnt seem to have abt analog stuff on it really
er, s/abt/any
guess it depends how much the kid is into it and how good the instructions are
no way to know either until you get it in front of the kid really, heh
and then
that sounds almost useless
teq: for a kid that age you might have more luck with an analog based kit

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no idea what was going on but alot of shit worked
yeah it looks like its got digital stuff on it
switch pad input, 7segment display
i think some sort of micro in the middle
thats the kinda shit the kid can grow into if theyre interested

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i could dead bug solder it but he prob break it
man how come my pics arent loading
oh the popup one loads
teq: yeah those are good for kids
got those spring jumper clips
like he might not get it when hes 9, but he prob figure it out at some point
like, when i was like 12 i did a bunch of projects on a thing like that following instructions and schematics

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i think ima make something for my nephew
hes like 7 now
i havent seen him since like he was maybe 3 or 4
i was gonna make him a string of 0603 led on a board that say his name
with labels like RESISTOR and LED and CAPACITOR and DIODE
and stuff
haha like a recording
someone did this already?
how did they do the chirp?
yeah totally
and a switch
thatd be awesome

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i didnt get burned in welding class either, and prob used up more rod than anyone in oxy torch welding
i wasnt doing it right or something
home depot
haha incubus[] didnt know
means hes like dying right now
and youre just some creation of his floundering brain
no macegr is being electrocuted, were all sad =(
im so cold
i want good food
i just had a pbnj on sourdough, not good enough dammit
cotter pin clips?
bitch this aint highlander

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getting rid of electronics is like getting rid of plumbing
like, photons aint gonna run the coils in your prinkler values or garage door opener
you just made ternal batteries up right now!
we need to make 9v size nuclear reactors
with tiny little tubines
not really

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the cosmos plugin
ive never really fucked with that

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i just made like a pyramid of caps on the pins of a diode bridge ic
heh, kinda
(im procrastinating, yo)

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if i google for you and find shit im gonna talk shit
monkeys, hells angels, bar fighters

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google man knows.

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haha youre like that cop who stole all the weed and called 911

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