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omg the new one doesnt have grappling hook, oil jets, or flame thrower
540 hp in Hero mode. Power output can.t be measured in Attack mode.
kinda lame
are you trying to use an alternator as a motor?
wtf are you doing?

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and then yeah, Q2 Vce manigally absorbs the voltage to get the current you need from your load
and then they left the black dude =(
the saturn =(
kitt is GM
haha this geek used to drive KITT
like in my neighborhood when i was in HS
nerobro: oh haha yeah i usually stick them at the bottom of the battery
wtf ghey
its a shelby
20 milesa range wtf
did they like have midair refueling prob that just got edited out of every single tv show?

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so because its a fixed voltage, you get a fixed current
because V=IR and all that jazz
so now Q1 is easy
you have to figure out what its Vce is
so look at Q2
the emitter of Q2 is on the base of Q1
so you know Q1 base, so you know Q2 emitter
so you know Q2 base, so you know Q1 collector
so what happens is Q1 Vce ends up being two Vbe drops
you kinda ignore base current for this stuff
okay, so R2 is what sets the current thru Q1
you use the Q1 collector/Q2 base voltage to calculate a resistor value
so like thats actually what fine tunes Vbe on Q1

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and anything darker amp labeled would be natsemi overture based
heh, 50W amps on edge connector boards for easy mass paralleling
the bjt current source?
you understand how transistor Vbe works?
well, its mostly .65V or so
more or less depending on current but youre controlling that
so yeah, wherever theres on arrow on a BJT symbol, it drops .6V or .7V
like a normal diode
yeah you set the voltage across it with the transistor Vbe

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yeah you can do opamp vased one for variable current based on voltage input
er, based
but yeah i made tha values work for 90% of all LED
so based on the one guys wanchung amp
or bak choi amp
or kung fu amp
i could like name it after myself now
i just have to like put it on an led forum
its not an amp really, fool
its just a current source
is used in power supplies alot so ripple doesnt fuck with performance
cuz with a set current you can get exact voltage across a resistor
transistor eats the ripple

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its not hard
R1 = Q1_Vbe / Desires_Amps
current source
no it has a name
i made the little board with sot23

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s/i/im, but somehow that makes sense too

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microhaxo: you need to test the batteries after you charge them
you need to take another piece of paper and your dmm
then put and led on the battery with a resistor so it lights up
make sure it is dim, this is important
now write down the voltage across the battery every 2min
when the battery drop to 50% of 1.5, make a graph
take a picture, and come back
then charge battery up again
do everything again
we need you to make a series of maybe 5 graphs of discharge cycles per battery
for at least 10 batteries
then we can help you out more, tell you whats actually going on
okay GO
heh, i mean =(

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maybe he has diodes in parallel with a battery
and he has some sort of resistance regulating power
microhaxo: have you tried the battery out of the circuit at all?
no with a dmm

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so like whats up with that, anyway? are you a van damme fan? or what
look timecop wiki isnt even about you

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itd get you geeker chicks
educated geeker chicks are the only ones that matter
all the other ones can go get fucked and have kids and pretend theyre not trapped for eternity
the fades are nice
k but youd do her if she was sticking her butt up in the air at you, no?
haha yeah i remember you saying that
she could like put her hands on it and feek your power on both ends
feek (c) ren, all of the times.
with flavor xtals
pure timedong!

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yeah but is that like a bad spec compared to others?
+-2000g max

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theyre a ton more than that?
has integrated lpf
i havent really shopped much, i thought they were like $5-30
they seem to come in many levels of sex
1.8m max drop
thats bad right?
i hope thats bad, haha

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youll ruin screwdriver tips like that
sometimes they kinda get stuck to cap pins
better to use a resistor
im still trying to figure out what he means =(\
he refuses
its to complicated and he has to know so many other equations already
i think mufucker never learned how to divide
dude its a non rechargable battery
it takes: undefined

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yeah nerves dont have effective protection diodes

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microhaxo: yes
microhaxo: dont put your fuckin eyeball up to the cap pins
ever, under any circumstances, at all
where is the 10,000V to do 10A so youre non conductive ass
my point is only reinforced =(
10A and you can have yourself for dinner!
it was prob across your fingers
on the same hand

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yeah i was thinking that
its prob not so challenging double sided
if you made a ton thatd be easy to automate
the correction thing
how much is each 3led driver?
thats like $350 in drivers?
neat for driving a few, tho

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custom pcb with creative mounting
heh, nm cuz connector per led just like tripled project cost
ha yeah and after 12 youd want to give up at electronics
yeah probably
it cant be a ton of routing
i wonder what gave him that impression
any double sided board fab never seems alot more than single sided
so at worst its a tiny double sided pcb you can panel the fuck out of
those led are sexy
i should make a topbrite order
hey wheres dx
^dx^: are you okay still?
theyre going to fix him soon

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its a more is better but dont be stupid kind of thing
voltage, but yes current too probably
youre gonna remember this as the time you melted the insides of all your batteries with an LM7805
that would be fun to test
putting constant current thru shit see if you can burn it without like critical death amounts of power
i love topbright
i got my 10mm leds from him
rab: heheheh

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21:47:26 macegr: but it could be done with a 555
21:47:30 microhaxo: do i have to program it? or is it good?
21:47:43 macegr: it has the necessary program inside it already
rab: youre so easy
okay that kind of code isnt gonna help you at all
thats like trying to talk to an amoeba in latin
okay so question number 1...
hehehe im still laughing at 555 programming
both a legend and a failure
either or both
rab: haha i know its so ad =(

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qubes with led on one side?
heh omg led bricks
microhaxo: okay fine it works
you can now call yourself macrohaxo, we approve
why dont you impress us make it shut itself down with a mosfet
fuck you dont use PIC
only hax0rz like kevtris can use PIC and not be made fun of
hahaha he just called programming bad i think =\

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wembly: might try asking in #nop
cubes, whatnot?
er whatnow
man im all out of ginerale
okay so you decided on led driver chip?

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when the battery catches fire, erase the last line of voltages and temperatures you wrote down
then report back to us with numbers
heh, theres a couple efnet arm hax0rz i know of
none really hang here tho =(
thats what i want to do
arm asm hax0r person
people like, arm is asm!? you crazy!
and im like, yup
rab: i thought he had something with a transistor
macegr: omg do they come smaller than dip?
i hate those, but yeah neat

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you wont find fuses in watts
not really
because you dont necessarily run them at 12V or 15V
also its not the wattage dissipated in the fuse
because that aint gonna be any kinda of meaningful number
as fuse resistance aproaches zero
oh now were all so relieved!
like, wtf all this time ive been building voltage regulator
i should have just put an led on it and turn the voltage off when the led is too bright
man youre a fuckin inpsiration
like honestly, if youre gonna do this, youre prob better of with a DMM, a pad of paper, and a thermometer, rather than an led

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we need to lure peoples from the financial ivestment freak channels and convince them we will make them all lots of money
or at least some really cool gadgets

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bga arm, 144 latches!!
damn thats prob $40
omg itd be so sexy to code for
they prob not on the same kind of budget
ha like they like to have just used 1000 latches
yeh =(
you could do software pwm and brightness correction pretty easy with a mad parallel latched setup, but its $$$

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ha i put .01V ripple into the spreadsheet and like doubled the value
think the 25V supply is like 50mv ripple
cuz im doing wwvb rx for the clock
heh, the antenna is fine as long as its like >2" from the switcher stuff
bga arm, 48 latches!
wait thats not even enough

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kevtris: did you see lit up vfd tube and psu pics?
kevtris: because i wanted to keep heigh low so i used bunch of cheaper smaller caps in parallel
and because its 1.5v, 25v, and 5v rails
the 1.5v and 25v supplies and switched thru a fet
for standby mode

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i dont understand why the 8051 thing is bad
you can do dot correction is software if it has a hardware multiplier
hmm, neat
why wouldnt you use one of those, an 8051, and high side switches for banks of led?

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oh neat blackmoon is an op again
how much ching?
$3.50 at digikey
80mA output =O
one of needs to get some sort of IC fab machine

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48 octal latches and an atmega
haha that works

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you bitbang pwm at like 100Hz refresh for all of them
they got arm and atmega with 100+ gpio easy
how big is each cube side matrix?
okay how big
1152 elements, nice

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you wanna do 18x8?
so like 22 pins if you use an external decoder
discrete logic!
be a mess
yeah, then just something to load sram
parallel interface you could maybe do it about $5
but yeah, messy
like footprint?
oh, shit
like just one or two
atmega or arm
in qfp
its doable

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i think peripherals and def io have init values
pretty sure gpio goes high z on reset vector
atmega isnt
but you gotta use a qfp
yeah thats the killer
tiny is like limited to 512x8 sram
even the pure evil tiny85
aight cool
okay but you need usart or spi, xtal, and then like a column/row driver setup?
yeah if you could do it on a tiny itd be like with no spare pins and reset disabled or something shitty
i think initial values for gpio are ddr 0 port 0
yeah those will hold values across reset
powerdowns, i dunno

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whats 244/3?
macegr: i cant see any obvious flaws other than its atmel and its not avr
you only have 256x8 sram to play with, minus you program stack
if its by 8 you can use a decoder and cut io by like 4
rab: some stuff like ram is undefined
i think the working regs might be undefined on startup too
i dont think they reset when PC hits the reset vector
yeah which means they may retain old values
rab: yeah ive had avr reset and hold old variables in sram and regs

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avrfreak: bitch, leave
the chrome on my neo magnets from all electronics started chipping off =(
is that the mp3 thing?
or am i trippin
they have an mp3 mcu
yeah some weird core tho
i sampled them for no reason
8051 based
what is it, sam 7?
or avr core
oh, its a pwm controller or something?
oh cool
sec ill grab datasheet
well, its prob 8051 based
avrfreq he might be able to, you cant

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theres an eth port on my ps2!?
macegr: but can it go fast
fucked up
cant sample?

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no its like 'when cam is here, spray'

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fantasy level: masturbatory

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sparr_: you die
assuming youre american
yes, what rab says
black = death.
green = earth

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but navy does it on their transporters with long probes
the airwolf one didnt extend, and it was smaller than normal
like if it was functional it was prob a air pressure sensor
ha yeah was a little thing compared to real heli refuel probes
i think chinooks have probes too

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it had a fixed refuel probe, us navy style
hehe, they got to stick it in that badminton shuttlecock looking thing
yeah but it has holes in the sides
okay holy funnel works
well in airwofl it was a prop thing

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what, you didnt know about airwolfs weak spot?
you have to shoot it in the refueling prob on the nose

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they did, they were all defeated by the mountains laser turrets
it also has radio jamming
what i didnt get is how come they didnt like put a steel cap on the refuel probe
so it didnt have a weak spot
mufuckers almost blowing up airwolf by sticking a resolver up its nose =(
er, revolver
a little fuckin gun

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i think my school broke its db web ui

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theyre odd places
ok well try and be like cheery and happy anyway
you work in offices, you can fake it

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for a good time: respirator, closed goggles, gloves
people will stop making fun of you when they have to keep going for breaks so they done die and you aint even phased
cozality: wut
cozality: did you see the vfd psu? haha i took your led suggestion
ooh, yeh i remember when you were solidworksing that
yeah you said put leds on it so itd light it up from underneath
so i decided okay cuz its prob going into 1" thick acrylic chassis
well you were SLing something neat, thing led fuel gage
yeah i know but thats tacky =(

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the 1.5V supply will be pushing like maybe 700mA
6 tubes at 100mA spec
so it might be diff when i got that many on it
hehe, 'no not shit builder, ship builder, SHIP, like boats'
<3 bradley
i have a live thing with the vocalist from sublime do solo guitar in a little club and he talks about how he thought he was gonna be a ship builder
what kinda of stuff will you be doing?
oh neat
yeah all sorts of cool finish materials on boats

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yeah but its kinda green i mean
its not really desert brush and cactus
heh, southern cali is like that, angeles national 'forest' is mostly shrubs with some squat coast live oaks
i wanna go there, my dads from there
so i have lots of family im mad detatched from because he pissed them all off
so i left my psu on with a single tube load for all last night
nothing is on fire
3A fast blow fuse is still there
like, the coils seem warmer than ambient
but its so slight i could be imagining it
run for what?

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weather came here, it bringing its bullshit to us now
rab: yeah south texas was nice
north texas was kinda wtf wastelands
like i wouldnt care if it was 75F 24/7 there (its def not) i wouldnt wanna stay there =(
haha my friend hit an armadillo a little bit with a scion at 80mph in texas panhandle
yeah it pulled off the edge of the rear valance
tho thats all that happened
and that scion had been totalled twice and unbent totally at that point
xB is a little troopa!
crillic: that must be messy
rab: you live by the gulf or inland?
inland desert type weather is crazy
oh it was nice there
you had trees
i was like, 'wow this is txas too? they never show this is movies'

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omg its cold
where i live =(
opamps are better than jezus
49F, 15mph wind, 30mpg gusts
but dude
this is southern california
normally, we dont have weather
its all mad raining and ultra windy now
fuck yes!
50F when the sun is out?!
you come live here all your life then try and deal with this shit
it aint like going other places that have weather

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