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(they are wound by sexy eastern european tek fairies)
i hope sev has the good pizza

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like, youd have to calculate approximate motion based on timed sense current input
and then pwm the motor just enough the user feels it
fix magnet motors have that bounce thing
coil magnet motors prob the same when energized, dunno
okay but fuck that
you make an encoder knob, with tiny solenoids
that push up little ball bearings
like, panasonic audio pot size encoder
just make it taller, i bet you could fit like 24
(these are very very expensive solenoids)

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i wasnt here but thatd be awesome
heh, tiny coils under ball detents?
i do remember that
and its not for aliens, its how keyboards are set up foolio
we dont have 104 keys lines up with 5/12 of them offset upwards and painted black
cuz thats be fuckin dumb, huh
er, thatd
i need fuckin food then sleep
mission to sev
no we were sensing user generated current
and then pulsing the motor i gues
yeah youd need a clean amplifier and some funk detend algorithm i cant think of right now

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i wanna make one soon
with bigger tactile button spaced like 1" apart in a hex grid pattern

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all i had to eat today was a 2 liter bottle of tamarindo jarritos
that sucks
im cool with the thai food people across the street
hehe, its called Thai Pot
and they used to wear tshirts with mint leaves

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i never went and got thai foods =(
now i have to wait until tomorrow

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or i can just hack holes into my upgraded crappy fischers, turn it badass
i can get all blackmoon on it
i bet that takes 20min

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so like since i got all lazy about making those biamp cabinets...
i think im just gonna convert mine
maybe go triamps, cuz i have most (all?) of the electronics built
maybe even get some of those absolutely fuckin ridiculous xmax 10" woofers from parts express
but can use the crappy fischer 10" drivers for now i guess
heh, replace the speaker breaker reset panel with some tone controls
cuz man milling out those biamp boards is gonna be like 50 setups or something dumb
like maybe if someone was paying me

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microhaxo: dude you recharge alkaline battery your opinion doesnt couint
there was commercial products that did that oin the 80s, wasnt there?
yeah theyre pretty bad for years
few gems

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heh, i sometimes leave my hakko on all day
it has eternally tinned super tips tho
test33: =O

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itll go twice as fast
then itll start a fire
when the bearings heat up enough, or wire insulation melts and shorts, itll stop going fast
fire in your house is the definition of fuckin up

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we dont know
it depends on the control circuitry, if its a processor, no way to tell unless you RE the circuit and maybe code, if its analog, then maybe you can bypass the charging circuit and battery

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yeah that would be neat
we dont design chips
tho if you want we can just make shit up that sound cool that might be right
macegr: machining with a mouse just in of itself sounds like a cool idea
im almost done with my resume \o/
typical IC arent even close to that limit
its mostly just mutant bullshit like PC processors that are fabbing at ridiculous small resolutions
by then optical will be the next big thing
and no one will give a shit about size
because itll be so fuckin fast

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you guys are like missing the bestest track ever
he, that just sounds tedious

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gpf_1: pick and place is usually optical feecback setup
you have to put things on your board so i can ref it, forgot what its called
er, it can, not me
and if a machine can properly place 0201 it aint any kinda of decent cnc machine
orienation for picking seems to be the hardest part
er, cant properly place
man that so the worst ever typo habit
ha, *orientation

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timecop: weird it almost worked perfect
the save as .doc open in word thing
word doesnt seem as on crack about image placement

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its prob TiN plating
or TiAlN, but i dont think thats gold, not sure tho

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ha im spending all this time formatting images in oo, its prob gonna be fucked looking when i save in office format =\

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see the major benefit of my jammer, if when the person gets up off the floor and leaves, they will do it quickly, and their cell phone will never work again
potentially, you can jam all cell phone at once with this teknique given enough time
well thats the price we have to pay for effective long term cell phone damage
colateral damage will happen in the war on cells, as in any war
maybe just clone it
then patent it
then sue the company that made it for using their patent without a license

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no were doing stuff
its not like anything anyone says when theyre active discounts that hypothesis
ever notice how hypothesis means like, extreme or too much thesis?
like, i think its a joke
ozzzzy: because you hate them so much
ozzzzy: imagine if you could make cell phones not exist for a 50ft radius around you
okay this is how you make cell phone jammer
take equal parts fine aluminum chips and iron oxide
put it in a bag, when you see someone with a cell phone
tape bag to the side of the face and light with magnesium strip
cell phone jamming, persistent effect technique
omg no thats dangerous youll hurt someone with a grenade
this a jammer, ozzy
its for cell phones, not people

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wtf bits?
hello use really digital blocks of data please

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thats because people are annoying, cell phone companies are annoying, not all cell phone hardware
ha i dont even check those =\
like maybe once a month when im stuck waiting for something
omg you mean like an answering machine?
wow land lines and physical answering machines
you are scary =(
why would you need a phone at home if you have a phone thats always on you
omg you need cable!
cable net and cell phone for ozzy!
how fast your adsl go?

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yeah it will
people wont be texting each other anymore
heh, dunno man
people can have convos in cars safely
its when you start doing tons of shit with your hands that you get all distracted
across the city can be 4 hours here
also tons of people work out of their cars
drive all day
also drivers
make less money
talk to their loved on less
i dont
how is something that can save your life evil?
and dont even try and look stupid trying to argue that it cant save your life

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the headphone jack on my phone isnt 3.5mm
they better make adapters
no but it pisses me off anyway
ive never tried to put normal headphones into a phone
but this has mp3 player and microsd
i broke my gigabeat
again =(
forgot about it in my backpack with headphones plugged in, overpacked bag for vacation
and it bent the headphone plug to shit and snapped the smt headphone jack off the board
but im homing it just works because theyre not assholes about pinouts
im gonna get a bluetooth headset
cuz theyre forcing everyone in cali to wear headsets in cars by july
no more bitches on phones driving into everything

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hm, signed digital maths isnt super hard is it?
yeah i dunno the details tho
i want my wave to be scaled from the middle
not the bottom
like, it turns to straight AC by the output section
but it wont pop as much with short attack values

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cheap, easy
do it nopw
dude i like how he used a microwave hes gonna use for food later
i did that
makes them ozone stink
and no i used to do that before internets so no its not the first time ive seen that
no metal in it
okay well its good that you cant microwave my face cuz i like kung fued you dead when you tried
yeah thats right, youre dead right now
just like that cop who stole the weed
how it feel?
weird that it just got dugg
whatever my mom doesnt have gold teeth
i think my grandpa has gold fillings or something, tho
porcupine fucker!

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yeah is all melted to the microwave

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you guys talking about movies?
gimme new good movie
not like, send
like give me title
okay non of you guys can say shit to me about being off topic every again without me laughing in your face
wtf dinosaur pr0n?
this is true =D
notice who is missing heh
rebecca from tailspin was kinda hot sometimes
dude that was fuckin evil
That happen if you but a furby into a microwave

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blackmoon: paint it

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no be happy
no im dumb
ha moon too
do it
thought that counts you, thats realtime you put into those gifts
not just something silly you bought with moneys
incubus[]: kinda
incubus[]: rocket!

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i care about this channel
it is my business
i dont ignore
ban him?
incubus[]: rocket hahahahaha
me too
stu not op now and its your fault and i feel conflicted

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he pisses off the whole chan and gets all stalker with me
if you left, no one would have a prob at all ever!
haha okay laters
hehe, teh britlander cops are gonna git you!
you kick and ban me out of the blue
when ive tried to help you
spybert: why cant you just remove the troll?
okay so we all have to ignore him
so im like, why not just get rid of him?
i mean this is all completely academic, weve wasted like 30min on him already, like every time he comes back

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i think he pretends to ignore and hes secretely doing headsmash bloody stump gif
anyway i gotta do stuff
you guys lemme know when hes banned again and chan is back to normal

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thats not the point, point is you can make that and a lathe with the mill
and usually the THOUGHT EXPERIMENT is done with hand tools
so its like what machine in a shop with standard tools could make the other
even 'lathe' is ambiguous as it doesnt specify tooling available
i could just get one of those bar stock machining centers and call that a lathe because it is a turning center
its a thought argument
its something to debate because its fun
its not supposed to really be a right or wrong thing
not really, if he made a fixture to hold it up

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i mean, ++sigh, really
i dont care he can be better if hell just stfu about it
fuckin years now, like 2 years?
seriously, hes been going on about hes a better machine tool designer for 2 years
im not even trying to say im good, i can tell you what ive done, what i know works and doesnt on my machine with my tools
im not good, actually, im a shit machinist
my parts are usually functional, theyre not sexy or masterful
its not a real issue
its like something machinists debate about

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nerobro: you should go smack him in the face for stu =D
yeah but the difference is when people call you a troll, its true
no but you make dipshit comments that half make sense just to be some sort of above everyone type asshole

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rab: sexy ty!
i usually dont check the mouser =(
i just did series diode instead of bridge on the psu cuz digikey was dumb about smt bridges
oh wait no that is only 500mA too
i want 1A in soic8, dammit
dude all you need is a sot23 vreg and ANY soic8 tiny
and a resistor and an led
and a reset pullup if youre not disabling
and a single series diode

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because the Vbe on the complimentary transistors locks the Vce of the transistors to 2x Vbe
so anyway, i will no doubt tell you that circuit is not possible
no doubt
no it works, avrfreak said i would say it wouldnt
i think its kinda a power waste tho
actually what i was explaining isnt what avrfreak means
but yeah that one works too

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yeah man, show us some parts, show us some circuits, show us schematics, show us some code, something so we know youre not talking out of your ass 100% of the time
but yeah, hopefully back to electronics
cmon dude im one of like 4 people in this channel who actually use BJTs happily
thats what im saying, why not just put the led on the gpio with a resistor
so use smb or smc diodes and make it
4 diodes will fit in pretty much the same space as two bjt sot23
also, you only need one diode
no less space than a single series diode

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avrfreak: on a good machine, its cast one piece
one huge casting, with shit welded onto it, machines down to final tolerances
then you put the tables on top
then you machine the table level with the machine tool itself
theres usually like huge mating castings to rotate to tram your axises, and to set the Y offset on the spindle
okay freak
how many hours you spent in a machine manufacturing facility to be able to say these things for sure?
because im just saying its done multiple ways, youre being mr expert
dude i go to school and play with machine tools all the time
i have eyes, i can look at them and see how theyre built
no, but i know youre full of shit
see how you have to paraphrase things i say to fit your argument?
because what im actually saying isnt that
go freak out, avrfarse

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most machine tools ive seen are welded somewhere
really big shit is always welded
it doesnt even have to be accurate
because you would cast, weld, and then do all the toleranced cuts and grinding
rab: damn tiny
rab: cant find a dental drill set?

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but thats gotta be mad loud
avrfreak: hence abec7 bearings and a design that works
just need to gear up a motor
remember this isnt gonna be mad loaded, its for pcb
thats like saying you dont cast machine tool parts
you cast and weld the frames
then you finish machine and grind them
prob almost none with the conicals
def none with the drills
a bit with the routers but nothing ridiculous
um, enco has 60d ones
twingy found a place with 30d conicals, so he got me one and i paid him
he knows, i forgot the link
pcb stuff is always 1/8"
theres a guy on ebay sells carbide retipped drills
good shit, i got a .012-.0625 set
i dont think he sells full range sets like that anymore tho

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avrfreak: hahahaha
sculptor_: okay so know youre not being ignorant, youre being an asshole?
seriously, how do you compare a $300K and a $2K machine and expect to be taken seriously
okay =)
avrfreak: stop projecting, moron
the cnc?
fuck no its commercial
.00025 steps, with 1.8 microstepping
gets down to maybe .002 backlash, does maybe 45IPM stable
avrfreak: twingy got one
for work
yeah thats neat
its pretty easy to change the spindle headstock out with stuff like that
i think i wanna make a 50,000rpm spindle with abec7 bearings for pcb tooling
DC motor
thanks for the tip, avrfreak
sculptor_: why?
well, vibration is supposed to be better

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yeah well i have formal training and personal dail exerience
actually youve said so many times, as well as called me a moron, idiot, asshole, dickhead, arowh, weorugy, wiey frgi wuqfgy, and several other things
well are wrong, here lemme get you some youtube vids
thats a fuckin cnc hax0r.
so yeah, i just showed you turning on a standard 3 axis mill with no extra axis
show me milling on a lathe. with no extra axis.
sure it could
i mean, obviously youd need a welder
what, a taig?
how is it a joke?
compared to a $20K NC machining center?

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why do you need an emulator it says how to do pwm in the datasheet
you dont have two batteries?
cmon dude youre stretching it
hacker, steal one from something you dont need
blackmoon: hahahaha youre awesome!
rab: =(
itd work for a month or 3
he was using angle iron for structure
the particle was more for lateral support
um, whatever avrfreak, we all know youre a better machinist than me
youve made the point 1000 times
btw how is your dority lay millathe?
er, my bad, dorito-lay

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aw fuck
why does beacon sim need 3 transistors?
beacon sim is an led, you can direct drive it with a uC
avrfreak: i always dide youre the freak
im talking about your project, dont get personal
i coded it
and pasted it into your channel
all you had to do was adjust the wave tabel
it took me all of an hour, because i had to learn lpm (thank by the way)
yeah it only took you 2 years
i can put it on the notes pages too i guess
yeah mplayer doesnt
i dont like quicktime but mplayer is like whatevers
um, i made a wavetable based pwm system
in maybe 20 lines of code
and i dunno what youre talking about

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only time at the end of the continuous world matters
(california uber alles.)
because i really love the old dead kennedys
so actually, its very much a criticism of my home too
jello biafra for overlord of the universe, 2008.
also, ron paul blimp for president, 2008 \o/

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haha wtf

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i need to find a transformer to solder my dead bug psu to
is like a bridge IC with pyramid of 10 goldmine elec junk caps
i think that someone should be you, bitch
i mean unit41
thats not a puppy fool
thats juice
cant feed soda to juice

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hahah macegr says she come to his booth and tell him how he should have done his project, like to accomplish the opposite of his design goals
but i mean this is an avrfreak like move
ladyada prob not nearly as wrong as avrfreak, so yeah i guess not so easy to defend against her hijacking
avrfreak is like def to the words 'no, thats a bad idea because'
also, if youre nice to him and get him to act civil, he forgets by the next day so in the end efforts are all for nothing
ha, you just gotta get him excited

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also hes wrong, alot, which is extra work for everyone else
hes also a project hijacker, like macegr's description of ladyada at makefair

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charles: mass unbanning
pls to rectify, ty
well, 99% of the bans i dont give a fuck about
but the amount of shit that person has talked about this channel and the regs in it, i dont see why he should be allowed to come around and bitch

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